Portraits and Corporate Photography without Special Equipment | Christopher Bentley | Skillshare

Portraits and Corporate Photography without Special Equipment

Christopher Bentley, Corporate Video Production

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4 Videos (27m)
    • 01 - Getting started with corporate Photography

    • 02 - Taking Corporate Photos

    • 03 - Editing in Photoshop

    • 04 - Editing in GIMP


About This Class

We're taking photos! Corporate, office portraits without any special equipment. Just a camera and a computer. No lights, no lavish setups, no flashes, no special lenses or equipment. 

In a few lessons, we'll cover some of the theory behind corporate photography. A few techniques to help people relax, and some of my favourite image editors to help you get that result you need. 





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Christopher Bentley

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Producer with over a decade experience in producing effective video content for Web and TV. Starting to branch out with Bootgum, a website devoted to bringing affordable video to businesses at any level.

Personally I love bringing an, 'in-your-face' 90's aesthetic to my personal project and playing with vibrant lighting setups and After Effects.

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