Portrait Posing Guide II - Learn to Pose Individuals, Siblings, and Headshots | Bernie Raffe AMPA | Skillshare

Portrait Posing Guide II - Learn to Pose Individuals, Siblings, and Headshots

Bernie Raffe AMPA, Award winning photographer and teacher

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11 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Male Posing Part I - In the garden, standing & leaning and posing with a jacket

    • 3. Male Posing Part II - Seated on a sofa, and sitting and leaning again a wall

    • 4. Female posing Part I - Inside on sofa and chair, and in the garden on a bench

    • 5. Female posing Part II - By a local lake, sitting, standing and leaning

    • 6. Female poses with some great off-camera flash lighting

    • 7. Individual female poses (repeated from my other course)

    • 8. Head and Shoulders posing, tips and tricks

    • 9. Headshots - It's all about the Jawline

    • 10. Younger brothers

    • 11. Older brothers

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About This Class

Part II - Individuals, Couples, Young and Older Siblings plus Head and Shoulders

Follow me on live photo sessions and watch me create some lovely relaxed poses

  • Real life outdoor photo sessions
  • Warts and all posing i.e. some of them don't quite work, and I say why!
  • (Mostly) non-model real live people, like you and me.
  • Create beautiful family photos by getting your lovely subjects into more natural, relaxed and flattering positions
  • Practice the easy steps in this course and it will pay huge dividends in your portraits
  • PDF crib sheets are available for most of lectures, keep them with you

Models aside, the majority of us are not aware of our natural and unconscious body positions and so we don't present ourselves as well as we might. Most of us tend not to be concerned with where or how we place our hands and arms, tilt our heads, or position our feet. This course shows how to overcome this problem.

Posing is a powerful skill that will transform your portrait, understand the basic dynamics of a good pose, and then you can create your own.