Portrait Photography - TRADE SECRETS and Finding YOUR Unique Style

Hillary Craig, Capture. Create. Explore.

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7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Portrait Photography: Trade Secrets - What to Expect

    • 2. Camera Settings - How Your Camera Works

    • 3. Camera Settings - Demo and Photo Comparison

    • 4. Lighting - How to Use it to Your Advantage

    • 5. Composition - Placement of Visual Elements

    • 6. Engagement - Working with Your Subject

    • 7. Conclusion & Class Project


Project Description

After completing the course I would like you to practice what you’ve learned and do a bit of analysis. 

For the Business Minded download the "STYLE" handout.

For Personal Growth download the "PERSONAL" handout.

Note: Taking notes of interesting or helpful tips throughout the course can be useful to carry with you when you are out shooting and trying to remember the lessons.  Try separating your notes by lesson: Camera Settings, Lighting, Composition, Engagement. Download the Notes Handout called, "Portrait Photography."


  • Use the tips you've learned in this course to take a beautiful photo.
  • Use my guideline to analyze your photos and discover what it is about the photo that makes it appealing to you.
  • Post that photo to the Project Page with a couple take-aways from your analysis. 
  • Go take photos! Create a process to follow during your next shoot to replicate your beautiful image.
  • Keep me updated with your progress.

I'd love to connect on Instagram, please tag me in your photos so we can discover your style together!

@capture.create.explore  and use the hashtag #tradesecretsphoto

Student Projects

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