Portrait Photography - TRADE SECRETS and Finding YOUR Unique Style | Hillary Craig | Skillshare

Portrait Photography - TRADE SECRETS and Finding YOUR Unique Style

Hillary Craig, Capture. Create. Explore.

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7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Portrait Photography: Trade Secrets - What to Expect

    • 2. Camera Settings - How Your Camera Works

    • 3. Camera Settings - Demo and Photo Comparison

    • 4. Lighting - How to Use it to Your Advantage

    • 5. Composition - Placement of Visual Elements

    • 6. Engagement - Working with Your Subject

    • 7. Conclusion & Class Project


About This Class

In this course you will learn simple tips and tricks professional photographers use every day to really make their portraits stand-out. These tips will be helpful to both the beginner using their first DSLR or someone that has their own business but wants to discover their Unique Style. 

This course will help develop your eye for quality portraits and give you confidence with a camera in your hand.

We will cover my personal best practices in preparing for a photoshoot:

  • Camera Settings - How your Camera Works
  • Camera Settings Demo - Maximize the Potential of your Photos
  • Lighting - How to use Light to your Advantage
  • Composition - Use of Visual Elements
  • Engagement - Working with your Subject

Within each topic we will also discuss common mistakes and how to fix them. Making these little tweaks will help you to discover your own personal shooting style, what is most visually appealing to you, and how to capture these photos every time.

Be sure to download the notes handout called Portrait Photography and the Cheat Sheet.

Participate in the Class Project (below) to better understand how you can take your photos to the next level.

I'm really excited to see what tips you find the most helpful and your excitement as you begin capturing those "Insta Worthy" photos every time! I'd love to connect on Instagram, please tag me in your photos so we can discover your style together!