Portrait Photography: How to Pose Your Subject | Luke Atwood Abiol | Skillshare

Portrait Photography: How to Pose Your Subject

Luke Atwood Abiol

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7 Videos (31m)
    • Intro

    • Assignment

    • Environmental Portraiture

    • Lighting

    • Studio Portraiture

    • Full Body

    • Commissions + Close


About This Class

This class helps to break down the process of posing a subject or subjects in order to create impactful portraits. The focus lays in the three portraiture styles that I work in most often; environmental portraiture, studio portraiture and commissioned portraits (which can be fine art, fashion or editorial in nature).

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It is so obvious that you have a lot of experience and knowledge about photography, and art/design creation in general. You do share quite a bit of great knowledge here, but I can't stop thinking, that you easily could dig even deeper into each segment. Maybe even making them into individual courses? And please, more visual examples (I mean, come on - you have a crazy catalog of amazing images!). Hearing you tell these things are great, but seeing actual examples together with you talking about it, is worth so much more. You are the first 'teacher' on here that I've stumbled upon, who seems to really think a lot about every aspect of art/design creation, and you seem very open minded, and maybe even a bit 'non-comercial'. I like it, and I would very much like for you to do more courses on here.