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Portrait Photography - Capturing Personalities

Diane Piroon, Lifestyle Photographer

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5 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Set up, Planning & Tips

    • Getting to know the Subject

    • Actual Photoshoot - on Location

    • Final Photos - Lets see!


About This Class


Every face has its beauty.  But how to do get these faces to relax, open up, and get creative with us so we can take their portraits?  In this class I’ll be giving you some tips from my experiences on how to allow the person you photograph to feel relaxed in front of the lens, and trust you as a photographer.  When your subject feels comfortable being photographed by you, you will be able to capture something that goes beyond their faces.  You’ll be able to capture their style, their personalities, and at times even their stories.


My class is for anyone who has an interest in this topic!





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Diane Piroon

Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle Photographer currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Being a lifestyle photographer in a big city like Bangkok gives me the opportunity to meet different people from different places. More than just photographing their faces and natural aesthetics, I try to photograph their personalities, style, and stories.

My goal as a photographer is to make people feel good about themselves and let them know that they are beautiful even without Photoshop! Beauty can be seen in ever...

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