Portrait Painting from a Photo: Color

Kristy Gordon, New York Based Artist And Teacher

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15 Videos (2h 31m)
    • Introduction

    • Palette Set Up

    • Light Side Color Lay In

    • Light Side Color Lay In (Continued)

    • Shadow Side Color Lay In

    • Big Form Modeling

    • Features Handouts

    • Blocking in the Features

    • Essential Skills: Most Common Mistakes

    • Essential Skills: Glazing Lesson

    • Describing the Planes

    • Refining the Eyes

    • Refining the Eyes (continued)

    • Refining Nose & Mouth

    • Finishing Touches

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About This Class

This class builds on my first one, "Portrait Painting from a Photo: Underpainting."  Having established a solid underpainting in the first class, you are ready to move into color using a full palette. 

We will utilize warm and cool lighting to achieve dynamic colors, giving a contemporary feeling to portraits painted with traditional techniques. You will learn how to achieve a better likeness as well as how to paint convincing flesh tones. Lessons cover the stages for developing a painting in color, structure of the face and features, as well as value, edges and modeling with color temperature.

The beginner will learn fundamental principles such as how to mix colors and render form modeling. The more advanced student will discover how to take their work to the next level and achieve the finish that they desire.

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amazing !!
I love watching Kristy demo her self-portrait from a photo. I found it so useful to see all the stages the painting goes through to get to completion. The tips on colour mixing flesh tones and looking at the overall form to create the large area shadows was so useful for me. I used these tutorials to improve my own oil painting skills, and I also used them to instruct a class of grade 11 and grade 12 students on how to paint a realistic portrait. The students were engaged and worked hard to implement what they learned into their own paintings.





Kristy Gordon

New York Based Artist And Teacher

Kristy Gordon has ten years of experience teaching and conducting painting workshops, lectures and classes throughout North America. She has taught at numerous institutions and academies including the New York Academy of Art and The Academy of Realist Art. Kristy exhibits her work internationally and has earned numerous awards including the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant and an Exceptional Merit Award from the Portrait Society of America. She has been widely featured in magazines, ar...

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