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Portrait Painting From A Photo

Asha Hanna, Visual Artist Based in NYC

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5 Videos (12m)
    • Introductions

    • Materials

    • Tone the Canvas

    • Grid system

    • Underpainting Demostration


About This Class

About This Class

Do you love portrait painting? In this 45-minute class, New York-based artist and teacher Asha Hanna will take you through the stages of developing a portrait painting in Acrylics using photographic reference. You will learn how to use the grid method, how to tone your canvas before you begin and how to use acrylic paints so that they're fun and easy. Asha will walk you through measuring techniques that will ensure that you get accurate proportions and a good structure to your portrait.  Then she will demonstrate step-by-step how to develop an underpainting using acrylic paint. With this foundation, you will be ready to move to color in the next class, where Asha will show you exactly how she mixes the flesh tones.





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Asha Hanna

Visual Artist Based in NYC

Painting Fine Art Acrylic Creative Portraits
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