Portrait Composition | Simple tips for creating striking compositions using doors, walls and curbs | Paul Wilkinson | Skillshare

Portrait Composition | Simple tips for creating striking compositions using doors, walls and curbs

Paul Wilkinson, Mastering Portrait Photography

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15 Videos (18m)
    • One camera, one lens, one photographer... and lots of opportunities for interesting compositions

    • Frame your subject using a front door on the street

    • Compose your portrait amongst the textures and angles of street walls

    • Bring the eye to your subject using a curb as a leading line

    • Why negative space in composition helps you make bigger sales from your portraits

    • Quick lighting technique to make your subject stand out

    • Using texture and shape to add visual interest

    • Look out for backgrounds that convey a story or a feeling

    • Combine framing devices and leading lines

    • Start with the light, then look for the composition

    • Include negative space around your subject

    • Use background and foreground framing devices

    • Create a sense of motion

    • Place your subject in the light

    • Try it for yourself and upload your portraits

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About This Class

You don't need to go far to find great locations and beautiful light for your portraits. In short behind-the-scenes clips, join Master Photographer Paul Wilkinson on a walk around his home town as he captures stunning portraits of two teenagers using just one camera, one lens and his favourite light source of all, daylight.

You'll get inspired by how easy it is to find potential in everyday locations: a wall, a doorway, even a curb! Paul shows you the settings he uses, how his portraits look straight-out-of-camera, and how he finds and uses composition to create award-winning portraits that clients will be willing to pay you for.






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Paul Wilkinson

Mastering Portrait Photography

Paul is one of the UK's most sought-after portrait and wedding photographers - not just for his eye for an image but for the manner in which they are created (mostly laughing, always relaxed!)

His images have adorned numerous publications from the BBC to the Times and have won countless awards as well as giving him the accolade of Fellowship of the Master Photographers Association.

He and his team are based near Oxford in the UK though often you'll find him clutching his passpor...

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