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Pop-art for beginners with acrylic paint & Posca

teacher avatar Kicki Vibe, Artist & Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. The striped background

    • 4. Finding and sketching a comic character

    • 5. Drawing with posca on canvas

    • 6. Class project and final tips

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About This Class

In this class I´ll teach you how to make a small pop-art painting on canvas with a comic character of your choice.Here is what the class will cover:

  • Introduction to the class with many examples

  • the materials you´ll need for this class

  • You´ll learn how to make a striped background with masking tape and acrylic paint. It is fun and easy.

  • How to find inspiration and sketch the comic character of your choice. We use soft pencils to do the sketching.

  • Working and drawing with Posca makers on your canvas. Here you´ll learn to do a "splash" with these wonderful markers.

  • I´ll give you some final tips and tell you about the class project.






Materials you will need:

  • a sketchbook (I use the size A2, but any size goes)
  • 1-2 pencils (I prefer 2B & 4B)
  • a small piece of canvas 
  • masking tape
  • 2-3 acrylic paint in different colors
  • 2-3 different brushes in various sizes
  • 2-4  Posca markers in various colors (you can also just a black permanent marker, but then you will miss out on all the colors)

Hope you´ll enjoy - and please post your process in the project section.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kicki Vibe

Artist & Illustrator


I´m a passionate art teacher, artist and lover of fun and crazy stuff and dark chocolate! I have conducted many workshops for youngsters and grown ups - and now I am also online here at skillshare. I paint, I make mixed media, litographs, draw with Posca markers, play with stencils and spray and use everything I´ll find in my many boxes :-)  My homepage is under construction - stay tuned. 

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1. introduction: thanks to the skill share. I'm kicking and I'm sitting here in a small child in Denmark right outside of Copenhagen. This is my first ever Scotia class, and I'm very excited to have you got here today. I'm going to teach you how to make a small pot painting on a piece of canvas with acrylic paint and Posca markers and mocking. I'm an artist. I'm a passionate, our teacher, and I worked with mixed media. I just worked with all kinds of materials using a credit pains. Marber's old books. I'm a big fan spray paint as well. I've had many exhibitions in different public places in galleries here in Denmark, and I've been teaching workshops for several years. I convict conducted many difference workshops for kids, for youngsters and grown ups and even on teachers and not with you your turn to learn all the great stuff. But just be sure that you will walk you through every step, step by step. I will show you the materials followed until you'll need, and then we go on with the background, which is very fun parts and and then we'll go on finding your own motives. This class will be inspired by comics. You have to find your old comic character to be inspired by. And then you do a sketch. And from there you will mark this sketch. You will do a drawing and off this common tired your own way on your canvas. And finally, I will give you some tips and it would go through the class project together. I'm very eager to see what you will come up with. The member to hit the following pots and here at Scotia on top. So you can see when I'm launching a new plus. Let's time in and get going. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my cuffs. 2. Materials : Yes, let's get started. I'll go through the materials you need for this class. First of all, you need some kindness you can take. You can use the small pieces, or you can use a what bigger one or even use a very, very big one. But maybe when you're just a beginner, it's nice to just have some Smokies. That's what I like. Then you'll need all the brushes. I used many different brushes. I used some of these soft ones that are suitable for water cars, and I also use the more sift brushes that more suitable for critic. But in this in this case, it's not that big of a deal. So you just use whatever you have, and then you need some water. Do you just put it in a small blast? I have like this, or you just have. That's what you have tomatoes holes in it threw it up, washing and pull your breakfast in here with some water. They really some paint on, and we just need some different acrylic paint. In this case, I use red one yellow one, and then it was dark. I won't get up a green one and Then the other day I bought some wonderful pastel colors like these Very pretty. Um, I like this one very much. And then, for white, off course, the white. Then I always use the paint for the walls. You can just use what you have left over for the wall paint, but you can also use a white and a normal a critic. Pete, that's up to you. Then you also need some masking tape. The master take real meat is for the background because we're going to make some stripes, so it's very, very good. It's very is necessary to make your background like this, and then afterwards we need something to sketch with. I had these pencils, please. It's for be to someone on this one is to be what you also need is something to have your paint on while you makes it. I use an old lit conceit. I used it for some time, but it's very nice because you could just either peeling off or just let it dry and then pour on some some new paint. It's very nice to work with them, and then I haven't this sketchbook, but, you know, just used a normal piece of the white paper to do your sketches. This is just my own sketchbook. And then when we're done sketching, we need the wonderful Posca markers. They're here and actually just needs, you know, like the black one. Like this pink. Maybe you blew one. You decide if you don't have the pasta, Marcus, you just need another permanent marker. Teoh, draw your comic character. And but the postal Rogers has another feature, and so you'll see that when we get you wouldn't get on. And then we have the magic feature. You have it in your bathroom as you hair dryer. The hand Rana is for us was a little bit impatient. And we want to get going to to dry up all the layers and to get to the next later. So I recommend you to use a hair dryer. This one this with paint on it. So, uh, yeah, you have to be careful not to get too much pain on it, So let's get going 3. The striped background: So let's get started. We're going to make a striped background, and I just use an old lit s. I mentioned when I went through the materials like this, and, um, then I just poor on. Look, all my colors on it. This is a white one. Wall paint. Uh, I always put it in the middle, and then I use Ah, this project a use, um, bright yellow one. This is just a very cheap one. Um, I'm gonna have the abs ident color. It's, um, reddish there's more pink. And then the bright green from pidio. I like this a swell. And And this is a warm, you know. And that's about it. Well, no. At the pastoral colors I just bought the other day. They're very adorable. Really adore this. You should have a closer look like this. Yeah. Let's get started. Okay. Here we have our campus, and, um, we're starting out to mix the first color. They use one of my brushes, and I would like to make a light yellow, and so I mix up the white, the white color, and then I used to do the bride yellow con. Just mix it up in the middle and then paint your campus. Remember to add some water. The water mixes more smooth. It's easier to paint when you add a little water on it. Um and then remember, Teoh, you paint the sides the corners like this. It's going very well. I m yeah, And then I am done. So we're ready to use the hair dryer, and you can just, um you have to, uh, keep it a little bit away. Dream 10 to 15 centimeters for 4 to 6 inches. Hopes oh, was missing his side. Uh oh. No drawing. Now we're going to use a mosque in tape and then important to have a Dr Background like this. And, um, we want to make this stripes with this muscle tapes. So rip up off and nice piece. You can also use the scissors and then you stick on the masking tape like this. So you are making a stripe? Yep. And the next piece, you would like to, um, do the same. Try to keep the same distance between the stripes as you did with the 1st 1 This? Yes. And then you just go on making another strike. Yes. And the last one. What? Um then we need to mix the same color or just find the same color as we have in the background. Um, yeah, put it on. And to make you want to make it without any splashes on the side. So we're just gonna make it. And like this, stop the whole with this light yellow before we at the new color. That's the magic trick about it. So that my general just put it just on top of the masking tape. So you paint on the canvas and the mosque in T I give you this on all the stripes, remember sides again. And now the hair drive? No, for the second cover. Now it's old dry, and I I'm about to use this lied mint green color. Um, or maybe this my current one. I'm not really sure, but I think I will go with the green. So, um, and a little bit more water, then going to mix up my second color for the stripes? Yeah, I'm going for the green. So taking Lightman greening of white and then a visible Alright, bring a little bit more kinda on it. So I'm sure to mix up a big portion of it like this. And now I'm going Teoh, start. Uh, wait My first strike. So I'm just gonna paint this color now. I had enough. And, uh, starting up to and just in between the strives between the two pieces of masking tape and I'm doing that for well, there's drives when all this drives minger todo side in the corners as well. Well, this and just when it's wet, you need Teoh, take off this. Take it off all the masking tape. Then you will see your stripes appearing. You go one This this like it. He's of sweet magic. I think sometimes don't ever let it dry too much. Sometimes we would rip up some of the background color as well. Just like this way are dunk. Then you just look it. Look through all the stripes. If you're missing something of missing the point here in the right corner, just put up. We'll have more paint using a smaller brush this time. And now I'm ready to use the hair dryer. For the last time 4. Finding and sketching a comic character: So let's get on with the inspiration. And we have to find we starting out with the sketchbook or find my sketchbook, my pencils from a current and, uh, we go off to find some inspiration. The first place you can look is on good old Google, Google Comics and, um, Chris on ah pictures. You get all the different comic characters you can see find character you like, and use that one of us inspiration. Or we can go to Pinterest on Pinterest. I'm writing coming strips and I see all the different characters here that I might like go for a simple one and he is like this Or you can take, um, a comic of your old choice. Maybe this one from Underworld, um which I really like. I'll go through it And, um, I think I like this one on the left page human being. I like the character. You can just get a quick close up. So let's get on with the sketching. Normally, I do my sketching with one of my be pencils To be or full be or six B. I just get very softly in round triples started with his his head small ears hiss big mouth . Sometimes I come up with different details or and sometimes they just come later on when I stopped on the tennis and then I go on and the rest of his body. - So as you can see, I did change the writing. So instead of a human being, it was a great day. Instead of the cross on his stomach, I chose a hot. So we're going on with sketching on the canvas, and I'm just choosing a small section off them the original sketch. So I just through his head and it's gonna be bigger, and I think that will fit better for this. Chemists just trying it out before we go on to the customs. 5. Drawing with posca on canvas: So now it's time to work with the Posca markers. I really love these wonderful, and I'm just working straight on my tennis. And, um, I used this Posca. It's, Ah, the one It's called syrup on mine till 1.3 years. And then I just go on, start out to Dio drawing of my comic character, and I just stopped drawing the lines. Just fill up black spots. Sometimes when you get, uh, I did a bit more advanced Utkan just go from the from your first sketch and then just directly on your canvas. But it's nice for beginners when you have the sketch from the pencil and you can go on with this Posca and then I just go on writing. I didn't didn't do a sketch for that. All right, Great day brings. You can feel like buying something else if you want to, and just relax, get going. I want to fill up the spot in his mouth a little bit more. I think so. I go for more time, maybe just be all black. I do that I leave small spots behind like this, not time to do some splash. And for this We need to get out some of the paint within the Posca marker, so you press it down when your paper to get to get it going to get a flowing, and then you just shake your hand a little, just very randomly. Do the splash on your cost. A sketch on your chemists. I love this part. You can also go for different colors, so it's a lot of different splashes in different colors. I just go for the black splash for this one, and, um, then I would like to make some details. So I go for the Pink Paskah, but without any splash this time. And I'm just going to make a small top. Well, this comic character, but you can pretty much do whatever you feel like what your fantasy says. Just go with the flow. I like to make this top with some stripes on it, so that's pretty much it. But I think I would like to do a little blush with pink as well. So I'm going in for that. That would be I want you to way have, like pinks, Plesch, the strike background and his little top 6. Class project and final tips: Oh, very well with the painting and sketching. Now it's time to give you some final tips and the first final tip. IHS Experiment with different colors. Just go ahead, makes up your favorite colors. Tries to use the wild middle. It's very easy, um, like colors and, um, make the details with the Posca markers. Go ahead. Just do some different kind of strive. So polka dots, whatever you feel like some kind of patterns. I made a mistake. Paying the new layer doesn't matter. We don't use your razor. Just paint a new layer and then go from there. Sometimes it makes something even better to look it. You see here try to drive the layers. It's very good when you are impatient like me, and then have fun. It's important to have fun while you sketch and paint. So not time. Teoh, do your own class project, which is a pop. The pub painting with your own comic character, please uploaded below in our community in the project. So I continue what you all are, too, and answer all your questions and see all your practice. It's so you could do that. Welcome back to you