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9 Videos (20m)
    • Pompom summer headdress1a Welcome

    • Preparing macrame fabric strips

    • Pompom headdress Attach Cords to the Elastic Band

    • Knotting the band

    • Securing the hairband to the base

    • Pompom Headdress Flowertemplate

    • Making the pompom

    • Cutting the Pompom

    • Final Touches to your Headdress !


About This Class

You're not festival attired without a party headdress, celebrate the festival season by creating this fun wearable DIY craft project.

Inspired by the Diane Von Furstenberg runway heaaddress looks a few seasons ago, using cotton yarns, embellishments and decorative fabrics, create this celebratory headdress in eight easy steps.







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Fiona Szabo

Maker, Craftivist, Lover of Bricoleur

Fiona Szabo is a textile based jewellery designer and craft tutor.

As a modern-day maker, Fiona utilises eclectically sourced materials, along with treasured items, turning them into into statement pieces. Fiona feels that there is a very creative model at the heart of creative reuse and re-making – it is a place that affords a genuine value to materials.

Fiona began her career in textiles and design upon entering a national competition to win a job with the celebrated British fashion icon, Zandra Rhodes, where she made it to the finals of the competition. Her designs were modelled in front of TV cameras at London’s Camden Palace, filming was for the 1987 Fashion Show Series, The Clothes Show. From there she gained a place at the fashion and textiles degree course at Brighton University and went into community arts and teaching as a freelance maker. Her textile based jewellery work has been a recent evolution.

Fiona regularly shares her creative ground as a maker and project organiser at The Knitting Bug at the Hub, a neighbourly knitting group and her co-founded creative collective, Remade In Brighton.

Find out more about her work at and follow her remaking community news at

#fionaszabo on Instagram