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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Pompom summer headdress1a Welcome

    • 2. Preparing macrame fabric strips

    • 3. Pompom headdress Attach Cords to the Elastic Band

    • 4. Knotting the band

    • 5. Securing the hairband to the base

    • 6. Pompom Headdress Flowertemplate

    • 7. Making the pompom

    • 8. Cutting the Pompom

    • 9. Final Touches to your Headdress !

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About This Class

You're not festival attired without a party headdress, celebrate the festival season by creating this fun wearable DIY craft project.

Inspired by the Diane Von Furstenberg runway heaaddress looks a few seasons ago, using cotton yarns, embellishments and decorative fabrics, create this celebratory headdress in eight easy steps.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona Szabo

Maker, Craftivist, Lover of Bricoleur


Fiona Szabo is a textile based jewellery designer and craft tutor.

As a modern-day maker, Fiona utilises eclectically sourced materials, along with treasured items, turning them into into statement pieces. Fiona feels that there is a very creative model at the heart of creative reuse and re-making - it is a place that affords a genuine value to materials.

Fiona began her career in textiles and design upon entering a national competition to win a job with the celebrated British fashion icon, Zandra Rhodes, where she made it to the finals of the competition. Her designs were modelled in front of TV cameras at London's Camden Palace, filming was for the 1987 Fashion Show Series, The Clothes Show. From there she gained a place at the fashion and textiles degree course at Brigh... See full profile

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1. Pompom summer headdress1a Welcome: Hello again shares. It's going to be back with you in this craft class. I'm going to walk you through how to create your own summer festival headdress with Fiesta theme to it. Using some bright materials, Jesse gotten like Chris Cotton, eons it in pieces from the drawer box. Have some stashed fabrics. Will also using a pump maker. If you haven't used these ocean, how to use it on will create templates for flowers on. We'll have some really nice sort of tough didn't and texted Paul Holmes to add to this headdress workshop using a simple McCraw me technique, and it's going to be going to be working with Square flat. Not so really look forward to getting over this project. 2. Preparing macrame fabric strips: Hello again, school Sherice. And at this point, we're going to you need Teoh dig out or cotton T shirts of cotton stretch Jersey T shirts, preferably something you've already worn out to be a great a great way to read you something that you know where to find a nice bright color or something that's fun for the summer on, Um, it's going to become a calm a band. So the T shirt get cut into a spiral, which would create the material yang, which will then not into the base bond headdress starting at the bottom of the garment. This is a best. I've just started to work with that, and I removed what was on the bottom, just the sort of hend edge of the garment. I took that off. You won't want that part may be used for something else. I've got quite smooth pair of scissors for this task because as I cut in a spiral from the bottom of the garment around, I'm kind of holding taught the fabric as I gave between my fingers. I don't if you could see that which one? If makes things quite easy, I don't have to try and do this on a table I can work. Um, just with with holding it taut slightly between my fingers on making sure as I am cutting, I'm not letting it get to sin. It should be quite a generous Koch. Um, inch, an inch and 1/2 two inches. You know it. It needs to be a good with off material that you're cutting on. Just keep going. It doesn't need to be particularly neat if you are a neat freak, them fine. But, um, you could just keep going round. So you were peeling the orange, and what you'll find is that you'll end up with a nice length off material of yon. If you like to work with, stretch on the measurement you're going to need This bit's important. It needs to be a long, a long piece. A long length of material is 3. Pompom headdress Attach Cords to the Elastic Band: Hello again, everyone. For this step, we're going. Teoh, prepare the McCraw May Band. And to start doing that, we need to take the two lengths off stretch cotton that we've catch on. They should be folded in half, so you can see I folded it at the top. So those will be the two. Let's that you kash and folded so that the top you can see they've been folded over. So those two, let's or form the square Not, but we're about to make. And we're going to attach those two lengths of jersey fabric to and elastic ated hair band on just it. Help you see the contrast. This is a black elastic ated hair band, as you can see, but you may want to find one that's a pretty a color to match your fabric. Um, but this is the one that will show you for the demonstration. Uh, when I made the first band, I used, um, eso pale colored elastic hair band. For this, um, you'll need to hitch it, hit the pitch the two loops into the into the elastic hair band, so most will take one. I'm working from behind the headband past that Luke through from back to front, and then you can see you've made a loop here and then grab hold of the to long working ends and pull them both through the loop and secure by tightening. So that's one of the nets of fabric is attached to that black hair band now, and I'll do the same with 2nd 1 So working from back to front, pool the loops through that's the loop, and then take the two working ends and pull through and secure onto the elastic hair band. And this will form the starting point for which we can now start to create the McCrone May Square. Not so. I just want you to notice that there we're going to be working with the four strands to create the North. 4. Knotting the band: Hi. Now we're ready to begin knotting going to be using the square square. Not you can see I'm starting a little bit already on bond his how we're going to work the square, not where you're start on the right hand side on and we'll be using the out accords on. And also thes Phil accords in the middle of the to fill accords will just remain in the middle on starting with the right hand side. Make the shape off four, as you can see, and then you'll work across the to fill accords in the middle on under the left hand cord. So that's the pattern Did you use taking the left hand chord passage behind the to fill accords on up through that for the loop of the four. And now you've made a kind of pretzel shape which you can type. Not now we're going to do the same again, but starting with the left hand side, so go from right to left and continue in that way. So again, with the left hand side, create the shape of the four on past the four over the to fill accords on under the right hand cord. You can see that shape taking the right hand chord, passage behind the to fill accords and then up through the leap and tighten up. And then we're back to the right hand side. Create the full that goes over the fill accords and under the left hand cord, past the left hand chords behind on up through the loop and then reversed into the left hand side, would do the same over the hill accords in the middle, behind the right hand cord. Take the right hand corner, past behind and up through the loop. Continue on in that sequence until your square knotted band reaches approximately 46 centimeters. So you'll be continuing on in that sequence until you get further along. Um, so, yeah, keep going in that same way until you have a sufficient amount. If not, it banned 5. Securing the hairband to the base: now that your band measures the 46 centimeters and then you can just secure the elastic hair band to the end, as you would in the way that you were working. So just make sure when you create this next, not that you passed that loop through the headband itself. That way you'll have secured it in. So when you pass that working strand up through the loop, you're passing it through the loop on the elastic hair band, and you can tighten that up and then you will have secure that, and you might just want to do another couple of notes, but that way you've got it secured either end. 6. Pompom Headdress Flowertemplate: hi again, having used to your flower template where you back to the fabric Wisam Cotton jersey. Then cut up your own shape or may abused the template that has been provided for you in the class file. It's attached to lessen pdf. Find it. You then need to fold template and often in half again. So that way, you kind of creates in depth on a kind of three d flower. Um, ready to stitch on two McCall, My band, you can see a 40 added a few extra bits to my flower just to give it a bit more both a bit more decoration it's using. It's a public petals on that I had saved just to kind of add in some more texture. Um, but it's up to you from work with a simple fold, Uh, works Andi. Then you can begin stitching women sections on their sections, folded, a couple of section stitched together. I'm just using some sort of complementary Fred. Just work some stitches through the base of the folder traffic flower that you just stitching onto the 7. Making the pompom: Hello. Now we're gonna be moving along with the actual part where we use the pom pom maker on you can see I've already wrapped 1/2 of the pom pom with yon various colored yarns on I'll show you how to begin using the pom pom maker by using, uh, this half of it so you can see that there are these little, like lips at each side, and you can just pull that apart so that you're free to then wrap for this semi circle section. It's nice to start with something that might be a nice sort of bright center color, maybe something a bit deeper or darker. I've chosen thesis, um, augments some kind of dark kind of plum sort of sarees. Andi, just as you can see, then I've just popped that tail end of the young under my thumb Justice a. Secure it, and then it's just a question of wrapping and wrapping. So you want to build that up and you want to keep going in such a way There, you can see I've got a nice amount in the middle there now, so that's quite a decent amount off Yang on the palm Palm maker. I'm gonna keep going here on this time. I'm gonna introduce Cem t shirt young. That has been cut to be quite fine. So it's kind of possibly a little bit finer than the base band, but it makes a really effective sort of nice, solid material to use when you're making pom poms. So you can just again use any sort of off cuts that you might have lying around in your craft books on Don't brighter the better If you get something break just like that. Just keep going so you could just keep wrapping it on top. So don't be daunted by any sort of stray ends. Just build up that pom pom. So you have a good coverage. So it's just about creating a good volume, really a good volume or fionn fast you go. Don't neglect the ends, so you want to kind of fill the entire kind of width of that semi circle on. If you run out of one particular Yonas you're working, you could then incorporate another color, which is rice ready. Obviously, these air nice, vibrant sort of summer colors that I've been working with. Andi, I'm just gonna make sure that the sections at the corners of this semi circle have enough fiber wrapped around them. I'm kind of paying a little bit more attention here, Teoh corners for the sort of top of that semi circle. So going in there with a bit of extra yon. Okay, I'm just gonna keep going for a bit with this color cover over the t shirt fiber with this cotton fiber. 8. Cutting the Pompom: now back with, um, the stage where we can take off scissors on begin to cut through both sections of this pom pom. What you'll need to start with is a strand off my stay strong, preferably some cotton based yawn. Ah, that won't sort of snap easily. So something good and strong and ice cotton fiber will do that for you on cut a generous strand of it ready to tie off the pom pom. So I've just got that ready. This strand ready to use now taking some scissors. This is the fun part you could begin to cut, so I'll continue cutting through opening out those strands. And then, during the same thing, got cut. Cut. I'll take the tie off strand. That's pretty strong. It's cotton and just feed it through. See, I'm feeding it through by sections going in between the two sections, so it's designed so that you can. It's designs the eakin from that strand that tire strand through the center, and I've just done regular not to secure that, and I would advise you do that a few times, so that's making sure you're holding everything together with a few notes and then major pom poms secure. You can remove the plastic housing just lifting out two sections of the plastic housing. And then I'm going to just pull gently, pull apart and remove the pom pom maker entirely and just popped back together again. So it's ready. She's again. You have very gorgeous, colorful textured pom pom. She may just want a little haircut. 9. Final Touches to your Headdress !: Hello. So now you've got the pom pom completed on it. Access the center point to your headdress. You can finish off by securing it to the McCraw me based band in much the same way that you did when you seclude secured the flower sections just by simply stitching through that elastic fiber. McCraw may band. So I've done the same in securing the pompon onto it. So it's just a question of taking day strands that you secured the pump on with Andi threatening wants the needle, then stitching the moment. So how do you think they've come out well and that the headdresses look effective on? I could imagine that you have a lot of fun dressing up and wearing them. So do enjoy on Thanks for joining me on this Palm Palm Festival Headdress workshop.