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Polymodeling in Houdini

teacher avatar Film VFX

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (2h 45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Use reference images in Houdini

    • 3. Modeling part 1

    • 4. Modeling part 2

    • 5. Modeling part 3

    • 6. Modeling part 4

    • 7. Modeling part 5

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About This Class

You will learn modeling in the best VFX application: Houdini.

This course focuses on Polymodeling (not procedural modeling, although we ill be borrowing some of the intelligence of procedural modeling). It is the same modeling you would find in Maya, 3dsMax, Cinema4D, Blender...

Houdini stands out with several unique power aspects, one of them is procedural modeling. You need to know Houdini also does great polymodeling.

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Film VFX


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1. Introduction: welcome. In this course, you will learn modeling in Houdini. Polly modeling just the normal more than you would do in three days. Max Meyer Blender or Cinema 40. The good news is in Houdini you will benefit from stronger tools and a much more intelligent approach that will save you time. We will borrow from the strength off procedural modeling without necessarily doing procedural modern ever wanted to do. Polly Model in In the best VFX software, this course will provide you with a solid foundation, the workflow and a tool sent you can use to model more complex objects. Obviously, the objective is not to make the model that you see, but to give you the techniques you can apply to other models as well. 2. Use reference images in Houdini: This is the reference image we want to use in Houdini for Paula model in again just to remind you again that the purpose is not to make this model or to teach you how to make this morning. The purpose is to give you the techniques for Polly modeling that you can use with any other model. OK, so I will find myself excuses to use techniques. I will change this model. It's better to use techniques that are not necessarily use for this one. Because I need you to know them for your other models. Okay. Now I have a reference image of support to have reference image number one and number two is to keep looking at it when your model in. So how do we do that? When I have a second monitor? Hold on a moment. I want you to follow with me. So if I'm doing it on the second murder, what's the point? Because I need you also to see it. Good. If you are working, if you are modelling first. Captain, if you're If you're doing something with a reference image, you have a few options. The manual option, which is okay have another monitor that I don't need to tell you the other way, which is inside Houdini. Okay, There are two ways inside of me. You can have it inside Houdini. Inside Houdini there are two cases. You either have what is called a technical drawing. Technical drawing is blue prints off the house. The architect has made stuff. And then you've got the top few. You've got the side view. Or if you're re creating a new airplane, then you have the technical drawing. Industrial drawing. It depends on what you want to make. Their is the top side, the left side, or the run day, the the top for you, the side view on. Then you've got the front view, and then you can model with that. How can you bring them in? Because it's not just about mentioning them. How can you bring them in? You come here to the view port and you press d when you press the you get the display options. Okay, but your months cursor needs to be on the view port in here. You come to the Taba background. Okay. I think it's gonna be a markers or guys or something. but go to the background, aren't here. You have your cameras. What are these? Let me close it in here. You have perspective. You set the view to which everyone you want. If you have a technical drawing of a house on its architect stuff fine, top view. And then you put it in there. How do you put it deep? And then you go to your top view on you. Just simply scroll here, click here and get your your, uh, image. Of course, you can change the size of the image. You're like an offset. Bring on brightness and image, quality and stuff. And what not You have plan chapters. Okay, But this is not our case. We have a an image, just a dead normal image. This is not the technical drawing. That's just like an image taken from the from the side. All right, so what do we do Know? OK, there's another way. Which is basically shall we just have it inside the interface? How do we do that in New Delhi for the second category? Like so not a technical drawing. What I can do is simply create another pain here. Okay, We can come and speed the pain. Sleep pain, top bottom or depending or where you want to have your image of what didn't down. So I can just click here on. I have a few other things. Generally, I have my interface somewhat like this for a few purposes. Okay, you can come here and create. Okay. Plus and you go to the composite of you. This is where your image is going to show when you click on it is gonna get blacks does this? There's nothing in there. Okay? It's not them. Um, you need to come here to the what he say's slash VJ Actually, it's nothing but the network of you on this slash mat is awful. Network of you. You can add as many as you want, because if you open this one, you find the chance of a image math LBJ out shop. You can You can add another network view you need to have in this one the image. Okay, The image is actually the composite in side off things off Houdini. Okay, so what you need to do is you can just dive inside this image number one on, then create a file a file. If you don't get that one, just Yeah, Then you have to file. This file is okay. I've already done it before, but, um, let me just What you can do is in a year in here file and the properties, you click on it. You you Yeah, you click and then you get your model. So you almost your a reference image. Click accept. And this is how you get it all the time here. Now, if you're tired, advantages closed, there's and then keep working. Or if you need to work with the top few off the young video, something you can always most another top. It's hidden in your composite view here somewhere. Okay, let's go back in here. And now we can work on the mother. But I just thought before closing this this part off the reference image because it's very important to get in the discipline off finding a reference image. It doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be the same model. It's just something to give you a flavour of what you what direction you want to go. We could make this one could make something slightly different. You could make something completely different. But a reference image is always good. Okay, because we're talking about this. There is another way which I thought is useful to mention, which is Obure. If it's quite an amazing piece off software which is free of charge against open source pure. If I just open that, that's that's the one that zoo this Ah very is this wonderful interfacing which which window which has nothing does. There's nothing in here, so you just need to know a few shortcuts and commands with the mouse and stuff on moves. I'm just dragon and what we could do is simply dragon drop. Just drag and drop. I'm dragging and dropping here. So I'm just took a bus ticket on drug it here, and you can have it always on top or whatever you want if you know how to use pure F or you prefer pure after have plenty off off off stores and how to know to use a pure if it's an amazing piece of work. But honestly, with this stuff in Houdini, we don't need it. But I just thought is useful to mention because if you're intermodal in everything that is artistic, Pierre is going is going is going to come in handy. Say, for example, working zebras for something and you want it all the time in front of you Pure. If it is a good companion for now, we're going to say thank you very much for pure to purify aunt. We are going to close it. Let's now move to the model in part. 3. Modeling part 1: Let's now start the model in part and before we start, it's I think it's good to remind you that we are working on the normal modeling. Normal, as in the English word normal, not normal. The technical word off the normals here that we will see okay by normal more than I mean holy model in stuff you would be doing in three days. Max in Maya in cinema foodie in blender that model it that way of modern Polly. Modeling is what we're going to do because Houdini is known for procedural model in it is the king off personal model. And actually I think is the only one that does it. The others have some shy attempts, but procedural model in Houdini is the king of personal moment. Are we going to do proceed in modern know why? Because the purpose is to show you that Houdini is excellent is really good at the normal, more than a swell. In addition to that normal poli model in I'm gonna be using the English word normal model in just so that you know what I'm talking about. And later on, I changed toe fully modeling the normal model in. You could do it very well in Houdini. On its it is It's it's amazingly easy on. It's just not very known. And at the same time the power is that you're going to be able to borrow from the power off the procedural one and my saying we're going to be doing procedural model it. No, what I'm saying we're gonna borough some of the intelligence that you are not going to find elsewhere. Okay, So fully maudlin in Houdini, like the normal more than Houdini is way more fun, much faster. You're going to get to your model much faster with Houdini, Eddie any other through the application. OK, because it has a lot of power. The idea is that you need to know these techniques so the learning takes a bit of time, and it's good to learn because, but it's time you want to make your model and you keep practicing. You're going to notice that instead of fighting with them, the model and the precisely trying to put it on the ground. Have you have you gone across this before? Like in blender on my r three days, Marxism before the trying to put something on the ground. This fellow Houdini is gonna do it for you in an intelligent way. Whatever you however you change, the model is going to stay on the ground. Just just one little trick, one off plenty. Okay, now let's go inside in here. And then the second thing, the first thing is, was the Roma Roma reminder that we're going to do the Poly modeling. The normal market number two is we need to set our workspace in such a way that we can work very fast. Now It's murder off fast because extruding split in Beverly and stuff if you it's very well known. I'm gonna show you if you don't know them. But it's not the point about this. The point is, I need you to be fast with these things. So the first thing is, regardless of what 20 which which one to use. I'm using my desktop number two. You can use a constant one or just go to anyone you want. OK, any okay, just go to the general one, the one that you have by default. I don't mind. It's it's built, for example, built. It's got to build build. I lost my my image. But anyway, even if you have the this normal one this this default workspace, it works fine for you. The main point is the one on the right. Not on the left, I This is not the most important, but this is the important part Now, do you know what this is? When you are working here? The behavior off the shortcuts is going to bring different menus depending on what you're doing. What did we see? What did we say? We're going to do poorly, Modlin. So let's click on this one. But let me go back to my customer, okay? And it doesn't matter which one you use. It actually. All right? Because you can move them around, moving around. Closed the pain. You could you could you could You could do whatever you want. Right now I am going to go to the modeling volume Woodland. So what does that mean? Like nothing has changed in the interface. So what? Why bother with us? This stuff? Because when you press see, magic happens. See? Then you have everything you need in front of you Now. Did I say everything? I didn't mean really everything. But these are the ones because a side effects you are going to notice that it's not bragging about the software or the company. Stop. Everything is based on bloody intelligence. This is Houdini is probably the equivalent of the word intelligence. Now that it's it's a it's a very powerful mathematical driven, starving, brilliant. But at the same time you find some really handy user taking into account the user needs. These are the ones you're going to need more often than not, should you need more than probably you're gonna click on this, Come here and then you get more OK, but they know that these are gonna be used less than others. You are going to use software transformer some point in time, okay? But you're gonna use most often. Do not these others. OK, so these are the ones. Just please be careful that when you point, don't point towards with your mouth. Don't point towards the text point warned that worse the icon. Because by the time you are here you could say, for example, you could be pointing. I was check. Yeah. See, my cursor now is on polio feel, but it has selected poorly extrude because it has crossed first This I can just think in terms of icons that it's easier because again, Because we need we need to be fast. I don't want it to go the whole way to the text. Just stop here, Quick, quick, Move to the icon. Okay, So this is why we have moved to the funny modeling. Um, when you hear. OK, good. OK. Do you want to use the model in part as well? We could borrow some of this stuff here, but we don't think we're gonna need a lot of it. But if you go to modeling here and it press see, it looks different, okay? It looks different. It just build, create and stuff and what not? It's different, but we want to have a is press escape. The holy Muslim. Now let's start. Good. Okay. I'm going to, um, press control, be with my mass cursor on the image and just look at this stuff All the moments. What have we got in here? A few parts. Number one. Number two. Number three. Number four. Okay, uh, then comes the choice. Do you want to make number five as the base. Is this metallic bit here? We could do that. Absolutely. I'll give you a choice, actually. Boo. Let's let's let's make it well, it starts with the base, Which is this? This one? The beauty in Houdini is that every time you see something more than once, it's a great news. That's the beauty with your genie, or actually with all treaty obligations. But in Houdini, it's even more. It's even greater news because it's much easier to get things my road duplicated and it's it's It's the house off intelligence. Okay, so let's self control be begin to bring it back to where it was under. Let me just school back here. Good. I'll start with the's metallic stunts. So how do we do that? But what does it look like? It looks more like a box that was squeezed while it starts with a box. Okay, so I'll come to the object, which is not a review, and then I will create what creates a J Elementary. Right? This is important to notice that there is a huge difference between the context notes for if I pressed up. Sorry, I present up now, so step this is I'm taking you straight to the quickest way, cause that's the agreement. Um, great. Fast polymer. Live in Houdini. Right? So can you come here instead? Crucial moment. You left the books. Appear. What is it? No easier to click in here. Um, we're not making a box. We're making this model. Okay, We need the books just for this one. But we need another box for this one. You need a tube forgets one on either of the two for this 1 to 2. Or tubes for inside here. Okay, I'll show you, Uh, we have here. This is like, this very cool thing that's inside this umbrella. 2nd 1 here, we could have three or four. I don't know how many there are, but I think it's gonna be, like, two or three. So we need a lot of stuff in Houdini. You have, um, the context. Like if I right now, do tab on the type of Dior Mitory dio and it gets geometry. You always start with this. If you're more leaning, always started geometry. Why? Uh, it's a folder. Now. Don't get full. I'm gonna press here on dumb click, and it gets jail number one. OK, so when I get all sorts of bar meters and stuff, what do I do with this one? It's just a folder. It is just a folder. I mean, repeated the third time because the most important thing in Houdini it is just a folder. I don't think you have this in another obligation, because inside this you you can ride, for example. Okay? And it's a choice again. What you could do is dependent on your scene because I need to give you all the tricks, all the tricks. Everything that come crosses my mind to when you're modeling. Are you more than just one base? Are you working in this scene that we're going to save? Are you going to work on several parts? Is it won't seem that has saved the park. Bunch of story. The Park Bank has got some other things. Plenty. Are you gonna have plenty of stuff in here if the answer is Yes. Then every one of them is gonna be one object. Say, for example, this is the school. It's stylish. Stylish. Ah, Park Bank. Write something. Uh OK, so this is a folder. There's there's There's nothing inside. Okay? There is nothing inside. I need now. Once I am. Look at this. Oh, BJ Satish Park. But now I need to create the elements I need. Okay. Um I will take you the fast way. Which means I'm not going to use these things up here where you can hide them. You can do whatever you can do like this if you want. I just close some of the busy. You can keep them, but I take the fast way too fast. Way is always that Okay up. And then what do you need? Box right box. This is what I need which is up here now. What's the difference between creating a box in here and creating a boxes in this one? If you create the boxes in this one on, do you keep But you keep this part of the year this has created operating at object level. I could have created it in the context, which is days. The context is going to look at the context. Where am I in this folder? So it's going to create it inside this folder. You could do it as well, but it requires you to change this between these duty, but object level means here. Okay, good. Let's now go back inside here. And what do we do with this box? Now? He needs to start looking control. Be looking like this. So it needs to be squeezed on a rectangular hole in the middle. That should be dead easy. Okay, Right. This normally would take way faster than I'm doing it now, but I'm doing it as I'm explaining. So don't be surprised if you look at the lecture and I think it has taken so much just to model this one. No, it does not take me that much to model this one. I'm explaining bit by bit. And I need you to understand the tricks as we go. Okay? This is what it's going to take much longer than if I had to do it, uh, myself, Quickly. Okay. Or you will be able to do it quickly. Cool. Let's go to the first strike before we talk about anything. Before we talk about anything. There's something important here. You get introduced to Houdini like it's the noise base about Houdini. You have noticed that when I created this and this greatest wonderful because it helps you tell that we're home in a moment. This is the grade, and I want my books to be under on the floor on the ground were expecting this grid to be the crown. So why is half off? It opened 1/2 off it down, and then it's somewhere in the center. Every every time you create something is going to be at the center. Unless there are different ways of creative thanks, unless you just a click and then choose where to put it. Okay, which has even it's gonna take even longer. But for now it's It's handier. It's quicker, it's faster. It's best practice to start, always at the origin. Why? Because some of the great Molin tricks work of the origin, and it's much forces do it there, and you can at any time change anything with the absolutely wonderful transformed out. You can move it anywhere. Okay, for now, let's look, I want to before even do anything to move this one on the on the ground. How do I do that now, in other three D applications, you are going to have to go through the pain off, moving to the young front view. Okay, that's the front view on Apparent ladies is the ground. Okay? So probably we're gonna have Teoh go here to the center on this is the Y axis and start moving its sick. Oh, yeah, That's as mythical. Okay, that's that's nice. That has moved. Um, you don't need to do that, because the problem is, if I start now, move doing anything that's, say, changed the scale. Oops, it's it's down. But I wanted to be on the ground. I thought I told you to be in the ground. Yeah. This is my days, Max Hoodie. Sorry, Sam. A 40 blunder. This is how it works. Just do something is gonna go off. But you know, Dini, it's a different story. Okay? We will not do it. This, uh, this way. So I'll just just right click on this one or control control on the middles or a control on the middle mouse on something to reset it on. Control little mouse here. And let's go back where we were. Because I need to show you how to do it in a hoodie is quite simple. What is this? This a box? Okay, you clearly see that half off. It is the, um above the ground and the other half is. But what is half that? Zero point wife or divided by two Simple. What is divided by two is the size of the thing. I don't care how much how long they're says. I don't care how I can make it want then because now the sizes How long? One it says here with the box say is 111 I really don't. I could not care less how big this stuff is because I have I just care about give me the size on Divided by two You know that distance. Move it up by the heart by half distance every time. So it doesn't matter what you do it it is always gonna stay there. Do it simple. This is the young um you can take it from the size easier. Okay. Or you could take it from the scale, but I think it's better to take it from this size from the from the why size. So what you do is right. Click on the white size, go to the Copa para Meter. Are we doing procedural procedural? Modern We're just borrowing some intelligence from proceeding modeling for our family, that's all. OK on then. Come here To the center, which basically is just translating it. Applied moving. It's moving its center. Why? Instead of saying, Oh, that's move it by 0.5. Yeah. No, I don't want it to be like this. I want to to do it right Click and based. Real active reference when you do that. Groups have gyms jumped up. Yes, because it has taken the whole size. Why we agreed upon is just half the size so, divider, you don't care what's written there. C h of open bracket, size y blah blah. You know, care about that. I mean, it's obvious what it is, but for this purpose, you just divide by two, and it will always, no matter what happens, no matter how big this thing is gonna become 20. So always going to stay on the ground. Cool. Good. We've got this one out of the way. Let's keep working on this one. We need to squeeze it. I recommend I recommend that changes you make happening. Interest. Fall note. Do you have the possibility to squeeze it here? and say, OK, I'm gonna move. It is going to handle which, which one You want to use our issues. The X axis. Okay, let me just check the front view. This is the front of you. Okay? Yeah. I think this issue used the x axis. I'm just using space on one space to and then space three. Why? Because that's how I moved between these. These are, um, these cameras. Okay, so now I'm back to with space one. Back to the year, to the respective cover. Good. OK, so I'm going to move it in here. I You can do it here. Fine. But I recommend that you leave this one in peace because sometimes were It's just about being lazy. Just being no lazy, been fast. Fast means I could borrow this books for something else. Okay, if I wanted. And I just had a transform note and do everything I need here. Okay. On here. I can change it now, before moving into further. Just make sure that deep, um, any any primitive type and you think you bring you need to be on the polygon. A polygon marshland. Okay, Something like that. Okay, So in this part, and in this case, I think we all do. I just keep it as polygon, although I can do it. A pretty good mentioned in what I get is these. It's expect split in part. What I'll do is see, Do I do it? Really gonna put it on? I'm going to do is just cut it inside and that definitely are going to need to do this. So you know what? Let's have it has really gone Mash. It doesn't hurt, okay, School, Because I need to have some subdivision anyway called. So now in the trust fund node, I will, um, we'll do just to squeeze this one of the X axis and let's make it 0.2. That was transport. That was a big mistake. Translate. It's in the scapula 0.2 instead of one. So I have moved into a point to Is it enough? I think to take I think it is too thick, So I just go back here on added Teoh. 0.1 problems enough, OK, 0.1. Is it too much? I think here maybe I don't want that many subdivisions in the UAE in the young was checked . I think if I just to hear that could be enough Or let me get, like, three ish three ish year. Just looking Assess Lever that, though. Actually, I don't think we need that one. Um, but should be enough. Enough to know I may change it later. Okay. Um, yeah. I should be kind of fun. You know what's keeping dead it. Will we be useful? Okay, nice. So what do I need to do? I may need to simplify this further. Um, And what I will do is actually tell you what, Let's increase those divisions to something like six in here and six in here to have enough ? Probably not. Some going with seven on seven. Why am I doing this? Because I need a gap on bag. Gap is going to be in the form off, By the way, the size every notice that this one actually is rectangular and this one's kind of square. We don't want that. We saw. We want to bring it down in terms off size scale here for the why 0.8 could be enough. Yeah, in this case is gonna work much better. So what it is. That's enough. Probably 0.6. Yeah, kind of like this 0.7 ish. I don't know. Let's go to 0.6. Okay, that's for the white scaling it. Okay, so now I need to take some stuff out of here. Let me get a in the box, and he gets eight, and then, yeah, it should be kind of enough, but it's gonna depend on what you want to do. It's just a look. So another click under transform here. Make sure why do it. Why do I see this? I see this because I have the blue, which is show me the final result off this up till this note, um, a selected here. And I have this note selected for changes in the perimeter. So it's telling me. Okay, I'm gonna show you the final one in here on day one that you selected in wire frame. I don't need this. I need to work on this one. Okay, so now that I have this selected, I need to select a few. Come here, select. And then you get your faces or primitives as they're called Houdini on. You could depend in again the attention Justice. I hear what's going to help you going to help you select only the ones that you are selection that you see that the camera that you see in front of you if it's not selected them. And if I do like this, you look behind its been selected as well. This may be your objective and it's the case, actually. But if you say no, I don't want to select that click on this. And then any time you do this, I'm click pressing on shift again. Shift on your terms like it's not selected. Just those ones. In this case, I want to have a gap. So I need to delete these faces and the ones that are behind. Okay, so how do I do that? I will simply, um, simply add more cell division here more often. Hornish Probably. Yeah, probably. Cool. And I will disable this one and come here selector. Probably these. How's that for deal? I think this should be fine. Simple, because I have the I not selected. I am able to sex everything simple. Would your Kresser under on the view board just press delete when you press it was gonna happen. There is a new node creative for you. It's called Blast, actually. Do you work in plunder in my arm and three ds Madison cinema. 40 in everything you do. You are doing it, but actually don't see it. Okay, That you don't see. It does history that's been created. Houdini gives you the choice to see it. It's the only difference. Not okay. It's got much more power. But you may be thinking, Do I need to create that many notes? You are already doing it. If you're working somewhere else, go. You're already doing it. But just by moving inside here, here, you've got to twist a comeback. See, I've been coming back again here to change Dietz of divisions on. I can change a lot of stuff and I'll be coming back again and changing in my notes. Okay, so all the history is in there. You can change it on Want. If I take away this box and put something else, it's gonna look different. Okay. School with the blast here. So what do we need? Always remember, um, it is always better to have a closed geometry. Almost always. So unless you have a big problem with the the pole account number of polygons and stuff. And you have huge assets. And you may be thinking the rendering could take ages. And it's too heavy. Um, please always close your geometry. Okay? In this case, and in every case, I will be closing the geometry. Okay? I always wants my geometries to be close. So when I deleted the faces, see? Look inside Here. This is open. I don't like this. So I need to do is close it close. It means come here. It's like the edges. And then shift and double click shift. Get the whole edge. Come back here. Shift double click on this one as well. So I have both off them selected. What do I do? Let's go now to our lovely see press on C and the view port and what we need to need to do . I just need to fully, um Polly Bridge. Okay. Oh, sorry. With poorly bridge. Because this is what you do. Football. You feel just in select one just publicly on this with 40 bridge. So bridging this entered the other one Means is gonna create polygons close in this camp. What you do is you select the first destination. Then you press see and then you come to 40 bridge. You click on that, then you get hold. Any is always talking to you. Houdini always talks to you If you do some things, OK, now select the bridge Destination polygons or edges and press enter to complete. That's dead simple. Let's do it. Come here. I shift. Underdog click. I get the holding and press under. And that has bean closed. And three. It's not what has happened. What I have here is I have this is closed boat. I never said I wanted that many polygons here. I just thought you're gonna put one there. He has a default on. You could change it any time. Let's go. It has created a poorly bridge note and in a poorly birds. You look here, see divisions by default it stand because it could be something what you're looking for, like I just want one Sort of I don't want to have more than one. Okay. You want one? Just change it. One If literal after 300 billion years, you want to come back and change it. You can always come back to this now that you're gonna find it there and change it something you cannot do never any other through the application. OK, so we have it done now. So what do we need to do it? Because I need to justify the use off and also actually just justifying to use of techniques our need to conduct controlled. Here. Look at this. Because if I am going to, um, put this on the ground, it needs to be stable. Stable means they have put some edges here that, you know, start doesn't fool about control. Be Let's go back. What I will do instead is I will create on both sides on this side and on the other side. And while do was created, just check, um, created just on this part here. Maybe on that you know what What I need now is just to add an edge. So what is called what is that called? Every time you need something, Proceed. It's called Angelou. Okay. And you look fine. Good combat. And the once you click on it, nothing has happened yet. Click it as you click match to place edge loop. Houdini is always talking to you, whatever you do. Okay. So you can come here if you select. If you are on a young horizontal is gonna give you the vertical. If you're do you vertical is going to be the horizontal. What do we need? I need to split this once that I just get to extrude this smaller the lower part. So with salt and the the left must just move this and that. Let me just get a bit closer and probably we're gonna do, like, where do we want to put it? You may be tempted to say holder moments. I want to Exactly in the center. How do I do that? Well, just right. Click on booting it as you are. You want to snap to edge Meet point. OK, tell me that you click on this and then when you come closer, you can snap to that. You can see it's by the way. No, but you can snap to that. Even if you do it. Let's say we have done it like this. Okay. Oh, I actually wanted to have more than one. What do I do if I want to have more than one. It's always give me just one C press See edge loop. And then every time I do like this, it s always just one. Why is this? Um It's quite simple, actually. Is you could don't different ways of doing it. Just breast escape again. If if I want, I can come here and change the number of loops so I can have to Okay, the police split, so I did not the police split. Not this one. Not this one. Because I wanted to show you the 1st 1 in here. I just add to and then I have two of them. Okay, if you want to. 10. Whatever that's that's way one. Then you can move them as you like. So what I'll do is just actually, I'm just doing things in a way to justify some techniques. Let's say I want to move this one down. How do I do that? Sold you selected? You know, what we're gonna do is quite simple. Click on this one. This one is selected. I'm just gonna press on this under Bring it down, okay. We're gonna beat down something like this now, did I need to do that? now I'm just showing you out of the things. Because all I could have done is simply police split and place it exactly here. All right, well, now you can. What do you prefer? What you prefer? You could do whatever you want in terms off extruding. So what? I would come here and select the faces, or just like the faces express on the selection. And then it's gonna be points or edges or faces in Houdini's called Primitives. I prefer to call them faces because that's how it's called in other applications under what's that's? That's what they are s. So what I'll do is just click select this one holder. Governments will be careful here because the I so I'll select this one on dumb shift. Select this one London shift. Select this one London shift. Select this one. That's a choice. You could say all of them fine, By the way, let me show you. Let's assume, let's assume so. Let's assume you want to sell all of them. How do you do that? Simply rest on one of these, and then you shift a few per shift. A. You have no neglect anywhere on Houdini setting you are You want to get there? I think this is the shortest route. Therefore, you may want to say for these faces Nikolay combat and you can come here and then shift. OK, shift click on this one of the chief to a on you would be able to say it's all of these. Okay, that's a choice. You could do this one, but I think I just want to have the first on the lost in first of loss of genocide. Let's do it now. Shift shift. And then she has committed that small ships like this one. Good done. OK, now we're going to extrude. Where are you going? You're going to see breast, see? And then you go to fully extra. You get all of these handles here, I think, or what we do with this you can either push. Using this one on is going to depend again All what? Um access your own Say press F to toggle front information. Press em to toggle extrusion mode. OK, so if I go to m actually study knew which direction should you do You want to extrude You wanted to go in world or do you want it to go in which direction? OK, so in this case, I just following the the the normal direction. And you don't need to use these handles that they're quite handy. If you want to be very precise. That's not gonna be like this because this is not stylish anymore. You should be just a tiny bit like this. If you want to be, control it in terms of distance so you can come here. It has created a note for you. Every action you do has a note. And that note hasbara meters. You can come back to any time. So you have the distance here and you can just decide Same thing. You can do it in the view port. Or you could do it in the parameters. Would you come here? You can press with diem with the right. I'm sorry with the middle with middle mouse button. And then you could come down and see by how much you want America. What you want with white ones? That's huge. Running Rose by 0.1 or you come down. Do you mean by 0.1 or you move really tiny? Okay, I got. That's your choice. Let's put like this. Good. Okay, now this is done. Do you think this is to think? I think, sister. Think. Right. Maybe I want to be thinner than this because this whole mama just look at this. This looks a bit thin. I don't know. This and mine is a bit thicker. You don't like this? Um, let's change it. And that's the beauty. Let's go back or pair. And that the box we said in terms Was it under the box or where was that? And then to transform? I said 0.1. You know what I think? I just want 0.5 Oh, this is much better. Is much better. Let's go back here. Good luck doing this. Admire, okay. Or in another three application, there are some things you can do but go back to any action you have done and then change your mind. It's only in Houdini. Okay on. You could do that for any of those notes. Any of these, even the blast one. Even the delete It tells you all you deleted these faces. You want to change them, you just click again. And then re change your mind and change your mind, OK, just press escape to come back again. Okay. Uh, there's I think there's no way to get faces back If you didn't admire after After half an hour or 40 minutes of work, there's absolutely no way whatsoever. You could undo all the history. But then you have to do everything you've done up to that moment in here. Anything could be. You can change it anytime called. I think that's kind of Okay. Just move this one. You because you have the handles often, that's that's enough for me. Okay. Now, is this what I need for now? Yes. What do I need to do? Any of you have two of them, by the way, from be controlled beyond that. Let's look at this. I've got only to have two of them. Well, every time you have something more than once, it's always a good news in Houdini. Control bits come back again. I need to, um, to always controlled me on this one. I need to have it duplicated. Okay. This is the center. I'm working in the center. Okay. Um, I needed to have it duplicated. How do I do that? I mean, I just want to have to You can have a trillion off them, but let's have just have a 2nd 1 Control, be I need to make a copy of this. So what is it called? It's called a copy. So just tab and then write. Copy. You have plenty of copy because no holding is the house. Intelligence has got plenty off or Prince. Um, but this one is quite clear, actually, because they tell you if you write copy, we know most often denote you're going to want just to got me, like the normal normal copy. Okay, Copy. Stamp is something different computer points or some 4. Modeling part 2: Now let's move to the next part. But before we do that, we would like to organize our work. So we have a few notes here. We need to organize them. Meaning Okay, this is one part of the model, and I select them all. And I have the choice of coming here and clicking on this one. Okay, Electrical. This create network box, which is actually just kind of visual container visual content. Statuary book to organize yourself, you can click on, right? Say, for example, may phallic stands. Whatever you wanna call these under new. Put it there. Ok, we can just put it like this. Whatever. Okay. Something cool. Okay, this is one week. You can click on this one, by the way. Great. Great. Great. And you collapse that simple, or you are click on the now expanded again. Is this the only option? No, but it's the option I recommend when you were modeling. Okay. I recommend this because the other one to show you the other one. Oh, just remove this. Some, uh, this stuff. You could just delete it without fear of deleting the notes. But I just like the dollar. You can select all of these on then. It's not recommended for Maddalena. But if you have to get into crowded and concerts all of these and if you don't intend to change much, you don't want to change my daughter often. If it's, ah, technical drawing, then chances are it's gonna be what it is on the drawing. You can just literally come here and create net from from that which basically is collapsed . Um, in one note, when you could, nuclear combat becomes a subject. So everything is inside here, everything you've done. And when you connect this one, you're gonna be connected from the last one that you have. Okay, the last that is with blue. Okay, so you don't click on it and you get inside. You could do that. Don't do it when you're modeling. Please listen. Very. And because you are going to need to borrow some things will change things or whatever. But I needed to show you this. Cool. Now what we will do is let's now simply undo this whole Denker. Okay? Actions collapses suddenly extract contents. Okay, so once you want to just to extract the contents, you click on this and then it is gone. There is no more sub net. There's no more. Once note is just extracted right. You don't keep up with the idea that not nice. So let's go back quickly. Put that stuff on the Mid America. Metarie goes again. Her stuns. Cool. That makes sense. Now we need to do the other part, which is this. I want to add these spherical roads here like these distinct. This methodical things is so well to is just control. Be again on that come next to it here and at a cue, because that's what it looks like. It looks like that. You okay now what? I could possibly do this. Let's do it for a change for change's Let's do it. I'm going to move to creating context, important creating context and press control. Press control Press on Cube. When you do that, it's dropped on the in the center that what happens? What happens if you do it with the node now going to delete it? Here is here is the cure appears to Cuba, but it's coming with some default settings. Why? Because Theo company thinks Onda, huh? Houdini is always as the house of intelligence, man. So when you have something in the shelf, it has already bean kind off prepared for you. It's not what you would get if you kind If you do like something like a tube and you type and it really care, then on the same What do you mean to not say? More than a moment. It's a tube and this is a tube and the treats tube tube. And when you type in here, you find to bond Then when you come here yet but this one, they assume you are really too busy. And you just want to get that one there which has the preset. Now what you have here is a tube which is already a polygon. If you come and create any primitive here, chances are most of them. Not all of them. They're gonna be primitive, as in primitive. So this let's look at this. This one is a primitive on This one is a polygon and you already notice of the sizes different and stuff. So these are kind of presets made for you, OK? Do you want to use them? Fine, showing you where to find them. I tend to prefer to go straight to the young stuff, that finding your inner change it myself, but a game because I have more control of stuff. I don't want to him to forget something. But you can always use the shelf. Okay, there's nothing wrong with using the shelf. Absolutely nothing wrong, all right, but it's modeling or the effects will stop. Started put. There's nothing wrong with that. Okay, so let's now are just like this. Let's move it. I have really gone. When I removed the body gone by the way, it's primitive when you move to put it was this polygon is just 11 point. It is just 100 when you move to polygon it. Sorry, primitives. One point you move to put a gun to get the possibility to on the divisions and stuff What rows and columns. And you can add rows and columns and okay, let's now move. This I wanted to quickly now live to the transit would transform. I needed to be adjusted quickly in the rotation on its rotated like this. Also, it was specialty to differently like this. This is minus 19 well minus 90. And the is that access or be smaller size. Go with a smaller one here in time scale says God, 0.1. Does that work but probably knocked? Let's go is open Dfars opens or five. Is this okay? Just click the closer. I think this kind of thing is a good start. Where is it? It is in the center of the world. That's the right place for it. That's brilliant To start, that's That's okay. I'm gonna move it. But it's a good thing now, though. I need to do that trick off. It needs to be on top off the ground. Let's now use that formula off. Dividing by two the size. No, no, no, no. This is This is supposed to be up. There's no, uh, we only put stuff on the ground that's meant to be in the grass. Just want is to be lived so that formula it's not. It's not applicable now. So I'll do is simply makes it look at this. I think I need to have someone this individual before Now, for now, let's just scale it up. We're going to scale it in this. In this direction was scaler. Scale. Skin is here. Your stickers out. Not this one. Off this one. I was scared of him in them. Start, by the way, because we have rotated this. That this is the why some biscuits in the why? Because it's been rotated. Although this is the way of the world for the object on this is the why Because it's been rotated. This is hasn't been changed here. Okay? It's not a big deal. I just can't come here and then check which access you need to do it on. Nicer. So I would just move it until we reach the reached the world. I thought we already had this eyes the distance. I mean, when you working Adina. And when you work in modeling, it's always good to keep in mind We're talking about What was it that we needed? We needed the distance. What was this? This was this was treated. I remember having told you I don't care. And I prefer that you don't care either. So I don't care what the distances. Let's go get it. What did we get that distance from the copy? When I copied I asked for distance. Which is this translate? Nice. Okay, Let's copy department up. Copy perimeter. And while there has come here to the transform because I needed to cover the distance between these two so skating it is going to require this scale. Now I just remove this and just put it like zero. Whatever one but at the same time, right? Click on the based relative reference. When you paste it dead, you get to know a little moment. You get something that does not work because this is a three Onda. The distance here is working with uniforms. Scale off 0.5 OK, so we are some 1000. Our work here, So I all right? What I will do now is simply but it back to one. When I do put it back to one. It then goes as covers the whole distance, see to cover the whole distance. But the other access needs to be reduced to 0.1. What was its report on the 2.1? Um, it was open 50.5 noise. Okay, so what was open your fiver on this? Is it nice? Okay, So I really do not care what happens to, um the distance. Because if I come here and say, Oh, guess what? I changed my mind. I wanted to be a big like number 44 I don't care if it's fourth and this thing he's gonna follow it. I'm never that hard. Core. Have hard code. The number four here. Just one references. Like Go get it from there. Why are you asking me? Go ask the other copy note. Where? What's the distance? Okay, so it's a mindset in Houdini. It's a mindset. You don't want to. Um, too hard coat. Too many things. OK, but in this case, for the 0.5 And so it's not autistic choice, but they don't want it even thinner than that thinner than as it was 0.1 Like to wish to um , okay, for the lazy people on, just copy this one. Copy Barmy that. That's if you really, like kind of lazy. You right? Click on to say based relative reference. Whatever is in the export It here. That's it. Simple. Eso I changed just one of a This could be a bit too true. Narrow 0.3 Just checking out that fish should be fine. It should be fine. Nice. Okay. In this case now, what I'll do is simply one of the few instances where I'm going to just move it here have been common. Bring it to the just check. What's this? Where do you want it to be? I think I'm just gonna just gonna have two of them. Okay, Just two of them. Probably three. It's all your It's what will your little heart desires I'm gonna go to, I think. Okay. On, uh, have one here in this edge and one on the D t the other edge. Okay. Cool. Yeah, that should be enough. Because there too many are so many of those wooden thingy. Is that it? Z Very stable. Nice. Cool. Okay, s. So what I'll do is just move it to the to here. Ok, I am going now to start to use in some some views. So this is the front of you. I guess this is not for you. The book is gonna help me send the move it where I need to be here, where it needs to be something like this. Ana, I can check with Space three This is the front view year. That should be kind of finest There. Is it? I think it is. And then Space No. Three yard back on the space four is gonna give me the right side, which is amazing. Um, check. I want to move each year slightly. Here. Nice. Why? Because this has given me a nice hint. See, when you work in Houdini and you are moving these things, have you noticed it's talking to me is tell me you are 0.5 from the edge. You from the closest agents like here. But that is That's the one I'm looking for. So I want to be on 0.0 Meaning I am where I need to be and then see, Where is this, then? Um, the center s put it like this. This is a center. Okay, cool. Nice. Okay, let's go. Space one, then I m going to duplicated everything that's repeated is a good news. Okay? It's your choice. Now, if you want to have two or three what I remember ever said to you, but it's I know. I just make a copy and then probably do it for both. And then you choose one of the you want. And then now you know the drill. You know how it works is quite simple. The copy is already dare, but it needs to be moved. Where does it need to be lived while it's got simple? Um, you should be moved somewhere. Just move it somewhere. Here, that is for two. Okay, that's, um um we can't use the full size, although you could try to be mathematically precise and then do this one minus like it's gonna be 1/3 because this is 1/3 1 3rd 1 thirties. Take this start and then do the whole distance and do it with links. But I'm not gonna overdo it. I just move. It was just one of them. Nice eso just moving there and done do the same thing. A click right here. And then there's something similar Would go for Onda of his six space wound. You know what's happening? Please help me is the anchor point is not in the sun there at this stage. I may choose not to care at this stage. Um, later on, I could care about it. No, no, no Okay, good. OK, that's it. That's for two of them. If you decide, I'm just gonna put another node. Um, and it isn't a wonderful opportunity to show you one of the one of your biggest friends. This is the front off people who do not who have not made their money. It let me show you this friend, uh, it's called. It's called. I should give you this because give you this. Come on, don't show. You should make sure without big friend Connect this one. Let's say, yeah, I'm gonna do the same thing, but I'm going with mawr. Let's say I want to have 12345 So I'm never going. 123456 I think here. Six. Okay, So, six, something. I'm gonna go with six. Six. Where are they? I can't see them, but because they need to start translating now in what direction? Just check is a distraction of some construction is gonna be in this one there. Yes, it is in that direction, but the opposite. So we go the minus. So it's do minus here minus. And then where? Did not think we're gonna go with something like zero points. Something else. Five. Is there a 0.16 17 Meaty. Something like that. But it's not precise. And I do not like that. Need to be precise. I just click on this on starts moving like this, and it is. And until it is kind of Okay, good. Okay. Now you want this. Fine. Go with it. Yes. What? I'm gonna give you leave the choice up to you. If you want to have just three of them. Let's do it for fun. Let's do it for fun. Copy. Why am I doing this? It looks repetitive, for it's like Yeah. Okay, I got that. Points. The copy does that. It's not about the copies that it's about the node that's coming Next. Remember when I talked about the friend with that? For people who don't make up their minds that we bring this one, make three of them, not show you the power off the thing? Um, I just moving a bit. It's gonna be something like this. Something like this. Well, I'm gonna be very, very precise in this one, because I just need to show you that friend Um ok, yeah, it's kind of OK, you see? Okay. Alright. I leave the precision to you. Okay? Because you can do it. Um, I don't know which one to choose. This one. Um sorry. Okay. This one, This one or this one? Well, it say, um I don't make up my mind. Now let's just bring in a switch. What do you mean, a switch size? Which just just give me a switch. Like I want to switch between these and the major later on. Make up my mind that this is not relevant. When you have a technical drawing, you're gonna stick to something. But for the switch, now you have this number and then you could The 2nd 1 on the 3rd 1 is this number is irrelevant. Zero is just like a value. Just forget this one. When you move with this, you move between the inputs that you have. This is the next one. This is the next one. Okay. What I could do is just like to just move them like this, that make sense like 23 and then more. And then in here, click on this one. I need to find excuses to find you to to explain some other techniques. So that's good opportunity. And you see, these lines are kind of crossing each other and does look good and stopped to just move it up like this. Okay. Click on this one. Is that nice? Okay, so I decided later. Oh, no, I make it. But like this with only two. Nice. Okay, so this is for this part over here where we are covering What? We would do this some of these things. Now, the next part. Who? Before we move to the next part, let's come back. I need to give you one of the phenomenal, important things. But we have noticed that I've kept this one as a um Now I click. OK, this one was clear. Was get this one right. Right. Click on this. I can only see what a model and it's like, How was I able to see all of them if you click on this, um, you can see the wire frame, and if you control click on it, you get to see the full thing. Okay. So, control, click control. Click on you. Change between the fine Freeman stuff. If you are sick of it, it okay if I just want to see my my I'm sorry. I just want to see these. Yeah, just removing on. In this case, I want to see just my metallic Rosen. Here's what I want to do with this. Get in the habit off not having any end guns. What are end guns and end? Gun is a is a polygon that Scott more than four points. Let's let's let's let's look at this. Um, let me bring Let me just go back here to the box. The books has, um Where's Jake? Yeah. What is this? This is a polygon. What you see here? I don't like this view here. Okay? Because of what? That one selects a nice right. So what is this when I'm selection? See this blue? This is a polygon. It has one, 234 corners. Let me just put it in plain English. Four corners. This is the maximum number of corners you want to have. Sometimes it's OK to work with triangles, meaning, and sometimes you're going to need to do it If you're going to redo a tree, topology and some places need to be with triangles. Fine. Some software. When you export needs to have triangles like really flow, it's OK, It's ok. Don't need to worry about it now. Real flow can triangulate. Um, fine. If you ever need to use refloat because Houdini has almost everything for that. So But anyway, for the modern part, uh, you don't want to have more than four Now, why am I talking about this? If I come to my switch here, Actually, it's not. The switch is just about the the tube. When I closed, they come to and cup si and cup. It gave me this one like, yeah, you wanted to have it. And copyist, I want to have and cut, but count how many corners it has. What corners? How many boys it has in here. This has got 1234 Okay, it's got plenty of them. OK, so this is not really a good practice, because later on, it could. It depends on where it is going to be used. But I just need you to get into a good habit off the best backs of not having those ugly in cons because I'm gonna ruin your work at some point in time so and gone no good, right? More than for no good. So what do I do? I need to change this into something that has just for how do I divide it now? You don't need to worry about that. Just tell Houdini get rid of this stuff for me. So how do we do that? All right, So we come here, I select the switch. You know, I'm gonna keep the switch there just for fun. You remember that? We have this option there. Normally, I would just delete all of this and they keep the copy and then continue, but yeah, Why not? Just remember that we have this option to swim to switch between the options here. So I'll do. Is, um Well, you know it right now. It's just delete this one. I wouldn't keep, um, see, it's not wrong with changing mind every time I would. Any helps you do that, You've got the luxury of teaching model African. Let me just come here and select those faces. Make sure I'm have this one on because just wants, like, that's like this one found. Select this one, right? And then I will work on them But then I didn't think. Hold on. What did you mean work on them? I just posed because I remember that I should not be working after the copy. Why should I do it for both of them? If I have stent of them, why should I do I need to go back One step. And this is the beauty off the node based modeling. So this is a wonderful mistake I've made. Which is I was about to work on all of them. Let's assume they were five. I was like, Are we gonna delete all of these working on which one of them it's Go back. Just push this one a bit. Collect contest. So we need to do just click on it when you click on it. Anything you do is gonna happen after it. All right. So now I don't even come back here and press with the blue or keep the blue here. That's up to you. No problem. What I will do is just selector this face over here. Make sure that this one is on, because otherwise you could select face one from behind and delete and come select this one shift shift click on delete. But wait. Hold on a moment. I am gonna need some subdivisions in this tube before I do this. This is just one very long face. And for Bextra in, I just don't want it to be. So when he comes to you, these and stuff, you may want to have some subdivisions on. When you dio subdivided stuff, it's gonna work. But I just want to have some war, some more. OK, Somewhat good stuff in there. So which means I can go back to the tube, see? And then in here, click on this one is like, OK, remember this one? I didn't put any rosen there more. There's just default to roses, like one under two. Now that's at a few. How many? I have no clue. I don't want No, I don't want to know now, But the moment you start deleting faces, this is important to know. No, I just don't end us. It's just just that some more. That's some more. Yeah, that should be kind of enough. Right? But the moment you start deleting faces this way, I still have it selected, because when you go back to them, that's to note it remembers what you've done, what he's done. When you have this one selected, you have selected distraught faces. These faces have names. So if you delete these ones have numbers. Actually, if you delete these ones is going to remember the number of that one. And it's doing it. Um, proceed. Really? It's like, Yeah, it's. But if you change the number of faces, that number could become the number off another face somewhere else. Let me show. You can click on this one and shoulder face numbers, this is face number one. This is gonna be face number. Whatever. Number zero. Okay, that's cool. 011 Let me just with this. You don't need to know this. All I'm explaining is that these changes you need to be aware of them because now we're in volume model in two years of division before not subdivision. Have enough off these things before you move to dilation to religion. Okay, Now I'm here. I'm going to press a delete er press delete between these two. Another notice created that I got this one that deleted. So I just all I do is I come here and now you. You know, you've avoided any before. I need to close it. But why would you delete it, Aunt closes. What's this nonsense Where it's Because I then get the option to choose what to use. If I come here on DoubleClick shift, double click on this. Come back. What do you want? That's a big fall. It's going 01 year. Nice. And then shift. Double click on this. Now I can see Okay and say Bully Phil, then Yeah or yeah, that's true. Actually, order a moment. This is not a one party, but you could choose to do it. Come here. Okay. The properties film erred by the forties court re laterals because that's what it meant. It's meant to be the way it's meant to only have four. Um, but this looks ugly. What is this? So now I don't want it like this, Okay, No problem. There's a grid layout as well. Oh, this looks like more organized. It actually is. Yeah, well, don't I don't have that many of them, but there's more. It's much, much, much better. This is what we used to have. Single polygon. Okay, We just have single polygon. You need to get rid of that. And you have to be quadri lateral grid. Now, when you do that, you may notice that it actually is a getting a bit outside. It's like, Yeah, it's it's it's not straight. Fine. Come to deform bash. Don't deform it down. It's gonna keep it there. Okay? Okay. No. What is this? 1234 Okay, now you don't need to check it. It's quadri lateral grid by definition. Now you need to have these Arctic You're off the fact that there is no end in your model. Right? Okay, so, no, we're done amiss. Checked out one forced to make sure everything is okay. Nice, because I had them both selected. And I'm working on both at the same time. Nice. Now let's move to what did you say to the copy? Now, when I look back on the copy, you're going to notice that Yes, indeed. I've copied everything that has been done, so they need to work on just one of them. Nice. Uh, what were we going to do? Actually, we were going to move to the next one. Yes, just check. We're going. Yeah, we're going to move to the next one, which is a game. Yeah, sure. I think it's gonna be. Will be working out on the wouldn't. Bart? Yeah. It's gonna be fun to work on the wooden part. Let's do it. 5. Modeling part 3: now again. Before we move, we are going to name this. Let's say metallic base. Whatever. Okay, Something like that. Are we finished? Are we done with these things with this one and this one? Do you think we're finished with These are just moving to another one. No, we're not finished yet, but because I need to show you at the right time, some things at the right time. I need to show you what the problem is, because if you don't get the problem, you don't get the important support. Needs to be done. But let's now move to the next one, which is going to be the, um ah, the collect the ah, the wooden think is here, right? Yeah. This stuff the wooden thought. Okay, this is gonna be fun. This is gonna be some good fun. All right, So what do I do now? I just click on that box and let's see what we have. What I can do is just create conduct Inc parts the 2nd 1 for both of them, so that I may go to see both Okay. Or what I can do is just much already merge. Okay, But I could see just one of them just merges. I'll be able to see both, right. So the glee gone and it's here. Right? Good. What's the what we need to do now? We need to get this party. Gonna find a competitive polygon measure of you. Yeah, Let's do it for good measure. No, I didn't meant Teoh to give it. We're gonna measure. Let's use the scale. Your 22 due to the box level. I could do without, actually, because I'm going to change it anyway. Yeah, I'm gonna reuse this. So let's use of the books. That for change Did you Did you Did you do it here? No, we didn't. We changed it in the transform scale Churches there. Okay, for a change. For a change, I'm gonna change in the box. Okay? Normally would do transform, but for a change of the team, I'm gonna do it to the book seven. So size I needed to be then, actually is the same as this. Let's have a look. This thickness or how thin it is, I think is the same as this one. Do you think I'm the kind of person who would start eyeballing it and or Houdini is the kind of software that wants you to start eyeballing it. And I think e elder remembers, Yeah, we're almost there. That's not gonna fly. So what I'll do is just put it back where it waas. Let's go back. Remember, that transform scale is 0.6 here. Fine, We will do it. So copy part of me, just in case. I want to change my mind. Our change it once and it's reflected elsewhere. Copy when I come to the box here and I say, remember that scale that needs to be are based referent relative reference. Okay, now I am absolutely sure it is exactly the same. Thickness, home on a moving and dissenter. But once we're done, we're gonna move it where it's meant to be. What do I need? I need to have it check. Yeah, he'd have it same as this in terms off, Um, in terms off. You know what I just just do it from? So that Sanders to scale town. So I do like this. I can scale it in the center I need to do is just make sure with the view of stick the right view for me. I need to look from the side. And because I have these as because I clicked here. I have these as templates. So, like reference with partial equality. Why frame? I can now, um I'm sorry. Not this I can now send their I think I have agreed that we're gonna work with translate later. Yeah, So you know what? This Just as though it's all of it. Let us do all of it here. Just a lot of it here. All of the terrorists is moving the translators. Well, I don't like this. I've just moved with this one. Why? It's right click and done something like this. Roids, Then press reduced is right. Okay, let me get a bit a bit closer, because this is getting too precise. Okay, bye. All I need to do now is tiny bit a girl. Move it slightly down. Something like this. Okay. Why? Because this is exactly the opposite. I think it is just to go to the to the Yeah. Nice. Okay, cool. So what I need to do now is simple. Just use a transformer, not know this You transform to move it. It's not good practices. Keep everything there. And But what is important to know when you have a transform? Your anchor point is still where you've left here. But if you're working in the books here, if you make any changes in the boxer, the anchor point stays there. So what I could possibly do is go back to my old trusted way off doing things which basically is is do everything here. Was that the size transform It was about to? Yeah, I stayed here. All right, then. This is going to be a one. Yeah, because because I I just wanted Teoh do it for a change. But I forgot about the Uncle Point bit That is gonna be ruined. So you know what? Let's just Dili Channel as good opportunities now that you can have your remove this thing . Because if you if you just don't If you just highlight on press or say you want to have one , it's going to stay with the Greens. Channel is still kind off, so I need to delete the channel Really channel. Okay, you're you're you're back to what you need to have. Okay, so I'm gonna call me this one I just put a zero here and we're back to where we were size. I'm personal control. Middle us. Okay, let's go to the transform on again. But our stuff. So this is going to be our translator, I think. Was this one okay? I just copy Paste in it on that We do the same story as for our Copley. Um, another copy that this on the box? The books size for me. I put it in the sighs. No school. OK, we don't We don't. So what happened? The anchor point, which is? This is in the center of the object. This is why it's clean to just get your object and anything you want to change. There's something called transform. Anything you want to transform. There's something fortress form. Okay, um, Lesnik click on this one on. Bring it all the way to the just somewhere. Like I could be the right the left, Whatever. Whatever works for you. Okay. What I'm trying to do is get equal distance, because when I duplicated, I wanted to cover the whole area equally. Let's go to this side Front cider space number three, I think. When did I know I can counts on this. Something like this. Okay, Miss Chick, is it really throughout sides now? Just a little bit is missing there. I don't like up. Just go to scale on. Go to the last one. I just agreed to Tony of it. That's it. Cool. Uh, I think good work. Trying to get the young right. Okay, good. That's just a school tradition. What process? Okay, lets copy this stuff now. No. What for? I'm just gonna control click on this one, cause I want to see everything. Good. Now let's begin a copy. Um, copy. Convictions form. I na need plenty of these. Plenty of them. So I don't know how many, but let me just check we first to see the direction where I'm going. Desolate direction. Okay, cool. This is what we could do is actually is actually, um, just thinking if we want to do that, if you want to use some more intelligence in this stuff, like more Lincoln stuff, what Not, um, Mrs. Check if I just kiss? Yeah, that's it. Let's start manually, and then we'll see that I want to skip with same size. Yeah, that could be a trade off like we just use it for half the work. Um, let's do zero. And then what? I want to move. I want to move by the same thickness off the box scale of going to this one. Which is what I get this one from. OK, it's OK. I'm OK to copy this one. A copy. This one. Cop tariff Barra meter someone and come here and say move by by that much based relative reference. Okay, so if it moves, it's not creating any gap. So what I need to do is, say, multiplied by two. That's that's nice. Nice one. Because if I come here and I look at this, uh, when I move its control, be okay. You have your cursor, your mouse on one of those, Baines and Control be and and you're going to enlarge it. Um, it looks like equal space. Or it could look much more interest if it's equal space. Meaning this is equal as the gap on that would make better sense. Which basically means that even this one used to be moved a little bit like this. Something about space three. I think it's kind off it. Oh, There's one way to find okay, because this one, if I put this one in the center, this one is in the center. If I put this one to center, I'm sure that these were equal Cool, Nice Space one. And then let's move to add in as many as is required. So the copiers just keep it in, Okay, the maximum is 20. You know that's not true. The maximum as much as much as I need. That's 40. Is that 40 years ago with 38 shake the Gulf 39. Okay, 39 is enough because you don't want to duplicate the have the wood on top off the middle. Say, there's wood and there's metal. So it starts here and ends here that they you know that's not true. Of course, it's not true because the beauty of this self Parker bank is that it has on the side as well. And I really love this spot. So it's do it. We're going to add these ones, but war Hold on a moment. These metallic bases would just stop them here. Oh, okay. Fine. Who cares? Because we are in Houdini. What can change anything any time. If you do poorly modeling sometimes thinks would break, especially you Delete a face that has a number, Um, but it's the place where you can change your mind. Ate meat time. Let's do it. Let's come back to the metallic basis. Uh, it was doctrines form again. It was How longer is OK? Nice. We did this with the link. The scale. This is it. This is the why the why it's normally is this an couple? Because we have. It starts as a tube standing vertically, does the Y. So it's like Is this way. So what do I need to do? Simple. I just need to add to the formula. This one is taken from somewhere else. So what I'll do from the distance between the two bases for the stands? That's something to it. So, plus, I don't know, plus 0.5. Is this enough? Maybe I'll find out. Oh, we'll find out Number 0.6. Let's check. We could do it, actually, mathematically, but sometimes it's faster to just gets hit, right? Let's do it like this on. Let's let's start with this. Let's say I want to have exactly the same beautiful number that we have here for. Okay, because it looks cool. Looks cool. Um, So what I'll do is OK now off or done the work once I have no intention to do it again. This is the box. So what I'll do is this is a transform, and this is transformed. Okay, Nice. I will. Kobe, this transform, right? Copy pace. This is a transform difficult feat, so it is kind of doing the same thing. But now, because I'm kind of lazy what I'll do. Just move that transform instead of having it here, I'll just move it here. Right. Um, I'll just get this move. This one here actually to emerge, I get the broom. This one, Okay. Shift. No, um, Space three. Let me get this one roids. Something like this. Yeah. Okay. Something like this would get it right. Don't worry. Um, and then I can copy it. Gets a copy. Oh, because I'm lazy as well. She have copied both, actually copied. Based, of course. Why? You press Why? If you want to cut something, you press why and then with the masses gonna cut it. Okay. This is one of many ways to do it. Like, um Okay, so I'm gonna move in the other direction. But only 39. Just before? Yeah, not for four. And then which direction should I go off doctrine? Slater needs to be. Just look at this time. Just move this one in control. Click on this to see the young. Yeah, he's havin minus, by the way. Said it's go minus. Here it is going down. Okay, this is how it find out. So how long my metallic thinking's need to be? I just need four of themselves. Just bring this one. Where is that metallic lump? This is metallic based transform happens here, and it is here plus something. Okay. Across a dish. It's up to you. You wanted to show here as a metallic thing, but I just talked. Probably. Um, if I want to show here, fine. But I think this looks much better. I don't know. It's up to you. Okay. So if you want to just move it a little bit and that's gonna be a line, Yeah. I mean, any chose from there, but I don't think OK, talk to you. Go with a two. But then when I need to do is actually change everything. Toe white frame I could do is here. My, uh I just work things just white frame. Then I'm able to see how deep it has gone inside India. Do you think? Do I have a problem with that? I don't think I have a problem about it's okay. It's Where do you want it to stop on those 75 ish? Maybe here, although, I don't know, actually, I genuinely don't care. So I shouldn't be talking about this. Uh, yeah, I don't care. So Space One. Um Good. Okay. So this is the this part because lazy people just could be based on. That's what we gonna do. It's about being a fit, efficient, effective fast. More than is not lazy is just really reusing existing things. Okay, I got to transform. I move. This one here. What is happening? A my moving all four. I'm just living one. Actually, I'm just moving one of them, but because I have this note copy it. It has already made some some four for me, so I'm just moving on. Okay. What is gonna happen now is before I get before I confuse you. Uh, if you do this, I think, Yeah, there's a spirit. This is do like this. Yeah, that's not the right way. Why? Because actually you just taking their one weakness to go in the other direction. Precondition. Realize. Actually, you've gone too far. Let's go back here. Um, there. Let's place it. Oh, I'm still working. White frame. It s actually quite cool as well. Nothing wrong with that. Just do you like this? Um, okay, if you're tired of moving every time, often they keep moving. Moving, moving. He just goes space g, and it goes straight to where you need to be to the okay. Houdini takes you to the object that's selected a space geek. Ok, uh, let's do it now. Like dishy. All right. And all I need to do is come to the copy instead of putting minus. All under is just remove that minus nice. This is how I'm going to check the distance. Actually, um, yeah, I have this one like this and then I mean it just one is in the center. Okay, this is good, because this one is in the center, and this one is in the Southern as well. That's what we don't have done good in this one call, right. Let's check the other one. I click on this one of the space G to jump. Oh, by the way, if you are doing it in the network mitt work with you should know to view. You know this work, it's gonna happen to the no, that's selected. So if I do like, dare sent on space G, it's going to focus on that one. If you have it here and then space, she is going to take you to that object in the scene. You? Yeah, the same view. Okay, So what happened? He actually, if I click on this one, is that click on this and this one, that is Check. Yeah, I would like to have my stuff properly aligned. And I get this in the center because the other one is in the center, because just move this as well. I know what I know. It's in the center so exist quickly, like, yes, we don't. We are done. We're done. Okay. Um, not really, But I'm still hiding that. No, I didn't, but I still have the other step, but I need to do so It's all up to you. But I think it's much better not to merge now like this. A book Merge for everything that comes in because for one reason, for one main reason, it is not wrong with it. Just like this. There's nothing wrong with this. But you're gonna have to cut it and re emerge again. Because when you want TOL say, for example, creating material that applies to all of these And of course it's gonna be the same material, because here just so would this one on this one and this one all of them are the same. But you want to create materials you want to sign them to does all of them. So house creates, emerge. Okay. And what do you just cut this stuff? Why And the cultural these and what I'll do is just because I'm kind of lazy against. I just pushed this one of them. Come back, push this one on the comeback push this one Wilder's to select all of these until the push . Anyone on the deal? A couple? Three of them. Okay, sure about efficiency and fast, modern. And select this one And now this is every vote. Yeah, it's a wonderful accident. Remember when I told you can use the white Tokat? If you shake something, it will cut as well. So let's do it again. Yeah. Xgo to do it again Just if you shake. Okay. Okay. Now that I want to shake headed if you shake really are it gets disconnected anything. But that's if you want Teoh not to use the the scissors school. OK, so I've got all of these. Now there. I'm going to go back to my, um space one for my money collect from my home perspective, you and then space h no, to see the whole thing space Jesus focused to on the element that some selected and space g h is for everyone to see That two top feels like from the from the camera. Perspective, perspective, perspective. Okay, from the perspective comer perspective. You know, that's not very, very clear. All right. Okay. So do I need all of these of divisions over here, and not necessarily. I could come here and just say it is cool with just one of these. Some hard to know how many obviousness to I don't know. I need any more of this before. I think it's gonna be this one just trained on before here. Um, it's not. It's not a hobby to have a lot of folly. Guns. It's not something. Um, especially doing stuff for game engines. You want to go as low, Pelleas? You can. But this is not the idea, the idea from these making stuff of film. So but But you know how to one? Just check what is going on? Yeah, I was just doing this much better. You know what, Keeping up this at the same time. That is definitely not quite, uh, which one you die to. Okay. You know what I'm going to do? I think I'm just trying to avoid having a low polling. Okay, Okay, It's fine. Just leave out for Steve out for sleeve. It for wasn't three. Okay, let's listen. Let's just reduce this one. Just reduce this one. I think this should be kind of fun. Kind of looking good. Okay, that's Margie's. I know I have another much His majesty's, and then I have no default. Everything Well, except, of course, the rest that I haven't done yet. I've got everything in here. Now, there's still work to be done on these, but as we have agreed, I will do it at the end after showing you the disaster, the mistake to stuff that you don't want to get, Then you come back and say, Okay, now I see what you mean. Um, so I think we have some more subdivisions here. Something like this. Gonna watch. Leave them. Because that step that are still need to do is take care of this. I just didn't wanna have, um even this 1 may be in the room with me. Remove it. Cool. Good. Okay, so So that's one of these. Get ourselves organized. And let's call it, uh, would, Yeah, whatever Would Wouldn't part one of this stuff. Good. Now we're going to move to the next one, and we are going to have some real fun with these ones. I'm going to show you a technique for for this stuff. Now, if this is actually it's not a 90 degree, it's actually bended like this. So these are bended because there are some other pictures of other models that are smaller . These are bended, so I we're going to make this part first, and then we do just be this big one. Okay, so let's move to the next part. 6. Modeling part 4: Now, let's add those two other ones in here on. We are going to borrow one of those. Oh, yeah. This tube over here burro, means we're gonna copy on based it. Okay, We're going to start from here now. I want to use the visibility for this one on. Duh. Also this one attempt later, just to see where we are going to place it. Okay, Now, the first thing, of course, is going to be Teoh translate. Districts transform. Okay, so in terms of scale, in terms, off position, in terms of scale, just see, I am going to go as low as zero, because your point, um, six to maybe 0.2. Okay, if you could convince. Just check. Hold on a moment. This is too big. This is too big. OK, so I was see this? Okay, this is a big 2nd 0.2 Yeah, because this one over here is 0.5 So this needs to be smaller stuff. It fits behind. Used to fit inside that metallic one. Okay, nice. So it is 0.2 actually, which means something like this. Good. Okay. Has got a bit It has become a bit tiny here. So let me just first date it on. That would be something like minus 90. Okay? And now I want to add it some, um, length. And that would be in terms off scale. Let me start with one. Okay, I don't need one, but let me start with one. Just a place it where we want first. And that's what I'm gonna do. Control Bi Onda moved to the wide screen on this one, and then we're going to move it because I am using the translate to transform note some to move it here. Okay, so where is it gonna be exactly? It's just a matter of aesthetics. Okay, let's just though, move to this view. This is Dr View, right? And what I'm trying to do is just because this is importance off model in with everything in the center. If you want to make a copy, it will go in the interrupt this phone to make admirers, it will go in the right place. If you want to put something manually, you will be able to do it in the right place. Because this this is center. Sure. This is a center. Okay, So easy. There's 12 big squares on, then a little bit more Good. So 12 And so I can now initially just place it. I'm just checking. We could look at this one on De. Say OK, where is it exactly? Something like 44 Okay, so for off these metallic things. But it's not too six choices. I'm not a blasted, but it for so I could just have it anywhere. This is. Those four of us could have it here. You can have it here. Yeah, this makes us Okay. So it's just 412341234 I could be there. Could do I need one in the scale like this is it? It's very long. No, I don't. It needs to be behind. So I need to I need to book to do any to push it behind me. Just push this here like this. Okay? Why? Because it is months to be inside this one. Now, let's use another view, which is the France view to bring it down. This is what we're looking for, right? This is zero comma 000 Okay, it's always good have. Those are indication indicators. Now, Now we'll bring it back a little, actually, before bringing because this is too long. I just had this size to see what I'm doing. What I'll do is control the again and done a check. What? Um I just have this one a bit home. I will have to reduce the size. So the mess important part is to reduce the size. Now the length I think is gonna be something eggs or points. Six. Something like this would make better sense. Now let's place it back where it belongs. Don't worry. Even if you want to change it later will be possible after abandoning, because now comes the fun off bending it. There are a few things don't I need to do before abundance. But I will bend it first just to reinforce the beautiful idea that anything could be done any time. Almost I do the bunion first and then come back in history and make some more changes. But the most important part is bending, and I want you to know how to use that fancy young gizmo that we will see. Okay, so this is we're have basically just space age. There's gonna give us a good idea off where it is. Okay, Nice. No, this is one of them. Later on, I'm gonna make a copy. And whatever I have done here is gonna be duplicated here. Fine. All right, let's focus on this one. What do I need to do? Something that simple. I amusing done. Let me lost here too. I'm gonna add a band note. This one could be a little bit intimidating if you just add it. You could get little bit lost with the gizmo greeting here and think hoops. Nothing happened. Where is it? Well, what did we say? Everything happens in the center, so it's come back to the center. It's here. And it is one big gigantic gives more. Didn't think what is going on. I just you know, I just removed this one from the visibility, like, completely but this one here. Okay. This way we can focus this all of this. All of this stuff going on here is called the Bandon, and I think groups have otherwise you use this stuff. It looks so complicated. It is actually quite simple. Once you understand which one does what then? There is quite simple. So you have one, 234 And I think, yeah, I can come down on myself on my own. Now, the idea is that, um let me first take it to where it's meant to be. Because now whatever I do is gonna happen in the center. It's not going to affect the object. The object is at the center. And then I'll talk about the 1234 years. OK, so how do we do it there Is that Ah, there's an easy, um, lazy way off the minute, which is, as you know, copy Barometer. So I'm not gonna start fighting with this one and then moving that you can move it, you can move it. You can come here to this one, and it starts moving it right Could move it like this, but I'm not gonna do that. Controls that were Alder is where is the object? I want to bend its this one. Fine. Let's go. Where is it? Transform. Nice translate is the position where the objectives it's just copied the whole translate. Don't come here. Don't try to click on any one of these right click on the main one. So on the title, right, click on copy perimeter. Good. Now, this is actually a trick. This is not what you have seen. Okay, we've seen it, but we're gonna do something more on that. Okay, so you've copied this one. We come to the band, OK, on in the capture origin were right. Click on that title and we say, Get me those That stuff in the translate which is based relative reference, if you do it like that is gonna jump there. I think you okay, This one already know. So you already know this, but bending it's going to depend on your artistic choice in terms off. Where do you want to bend it? Okay, s. So we need to have just one little bit here down, and then the rest needs to go up vertically, and it's it's it's artistic choice. So it's something you have to choose yourself. This is not something routine is gonna do for you. Meaning that. Okay, now that I have copied in an intelligent way, those para meters, I am going to hard code them meeting. Okay, right. Click on this one and say delete channels when he said delete channels is going to cut the link, but keep the values. Okay, so cut the link, it the values it has stayed where it is and keep the values. Now I can change the value so I can make the minor to experiment before I do any two weeks . When you see this 1234 When you see these two rectangles here and there apart from each other, don't try to move them by moving the whole thing. That's not the point. The point is in the distance of the show. You, um here the capital and the distance between the two after lunch. If you reduce this, you're bringing closer. And I think, Oh, there's a color there. Do I see it right? It's red. I've never seen to stop before on red. Like what does that mean? Well, this is if you right click. Come here. I don't hear this visualization. One off The best things you want to remember is this part here when you work on soft transforming when your m Bactine something when you're bending it when your softness four minutes. When you were working under you these always come to visuals. That's because that's the helper. You're right. Click on D. C. Softball office activated. And if in your if in your interface it's not the case, then please make sure it is activated. Because that is something you want to know. Because that's what needs what needs to be bended. Okay, let's see. Do we have enough? Yes, I have enough. I'm going to do it already. Now I know it's not going to work the way I want it, but I need to show. You need to explain a few things. So are going to come here to bend. You can also twist and stuff but our system and do some of the other things. But bending you can just increase like this. And I think, yeah, it's bending in the right direction. Well, it's just happens to be a coincidence. And I don't want you to rely on a coincidence. Formerly lets us understand what this isn't doing. Number one, the red spot is going to move. Right. Um what What we have is this This one you have here, this direction is the Obrecht. That is that there is a is the direction of the open. So if it's this way, it's going to take the object this way and then bend it in this way in this direction, which is clearly what is going on. So it will take this access on bended towards this access simple. OK, so we had four things in the gizmo. We have explained two of them. Nice, but there's a lot more going on the gizmo, actually, but have explained if you two of them right, there's this stuff is running here. And this rotation you cannot date. You can just move it like this. Okay, If you move it this way, right, and you start bending, it is gonna bend in the direction off this one. That's very simple debt. Easy. And you could do it like this. You could stop moving in this. Abandoned in the direction you want. Okay. All right. Now, um, I need to undo this stuff for Okay on. I will bring this one back to where it waas. This is going to be a zero. This is going to be one because I think the access is quite notice in the UAE access. Okay, if you want to do it in the X axis, You do one. Or actually this one is a combination of blood. But if you do zero here with us in the X axis, Okay, Simple. But you can either do it in the view port or you can do it in the par meters. Good, right. If you do 000 and then you forget to put the water, it's gonna disappear. Right? So this is what we need for now. But it is doing it the opposite way. Because look at the chair. Let me just or the park back. If I activate to see and I want to bend now it is good. Everything that is completely wrong in terms of direction here is good for you to understand what's going on. If I bend it, I know what I want to bend. I want but the other side. So how do I do that simple. We're going to come to the capital direction. We know it's the right. It's the right, it's the right access. But I just need to change the direction. So what do you do? Any change in direction? It's one. It needs to be minus one simple that easy. And then now you turn it. OK, now it has turned. So this means I'm going to be able to band this, okay, But it just happens to be too short. I want to bend more like just a tiny bit. Needs to be here. This is where you where you are Any more or less as let's keep it banded. Let's keep abundance so that you see the effect. Let's let's move it to 90. Because that's what we need. We need 90 degrees, but it needs to be smooth. It's not 90 shop. Okay, so I'm gonna keep it banded on, then change. Change. What? It's not simple, actually. I'm going to move this, which basically I'm just moving the capsule origin. Remember the one we co opted from the tunnel Now I can move it the way I want company move here, or I can do it here in the provinces combination of Bird's gonna be very helpful. Something like this. Now you see why I have um I hope it actually that you've that I needed those how you call them. Those subdivisions without those of divisions, there is no Bandon, no subdivision. No abandon, and if you have very few that it's gonna look quite quite edgy. So even with this, I think probably wants a little bit more, but I'll do it in the front way. OK, I would use a node called Subdivide. Okay, so it's coming much later, and it's going to affect a lot. A lot of those objects companies don't have no OK, good. So are we. Don't know, he said. We're gonna band, then come back in time and then work on the other things. The minor thinks OK, A meaning on. You don't want to have any end. Constance. Whenever you have a tube and you you close the cap, just work under and guns, please. Meaning let's go back and then make sure you don't you don't work on the it's how come you can do it after the bend. I just think it's cleaner. If I do it before, I don't know. Just not off personal choice. You could do after the band and let's find out the band needs to be after you have made major decisions about the polygons, so I'm going to select here on the make sure this one selects and selectee. You're just faced. So shift like this phase are you know, press delete. You get the plus. Now here on the blast Note you don't do anything, just come back and then select under. Select those edges, Know their faces edges and making sure the eye is on on eyes on. Why? Because you don't want to select an edge by accident. That is behind that you don't see. It's only selects now what's in front of the camera? So not the ones behind on Ben, you use your C. I haven't used it for a while, right? See? And then you go to Bali feel and it's going to give us this ugly stuff. You may want to go for something that is more need and then make sure you d you you it's a choice. Honestly, it's a choice, even artistic choice. You may think, Oh, I before this Fine. You can do it if you want. Okay, Well, if you see this is just camera clipping the perspective Camera clipping. All right, so if you if you think this is what you want, that's fine. You could you could actually do it with soft transform. Note if you want. If it's if it's not there, you can add it to a source off entrance one. But if you don't want it, could just inject this reform much because I'm working on both at the same time. It happened for both at the same time. And guess what? My band is just still there. It doesn't care. It's not affecting it. It's banned in the thing you asked. Symptom. You asked that No two burned the young. That metal has done it. Now do I have to live with this red yellow stuff the whole time? Not necessarily. Could just come back under, disable it here, OK? And then remember to enable it if he used soft transform. Used the band used the you ve stretching the stuff. Okay, I'm not talking about softball off. If it comes to you, the stretching Andi stuff, then it's or to squeeze. He's gonna TV distortion. But this is very handy place to me in terms of visualization to activate. Good. Okay. Yes. You are going to have this gizmo as long as this note is selected. Just gets was going to stay there because it thinks you want to use it? I'm done. I'm actually done. I think probably isn't off. What if Okay. Question? Question. What if I decide now, after haven't done all of this. That that's too long or too short. I want to increase the length off this metal thing. As in, Yeah. The wife access the length I wanted longer or I wanted. Actually, I don't need to, but this is even shorter. Let's make a difference shorter cause I need to show you something that I need to find an excuse us. Let's make it a bit shorter. Okay? So if I need to make it shorter or longer, I need to come back to that. Know that where I have, um, Deng Dio this stuff is Jake. Yeah, Andi, I click on it. I for now. I'm just keeping this blue stuff here. Okay, but what I will do is simply start working on the scale for the white. Remember, we have decided it's gonna be 0.6 ish here. Okay. Well done. One. It was too long. 0.6. Let's say okay if I'm gonna go with 0.5. Oops. What happened now? What happened is, it is no longer connected to this one because I wanted to be connected to this metallic. But here it shouldn't be cheat too much of a cheat because I needed to be connected to it. So it's shorter now. What do I do? It's quite simple. You just need to Lucien's on Because the band stays where it is. It is going to be there. OK, now, if you think I wanted to be bended closer to the bank here, it's too far is giving too much of a distance here. Nice finalists. Come back to the bunt on. Let's say how about I move this little like this, Okay? It's all a matter of choice. All right, Um because I remember just being gone back to soft full off, right? So far off. And then I will. What is sex? Yeah, I think it's OK. Look, I'm self 90. Yeah, I'm still up 90. Some okay with this? Actually, it's much more elegant like this. Do your bit more distance because I'm a chick. What I've done here, Kasey, modify. I think it's a bit more elegance if I like this. Yeah, it's a bit more elegance um, okay, for now that we know how to do it, let's bring it back. Let's let's put it back to zero point something. Zero points, Flight five for a change. Okay. And then we have this one a bit like this on the band is still where it's meant to be, but it doesn't have to be in completely inside. It can be something like this. All right, that's fine. Nice. Okay, It's in after weekend. Enough to make it. I know, uh, Space Atria to see everything. And then let's have a look. Okay, so all I need to do now is just duplicate this stuff. Replicated the copy. Copy, transform. Click on backup. Transform one. Then you connected like this, and then you come to the copy. Um, with a great argument, switch off this one. That's their switch. You off enough? Just don't really. Okay, Because I don't want you to get to destructive without color. Nice for the copy. The corporate is only there. How do we know that? Because this total number is too. Okay. The numbers to means it's already there were. All I do is just move it here and then come to my space number two. And then that is my top view. Let me control be my top view and the Space age. Then let's move this. Well, have you noticed that the young anchor point is not exactly here for now? I don't care. Not every anchor point needs to be exactly with the object, because it's just a copy. This is Move on. Okay. Where does it need to be even exactly what the other one is for this one. So it's going to be like to point something. Oh, for yeah, I remember we had for So it's going to be something like 1234 And then this one of the 1234 used to be here. Exactly. There is one. Cool. We're done. Let's get closer. Yeah. I don't want that Chilean. I'm I'm getting it. There's no problem with having something that's accurate. I think this is enough. Accurate? No. Okay, if you insist. It's going down here. Nice. Cool. Okay, Space one out. We have now finished those things in here, I think. Yeah, I think that stuff that's it for now. What we will do is I I'm going to bring in space h on this one on. And I'm going to collect this and added, Let's have the full story. No, because this one is to selected. You see it in black. OK, but find dis elect and select this one. Everything is gonna be look the same. And why do I have it with these white friend? Because I have here smooth, wire shaded. If you go smooth shaded, then it's just mutated. Okay. All right. The next one, I just go back to small wide or said I prefer always to keep smooth. Why shedded? Because it helps me to see how many boat. But it goes. There are times off is a dense. Is it too low? Pulido? I have enough to bend stuff like that. Okay, good. So this is not that I'm going to live to the last part. Which is the the support. The metallic part is the back support. This one. This one over here by this should be quite easy, right? It's just a thinker tube. And then you make sure you have yet Oh, for a change. I think we could We could go with that. One could leave the D formation there because this one has some some information that's gonna be called. Okay, let's do it in the next part. 7. Modeling part 5: All right. Next is gonna be this one over here. Okay, Let's do it really fast, because now we know how to do this stuff, right? Good place, Asia. I'm just gonna get one of those controlled be Get the closer. I know this tube has been very helpful. This one was copied here. So what's wrong with copy in again? Kobe? Based on copy Basit and Oh, yeah, I forgot, actually, to get ourselves organized. Let's just get this one Onda sex, all of them, right to select at all of them. Onder press on this and then this is going to be like I don't know like Bendit Mittal's right sometime out on uh yeah, that you know Where is the Stuber? Let's check. The tube is back. This is that a tube? There's much you you can't see it. Why can I not see it? You need to be able to tell me why I can't see my tube. I've got I've copied it. Why can I not see my tube? Simple! Because the visibility is not on Ok, the render part is no one here. This one Okay. The blue Because that was on the merge on the merge. I know. I need not just to have the template. Okay, Simple. Let's do the same thing. Now I'm going to turn it in the other direction on. I prefer, as usual today today transform Notre. So I managed to get my uncle point where it's belongs. State always with the object. Right. So let's turn this fellow what direction this direction nice was will be minus 90. Do we have enough subdivisions? I think we should have enough ones. Was, Yeah, but the lines I've got too many of these got two lines here. Um, I'll take care of that later. I think the rose let me check. I can do it later. Right? So stay you scale is gonna be definitely okay. This was the open 05 and this was the open 02 but this one is a bit thicker, so I am going with 0.1 ish. So yeah, slightly like, and then go down with this zero point one? Yeah, this one. That's that's kind of fun. We don't want to overdo it. That's OK. Shouldn't be too obvious. It's just obviously big, but that's it. Good scale. I used the uniforms scale here. Uniforms in but for all of them. But now this has to go. How big is this? Just how big is this? I think it has reached the edges. The metallic stands here. So I got this one from here to here. Well, I think you know what I'm going to do, right? Because the distance we already know it. I actually don't know. It's but I know where to find it. Good. Um, I I mean, in terms of value, I don't know it. And again, I don't care what the exact value, but I do know that for the myth that extend when I had made the copy I don't remember in the translator that I have something here. Okay, It was three. I thought it was three, actually, but I never noticed that moved into four. They just cookie foreign either under let's go back to that fellow are transformed stuffer on. I am going to give it here. Ah, best right of reverence on October automatically, this is going to follow. So if should you should you decide should your little heart wants to move to make the distance Bigger vest, metallic bit support The backs report is gonna follow. Okay. All right. So let's look at this. Now. Some other parts will not like this one, okay? I'm not using fully procedural modeling. I'm just borrowing from the intelligence off procedural. More modern. That's an inordinate. Okay, this is the beauty is like, any time you can burrow that this kind of stuff What? These ones are going to stay where they are because they were put there manually. All right, Good. What we need to do now is just move it, love it would transform. Or just Hopper. See much, actually. So I just need to move to Might not this one. Not this one. This one. Yeah. This is much better. Let's get, uh oh. And use it. Yeah, it should be OK, but I need to get it right in terms off top view. Stop. You actually is not that important. Other than making sure that this is okay. Okay. And then you've got the I think it was this. This is a friend of you? Yeah. Front view works fine. Me. Okay. Maybe it needs to be something like this. Maybe just a little bit like this. I don't like I don't like this stuff. It's too low. I mean, who's always gonna be able to lean on this? Um, anyway, whatever. I just keep this would be higher. You know, something like this should be okay. It's kind of OK, Yeah. All right. Cool. Uh, let's go back. I'm just going to quickly and I work on the young on the article on the faces here eso select the face primitives called in Houdini. But whatever the eyes on check the I say something to delete and then quickly you get it. Now you get it. Select all of this stuff under what happened? What happened? I select this. What? We're mistake. What should I do? Control Click I used to do it would shift shift to add, but then control to remove. Okay on. Then you prissy. And then you do bully feel. And then you go where the caused after a great than probably Probably You want to keep it like this? I don't know. You may want to do this. What? It's not much, but if he wants, you could push it even further if you want. Okay. Harding it. Push. It didn't work because I need to show you a few tricks, tips and tricks and stuff. Let's push it. Let's do that. Yeah. So what I'll do is, um yeah, it's this. It's trying to do this one just a bit, but I'm gonna get the face here, right? And I'm going to gets the sea here modeling. Um uh, was it in modern or in? Okay, so okay. Saying yourself transform if you could consult Transform you get to moves these ages, OK? I just told them I need to move to Ah, the, um the point, sir, and then click elsewhere because I had this points already selected. And then I clicked on the easier with the I shifted. And what I'll do is, um, the one by one, they this is the one by one they go to Okay, I was too quick, Justin. Okay, let me do it. Or more time. So there's adjustor and then here self transform. If I do this, let me bring again. What did we say? Soft transform Bandon. And you've ease. Always come back here. So full off. Okay, So full of is telling you, actually that if you are a start pushing now. Everything's gonna start pushing. That's not what I want. I just want this part over here. So Control said do into soft radius you see here, or the soft rages, which is here, that this is exactly the same as this. So you have a lot of options. You want to work only in the view port. Do it. I want to do it in here. You could do that. Yeah, but I prefer to come here and to work with some values. And I'm going to reduce this to the point where I am just impacting some. Um, yeah, something like this. That's if you want to push it even further. And the soft for soft radius is 12 on the distance. Is that much? Okay. And then I think, Why are you telling me this? I know the distance. Is that much? You want me to remember this one? No. I want to Adeiny to give me the same thing on the other side. That's all. There's do it like this a bit. I wanted to get to distorted Kind of. Okay, not too much, because I don't have that much subdivision. That's why all right now, I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side. No, that was it. The courts. A brutal turn. Cool click on this and then maybe select with the I own Sadiq, These one shift and selector and I will do the same thing. See, a Josta on self transform and the rage is what was the Regis again? That's for lazy people. I'm gonna copy this one from here. Um, Cookie Young. But I'm either come back here and least a lot of reference. Didn't know exactly. I have selected exactly that much. Nice is go back here. I did this. Um, I think it's gonna be slightly different because there's the in. What direction is that? The minus with a plus. For now, let's get it A copy apart a meter. Come here. And I go based it as the relative reference. Andi, Yes, it's a minus thing. So if you want to push it in words, you know what to do. Okay, But that's not what we want. We just want to good another minus minus one man is gonna be close. So, Theo, opposite direction now, I'm absolutely sure. Deeply convinced, highly persuaded it is exactly the same measure. Whatever change I make in one in this one is gonna be affected. Will happen on their own on the other one. Should I decide to change something? OK, nice. Good. What have we got now? I have now just close this because for the bar meter side. Now I am kind off. Almost done. Almost need to at this. Ok, let's look at the whole story. Now. This is the whole thing. Yeah, of course. And select this one. And when it comes to the, um, this just could remove this one. Okay, this is it. Now, this is ready. Maybe not. Why? Because if you decide to add subdivisions, anything might like to have more body goals and think Who are there not enough here. Especially for people working in games and stuff. Like what? There's so many bodyguards in here. You can't do that. If you work in film, you need more than this. But so if you need to do that So what do you want? What do you What do you want to do? What? Dwight, what do you need to do? Simple. You need to subdivide meaning at the node called subdivide This one. Okay, um, let me show you the disaster that will happen. Should you choose to do that, I would get here. I'm gonna either to them after the merge, Which means it needs going to subdivide everything on let's enjoy the disaster. I have deliberately skipped a step for each one of them. And I told you haven't finished. Because when you come here, you see something you'd rather not see. Uh, concept, divide, and then you think it has become different. Well, in this case it is. I'm a control be and show you this. Okay? The least we could possibly say is that it has completely changed. And this model it is, it's it's may Look on our stylized version off your off your ball park back bank. But dressed mates, not something you want to. It's not a mistake you wanna find yourself doing over and over again. Okay, If you like this stylized version, fine. But it's not something you have decided since what Houdini has calculated. Based on what you have left and protected, you need to protect your edges before subdividing. And there are a few ways to do it two main ways off. The minute our to our Either you add, um, INGE's okay or you devil. Okay. So poorly bevel or at the edge loop? Either its body level or edged group. These two neighbors here are going to have you. They need to happen before the subdivide. Shall we do that, then? Okay, now it doesn't mean a gun. Just are the note like that. And it's gonna happen. It's one by one. You need to protect edge by edge If you're going to do it, this lady, or depending on your model sometimes and a fully bever with an intelligent Polly Bevel is gonna identify what you need to take care off. Okay, in this guy's let's do it. The intelligent way showing so controlled be I gotta go one by one. Meaning one, 234015 I need to add something here. So this is like the vertical. Oh, yeah. This is like a back support. Hey, Back support of the graphic. We have enough metal mitt on maternity wear would, And then back support is enough. It's good. Okay, so for each one of these, let's start with the last one Because we've worked on this one. Have you noticed how wrong that it has become Now? Is this what you want? Possibly. This is the look You want Fine. You know what? Sometimes just drop in the subdivide and see if it if you're just experimented. Well, you want to sign? I'd look stylized. Look, go ahead. Just drop it. And maybe you don't need to do any protection. Fine. But should you want to keep what you have modeled, then what you need to do is just of his, Uh, give me closer here, and what you need to do is add something. Let's go back here. Okay? So what do we need? We need something called Bully. Okay? There are two ways I said, see is edge loop. I'm not going toe to toe edge a little bit, which we have. We have already added age groups. Right. Um, have you had a dance troupe? Said No. You know what? Guess what? I am going to do both. All right, I'm gonna to do, But I'm going to do this edge loop on this one, and then for the others, I'm gonna do the other method. Okay? this way. I want you to know both of them because not always that bit poorly. Bevel is not gonna is not gonna fly all the time. It's not gonna work all the time. So let's go with. So with the young with digital Sorry. So I just get on edge and this edge that is going to be distorted or you need to do is get a bit closer on something like this and click and agile bedroom. Okay, when you collect that. So this doesn't absolute here. Nice. What does he do when you try to subdivide it, It will protect it. Right. So let's move to the other side under the same thing. See? So what do you get you get? Um no, that's called Police split. It's It's the same family. If you see police split, don't get Don't panic. It is edge loop. De loop is part of full speed. But don't bring police split alone. If you want to do edge loop, you need to come here for edgily. Okay. It's, um, just one of those things. Do you want to keep him one? All right. So I do like this now. Let's come back and add a certified just at this level. This of the fight is only to visualize. Is it okay to take on this as it worked? Yes, it has absolutely worked out. Do I have much more mawr polygons here? Then? I used to have What is check? Yes, I used to have that many end and now it's much more Okay, it's much more. Just could show you. All right, much more. That's of divide. So I'm just adding more on the subdivision is you got the part meetings that you can choose depth, you go money you want And then it could become crazy. Dance started with the default on See if it works for you because I think we're often they're not. Default works very well. All right, let's just move this one back here. Um, this is enough. Simple. You can use educate for this one because it is It's OK, Just two of them. Two inches. There are some geometries, some things that have so many edges that you wish you have used the poorly bevel method. So let's now move to the party. Government removed the subdivide because at the end I have my subdivide here. Okay, Nice. Um, let's remove the subdivide and or you could what? You could possibly just keep us. Have divide for each and then you tweak because you may want to have more subdivision for one than for another. That son of the choice. But you have end up with more subdivide notes. It's a choice. Whatever you want. Okay, um, next one, these metal dinghies over here. Okay, let's look at them. What do we have here? Same story, same story. But let's do another thing. Yeah. Listen, is there something else in this case? What I'll do is I will, um, yeah, I'm gonna have to to do It's an intelligent way here, because you know what? Every time you copy asked, you said of the question, Is it wise to do is before or after the copy on most often than not, it's before the copy because you're just copy. And the thing What would you work on? Both Just work on the original. Okay, so let's now do this. I'm gonna press on shift and move up. You couldn't breast shift and move up and down. Or if you do control, then you bring what's beneath it. Shifter is universe above it opened down and control and press You move what's been needed . Open down. I need space. So shift. Move it up Here. This needs to happen after the bend. What is it? Um What? What? Have you agreed? Actually, just come here. Quick on. This one is gonna disappear. Why? Because this is just a copy. Let's go with space, Gene. And here I am on the original. I need a political. Before you do anything, click on this select go click on the faces de select this one and then press end N is basically selecting older faces. Okay? And now you lunch would see you come to believe bevel and click on party before it is going to look crazy by default. Because what are you doing? You're going to bully bevel every edge. That is crazy. Of course it is crazy, but it's just This is automatic bed where we wanted to be done for us intelligently by Houdini. What I'm gonna tell Houdini is this in? I just want you to bully bevel those edges that are not flat. So I say ignore the flat edges. Okay? It has ignored flat ages, but these edges are not flat. So it has left. This one that I want to cover has left this one. But unfortunately, it has only Lefty. It has also left these ones here. I don't want to pull it over this. And some of them are so bad that this parts are treated as flat on this part. Treated That has. Ah, as, um as non flat. Okay, so I have here the flatness and go. So I want to tweak this to the point where I'm left with only this circle on this circle. Of course, all these lines here, all these edges needs to disappear. Simple. Just increased this one. When you increase it enough for the flatness. Then you are left with this one here on this one. Here. All you need to do is to see um sorry. Yeah, that's that. Sorry, but you didn't see stuff. Adhere. 0.0 point 01 is going. Oh, that's too much. That's too big. Yeah, of course. Is this is a This is a very tiny tiny object. So yeah, this should this should kind of work. We need to check if we have any end guns, that should not be the case. We should not have any end guns, so believe ever does Make sure that you don't have any angles if you are working on the right edges. Okay, good. Okay, this is done, so I don't need to doing it. Then. If you go to the copy, even find that it's the same story here, right? As the same thing for lead levels. What happened is it has created one above and one beneath, which is a wonderful way to protect the edge. Let's go for the subdivide. Okay, on. We're gonna put it here. Just just visualize click on it, and it looks brilliant. This is what you want to keep. Nice. Okay, Fantastic. I can really have descended right now, because it is gonna be for all of them. Nice. Next one. Quick. Now you know how it works. So it should be absolutely a simple, same story here. I'm gonna go to Ah, where do I go? Where do I go in this case? You know what? I am going to do it. Um, it has to happen. Um, before the copy. Anyway, I'm just trying to cheat. See? Yeah. What? Could have been better? Actually Oh, no, it's OK. I have to do it three times anyway, anyway. Whatever. Yeah, let's just go to this one. Where is it? Three times for the original. I mean, this one. And then I go to this one. Select the face says, make sure this one is still accept. Press on n Everything is in there. See? Undergo to party, Dave. Oh, of course, it is completely wrong, but Goto ignore flat edges and I need to get rid. No, that's okay. That's absolutely OK. Let me just check, Okay? It has taken care off. The edge is fine. I can do it now. I can go with a zero point something that's too much. Still 0.0. Um 05 What should be it? That's too. That's too close. Okay, see, for the poorly bevel. So how close we can get here And what we see when we look at this. Look at the look at this. Look at this one. Over here. This has 123412341234 purposes to remove to not have any guns, but at the same time to protect this one. Once this of divide Storm comes in. Okay, nice. So this has done what I think I will do is yet you may be tempted actually to copy it, which could work that that depends on the there was trying. Let's try copy based in it, because just it's not always gonna work because the numbers off the young, the call it right, Let's take this one has worked fine. Yeah, that's for the lazy people. Then why I'm the president on copy this one. Space G from here. Spacey. It has works as well. Nice. Cool. Okay. Yeah, that was much better than doing it three times. Feels feels better. Okay, So don't. So if I come here at at a silver divider. My quick on this, everything looks fantastic. You have enough resolution everywhere. And you've got what? Of course, this has much more than this one. And it's something you may want to take later on. In terms off, you call it in terms off. Lots of divisions up the year in the box of the box level up here. The books haven't. We may want to have less or more. One of them. Okay, so you may say, Oh, on a three here, then you have three. You could still you could still make the changes you want. Okay, um, let's go back to four. Whatever. But I just wanted to show you that you could still change things. All right, Don, let's go back. Now. You know what what to do and what not to do. So what to do is do the poly bevel where you can, where you can It doesn't. It's not necessarily the case. All the time on what not to do is do the point bevel after the copy, because you need to do it before the copy. Okay, So I'm just gonna create conduct as this is already selected. Make sure that you don't do that. You need to make sure it's not selected. So click on this and select press somewhere on then, Spades. Sorry. This one is Yeah. Faces called Limited. The I and the N. Then I go here I was again. See puleedevan. Yeah, on the edges that are flat. Yeah, And it increased the flatness because this is a bit annoying. Increased 30 something until until you Doesn't matter. Actually, what the number is until you make sure that this is it has left only the the circles. Did you spots? I'm sure it's also on the other side. You add 0.0. I don't know if that's in your geometry. What? Zero to works for me. Kind of looks me yet I work. Yeah. Good. Good. Okay, so this is done. Um oops. Yeah, by the way, sometimes with the boy Bevo, If you try, If you forget to press out when you're I do this without right. Okay. If you forget to press all not forget If yeah, If you don't do it with old, you will change the offset That could happen accidentally. So basically, you have not any body battle whatsoever. That's not the intention, right? So let's go with us, subdivide again and its have it or not Inside, this is not meant for inside. And this works brilliantly. Yeah, this is a lot of 40 guns, people working games. I'm gonna think this is too much. That's fine. Just go back here. It used subdivisions, rows and columns. It's all yours. Okay. Take away the certified and the last one metallic stand. Could you remind me which one? These weren't You. These want these other ones Space G and then Haggerty's form that we need to focus on one off them the source. So it needs to happen. Obviously, before the copy, I'm gonna press on the shift and just push this fellow up here to create some space up. Um, because I just need one note on in this case. Uh, yeah, let's do it the intelligent way, which is just the way we used to do it for now. So I'm going to go with them and and then see Polly Bevel because there's too many edges here. You're gonna start. You're not gonna like it. If you go with and you call it dio a group, it's It's gonna be too much. But we'll see. We'll see. So what we have here is ignore flat edges and this has left us. Now, before we move any further, I need to check. It has done Yes, because it's just rectangular stuff. Here it is that older just we need Fantastic. Um Clacton on the zero point out of no 0.2 ish. Okay, Noise. Um man, it just quickly check this. This has done amazing work in terms of no end guns. Of course, Polly level does not create problems. It comes here to solve problems. Endless. You have a problem here? Could get the case. I guess I have a problem here. This could dead and gone. Yeah, This isn't gone. This is 123456 So you may want to do something about this or actually, in reality, you could address this several years. That's a pretty good what we could do for this one is simply use the bully bevel where there is no problems. Get good closer here. Do we have a problem here? I don't have a problem. May, but this one does creates an issue. Oh, there is a problem here. Okay, for now, let's leave it as it is. Okay? Unless you prefer to do it with how you call it with them. I mean, edged groups okay with chips, in which case you can come in to say, OK, I'm going to bypass this one, Okay? This is to by pass on, in case for the by pass. That one you say they convinced at all that edit, but a split known it was Paul extrude. Something wrong has happened. But there's something wrong here. Well, sure they won't happened. Oh, you're here. What? You put extrude. Okay, now we're good. We're good. We are good. Okay, So what you can do is to avoid any issues with the young. And guns is by creating become to the last one. Now, do you go to this? See which My moment edges. Okay. See edge loop. And then you start covering all the edges like this. You can do that. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this is gonna take a little bit of time. But this is Teoh. It's This isn't every possible pretty package you could possibly think off. It's, um it's the requirements, but I ve just happens to be have the Holy Bible stuff that is quite intelligent. That helps most of the time. In this case, if you see that there are in guns, you would draw the want to go with the edge loop method, write something like this, just trying to protect all the edges. Um, you know what? I don't need these these windows. So it's work like this much better, right? Um, I need you to see this stuff. Okay? I need you to see it. See a loop. Okay. I have one here. One here, one here and one here Sunday of works on the vertical part. Then you work on the horizontal about C Do I need every time to do? See? Well, for now, I'm doing it. But then let me show you something else. You press, um, here and then you go, Cube. When you do que When you press on key on the keyboard, you repeat the last thing that you've done. It doesn't matter what it is. Guys gonna get repeated. Okay. Um, so I I'm going to add Look, you one here. Oh, yes, it's getting que is getting some quite some publicans here, but this is a manual way of for texting. Righteous Can que on dumb displays here. Que So what? Do I have a Knox? I don't see what I'm doing. Yep. Here. And then you have another que Here production. This one, the last one. I'm not sure that's that's not the last of the last one. Um, yep. Detecting this one. If you want to protect something vertical. We need to go home. Horizontal on vice versa. Good. Did I covered this one in both sides of cover? Just in one side. I need to go this one side as well. Q. I think this good. I've covered these ones, Not what is going to happen. I haven't covered the These is this part here? Actually, I did. Yes. It was covered. No. So now I think what could be I didn't cover this stop part here. It's Tobar. Skew this. This one is not covered. Yep. So all of these days this and then possibly this last one. Okay, Que earned a spot. I guess we're done. This chick is one way to find out. Control be to go back again. Angers at our, um this was before, right before the copy off the police bevel. What's the story? Beleaguered for their did it? How did it happen after that? I don't need for lead levels here. Citizens to be deleted. Yeah. Oh, this is what's the lost stuff that we had on this? These are the police splits. By the way, Every time you add a edge loop, you end up with the police spit note. I'm fine. I mean, you could you could possibly do to say, you know what? I'm going to combine all of these in one. Um, sub net. You could do that. If you say. Oh, that's too much for me. Let's just get a with them here. It's too much submits. That's it, We call it. And troops, whatever. Whatever you want. Just simplify your, um You articulate your control? Yeah. Control to moved up last month's control, unmoved this one closer. And then move this one. Yeah. We don't want to have overly complicated things. So inside here, all the moves that we have just made Nice. That's not good to subdivide. Just for the purposes. Off checking. What is going on? Let me do. It's here on a quick on this, and it's no contest of divide. It looks up amazingly good except one part. Say this looks smooth. This part here looks miss. So I need an edge loop here. Fine. I will do it. Oh, so I need to have it here. Okay. Cool. Remember that. Well, unless you're like this, this stuff here, you know, it's it's a matter of artistic choice. But I don't want you to keep something because you don't like it because you say all four of our just don't want to do this. Well, if you like it, then Okay, Go ahead. Stay with this. But if you want to, Because this is supposed to be metallic. If you want to have hard heads edges here, then you just add another edge loop. OK, let's open this one for fun, because I want to keep it in the inside here. Just keep the mess in all the mess, But it's long list here. Let's do it here. There's no queue here. I will need to do is, um at another agent. What was that? Yes, that was there. This have found it. Yeah, Cool. So see edge Looper. I'm gonna have one here and see Super and his check. Maybe it's enough. Maybe this isn't Knox. I don't need to do all of this stuff I think is enough. It's just, um Yeah, this is not needed. I don't need it. Cool. Let's go back. Let's go to the bully to subdivide Mr Get No on this G R g for both. I just need one of them. Okay, that's a, uh that's much better if you want to add to individual parts, shall we? After this one as well. Let's do it. Let's do it quickly. Let's do it, G. But they need to. This one call that's gonna have to be done for all of them.