Polymer clay jewelry (make your own pendant "Original flower") | Elena Marunich | Skillshare

Polymer clay jewelry (make your own pendant "Original flower")

Elena Marunich, polymer clay jewelry designer

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3 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • From color pieces to workpiece

    • From workpiece to pendant


About This Class

Create your own unique pendant "Original flower" in a few minutes!

Take some color pieces of polymer clay & watch this class.


With the help of Elena Marunich (designer and educator with great experience) you will learn how to make workpiece for petals with pattern, form the flower & create an unusual piece of jewelry, using only the most simple tools (a blade of the knife stationery, a toothpick & a foil) and 3 colors of polymer clay.

You’ll spend time with pleasure & will be proud of your own lovely pendant.

Using this technology, you can change colors, size and formto create an infinite variety of unique jewelry.

Welcome to the wonderful world of polymer clay, where you can become a real  fairy & create miracles!

You can learn more about various technologies & create a lot of unique jewelry using other Elena's classes here on skillshare (coming soon) & her tutorials here>>> 





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Elena Marunich

polymer clay jewelry designer

Elena Marunich - designer and educator, recognized polymer clay jewelry artist with great experience. Author of the "Jewelry and accessories made of polymer clay with your hands" book ( Moscow, 2012), lecturer at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow (Jewelry Design), the author of a collection of exclusive jewelry. Her work has a particular style and variety (of colors, patterns, abstractions and imitations of different materials).

She started working with polymer cla...

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