Polish Your Voice recordings pt 2: Audio Editing for Non-Techie Amateurs | Ron Masa | Skillshare

Polish Your Voice recordings pt 2: Audio Editing for Non-Techie Amateurs

Ron Masa, Psychologist, Artist and Educator

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6 Videos (26m)
    • Case Study: Intro to Voice Editing

    • Normalize & Noise Reduce

    • Polishing a Female Voice

    • Further Polishing process

    • Special Audio Polishing Techniques

    • Class Project: Polish Your Voice Over!


About This Class

Improve your voice recordings and your vocal technique! The case study in Part 2 of this class features a female voice. (You don't have to take part 1 first.) Quality Audio is a crucial part of video editing and filming online classes. Most amateur home recordings cry out for improvement. With no tech skills needed you can learn to directly reshape the digital wave forms that record your voice!

Learn the approach that allowed me to complete nearly 500 professional audio jobs at Fiverr.com with 100% positive reviews using inexpensive home gear. Polishing Your recordings fixes existing problems while training your ear and your voice technique to improve these issues in new recordings.

  1. Get to know your own voice better
  2. Improve your existing recordings
  3. Improve your voicing in new recordings!
  4. Evolve your own authentic voice.

Enroll now, It's Fun!

And be sure to see Polish Your Voice Recordings Part One






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Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist and Educator

Ron Masa, Ph.D. is a retired Jungian Psychologist and University Instructor who is also an artist. He has sculpted in stone and bronze and paints mostly in acrylics. Dr Masa has authored many articles and newspaper columns on Dreamwork and on the I Ching. He has taught at major universities and also studied with shamans from North and South America. He lives in the redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California with his sweetheart, fellow artist and educator, Debbie Hart. They love cats.

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