Poker Basics Taught by a High Stakes Pro | CentsinPants | Skillshare

Poker Basics Taught by a High Stakes Pro

CentsinPants, Always grinding. Creating Poker Winners.

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9 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Category Rule

    • 3. Preflop Concepts

    • 4. Playing The Flop

    • 5. Playing The Turn In Position

    • 6. Playing The Turn Out Of Position

    • 7. Playing The River

    • 8. Spots Of Death

    • 9. Multiway Pots And Conclusion


About This Class

Taught by a Professional Online Poker Player who has had success in stakes up to 400NLH and 5000PLO, this class will provide you with the fundamentals of playing optimally preflop and postflop in a 6-max cash game setting. This course is will teach you how to develop thought processes used by successful professionals instead of blindly memorizing how the professionals play. 

After embarking on my coaching career in the previous months, my students have shown decent success at low stakes. There were simple concepts that I felt like I was constantly repeating and therefore decided to compile it into a video. These are the same concepts and thought processes that occur in my mind while I am playing Poker. The video does not encompass everything but there will be a second part depending on the response. Cheers!