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Pokémon Go: Beginner's Guide to Pokémon Go Gameplay

teacher avatar Phil Ebiner, Video | Photo | Design

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Pokémon Go Promo Video

    • 2. Welcome and Pick Your Pokémon

    • 3. Find and Catch Your First Wild Pokémon

    • 4. Understand the Pokémon Map

    • 5. 6 Tips for Catching Pokémon

    • 6. Level Up Your Character

    • 7. Powering Up your Pokémon

    • 8. Pro Tip: Optimize Your Power Ups and Evolves

    • 9. PokéStop Basics

    • 10. Pokémon Go Items

    • 11. How to Hatch an Egg

    • 12. Gym Basics

    • 13. Battling Pokémon at a Gym

    • 14. How to Claim and Protect a Gym

    • 15. Pokémon Battle Tips

    • 16. Pro Tip: How to Save Battery

    • 17. How to Revive and Heal a Pokémon

    • 18. How to Claim an Open Gym for Your Team

    • 19. The Pokémon Summary Page

    • 20. The Pokémon Trainer Profile

    • 21. Thank you

    • 22. Pro Tip: Quick Menu Access

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About This Class

The Pokémon Go Beginner's Guide to Catching Them All! Step-by-step instructions for playing Pokémon Go!

Are you ready to start catching Pokémon in the real world?

Pokémon Go is the worldwide phenomenon that allows you to become a real-life Pokémon master!

If you need help getting started, this is the perfect course for you!

If you need some advanced tips to take your Pokémon-catching skills to the next level, this is the perfect course for you!

If you want to join a community of other Pokémon players, this is the perfect course for you!

​DOWNLOAD the bonus 9-page Pokemon Go Quick-Start Guide​ to use with this course.

The Pokémon Go Online Course is a joint effort to bring together players from around the world, share tips and strategies, and have fun.

With the Pokémon Go Course, you'll learn how to:

  • Find and catch your first Pokémon
  • Understand the Pokémon Go map
  • Level up your character and Pokémon
  • Collect items at PokéStops
  • Train your Pokémon at Gyms
  • Claim a Gym for your own team
  • Battle Pokémon and win
  • much more!

Who should take this course?

This course is for beginners! We wanted to create a course for people just getting into Pokémon Go and need a little help. Rather than reading a blog article or just figuring it out, we'll walk you through everything you need to know.

While more advanced Pokémon users might find a lot of the lessons basic, we've added some more advanced Pokémon Go strategies that you might not know about, and plan on adding more in the future.

Be a part of a Pokémon community

Pokémon Go is all about interacting with the real world. That's what this course is about to - interacting with people in the real world. 

Once you join this course, you'll find a community of Pokémon Go players who want to learn together, help each other out, and just chat!

Do you love Pokémon?

Do you want to learn how to play Pokémon Go?

Do you want to become a Pokémon Go Master?

Enroll now, and start catching Pokémon today!

Meet Your Teacher

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Phil Ebiner

Video | Photo | Design


Can I help you learn a new skill?

Since 2012 have been teaching people like you everything I know. I create courses that teach you how to creatively share your story through photography, video, design, and marketing.

I pride myself on creating high quality courses from real world experience.


I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, nerding out on personal finance, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife, twin boys and a baby girl, and dog Ashby.

In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and Tele... See full profile

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1. Pokémon Go Promo Video: Are you ready to catch them? All this'd the Pokemon trainer cores the beginner's guide, Teoh, catching them all. If you're new to Pokemon, go, This is a great place to start. I don't know about you, but I learned better by watching, listening and taking action rather than just reading Emmanuel or reading a block post. That's why we created this course for people like you that like the same in this course, we're going to walk you through the entire Pokemon go game. So even if you've never played Pokemon before, this is a perfect way to start. We'll jump right in. Start catching Pokemon will learn all about the different aspects of the game, like going to pokey stops, getting items, visiting Jim's battling Pokemon and leveling up become the best master of all. If you're ready for some fun in role now, in the next couple lessons, you'll learn how to find and catch your first Pokemon 2. Welcome and Pick Your Pokémon: Hey, and welcome to the Pokemon Go online course. I am so excited that you are here. Thank you for joining the course. This course is the best way to learn how to play Pokemon. Go and get some expert tips. So if you're a complete beginner, his courses for you. If you've been playing already, we hope to give you some more advanced tips to help your Pokemon go gain. I love learning by watching and listening and following, not just reading, and that's why we created this course. I know you could go online, find a blogger article, find the Pokemon go instructions. But it's just much more fun to watch someone and learn and actually take action. And that's what this course is all about. Taking action. You'll be playing and practicing while you learn, and that's how we're gonna get started. If you haven't already done. So, go over to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and download Pokemon. Go to your mobile device. You can pause this video if you need to go ahead and do that, because we're gonna get right into it. Once it opens up what you'll have to do is enter your Google user name and password. If you don't have a Google account, go over to Google and sign up for an account. You need to use a Google account for now to play Pokemon. Go from there. Professor Willow who? All of you who have played and watch the Pokemon games and show before all know and love. He will walk you through catching your first Pokemon, and you get to pick the Pokemon that follows you. You can choose either a char mander, a Squirtle or a bulbous or or a peek a choo. Yep, that's right, I said. A peek at you instead of just picking one of the 1st 3 If you want a peek atyou, what you do is that when Professor Willow prompts you to pick a Pokemon, what you do is just walk away. Ignore the 1st 3 as they pop up and walk away. Then they'll disappear. Then they'll reappear. Keep walking away rotten four times or so and pretty soon pick a true will eventually show up. That's when you capture he. Could you? And then they become your first Pokemon. There's no real reason for catching Peek a choo right now. There's not really a strategic reason to do it. No advantage. But of course. Who doesn't love Pikachu? Go ahead, do that right now and we'll see you in the next lesson where we'll walk through finding and catching Pokemon. 3. Find and Catch Your First Wild Pokémon: Let's get out there and find and catch your very first wild Pokemon. The coolest part about Pokemon go is that you're actually interacting with your environment based off of Google maps. Pokemon Go sees where you are. You walk around your real world and Pokemon appear around your world. There's other things that appear like gyms and pokey stops will be covering those in a future lesson. But first, let's find your very first wild Pokemon. You have to have the app open and running so you can't just walk around and wait for Pokey Monta. Appear with your phone off. Once you are close to a Pokemon, your phone will vibrate. You can literally move your camera around. You will see in Pokemon go. If you're using the augmented reality mode, you can turn this off. We'll talk about that in just a sec, but you literally see the Pokemon on your screen. In your environment. Once you see a Pokemon, your screen will show a few different options, and this graphic shows you those options on the top left. Number one you can run away, so if you don't want to deal with this Pokemon, you can just run away in the top, right? You can toggle on or off a our mode. This is the augmented reality mode. This is where it appears like the Pokemon is in your environment. Number three is the Pokemons name and CP, or combat Power. Combat power basically is how strong your Pokemon is or that Pokemon is. Number four is the target ring. This is where you're going to be aiming the pokey ball to try to catch this Pokemon six is your poky ball. This is the ball that you will fling towards the Pokemon and try to catch number seven is a camera if you want to take a picture of the cute little Pokemon and number eight is to access your bag to change pokey balls or use any items that you have that target ring you see here is yellow shows how easy it is to catch the Pokemon green as the easiest. Yellow is intermediate and red is the most difficult. Depending on the type of Pokemon where you're at, this difficulty will change. The ring will also change size, so the smaller the ring size is the better chance you have of actually catching the Pokemon . All you have do is with your finger fling the pokey ball up towards the Pokemon. This might take a couple tries, but try to get it right in the middle of that ring. If successful, the pokey ball will capture the Pokemon or the Pokemon will jump out, and you'll have to try again. A quick tip for bonus points when you fling your poky ball, drag and rapidly spin the pok ball in a circular motion before you release with your finger . Takes a little bit of practice and you'll receive a curveball. Bonus Another quick note about C. P. Or Combat power, something we mentioned in this lesson. The combat power shows how powerful the Pokemon is. Once you catch that Pokemon, you can actually increase their CP with two things Stardust and Candies. Stardust is something that you get every time you catch a Pokemon. And candy is an item specific to each Pokemon that you get when catching that Pokemon. So, for example, if you're catching a zoo bat and you want to make your zoo back stronger with mawr combat power, catch more zoo bats, you get mawr. Zuba candy That will help raise the combat power of your zoo back. Another thing to note is your poky ball has levels. The higher performance balls, like great ultra and master balls, increase the ability to catch wild Pokemon. You can access thes from your bag, but you won't be able to get these pokey balls yet. You have to level up your character something we'll talk about more later, and you will have to find them and get them at pokey stops. Another thing we'll talk about in just a minute. Your own character level you as the Pokemon master. It increases as you catch more Pokemon, and this allows you to see higher combat power Pokemon in the while. So when you're just starting, you're going to see a lot of basic Pokemon like zoo bats and piggies. But as your character level increases, you'll Seymour advance Pokemon. Another thing, no, is that different. Types of Pokemon show up in different places. At different times, you'll probably find more water Pokemon by lakes, oceans, rivers and maybe some or grass type Pokemon in rural areas. We'll talk more about types of Pokemon later. Different Pokemon might come out at night, versus during the day as well. So go out. Have fun. Start catching Pokemon. Practice your poky ball flinging. And if you need help navigating the map, check out our next lesson which will walk you through your poky mon go map. 4. Understand the Pokémon Map: When walking around your world, you will be seeing the map view on the app. Here's an image from the antic, the creator of Pokemon Go, Let's walk through what the different things mean. Number one is the compass. You can actually switch the way that it orients itself to you. You can have the map strictly be north south, so it will stay sticking to the north. Or it can auto rotate, so it follows you with your movements. You can also rotate the map by clicking near your avatar. Your little character and dragging are moving in a circle around the Avatar or you consumed by double tapping and holding near your avatar and moving your finger up and down. Number two is the icon for a gym. This is where teams train and battle Pokemon. We're going to learn how to join a team in a future lesson, and this is one of the most fun parts about Pokemon. Go Number three is a pokey stop. You can see this blue cube that is spinning thes air locations where you can get items such as more pokey balls, potions, eggs and all sorts of other items. We have a complete lesson later on about all of these different items and how to get the items from the polka stop. Number four is the trainer. That's you. That's your avatar. Number five is your profile icon that shows your progress and your achievements. You can click on your trainer profile and see other things like your nickname. Your avatar, your trainer level your progress towards your next goal. You have a journal. You have available pokey coins, which allow you to buy items. Has the date you started playing, the team you're on and any medals that you have. Number six. That little pokey ball, Iet Khan is the main menu button so you can go to your settings. You can see your items. You can see your poke. Adex, which is the catalogue of all of the Pokemon you have caught so far, and other gameplay options. Number seven is a little display that shows wild Pokemon nearby. The Pokemon that you've already copy four appear in color, while those that don't will be great out until you catch those. The ones that have fewer steps are closer to you than the ones that have more steps So this is the map. If you have any questions, leave us a comment and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, I think the best way to learn and continue to have fun itches to get out there and practice with the map view and see what you find. 5. 6 Tips for Catching Pokémon: Here are some quick tips for catching Pokemon and how to have the most success with Pokemon Go Tip Number one is to turn off the augmented reality mode. I know it's fun to see the Pokemon in your real environment, but it does make catching them much harder. Notice the difference when you turn it off for yourself. Tip number two is to remember to hold down your finger on the pokey ball before throwing to see the size and color of the rings. Wait to fling the pokey ball at the Pokemon until it's at its smallest size. Tip number three is pick your champion Pokemon and upgrade that one super high with candy and stardust. Instead of trying to upgrade all kinds of different Pokemon. Picking one champion seems to be the way to go. If you have a walking route that you go often, this is great because you'll typically find the same type of Pokemon on that route, and that will help you level up. That Pokemon tip number four is to wait to evolve Pokemon until you as a character are at least at level 10. When you evolve, you get more combat power and the more combat power you get from evolution is tied with your character level. So the higher your character level, the greater the gain of your combat power for your Pokemon when they evolve. Tip number five is to know that evolved Pokemon are more powerful than their wild equivalents. For example, a piggy that you evolved to a picciotto to a pidio is much stronger than a wild pig geo. So try to catch Pokemon at the lower levels and evolve them yourself. Tip number six is it's OK to catch more than one Pokemon. Why? Because you need candy specific to that Pokemon toe level up. So don't worry about using pokey balls to catch the same type of Pokemon. It will help you level your Pokemon up. If you have any other tips, let us. No one will share them with the rest of the students 6. Level Up Your Character: Let's learn how to level up your character. Your personal character increases its level as you catch more Pokemon, fight at gyms and visit pokey stops. Remember, you can see what level you are in the lower left corner of the map. It shows your icon with the level, and it shows you how close you are to reaching the next level, which is the experience point bar. Once that fills up, you'll move on to the next level. There are many reasons why you want to level up. You would want a level up so that you can battle in gyms. You can't battle in gyms until you are at a level five. You also get different types of items when you level up. How do you get experience points to actually increase your level? One is by capturing Pokemon. You can also capture Pokemon in different ways, so the better of your poky ball throw. You get more points. There's also another way to get experience by hatching eggs. We're gonna cover this in a future lesson when you evolve a Pokemon, which is similar to you leveling up Pokemon also level up, and at a certain level they will evolve into their next evolution, and you'll get experience points for that. You get XP when you discover a new Pokemon. XP is just experience points. You get XP when you visit. Pokey stops when you train at gyms and when you battle at Jim's, these are all things we're going to cover a little bit more in the future. The next lesson has a chart for you to read out all of the specific amounts of experience points you get for each of those different tasks. The first challenge for you is to level up to level five. At this point, you can start going to gyms, will be talking about Jim's and another lesson. And that's really when Pokemon go gets a little bit more interesting. 7. Powering Up your Pokémon: just as you want toe level up your character. You also want to level up your Pokemon. There's a few aspects of leveling up your Pokemon that you need to know the stats of your Pokemon so your CPI or combat points your HP or your hit points. The CPI is how well your Pokemon will perform in battle. So this is basically how good their attack is. Their offensive HB or hit points is how maney hits can they withstand. As you level up your Pokemon, they get more CP and HP. Another aspect is moves. Your Pokemon has different moves that they can do while battling with the moves. Each Pokemon has two moves. A standard move in a special move, and as you evolve, thes moves will change. The last aspect is the type of Pokemon. There are many different types of Pokemon 18 in total, such as flying bug water, dark fairy lightning, etcetera. Different types are strong or weak against others. For example, grass is very resistant to water type. Pokemon water is very effective against fire, but grass is vulnerable toe fire. So you want to keep all of these different things in mind. in determining what Pokemon you want, toe level up and evolve. How do you level up your Pokemon and improve their CP HP and even involve your Pokemon to increase the CPI and the HP Your Pokemon need stardust whenever you capture Ah NIU Pokemon , you get stardust to use this start us Just go to the main menu. Go to your Pokemon, select a Pokemon to power up from your list and on the Pokemon summary Touch power up and you'll give some start us power to that Pokemon. The next way is with candy. To evolve a Pokemon, you need candy. Candy is specific to each Pokemon evolution family, for example, you might have bulbous or candy, and you get bullets or candy by catching or hatching a bulbous. Or when you're looking at your Pokemon, you'll see how many candy pieces you'll need for that Pokemon to evolve. And once you have that amount of candy, you can evolve. This will increase the combat points and hit points for your Pokemon. Change the moves of that Pokemon and make them overall more powerful. So get out there, start leveling up your Pokemon 8. Pro Tip: Optimize Your Power Ups and Evolves: Hey, everyone feel here and I want to talk about optimizing the way that you power up and involve your Pokemon. A lot of people have been asking me what's the best way to actually level up and evolve our Pokemon and I have a strategy that seems to be the best. So what you want to do is if you have multiple of one type of Pokemon, keep the one with the highest CP the rest of those you can transfer it a Professor willow and get candy for that Pokemon. So, for example, if you have multiple charm, Anders, where you want to do is keep the one with the highest CP and then transfer the other charm , Anders to get Char mander candy. Don't power up your charm. And er, though with your stardust and candy that you have right now, wait until you evolve the char mander to a charm 1,000,000 then to a Ciara's ARD until you start powering it up. The reason is because powering it up as a char mander costs start us and Candies. You wanna wait till you evolve it to its strongest level, which already automatically increases its CP and HP. And then, once it's evolved to the highest form, throw all of your stardust and the rest of your candy added to really power it up. How do you find higher level CP Pokemon in the first place? Level up your character so you might have to play a little while. Go to all the pokey stops you can do some battles, catches many Pokemon as you can increase your level, and as you increase your character level, you'll find more wild poking loan with higher CPI. Also, hatching eggs and hatching eggs with the five and 10 kilometer hatches give you Pokemon with higher CPI automatically as well. One good rule of thumb in terms of picking the best Pokemon to train and involve is to Onley, stick with the ones and trained the ones that you caught with a red ring around them. We know that the red ring makes that Pokemon more difficult to catch them. The yellow and green ring Pokemon, which means that they'll have higher CPI and also better moves. Another thing is to check out that moves. Sometimes when you have two of the same type of Pokemon, they don't have the same types of moves. In our case, a char mander might have to fire type moves, and another charm enter might have a fire type move like a flamethrower and a scratch move . The one with the diverse set of moves is better than one with both fire moves. In case you're in a battle with another Pokemon that's resistant to fire moves. I hope all of these tips help you pick your best Pokemon and optimize the way that you power it up and evolve. 9. PokéStop Basics: As you walk around your world, you'll find pokey stops. Pokey stops are around different landmarks and are usually marked on the map by a blue cube floating around poky. Stops are the basic way to get items. Once you get up close to the pokey, stop, you'll see a disk representing it on your screen. You can spin this by just flicking it to the left or right with your finger, and you will see all of the items available for you to get poky balls, as we know are for catching Pokemon. As you earn mawr experience, you'll actually get mawr powerful pokey balls, potions air for healing Pokemon that have taken damage. Your Pokemon will take damage when you go to gyms, and battle will talk about that. Maurin, a future lesson and azure character levels up. You'll find other items that can be used during your encounters with Pokemon in the wild. A couple quick tips about visiting pokey stops. It's good to actually visit every pokey Stop there is You get 50 experience points for each visit, so even if your bag is full, you can still get those points that will help you level up another cool tip when you're viewing the items instead of just individually clicking each item to grab them, you can actually just hit the X at the bottom of the screen to collect all of the items available from that pokey Stop. This is just a quick way to grab a bunch of items at the same time. If you really want to be a Pokemon master, try taking the train or a bus ride or have someone else drive you around. Do not do this while you're driving. As you get closer, start spinning the pokey. Stop with your finger. Make sure there were ready to hit the X to quickly collect all of the items at that pokey stop before you fly by. The next lesson will talk about all of the different types of the items that you can get at Pogi stops 10. Pokémon Go Items: this lesson is all about the different items that are available to you in Pokemon. Go as I probably mentioned before, the higher your character level, the more types of items you can get. Let's go through different items with pokey balls. You have your regular pokey ball, a great ball, ultra balls. At this time, we're still waiting to see if the master ball is around. The better your poky ball, the more useful for capturing higher level Pokemon, and all of these can be obtained right at your local pokey. Stop when you reach the right level. Let's talk about potions. There's potion, super potion, hyper potions. Potions allow for Pokemon to be healed in between battles. Your Pokemon has what's called hit points, and the more you battle, the more you get hurt, your hit points will go down and you need to replenish those with potions. Revives are other items that allow you to revive a Pokemon that has fainted from battle or lost all of their hit points. A lucky egg is an item that doubles the experience points you get for the next half hour. When you use it, you can get these at pokey stops, or you can buy them with pokey coins from the store, you get pokey coins by purchasing them in app with real money or by leaving Pokemon in gyms . We'll talk about this in a future lesson. Raspberries are an item that you start getting at level eight. You can use them on a higher level Pokemon to help prevent them from running away raspberries. Help keep them there so that you can catch them. Egg incubators. When you start out, you have an egg incubator. The's allow you toe hatch eggs. Eggs contain more rare Pokemon. The incubator that you have from the beginning has unlimited uses. You can put eggs in there as many times as possible and hatch them. You can also get three use incubators at pokey stops. Another item is the lure module. This is something that you can actually apply to a pokey stop, and it increases the chances of encountering wild Pokemon at that pokey stop for everyone around. So this is awesome. If you have a group of friends and one of you has a lure module and you want to put it at the pokey stop so that you can all get that wild. Pokemon incense is another item, and this is a temporary use item that increases the likelihood of a countering wild Pokemon for the next half hour. After using it, you will find more wild Pokemon to catch. I hope that this explanation of the items has helped. Let us know if you have any questions and we'll see you in the next lesson. 11. How to Hatch an Egg: We talked about the egg items in the last lecture, but how do you actually hatch an egg when you're in the map, you touch the pokey ball icon to go to your main menu, then touch the little Pokemon Pikachu button at the top of this green touched the word eggs . Select one of your eggs. Touch start incubation. Select an incubator to use on your egg. Remember, you have one that you get from the beginning that has unlimited use, and you can also get some at pokey stops with three uses, Then get outside and start walking. Each egg displays the distance that you must walk for the egg to hatch, and this is distance with the poke you mongo app open, so make sure that it's open while you walk. If your Pokemon go, app is close, it won't count towards hatching your eggs. An incubator can only hold one AG at a time, so to incubate and hatch multiple eggs at the same time, you'll need to purchase additional incubators in the shop 12. Gym Basics: gyms are special points of interest that you will find while walking around. They are a towering structure in the map view. You'll see them when they appear on the map. Gyms are there to be controlled by different Pokemon teams. When you reach Level five and you visit a gym, you will have to swear allegiance to a specific team. There is Red Team, valor, Yellow Team Instinct or Blue Team Mystic. There's no particular advantage of picking one team of the other, so just go with your heart With the gym, there are three different ways to interact with the gym. You can one train and test your Pokemon by battling friendly battles in a gym controlled by your own team. To you can defend the gym that is controlled by your team by putting one of your Pokemon in it to defend it, or three you can attack an attempt to take over Jim's controlled by Other teams were going to go into each of those in a lesson in just a second. But another thing that you have to be aware of is a Jim's prestige. A Jim's prestige is basically it's level, the higher the level, the harder it is to attack and take over because the higher the level, the more Pokemon of a particular team can be assigned to it. So if a gym is at Level five, prestige than that team say, yellow can put five different Pokemon in that gym to protect it. We'll talk about how to take over a gym in one of the next lessons, but first, let's talk about battling. 13. Battling Pokémon at a Gym: fighting Pokemon battles increases your experience in your Pokemons experience level. You can battle a friendly battle at a gym controlled by your team. Or you can battle against another Pokemon team at a gym controlled by another team. The difference between battling a friendly battle I Jim of your own team is that when you lose the battle, your Pokemon actually doesn't faint. It's just returned to your collection with one hit point left. If you are battling an opponent, they can actually cause your poky mont of faint, and you'll have to use revive item to revive your Pokemon abo came on. Battle contains a one on one face off between your Pokemon and another Pokemon. Once in battle, you can perform three different actions. Tap on your Pokemon to do a fast attack. If the other Pokemon attacks you, you can swipe left or right to dodge the attack, press and hold your Pokemon and let go to perform a special attack. The special attacks caused more damage than the fast attacks, but obviously you're at risk of getting attacked yourself. Azure battling you might get hit. Each Pokemon has a different amount of hit points and they could be depleted during the battles. If all of their HP is depleted, they faint. If you want, you can use potion to restore your Pokemon. Regular potion increases your HP by 20 Super potion increases by 50 hp and hyper potion increases by 200 hit points. If your Pokemon faints, you'll have to use revive toe, wake them up. Hopefully, you win your battles and gain more experience so that you and your Pokemon level up and become better Pokemon Masters. 14. How to Claim and Protect a Gym: If a gym is held by a rival team, you'll need to battle for it and claim it for your own team to do this. So battle and defeat the Pokemon station there. Each rival Pokemon you defeat reduces the gym's prestige and potentially lowers the gym's level. The gym also has a gym leader, and by defeating that gym leader completely, it will decrease the prestige by a significant amount. When you reduce the gym's prestige to zero, you can claim the gym for your own team to make sure that that Jim is strong. You can add one of your Pokemon to it when you go up to a friendly gym, when that's controlled by your team, or that you just one and you touch the gym to enter it at the bottom of the screen, there's a button for adding Pokemon to the gym. Just select a Pokemon to the gym and leave it there to help protect that. Jim, you can Onley add one Pokemon for Jim and your Pokemon. Stay days there until it is knocked out of that Jim by a rival team. So choose carefully. You might not want to leave your favorite Pokemon at a gym. The cool thing about leaving Pokemon at a gym is that you get stuff for it. For every 24 hours you leave a Pokemon and a gym. You get 500 stardust and 10 pokey coins. The's pokey coins allow you to buy items. The only other way that we know of so far to get pokey coins is to buy it with actual money . So this is a pretty good deal for leaving your Pokemon at Jim. When you battle in a gym, your Pokemon gets more experience, raises their combat points and hit points that mountain damaged. Your Pokemon can get so doing. Battles and gyms will help you improve your own team and level your own character up as well. 15. Pokémon Battle Tips: Here are some quick battle tips to help you in your Pokemon battles. Tip number one is to know your enemy. We talked about earlier that there are different types of Pokemon grassfire water, etcetera. Before going into battle, make sure that you check the enemy's type and use Pokemon in the battle that will do well against that opposing team we've included in this course at chart that shows all of the different Pokemon types and who their strong and weak against tip number two is. Use your special move to do a knockout blow. When using a special move, you have to hold down to attack. And this leaves you vulnerable for the other pokey mind to hurt you. So when your opponent is charging up for a special attack, go at them with lots of fast attacks. Some special moves even have a cool down time where you won't be able to fire another attack until you cool down. So you really want to save it for that knockout blow when you're first starting out with Pokemon? Go. If you're like me, you're just going to keep pressing the attack button as fast as possible. This is great if you're Pokemon is much, much stronger than the opponent. But if the battle is a little bit tighter, you're going to have to learn how to dodge their attacks. And this is especially important for opponents with big special attacks. Tip number four is to join up with other members of your team when battling to take over Enemy Jim's, Your teammates and you can attack the enemy Pokemon at this same time. Tip number five is when you are trying to take over a gym, make sure that you aren't using the Pokemon that you're going to leave at that gym throughout the entire battle and risk it fainting. You can't leave a Pokemon that has fainted at a gym to defend it, so make sure that the one that you do want to leave stays healthy throughout the battle. These air Just a few tips for better Pokemon battles. Let us know if you have any other tips of your own, and we'll share them with the class 16. Pro Tip: How to Save Battery: By now, you've probably played Pokemon. Go way too much and you'll notice that your phone battery dies so fast because Pokemon go does take up a lot of energy. Here are three ways to continue to play Pokemon go longer and not drain your battery as fast. Tip Number one is to download Google maps to your phone so your phone is actually offline and it's not using the GPS at the same time. What you do is go to Google maps on your phone, go into the settings, click the option for offline maps, hit the plus sign and add that location so that now you can go back and play Pokemon without the GPS draining your battery. Tip Number two is to buy an external battery. I know this is a little bit of a cheat, but it might be worth it so that you can go out for longer periods of time and catch more Pokemon. And Tip number three is to try dimming your screen while you're going out. I know these are just easy, quick tips, but for those of you who just absolutely need to save a little bit more batteries so that you can catch some more Pokemon, I hope these help thanks for watching and have fun catching Pokemon 17. How to Revive and Heal a Pokémon: Here's a quick tip on reviving fainted Pokemon and restoring hit points. If you've lost hit points or fainted during a battle to use a potion or a revive on that Pokemon, click the main menu. Go to your items, select potion or revive from your bag and then select the Pokemon that you want to use it on to heal that Pokemon or revive it from being fainted. 18. How to Claim an Open Gym for Your Team: to claim an open gym for your own, just walk up to the gym. It will be gray colored for now. Touch the gym to enter it and at the bottom of the screen touch, Add Pokemon. Select a Pokemon to add to the gym, and that Pokemon gym will become your teams. Remember, you can only add one Pokemon per Jim, and your Pokemon won't be returned to your collection until it's knocked off the gym, so choose carefully. 19. The Pokémon Summary Page: Pokemon come in all shapes, sizes, types and powers. When you're viewing a Pokemon summary, let's go over the different things to keep in mind. First click the main menu, click Pokemon and then select a Pokemon to view. And this is another great image from the antic, the creator of Pokemon. Go at the top is the CPI or combat points. This is how powerful your Pokemon is. Number two is a star where you can favorite your Pokemon. Number three is the Pokemons nickname that you can actually change to whatever you want to do. So just click the little edit icon on the right side of the name and enter the name that you want down below. A number five is the hit points. This is basically how healthy is your Pokemon right now has a bar graph, and it shows a certain number out of the total max number that your Pokemon has. So here we have 21 out of 21 hit points. When you do battles, you might lose hit points so it might go down 15 14 13. If it goes down all the way to zero, your Pokemon has fainted. Blow hit points is the type, the weight and the height of your Pokemon Below that is the candy and start us needed to power up or evolve. At the top is the amount of stardust and candy that you have currently. And below that is the amount needed to power up or evolve down. Below are the Pokemons moves below. That is the location and time. The Pokemon was caught and number 10 is to transfer the Pokemon to the professor. You receive candy in exchange for transferring a Pokemon. Be careful, though, because you can't get this Pokemon back after you've transferred it. So that is your Pokemon summary. Let us know if you have any questions. 20. The Pokémon Trainer Profile: Let's take a look at the trainer profile. So this is your trainer profile again, thanks to Niantic Labs for creating these images at the top. You have your nickname, then your avatar. You have your current trainer level Below. That is your progress towards the next trainer level. The experience points. You have a journal available pokey coins for purchasing items, the date you started playing, the team that you are part of and the metals that you have collected so far. 21. Thank you: thank you so much for enrolling and taking this Pokemon go trainer course. We hope that has helped you get started, and I hope that you've learned some more advanced tips for becoming a better Pokemon master . Now we know this class isn't perfect. We know that there's lots of stuff that we can add to it. And so we need your help to know exactly what we should put to make sure that this is the best course that it can be. Please send us a message with at least one idea for how we can improve this course. I would really, really, really appreciate that. My name is Philip Dinner. It's been my pleasure to walk you through Pokemon Go. You can always visit video school online dot com to check out all of my other online courses, but I don't think there is one. As fun as this one has been to create thanks so much again and have a great day 22. Pro Tip: Quick Menu Access: a cool trick that I just learned is that instead of having to click through the home menu and then click on the separate menu option to get to the Pokemon or item menu, you can actually just quickly tap and swipe to the right to get straight to the item menu or tap and swipe to the left to get straight to the Pokemon menu. And this will just save you a little bit of time. I hope you enjoyed this tip.