Pofessional Outdoor Photography Retouching in Photoshop

Marcin Mikus, Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

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12 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Course Promo

    • 2. Introduction to The Course

    • 3. Raw Processing in Capture One

    • 4. Raw Processing in Camera Raw

    • 5. Clean up the Image

    • 6. Dodge & Burn Retouching

    • 7. Adjusting Contrasts

    • 8. Adjusting Tones

    • 9. Final Touches

    • 10. Raw Processing Second Example

    • 11. Cleaning up Process Second Example

    • 12. Final Adjustements Second EXAMPLE


About This Class

Hi there!

Before you start the course I am sure you want to known more about your instructor - me.

I am Marcin Mikus and I am Internationaly pulished fashion, commercial and beauty retoucher.

I’ve been featured in Jute Magazine, Lucy’s, Lofficiel and many others. Except beaing retoucher I am also photoshop educator,

With over 50k subscibres and over 5 milions views on youtue. And my premium courses were purchased by over 60 thousands students. So I am having high believes I am someone who can really teach you retouching.

In this course I am sharing with you images taken by Ariel Grabowski, so you can follow everything step by step on the same images as me - you just need to download them.

So… What you can get from this course? 

  1. We are going to start very simple, from the raw conversion in Caprture One as well as I am going to show you how to do raw conversion in Camera Raw or aay other software. 
  2. After this, we jump into photoshop where I teach you how to clean up the images easily, quickly and non destructive. 
  3. You will learn dodge burn retouching which is the major technique you need to learn to retouch the skin.
  4. Ine the next step we will be working with shadows and highlights - the key to adjust contrast on the image. I will teach you how to get full control over your mask, to define shadows and highlights just on point! 
  5. Of course we cannot miss color grading and lesson about how color harmonies works.
  6. All of this will be ended with final steps in photoshop and Camera Raw just to make sure image looks perfect! 

Over this course we will work on the two image examples, and to make it even better, i share with you my actions which going to help you automate your workflow.

So, lets jump into this amazing experience together!