Podcasting Crash Course: Start a Podcast in less than 5 mins | Mauricio Rubio | Skillshare

Podcasting Crash Course: Start a Podcast in less than 5 mins

Mauricio Rubio, Serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, PM & MBA

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13 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Podcasting promo video

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. What is a Podcast

    • 4. Why start a Podcast

    • 5. What you need to create a Podcast

    • 6. How to get started

    • 7. How to start a Podcast in less than 5 minutes

    • 8. Demo - A Real Life Example of Creating a Podcast in less than 5 minutes!

    • 9. Recording your first episode

    • 10. How to record a podcast episode

    • 11. Interviews in Podcasting

    • 12. How to grow your audience

    • 13. Monetizing your podcast


About This Class

It has never been easier to start a Podcast! So what are you waiting for to get started? Welcome to this Podcasting Crash Course.

In this course you will learn about the fundamentals of Podcasting and everything you need to know to get up and running with your Podcast in less than 5 mins! We will cover the What, the How, the Why, the Where and the When of Podcasting.

In this Podcasting Crash Course you'll also find a lot of valuable Podcasting resources, including where to host your Podcast for FREE and where to find FREE cover images for your Podcast. Plus even free audio you can use in your Podcast.

Why Start a Podcast?

  • To make yourself heard

  • To share thoughts and knowledge

  • To expand and grow your audience

  • To make money (e.g. passive income)

  • Because you like talking!

  • Because you like sharing knowledge

  • Because you've always wanted to create one!

  • Because you want to unleash your inner artist!


1. Podcasting promo video: Hey, guys. So have you ever wondered what you need to start a podcast where two hosted what? To name it? What cover you much to use? What tools? What, Mike? How You can make money from a podcast and pretty much anything and everything you need to know about podcasting. Well, if you've had any of those questions at the back of your mind or if you're ever had interest in making or creating a podcast, you're on the right. Course. I'm gonna teach you everything you need to know to start a podcast in less than five minutes. Yes. You heard that, right? In less than five minutes, you'll be able to start a podcast. We have what I'm gonna teach you in this course. But beyond that, we'll go about how to grow your audience. Auto market, your podcast. How you can make money from your podcasts and just you're gonna learn about mawr tools and tips that you can use for your podcasting journey. All right, guys, we'll see in the next one. Cheers. Bye. 2. Introduction: Hey, guys, Welcome to these podcasting course. My name is Mauricio, and I'm your instructor. And in these course, we're gonna cover all the fundamentals off podcasting and what you need to do to get started with your first podcast. And best of all, I'm gonna walk you through a real life scenario. How you start a podcast in less than five minutes, I'm gonna show you how I did it. I'm gonna time it so you can see that I actually to click less than five minutes to create a podcast. And I'm gonna then tv the link so you can actually go and listen to it on here, that it's actually already live and that you can do the same, that it's really easy and not hard at all to create a podcast. And in these course, we're gonna cover all of the fundamentals. Those key things you need to know when you're starting out. You know what shops are out there? What tools to use What? Mike's pretty much everything that you need to know when you're just about to create your first podcast, where they're gonna go a little bit in tow. Why people start Pakistani you know how they create money, how they grow their audience. And I'm gonna teach you everything I've learned in this course about podcasting. I'm gonna provide a lot of resources freebies on a lot of great and valuable information that will help you in your practicing journey. And of course, I'm just an email away If you have any other questions beyond what we covered in the course . Alright, guys, I'll see you on the next one on. Welcome to these podcasting course. Cheers. Bye. 3. What is a Podcast: Hey, guys. So in these initial part of the course, I want to talk about those key fundamental questions that you should be asking yourself when you're just about to start a podcast. Like, for example, what is a podcast? Some of you might already know what it is, but I'm just gonna cover it in case you don't know your completely newbie to Pakistan and you wanted to learn a little bit more about it in the scores. So, basically, let's just start with that question. Which what? Which is what is a podcast? You know, what is a parkas and parkas is basically on audience show in which people demand on their mole device, tablet or computer on audio episode off a Siris in which people are a person or individual or a group of people are sharing something in that audio file. It can be anything, really. And that's the beauty of Pakistan. He can be something that could be a, you know, a comic show. It could be just someone sharing random thoughts, or it could be something that where people are sharing knowledge, it really there really is no limits with what people can do with podcasting. And that's why you see, and that's why it's such a big beauty. And that's why you see so much more variety in the world of Pakistan because it's not just one single Jenner or it's not just one single topic or it's not just about one particular subject and stuff like that, like people can create podcast about pretty much anything you can think off and you'll find them around. And if you started listening to part because you're gonna find that there's a thana off a lot of diversity when it comes to podcasting, So that's basically what a podcast is. You know, it's basically an audience show, and it's beautiful, you know, because it allows people to listen to something that they are interested in without having to compromise. You know some of the other things that have to compromise when they're like, for example, watching TV or playing, playing a video game or doing other things which require a lot off attention and focus. The beautiful thing about listening to something is that people can do something else while they're listening. So, for example, a lot of people are listening to podcasts while they're on the team while they're commuting toe work while they're, you know, just reading something, or while they're, you know, walking. There's a lot off. You know where they'll doing exercise Going to the Jame? There's a lot of use cases and scenarios in which people are listening to a podcast. And that's why, and one of the many reasons why podcasting is so popular on why so many people like it and love it, because it gives them a lot of flexibility that they wouldn't find it. For example, they were doing a new online course, such as this one. If you're doing an online course such as this one, you actually need to be paying full attention. You need to be watching. You need to be very concentrated in your you need to be focused like it's very difficult for you to be doing something else while you're watching these videos, right, because you actually need to pay attention. Of course, you could just listen to them and not watch the videos, but he wouldn't be exactly the same right in a podcast. Like I said before, because audience show and people can download it on demand. Then they, you know, they decide when they listen to what you know. It's not just like one they're watching on an ad or TV or just some things just playing out . Well, of course, you can choose as well, but it's a big difference on an internal to talk about. Think about like Netflix, right? Like on Netflix. You can actually choose what you watch when so a podcast functions pretty much the same way . People can just look in and browse around different topics around different themes, subjects, individuals, and then they can select what they decide to listen to. So it's amazing, you know, and it's always come from the concept off, you know, the portability and being able to listen to anything pretty much anywhere. So the word park is, by the way, for those who are wondering if it's an acronym, it's not an acronym. It just basically comes from the combination of towards iPod and broadcast, and someone you know created the term mixing those two words because of the time when the iPods were around, he just became very easy to have audio and music on the go, you know, portable audio music. So someone then said, Well, if people are broadcasting, you know like they do on radio, when they're talking in different shows etcetera well, and we mix in with this portable device, then we call that podcasting. So it initially started off, and it does have a bit of roots in Apple as an ecosystem. But the reality is that podcasting has evolved on, has gone way beyond that and way beyond Apple. So today, even though we continue to use the word podcast, which originally has its roots in the iPod from Apple, it's now going way beyond Apple on way beyond an iPod on People are not associated tweet any more, like in the sense that you know you can listen to an iPod to a podcast beyond just using the podcasting app from Apple. And it doesn't have to be on. I put either. You could be listening to a podcast on your computer on your car on Google home on you know , Alexa Siri on your a smartphone or your tablet on your laptop pretty much anywhere, and that's why it's such an amazing thing. And that's why it's one of the many reasons why podcasting is so cool, right? Because it's just a lot of fun, and there's a lot of things you can do with it. And you can talk about so many different things and to share knowledge, and you don't even have to pay for it, which is amazing, you know, like you could pay for it, of course, and some people are charging for their plot Custer for their episodes or their Siri's. But not everyone thus, and the vast majority people don't. And that's one of the reasons why it's also exploded. And it's become so big and so massive. And I project that podcasting will continue to expand and become even bigger than it is today. Like it will go in to become an industry in the hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. As more and more people start to create podcasting content, and I also want to talk about the history of that, I will cover that a little bit later on, in the sense that before in the past it was a lot harder to create a podcast. Nowadays it's super easy. You can do it in less than five minutes with very basic tools with a very you know, like you don't have to invest a little money on it. Either you can use actually or other things you already have and will call that a little bit later in the course. But like I said before, it's just never bean easier, you know, in the entire history of humanity to create a podcast like it is today. So I'm gonna walk you through that. I'm gonna help you so that you create your podcasting lesson five minutes. With what? I'm going to show you in the scores, and I'm sure you're gonna love it on. I look forward to hearing about you on your podcasting journey and looking forward to hearing about your episodes. And, you know, I look forward to hearing about why you decided to call your podcast. And so on, Italy Final guy. Okay, guys. So it don't soon and see in the next one. Cheers. Bye. 4. Why start a Podcast: alright, guys. So why start a podcast? And why do so many people start podcasts all over the world? Well, there's a lot of reasons why you could start a podcast and why you might be inclined or driven to start a podcast. And some of the most typical ones are because you want to entertain other people because you want to share your thoughts because you want to be heard because you want to speak to others because you want to share ideas. Some people share news, others entertain. Others do comedy. So there's just so many so many reasons why people start podcasting. And of course, Ah, lot of people start podcasting because they want to make money on. There is nothing wrong with that. You know, don't let anyone shame you or, you know, make you think that there's anything wrong with creating a podcast with the sole purpose off making money. There's nothing wrong with that. I actually love give you have you have started the scores with the purpose off monetizing your podcast. It's a great idea. It's passive income in some extra money that you could have in your bank account on a lot of people are already doing it. And if you're wondering whether people are actually making money part kissing, well, they are, and a lot of them are making a ton of money. And I'm gonna give you real life examples off people making money, podcasting in discourse. I'm gonna share some links and some video so you can actually see that for yourself. And, you know, don't take my word for it by like like I said before, I'm gonna share specific examples where you can see how a lot off people are making money. Podcasting and I mentioned earlier in the course that this is gonna become a multibillion dollar industry in the future. And I have no doubt in my mind that it's gonna be huge. It's gonna be massive. And one of the reasons why I think on my project that it will be so massive. It's because off the convenience, like I said before and I spoke about it earlier in the course, there's nothing really more convenient in terms of entertainment than a podcast, because you can be doing a lot of other things while you're hearing a parkas which you can do like when you're reading a book or watching a video or doing an online course or watching a movie, you know, you just can do a lot of other things while you're doing those other things, like watching a movie or reading a book. But you can when you're watching or a story when you're hearing a podcast, which is why so many people love them. And I'll give you a riel world example of these. Think about mums. All right, think about woman with Children. They're really busy. And if you're a mom listening to these are watching this video right now, you know how it is. I'm apparent. I know how it is. I know you're super B. C. You don't have a lot of time, and you really need to be multitasking as apparent. Even Mawr as a mom. So think about those women, which we're talking about billions in the world. There's a lot of mothers and women out there, right? And what are they doing to be able to, you know, increase their knowledge and keep learning things on at the same time taking care of their kids? Ah, lot of them are listening to parkas on don't get me wrong because I don't want to convey here the message that these off course is just women. Of course, it's also men. There's a lot of men taking care of their Children in their mother world. And again, there's nothing wrong with either man or woman taking care of their Children. Don't get me wrong with any of that. I'm fine. If you are a woman, are taking care of your Children for a man and you're taking care of your Children. I think that's awesome. What I'm trying to say is, regardless of your gender, it's just very convenient for you to be able to listen and learn. You know, just get knowledge by listening to a parkas while you're doing a little things when you're taking care of your Children. And that's just one off many examples. Like when I go to the gym, I see a lot of people hearing and listening to podcasts while they're working out, and I love that. I know, and I can see why this is gonna be so massive. And I think we're in a very interesting point in time, because before it wasn't so easy to create a podcast. It wasn't cheap either. You had to pay house hosting and you had to, you know, you know, pay sometimes people for addition. It wasn't easy, really, What's complex? And I did a little research, you know, a few years back, and it wasin as easier cities today. And a lot of people got the scripture And then just because of the complexity involved and don't even think just about the complexity of it off it, think about the investment in the past, you actually had to, you know, buy really complex on DSA fistic ated, Mike's or you had to get some studio time like it wasn't easy is what I'm trying to say, Guys. Now it's super easy, and you and anyone can create a parkas. You can experiment with it. You know, you can put up some up episodes, and if you don't like something about it, you can erase it. You can edit it, so don't worry about it. You're gonna have a lot of fun. And that's why a lot of people start Pakistan because of what we call her before entertain me. Entertaining others, marketing advertising, making money, sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, getting their boys haired. So that's one of the amazing things. And that's why podcasting is so popular, both on the Creator side and on the listening side. Because for creators is the same. Think about if you had a channel where you could reach thousands 10th of stencil thousands , hundreds off thousands, millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions or billions off people just by sharing audiophiles isn't that amazing ? I just think it's wonderful. I think it's amazing. And that's what got me started on the podcasting journey. And that's why I want to share with you in the scores, because I'm sure that if you've enrolled in this course, you also have something to say. You also have an idea, something you know about or you're just trying to make money and monetize your knowledge. And I think that's great. And you can interview people as well when you're doing podcasts so you can have conversations and people can hear this conversations and get knowledge from those conversations. And that's one of the many reasons why people parkas because it's just super powerful, and there's a lot of things that you can do when you're parked. Listing and to give you a perfect example of how people use podcasting. I'll talk about one of the things I least in myself as a pocket, sir, One of the things I'm listening to right now. It's about property investment. And I could have never gotten the knowledge that I have received four free and during such a long period of time, where have enriched my knowledge and increased my level off Just what to do and how to do and what I need to think about what I'm doing property investment on. I did all that just by listening toe over 200 episodes off a property podcast and these two guys that I listened to, you know, they know a lot about property investment. They've been doing it for over 20 years, and they're sharing all of that knowledge and all of those lessons learned with their listeners in their podcasts. I'm just I just happened to be one of their listeners, and I love it. I get so much out of the podcast, and for them off course, they're monetizing that indirectly, and we'll talk about that later in the course about direct and indirect ways to monetize your partners. But these guys I'm talking about in the specific example off the podcast I listen to Well, they just connected podcasts to their company, which is, you know, a property advising consulting firm. And they just help people buy property. So they have buyer buyer's agents and they have a whole structure around property investment. And people listen to the past podcast end up, you know, generally reaching out to them for advice or to get a property. And that's how they indirectly make money from the post podcast on. I'm not talking about a couple of grand. I'm talking about hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars that they make in directly from their podcasts. Alright, guys. So these is why I don't like I said before is just one of many examples. And you can think about what you listen to. And I'll share house where you can search different podcasts and see just die diversity of where you can find in the podcasting world. Alright, guys. See you in the next one. Cheers. Bye. 5. What you need to create a Podcast: So let's talk about what you need to create a podcast on. I have really good news for you. You don't need much. It's super easy and you already have it. Guess what it is. A smartphone. Yes, that's it. That's all you need to create a podcast as smartphone. That's right. And who doesn't have a smartphone in the modern world? Pretty much anyone on everyone I can think off already have on their pockets what they need to create a podcast. Isn't that awesome? Isn't that cool? I think it's super awesome. I think it's cool. I think it's amazing. I'll tell you why. Ah, few years ago, five years ago, 10 years ago, if you wanted to create a podcast, you needed a ton of things and you also needed money. Maybe not a lot of money, but you needed money on maybe not so legal, depending on how you see it. So in the past you needed a mike. Sometimes you needed a studio you needed, you know, just a lot of complexity. To create a podcast, you needed to say if you're hosting you needed toe, edit the podcasts you needed to get editing software or you needed to pay someone to for you. And it was just It just wasn't easy on. Believe me, guys, I have been following the podcasting industry for a while for several years, and it's never bean S e C s cities today to create a podcast. And that's why I love that you're hearing this course, because by the time you finish the scores, you're gonna learn that you can easily create a podcast just with your phone with what you already have. There's no additional investment required. You don't have to pay for hosting in the modern world right now, even though there's a ton of companies steal, charging for podcasting and for their hosting your podcast, I'm going to share with you a secret. Pay attention. You don't have to pay for hosting. It's actually free. There's a way for you to launcher part because without having to pay for hosting yeah, and you don't have to pay for your cover image either. So before a lot of people are paying for artists to create a corporate image. Or, you know, they would just pay a side to download that image that they could use in a podcast, and I have another really great secret and good news for you. You don't have to pay for downloading images. I'm gonna give you the site you can use to find some really cool, awesome images for your podcasts that are fully licensed. And then you don't have to worry about copyright infringement that are fully legal. It's fully legit, and you can use it on your podcast. So, like I said in these scores, I'm giving you all the tools you need to grow up and create that podcast that you've always been dreaming about. So, like I said before, that's all you need. And I'm not joking, guys. Just your smartphone. And I'm gonna walk you in this course through the creation process off setting up a parkas with your smartphone in less than five minutes. It's gonna be amazing. I'm sure you're gonna love that video because you're gonna watch it in less than five minutes. You're going to see me in real time creating a podcast. Now that's amazing. That's amazing. And I love that because it's just so fast. It's fully agile. It's super quick, and you can start growing your audience from the get go from the get go, and you're gonna be able to see stats, you're gonna be able to make changes. People are gonna be able to hear a podcast on different channels. You know, it doesn't have to be just apple. There's Google podcasters cast box pot. Being I hard radio is pretty much anywhere You can think of that, consolidates and listens and and has podcast. You are gonna be able to be hurt there, and that is awesome. I love it. And like I said before best if all you don't have to pay for it, actually, you could get paid for doing it, which is amazing. You could generate passive income for you, and it can become just another source off. Passive income off business, off money for you and your family. So that's why I created these cores. And I'm going to guide you through the whole step by step process and we'll talk a little bit more on the next one, guys. Right. Cheers. Bye. 6. How to get started: So one of the first things you're gonna need to decide on before you start your podcast is what you're got Pluck. It is gonna be about what you're gonna be podcasting about, and there's not a single or a quick answer, for that is just something that you need to reflect on for a few days or for a few hours about what you want to do about what you want to talk about in your podcast. And the best piece of advice I can give you is think about things that you know about that you have experience on, or that you're really passionate about whether that's a hobby or whether does just something related to the work that you do or whether it's just something that you want to share. And, of course, you could just share random thoughts, right? And it's really up to you what you create your podcast on and what you decide to podcast about. But like I said before, probably it's good for you to reflect a bit on it before you just jump into it right away. And don't get me wrong. I don't want you to think too hard or spend you know a month or months thinking about what you want to Pakistan. Just spend a couple of minutes or a few days thinking about what you want a podcast on, and you can just down your ideas and do a bit of brainstorming. And I can share hearing the cores some free tools, which you can use to brainstorm about the topics that you wanna that you can create a podcast on. And that's it. That's all you need to do. You know, pick a title and pick a topic and then just get started. Like I said, it's super easy. Super fast. Don't overthink it. You know. Don't spend too much time on that because you can change the name later on. You can change the topic later on, and that's not gonna be a big deal. You know, it's not set in stone. It's actually something. Leaving a podcast is kind of like a living document. It doesn't stay still. He can get updated. You can get edited, get you can get changed, you can get the leader. It can get redone from scratch. It can be just changed a little bit, so it's really up to you. Nobody is setting the rules on Pakistan bought yourself. It's just what you want to do on how you feel comfortable, and I'll give you examples off me personally what I do with my podcasts. So I have a couple of podcasts right now for in Total. The 1st 1 I created was called Originally What's new? And I thought it was gonna be about just me ensuring news and information and technology. And over time I thought that I wanted to change it, and I renamed it to join me for coffee because I picture myself in that podcast as if I'm having a conversation with someone or coffee and just sure and talk about my thoughts on a particular topic or something that's happening in my life or something that I saw. And that's what joined me for coffee is about. Yeah, I might share a little bit about news or technology, but it's kind of like what I would do if I were actually having a cup of coffee with someone. So that's why I renamed that podcast on. Like I said, that's the cool thing. It's not set in stone. You can rename that you can change it as many times or as much as you like, and nobody is going to judge you for that. And if you feel uncomfortable with that, well, you can always just delete it. The lead episode silly. The whole podcast engine just get started all over again. So that's why I was saying Don't let that discourage you from getting started or from doing what you need to do and just keep going and just keep thinking about what you want to start your parkas on right now. I recently created a new pockets cold learn about and learn about is just gonna be about me sharing knowledge about different things on every episode. I'm gonna have something you in every episode. So the 1st 1 the first day I created the 1st 1 was learn about, um, you know that self awareness and learn about brave, which is a Web browser. So I'm just gonna be sharing different tools, applications, concepts I'm gonna have, you know, people that I'm gonna interview about things that they know. And that's what we learn about is gonna be You also created another podcast about just my experiences on migrant here in Australia that once in Spanish. And I guess the 3rd 1 that I created, the 4th 1 that I created was about my experience and all lying teacher and, you know, just sharing a little bit with my fellow colleagues and just people in general. Interesting online teaching. And those are the four topics, and but it's that I create, created in terms of titles. Like I said, one of my podcast is called Join Me for coffee. The other one is called the Online Teacher Teachers Club. The other one is called Learn About and then the one in Spanish is called Al and told us in Panama City, which is kind of like Rugrats, Sydney And those are the four. You know, the four topics, I guess the four titles on the four topics that I pick for my pockets. And like I said before, don't worry too much about that. Don't spend too much on time on that. Don't dwell too much, and it gets started with something really simple. How about you just called your podcast your names and then put CAS, you know, so like Michael's podcasts or Rachel spot cuts or whatever your name is podcast and then just get started, even if it's just for you experimenting on getting a bit comfortable with that. And just say, You know, Rachel's are Michael's podcasts, and then just talk about your day or your week as if you were talking to your partner or friend and just get started with that. It'll help you experiment and get comfortable with it and just see how easy these and then you can create a 2nd 3rd or fourth or how many every part is that you want. There's no limiting what you want or can create, and that's a beautiful you know. It's very flexible, and you can changing, Updated, changing it, updated, edited. Just do with it whatever you want. But like I said before, if you're just thinking about it, having a hard time deciding on what you want to do, get started with something really simple just to get started, because that will drive you on that will you know, just really just a bit like a little quick win. And then you can just change it later on if you want to. All right, guys, see on the next one. Cheers 7. How to start a Podcast in less than 5 minutes: Hey, guys. So in these part of the course I'm gonna share with you are really life example of how I create a podcast in less than five minutes, and I'm gonna show it to you with a timer so you can see it's riel. And I'm gonna walk you through a process which is a really life example off my most recent parkas and how it created it. And you can just mimic and replicate the process because it's super easy. All you need is your smartphone on. You can do it in less than five minutes. That's all you need to do to create your podcast on. I'm gonna put here after these video on beyond and after that, a demo where I'm gonna walk you through actually doing it myself in real life. I'm gonna put a step by step guide on how you do it. Andi, you know just a few links off things you need to take into account or information, but it's super easy. It'll take you less than five minutes literally and you can start your podcast just like that. It will be just super quick. Super fast, super easy. And you're going to enjoy the experience of doing that. Now the other thing. I want to talk about these. What do I recommend for you? Podcasting? Like I said before, all you need is your smartphone, and the application there you're gonna be using to create your podcast is called Anchor, and Angkor is just a company and its an application that allows you to create podcasts and also to listen to podcasts. And it's super cool, super easy to use. And I love it, and there's plenty of reasons why I consider it, And I were recommended in the scores as the AP and the tool for you to create your podcast . One of them is, and probably one of the most important. One is that it's free. You don't have to pay anything to use anchor. And unlike a lot of the other tools and abs out there, they don't charge you to create a podcast to host your podcast or for tools. Actually, they help you make money. They help you monetize your pockets, which is awesome, and it's just very simple, and I like a lot of the other abs out there as well. They have a mobile app so you can use your smartphone. You know, there's a lot of podcasting companies out there that still nowadays don't have a mobile up and even the ones that do ah, lot off them. They just have it for listening to Parker's, but they don't have it for creating a podcast. So that's one of the things I love about Anchored, that you can not just only listen but you can actually create from the app itself. And that's why I recommended in this course because, like I said, it'll just like to get started for free. Plus, the are thing that is supercool. Also with anchor is that it automatically distributes air pockets pretty much to all of the applications that people used to listen to parkas. And I'm talking about Apple cast Boggs, you know, pocket casts, Google podcasts and pretty much anyone or anything that you can think off. And Cohasset already hasn't an already does it for you automatically at the bushes just one single button. If you were doing your podcast with a lot of the other vendors out there, you would actually have to manually submit your parkas to a lot of those applications and websites so that more people could listen to your podcasts. You don't have to do that with anchor. And like I said, it's free. You just can create an account just with an email address and a password. That's it. That's all you need. Just download the application to your smartphone, which is free, Like I said before, and you can start podcasting in less than five minutes with anchor. I'm going to share with you also their Facebook group, which is really cool. And I'm gonna share also some communities and some sites where you can find a lot more information about parka sing and about pods in general. And all right, Till without further ado, let's get to the demo on the next video. All right. Cheers. Bye. 8. Demo - A Real Life Example of Creating a Podcast in less than 5 minutes!: and 9. Recording your first episode: it's time to record your first episode. And don't worry, don't be scared about this part. Let it flow. Just start talking about your topic about what you chose your podcast to be about and let it flow. You know, don't worry too much about whether it's one minute or five minutes or an hour or half a Knauer. Don't worry too much about it. Just let it flow for us long as you like, and that's all you need to do to get started. You know, just record that first episode on and you feel more comfortable as you go along. One of the really cool things I like about content created creation as a podcaster. He's that is just super easy. You can be creating your podcast on your audio as your lying down in bed. You know, you could be in your car. You could be at the part. You could be pretty much anywhere while you're recording on because people are not seeing you. It just gives you a lot of flexibility and the law. It's a lot easier than when I'm creating. Like, for example, of video such Aziz one. When I'm creating a video like this one. I have to make sure that I have good lighting. I have to make sure you know that I'm looking good. I have to make sure you have to actually do a lot of prep work to create this video. And I know you might not think that I do, but I do. I do a lot of work kind of prep work to create these videos because I want to make sure that you're watching something that is engaging, entertaining, that you like it that you know you're having a good experience. The student and just a video has a lot more complexity, and it's the same for writing a book or doing a love are things. But when you're doing an audio file is just super easy because it's fast. You don't have to worry about how you're looking or where you are. Well, you do have to, I guess, take care of where you are that you have a good spot to record. But even if it had a little bit of background or a little bit off sound, some people don't mind too much when you're listening to a podcast and they might not really be to peek here. They might not care us long as a content is really good. And again, that's probably something you could still edit pretty easily if you needed to edit. Or you could get someone to read it for you. So, like I said, don't overthink it. Just get started to record your first episode. I let me know when it's live so I can hear it. Alright, guys. See you on the next one. Cheers. Bye. 10. How to record a podcast episode: All right, guys, sewing this next part off the course, I'm gonna show you how I create an episode in real time and in real life so you can learn a little bit about the process. So I'm using my iPhone. I'm just gonna go here to the uncorrupt. You can find the end crop on the app store by just searching for an encore, and it will show you the You know, this purple I kind of the Yank rap on it will give you the option to get it if you haven't downloaded before because I've already have it on my smartphone on my iPhone. That's why it says open. But I could also just go here and click on Angkor. The up that I have here in utilities don't like you're an encore, and then I'm just gonna go to Tools you episode, and then I'm gonna add here from the library by before ad from the library. I need to import the audio. Now. I'm gonna show you how I create the audio or an episode in the next part off the course. So I just go here, Teoh. Normally I do these recordings on my iPhone, and I just use a microphone from road. That's r o D E e. It's a company. It's a road, Mike. Ah, love. It's called smart laugh. I can share that with you if you want to find out more about it. But that's the one I use. It's called Smart Lab, and I just hook it up with dongle toe my iPhone on, and then I just record the audio like they normally would. So if I go here too, uh, this how you do it? You know, like obviously, there are different ways in which you can record your audio on your podcast, but I like to keep it very simple. So I just go here to voice memos on my iPhone, and I just start recording. All right. So I'm just gonna start recording the episode right now, and that will show people how we normally record on episode for the podcast. All right, so I just click here on record. Hey, guys. So today I wanted to share with you guys a little bit about what happened to me earlier when I went on by bought a burger. Andi, just because we have been in love on for so many months. I've actually bean, you know, putting off going and getting a burger for some months now. But these weak, the cravings should just hit me really hard. So I just couldn't help myself, and I just couldn't take it any longer. And I just had to go and get a burger. And nothing worse for me than going and grabbing a Bergen and being a big role on I know people love raw meat. Well, not everyone but some people love raw meat and they like their burgers like medium well, rare. But in my case, I'm, you know, well done, top type of guy, like I really hate when I get a burger and it's not well done. So before I went to get the burger, I just said to the guys, Look, I won the burger. Well done, please. And I got two cheeseburgers and this is a place I really like in part of Sydney. That is cold domain. There is. There's this joint called Burger Hood, which is really good. They love their burgers, the really good burgers. And it's about up, I don't know, maybe like on a normal You know, Sidney, traffic day from where aioli, Which is, you know, eastern suburbs of the city or the east side of the city to Bowman, which is inter west. It could easily take you half an hour, 40 minutes, but because we're locked down and I was going out for a burger, you know, kind of like maybe like 8 39 PM There wasn't so much traffic, so, you know, it took me just, like, 10 15 minutes, and I got there and the order wasn't ready. And I think maybe the you know, the guys that were cooking there were about to close maybe, you know, just like half an hour to their flows. Andi, I think they were just rushing because probably I was there. So even though I had told them to cooked the burger toe well done when I came home and I started, you know, eating my burger, I noticed it wasn't well done. So I just, you know, the 1st 1 that I actually brought to the 1st 1 I took, like to bite I. So I was kind of like, medium to rare, like I wasn't well done at all. So I just like that, you know, seen that pinkish thing. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but it definitely happens to me. I saw a pinkish thing, and then I just lost my appetite. So I threw it in the bin and then started with the 2nd 1 which was not super, super well done, but well done. I guess enough for me to eat it. But I just didn't enjoy it. You know, I just couldn't get out of my mind. The pinkish first burger I had tried. I wish I could, because I just kind of, like damage on because of these, Um I guess experience now probably be a couple of weeks or months before I even get Bricker cravings again. Or before I even, you know, I'm willing to actually drive such a long distance just to grab a burger on. The reason I would go to this place is because it's probably one of my favorite, if not my favorite burger place here in Sydney. But because this happened to me, you know, I hate it when the separate thing happens to me because you just it just takes such a long time for you to get that much out of your mind and to feel comfortable within in that place or that food again asleep. That's what happens to meet my experience. So I think it will be a while before I grab my next burger. I guess on the plus side will probably help me save some money, which is always good. Onda. Um I guess so, Yes. So that's what Just what I wanted to share with you guys today in this episode of the podcast and the other thing, which is, I recently recommended to you guys to watch on Netflix. The police like me show it's called Police. Like me. I love it is super funny. Every time I watch it, I just crack up. Laughing is just so so funny. I recently watched an episode on where they run over a Possum. And then it was really funny, cause it was like this vegetarian guy who is very sensitive and he has some mental health issues on He's his boyfriend. Run over the accidentally, of course. Run over the possum on then. Hey, you know the guy that run over the possible after after the possum they run over the possible still alive that the possible try to scratch them on Ben. They wanted to put the possum out of their misery. So they had to, like, run it over again on it was just I can't describe enough for you, but it was just Hillary. You guys gotta watch that episode. It'll be a while if you're just starting to watch, um, police Like it'll probably be a while before you get to that episode, please. Brawling like in the second or third season? I can't remember now, but it's just hilarious. But I do have one confession to make about the show. I did mention this before that. It z quite a gay show. Obviously nothing wrong with within being gay. Shadow toe my friends from the LGBT I whatever community. Um um you know, I love you all my love to you guys. Um I think I mentioned to you guys before that my brother is gay. Love him deeply. I've never had any issues with anyone being gay or anything, but the only reason I mentioned it to you is because I'm actually not gay myself on my straight guy on dumbed when I'm watching these police like me show every now, then there'll be a couple of things that are just too much for me. So I do have a confession to make about it in this that sometimes I actually have to skip those Seems, I guess, in the episodes just because they're just too much for me, like I don't know, I'm not too much into watching, like, you know, two guys kissing for a very long time. Or just, you know, I guess, touching each other, etcetera. Which there are some scenes or several scenes throughout the show that are about that because it's Willett's part of the story. But obviously, you know nothing wrong with you watching. If you're feel comfortable, you enjoy watching that. It's just not my thing. I don't think there's anything wrong with me. I wanted to watch that. I just think it's well, I don't want watch it kind of like, you know, I don't want to watch scary movies. I just don't like watching scary movies. It's just not my thing. So anyway, I just wanted to confess that and just let you know I'll be fully transparent with you guys But having said that, like I said before, I still love the show. I'm watching it every day. I'm actually quite hooked up on it. Probably watching it every day on I'm sure it's gonna end soon. I'm gonna be fat. I'm gonna be sad that it already ended, which is nothing that happens often to me with me when I'm watching, um, you know, Netflix, Netflix shows on and on Netflix episodes, Andi. Anyway, eso That's what I wanted to share with you guys. And wherever you are, I hope you're enjoying a nice cup of coffee on and remember to leave a review. If you enjoy the particles in the episode on, I'll see you in the next one, All right. And just in case you're wondering why the beginning? I was talking a little bit about the beginning of the episode. You might have heard me explaining about some things on my phone, etcetera is because I'm actually as I'm recording this episode. I'm live recording my phone as a record recorders to include this in one of my courses, which I created on how teaching people how to create a podcast so I'll be sharing this podcast episode live with People are all over the world who are buying this course so they can learn how to create the podcast and so they can learn about the process. How I actually do it. So if you're keen on watching or learning more about that, feel free to go to you to me dot com. That's you d e m y dot com. You know me dot com and then just search for my name or issue Rubio or dis search for podcasting. Crash courthouse crash Course how to create a podcasting less than five minutes and you'll be able to find a living More information about this and how you can create your own podcast if you were ever wanting or wondering how you could do it. All right, guys, I'll see you on the next one. Cheers. All right, cool. So you've now seen me record this episode, and I'm going to rename this to the raw burger, the wrong berg, uh, on and a confession. That's what I'm gonna call this episode and then Boom, That's it. You know, I like I've created now. This episode I used to recording voice mammals from Apple which is a free app that comes spring installed in your iPhone. And now that that's ready, I'm gonna go back to actually going to say this in I just click on these three dots and I'm going to say to files on Gonna say to recordings, Yes, I'm sorry. I'm gonna save stay cyclic Saito files recordings on my iPhone. On that, I'm gonna kick, save cool on. Then I'm gonna go back to my and core up where I was creating the episode like we saw before. And I'm just gonna click import here in the library. I'm gonna walk you through these again just to remind you, because you might have forgotten about that. So I'm just gonna go back here and let's let's say you're in the podcast. And now let's say you're gonna create Endesa new episodes. You're gonna click on tools and then 10th of June 2020 and you click Stop here to add audio to these Happy said, I'm gonna kick your top and then I'm gonna go to the library. It gives you other options here, too, on all your to audio to your podcasts, voice messages. It's audio that you received from your fans or your listeners, which you could add to an episode recorded. You wanted to record live now using the uncorrupt directly. I don't generally do that because I just prefer doing it from the iPhone s. I just do that voice memos. And then after I finished, I just imported by going to the library import and then the row burger. Do you see it here? I'm just gonna keep row burger. And now that's importing that episode. Yes, you can see here it's uploading the episode 40% 76% of 100%. All right, so the road Bergen on a confession it's now been uploaded to and it's processing. Now, on my uncorrupt. Let's just give it a second to finish the process. All right, so it finished. So now I'm gonna click on the plus sign on after episode ID recording two episode. That's right. Cool. So you we've added it now and then. If I go here, I just kick on these leader are all here. And here's the episode. Here's the episode 10th of June. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna click on that and edit the episode. Sorry, I'm just gonna go to your podcast here, and then I go to the episode here, which is in draft. Okay, Now I can see the episode. Andi. So the recordings should be here. I'm not seeing it. They're not sure why. Let's just see here if we can. Okay. For some reason, it didn't save the audio that we just had it there. It normally does that. But anyway, it just gives me the opportunity. Show you what to do if that happens to you. So just go again to tools. 10th of June. Tools hurry and library. And then done. Okay, you can rename these blah, blah, blah experience. I'm gonna cancel that story one second, and then I hear the plus sign on instead of clicking here and at a recording two episode like we did before, we're just gonna take on the struggle one here. Boom. Add recording two episode or right now it's been added. Okay, here we go. Now, now it's actually be nodded to the episode. So if I go here to details, gonna is gonna take us to the 10th of June 2020 episodes, which is the episode we just recorded all right. So now we see the recording here in the episode on and I'm actually going over name this from automatically, by the way, puts by default the date on the duration off the episode. So it's a seven minute episode. I'm gonna kick here in the three dots. Abdo update episode details. And so title is gonna be Episode 62 on. We call this the raw Berg, Uh, on that confession, how on the episode descriptions how I lost appetite and a confession about what I'm watching on Netflix. Cool. So this is season two. You can live this dis optional. You don't have to change. You don't have to add the season on the episode, but I like doing that on episode 62. All right, cool on. We're gonna then click done. And then you see this publisher now, button, you just click on that. I'm bam, That's it. It's life. That's all you need to do to publish an episode on Ankara. It's super easy. You see, it took us just a couple of minutes to create on an episode and just put it live in your podcast. And then if I click here and I go back? Your podcast. It shows me now that the episode 62 is actually live now. Andi, this is really cool. As you can see here, this is just my part cause showing me I have 6000 downloads and audience off about around 11 people. I know that's not massive, but just keep in mind that I haven't been very regular with recordings off my podcast. But moving forward, I hope that I actually arm or recording and putting content more frequently out there and that will for sure made these number grow on. All right, guys, that's all you need to do to, um, you know, create an episode using your phone on using your voice notes in the iPhone. If you're using an android device, they also have a functionality, or you can download a free up to record your voice. Or you can just use the crap itself by just picking on the tools here and then the plus sign. And then you could just a record here, using the red button here directly from the uncorrupt. So they're different options to lose anything. Like I said, it's up to you how you want to do it. But that basically concludes what I wanted to show you this part of the course before I stop the recording, I did want to show you if you go to the podcasting apple and if I go to joining for coffee , see now the episode that we just added in in Ankara. It's already being pushed to apple them in real time. That's one thing I love about Anchor is that it really sinks things really quickly with all the different providers. So you can see here that the Episode 62 The Road Burger and a confession that we just literally added a moment ago he's already in the apple parkas, which is pretty cool. I will have done the same in Android Google Part cuts, etcetera. All right, guys, I hope you enjoy this part of the course. I'll see you on the next one. Cheers. 11. Interviews in Podcasting: So let's talk a little bit about interviews in podcasting, and a lot of times when you're listening to podcasts, you're here that people are interviewing other people, and that's really cool. But you don't have to do it. It's optional. Nobody's forcing you to have the interviews in your podcast if you don't want to. All right. So the first thing I want to get out of the way is that you don't have to interview people to create a podcast, although a lot of podcasters do. And that's OK. And you can, too, if you want to. And because you're using Anchor Ankle has a really cool feature that allows you to interview people right there from the apple they need to do is just download the on crap, and then you can invite them. Put a link s so you can read more information about how to do it. But it's pretty self explanatory, pretty easy, and you do all you need to do with Encore, like I said before, is just experiment with it, just are playing with it, and you realize that it's pretty intuitive. You don't need a lot off me just walking you through how to do things, because as your start clicking on the buttons or playing a little bit with the APP, you'll realize that it's just very easy to use on. Things will come naturally to you about how to use the application, how to interview people, how to have information and how to add content to your podcast. You will be able to right there from the up, OK. And like I said before, you know, interviews are something that can be valuable. And aside from interviews, the, uh, the you know and crap. If you're thinking why when I use something else like Skype or whatever, yeah, you can you can you assume Citrix go to meeting or there's a lot of applications out there in which you could record audio or a conference coal. And I guess from my perspective, the two best ones would be anchored because, like I said, it's free and it's just very high quality. And then the other one is a tool that is called free conference called dot com. That's free conference call, but calm because that is a free tool, which gives you numbers dialing numbers of people conducting from pretty much all over the world and you can record the conversation and it'll give you a file that you condemned download and then upload to your podcasts. So that's it. Those are the two, you know, main tools that I would recommend. If you're doing interviews, I'll give you links where you can find a lot off other tools as well. But those are the two. Once that, I would say, are the two top that I would recommend. Alright, guys. See on the next one. And have a good one. Cheers. Bye. 12. How to grow your audience: So now that you've launched your podcast, your thinking about how to grow it, how to grow your audience well, there's many ways that you can do it. Like, for example, you can pay for advertising. You can also do it for free by leveraging on your social media accounts like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so on. You can also shared with your family, friends, co workers, or you could just do award of mouth. You could put flyers. You can do a lot of different things and pretty much just think about anything that you would do to market and you product or service. That's what you would do to grow your audience. But the most important thing, probably that you need to take into account is content creation. Just keep creating new episodes at least once a week, and the audience will follow as long as you have a really interesting engaging podcasts and you're creating new part you new episodes every week. Then people will come and search for your parkas, you know, because it's also when you put it on Angkor, it's gonna be available for millions of people all over the world, which can find you if they're looking for an episode or the title often episode or the title off your parkas by. Like I said before, If you're not creating your content, well, don't expect her. Don't expect your parkas to grow. You need to be creating new content for your podcast to grow those with a few tips that I can give you right now. I want it to be briefed on this video, but I'm gonna share some other links with a lot more information in how around How you can grow your podcast on your audience. Alright, guys, you on the next one. Cheers. Bye. 13. Monetizing your podcast: How can I monetize my podcast? How do people make money from park twisting? And I talked about it a little bit before they do it by either indirect or direct marketing on sales. So if we're talking about direct, it can be through ads. So some people place ads on their podcasts and they get play paid to place ads on their podcasts. Other people might sell in episode as a premium episode and just charge a few bucks for that episode. Or some people create their whole podcasts and a premium thing where people just have to pay to use it and have a subscription model in which people are paying a monthly amount to listen to our podcast. Other people used tools like Patron, where people are doing a beautiful contribution or monthly donation on. They get some perks in exchange. And those are probably what I would call the direct ways in you, in which you can monetize your podcast either a subscription model, a one off payment for an episode or ads or patron like I talked before. Now, if we're talking about indirect ways of monetizing your podcast, well, I think that's pretty much unlimited pretty much anything you can think off. And I'll give you an example myself. What I do to monetize my podcasting. Direct, please. I talk about something that might be interesting to people that are could be potential students off mine or could buy, you know, a book or a product or a service that I'm offering. And that's what I can do to indirectly monetize my podcasts and get some people to buy something from me by referring to it in one of my episodes and saying, Hey, well, if you're interested in learning more about this or if you were interested in this particular product I talked about, just go here to this website to this link and you can buy it. And then I get a commission or I get some money from that sale. That's just an example. But like I said before, before thinking and talking about being direct ways off, marketing and selling your podcast, I think that's pretty much unlimited. All right, guys, I hope you found this course really valuable on. I'm hoping that you start monetizing your podcast soon, and I'll see you on the next one. Cheers. Bye.