Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes with Wirecast and Buzzsprout!

Jerry Banfield, 102 Skillshare Classes Published

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21 Lessons (2h 25m)
    • 1. Welcome to Podcasting and Vloggling Live!

    • 2. Wirecast for recording and live streaming with Buzzsprout for podcast hosting!

    • 3. Microphone, webcam, and equipment used?

    • 4. One video on YouTube and Facebook plus podcast episode daily

    • 5. Why do a vlog and a podcast?

    • 6. The power of a simple background and making it about me

    • 7. Accountability, workflow, and producting amazing results

    • 8. Branding, choosing a name, and consistency

    • 9. Free stock photos with Pexels for a background

    • 10. Filming is so easy with Wirecast!

    • 11. Avoiding the temptation to wait or not try

    • 12. Promoting a podcast and vlog is easy by sharing with friends

    • 13. A vision for an amazing podcast and vlog

    • 14. Start a live vlog in 2 clicks on Facebook!

    • 15. Editing, scripting, planning, and sharing

    • 16. Preparing my thumbnail quickly with Camtasia and a Pexels photo

    • 17. Preparing to go live on Wirecast

    • 18. Final countdown to live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch

    • 19. Day 143 of Happier People Part 1

    • 20. Day 143 of Happier People Part 2

    • 21. Thank you for watching! What next?


About This Class

Would you like to learn how to launch and grow your vlog and/or podcast on YouTube and Facebook live along with being available on iTunes?  See all of software and equipment I use at https://jerrybanfield.com/resources/.  Watching this course I hope will help with motivation to get started, a simple way to promote a podcast to friends, an easy way to go live on Facebook with 2 clicks, highlighting the importance of feedback, and sharing inside exactly how I have made 142 podcast episodes in a row along with doing many live on Facebook and YouTube!

Wirecast is the software I use to make filming and live streaming so easy!  If you decide to buy, would you use my link at http://jerry.tips/wirecst because Wirecast will give me 15% of the sale as their way of saying thank you for sharing which you can use to provide me with a tip without it costing you anything!  With my business based on sharing all of what I know for the lowest cost, I appreciate every way in which you are willing to help!

Buzzsprout is what I use to host my podcast and get it into iTunes as well as Google Music at the $24 a month plan which gives me up to 12 hours of audio per month which I actually use!  If you use my link at http://jerry.tips/buzzsprout Buzzsprout will give both of us a $20 Amazon gift card as their way of saying thank you for making the referral!

My friend and fellow Skillshare instructor Tomas George helped me setup my audio equipment.  I know use exactly what he shows for the microphone, pre-amp, and USB interface at http://tomasgeorge.com/resources.