Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes with Wirecast and Buzzsprout! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes with Wirecast and Buzzsprout!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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21 Lessons (2h 25m)
    • 1. Welcome to Podcasting and Vloggling Live!

    • 2. Wirecast for recording and live streaming with Buzzsprout for podcast hosting!

    • 3. Microphone, webcam, and equipment used?

    • 4. One video on YouTube and Facebook plus podcast episode daily

    • 5. Why do a vlog and a podcast?

    • 6. The power of a simple background and making it about me

    • 7. Accountability, workflow, and producting amazing results

    • 8. Branding, choosing a name, and consistency

    • 9. Free stock photos with Pexels for a background

    • 10. Filming is so easy with Wirecast!

    • 11. Avoiding the temptation to wait or not try

    • 12. Promoting a podcast and vlog is easy by sharing with friends

    • 13. A vision for an amazing podcast and vlog

    • 14. Start a live vlog in 2 clicks on Facebook!

    • 15. Editing, scripting, planning, and sharing

    • 16. Preparing my thumbnail quickly with Camtasia and a Pexels photo

    • 17. Preparing to go live on Wirecast

    • 18. Final countdown to live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch

    • 19. Day 143 of Happier People Part 1

    • 20. Day 143 of Happier People Part 2

    • 21. Thank you for watching! What next?


About This Class

Would you like to learn how to launch and grow your vlog and/or podcast on YouTube and Facebook live along with being available on iTunes?  See all of software and equipment I use at https://jerrybanfield.com/resources/.  Watching this course I hope will help with motivation to get started, a simple way to promote a podcast to friends, an easy way to go live on Facebook with 2 clicks, highlighting the importance of feedback, and sharing inside exactly how I have made 142 podcast episodes in a row along with doing many live on Facebook and YouTube!

Wirecast is the software I use to make filming and live streaming so easy!  If you decide to buy, would you use my link at http://jerry.tips/wirecst because Wirecast will give me 15% of the sale as their way of saying thank you for sharing which you can use to provide me with a tip without it costing you anything!  With my business based on sharing all of what I know for the lowest cost, I appreciate every way in which you are willing to help!

Buzzsprout is what I use to host my podcast and get it into iTunes as well as Google Music at the $24 a month plan which gives me up to 12 hours of audio per month which I actually use!  If you use my link at http://jerry.tips/buzzsprout Buzzsprout will give both of us a $20 Amazon gift card as their way of saying thank you for making the referral!

My friend and fellow Skillshare instructor Tomas George helped me setup my audio equipment.  I know use exactly what he shows for the microphone, pre-amp, and USB interface at http://tomasgeorge.com/resources.


1. Welcome to Podcasting and Vloggling Live!: Would you like to learn how I do a live vlog, which is a video blawg and podcast every day on you tube Facebook and iTunes using wire, cast and bus proud. I will show you that here in this class, as you can see on YouTube, I have hundreds of video, some with hundreds of views, some with tens of thousands of views on my podcast. I also do it live on Facebook. Some of the live videos on Facebook go out to hundreds of thousands of people, and I have hundreds of episodes on iTunes. As you can see, the days count down and there's a new episode every single day. I use Buzz Sprout to host my podcast on iTunes. I'm grateful we're nearing 50,000 plays on it. This is what I do on a daily basis because I love doing it. It's helpful for me, and therefore it is proving helpful. Listeners also, Would you like to see exactly how I do this? I'll show you the inside of my set up. I'll show you the programs I used, and I'll show you the mindset inside the way I plan and do my podcast. That I hope will be really helpful for you. Would you join me in this journey toe? Learn how to do what may become your most valuable skill to be live on Facebook and YouTube and to make a podcast from that and put it straight on iTunes. 2. Wirecast for recording and live streaming with Buzzsprout for podcast hosting!: thank you very much for getting started with this class. What do I use to will be able to do my live stream and record videos easily upload Herbal into a podcast episode on iTunes. The most critical component of what I do is the software I use, which is called wire cast. I specifically am currently using wire cast seven Pro, and I'm extremely happy with it because it's television quality broadcasting software, which allows me to dynamically do things like Move my face around. Over here is you can see I can take banners off, switch them up, put them back on, and this gives me the ability to both record and live stream at the same time, which is fantastically helpful, forgetting my podcast and flog out to as many people as possible in the very least amount of effort. Using wire cast allows me to literally do what someone with different software can do in half ah, third, maybe even 1/4 or 1/5 of the time. That means if you're trying to do it, recording your screen and editing and upload ing and doing all that work that I can probably do a 20 minute podcast in 30 minutes of actual time, whereas you are, if you're using other software, might take an hour to three hours as it used to take me to get a 20 or 30 minute podcast out there. What I find is that minimizing the time I spend doing things like rendering video and getting it out there live reaches the most people. Would you please use the jury? Bear filled dot com slash resource is link to take a look at Weir cast because wire cast has an affiliate program and I earn a 15% commission. If you go through and by wire cast directly using my link, it's like a way to give me a free tip, and it costs you the exact same amount. Either way, you can do that. If you see on the resource is page, you go to resource is on the top my website. Scroll down, find the live streaming and green screen tutorial videos and then hit. Try wire cast. You'll see that it then gives use directly into the by page. Now I used wire cast pro seven because it includes all the features. However, I think there's a good chance you'll be very happy using just wire cast Studio seven. It comes with nearly everything, but it has a few extra features in wire cast pro that aren't available. For example, you can do mawr capture devices, I p. Cameras, etcetera. I am grateful that I found wire casts because before this, I was doing screen capture video tutorials that required me to render them the main thing that I love about wire cast ISAS. Soon as I stopped recording, I can immediately upload the video. All I have to do is ask you as the viewer toe, have a little bit more tolerance with me having the very beginning in the very end, not edited in exchange. It allows me to produce a two hour video class or 20 minute podcast in nearly real time. This course will be produced probably in just an extra 30 minutes over whatever amount of actual videos in it. And that is why I love this. I used wire cast because it makes everything so much easier. And if you'd like to use wire cast, please use my link on my website and I will really appreciate it. What else do I use to host my podcast. There's one more thing I used to host this podcast because Facebook and YouTube are obviously free, but the podcast hosting itself is not. I used Buzz Sprout to host my podcast. As you can see from these listener statistics, this is on bus sprout dot com. Buzz Sprout has their own sign up, and if you use my sign up link for buzz Sprout, you get a $20 Amazon gift card and I get one, too, If you'd like to give bus proud to try Buzz Sprout is how I get my podcast into iTunes and how I can make my podcast available directly on my website at jury banfield dot com slash podcast, which I can easily switch up over here. Thanks to wire cast. If you sign up using my link, you get an extra $20. The buzz Sprout podcast hosting is approximately $24 a month at the maximum. I used the maximum because I upload nearly the maximum of time. If you click on upgrade your account any time as I've done, you can see the different hosting plans. They have $24 a month $18 a month. And if you Onley need about three hours a month for your podcast, you can start out at $12 a month. Thank you very much for learning what I use. 3. Microphone, webcam, and equipment used?: What equipment do I used to make my podcast and my video blogged or vlog? I most of the time have used the I Rig HT Mike, which was recommended by a video class instructor I took originally on you. To me, if you would please use my link if you are interested. This mike is Mac friendly. It's also great if you want to record on your iPhone, it gives you great quality sound. You can just record on your iPhone if you just want to do audio. I've used the I rig HT for most off my recording. If I click on view Mike, this goes through an Amazon affiliate link, which, if you buy it, then I'll be grateful to get maybe ah dollar if you go by it directly through my link. I've used this for most of my podcast episodes, along with I've also used this logic tech HD, pro Webcam. And that's why I'm using right now to do my screen capturing and recording. So this goes directly to a link on Amazon, also, which I'll be grateful if you go ahead Muse and it's OK if you don't use it as well. However, That's not what I'm currently using that I am using the camera. But I'm using a different audio set up now, and I will show you where I got this audio set up from. I have a partners program where I collaborate with other instructors, especially online, and instead of trying to prove, sell their courses and take half, I just have them listed on my website and encourage you to go to them directly. One of my partners is Thomas. George Thomas is a music producer in the UK who has been a client with me scheduling calls for months now, Thomas has helped me to have a pro quality audio set up. So instead of showing you the equipment on my website, why don't I show you it on his website? To get to that, I went to jury band fell dot com slash partners, where my partners often have offers directly to their website. I clicked on Thomas George. I go over here and now he has a resource. Is page just like I do on my website and on his resource is Page. It shows the exact equipment I'm using on my Mac pro to record and get thes available to you with much higher quality audio instead of what I first did. When I began recording online, I would record crappy audio, and then I would have to sit there and edit it and then runner to the video to get a 20 minute podcast episode done when I first got started, often took two or three hours because of the editing and rendering. Now I actually record processed audio directly in real time. You see if I start shouting really loud if I start screaming in my audio automatically adjust. If I start talking crazy loud, my audio automatically adjusts and brings the volume down. No, if I also start speaking very softly, it will correct, and it will actually increase it. Ah, little bit. It's amazing when you use this exact set up. So Thomas recommended me. This is the microphone and exact set up Thomas uses. This is a three part set up, and this is significantly more challenging. If you just want something simple. I recommend the logic tech camera and the IRA gauge D. If you have a Mac, if you do not have a Mac, I used the blue Yeti USB, which I also have a link to. That on my resource is Page. I'll just search for Blue Yeti. What I used on PC was the Blue Yeti, and if you click on view Mike, it'll go over to Amazon. This is the microphone I used on PC. As you can see, I purchased it on December 30th 2000 and 14. Now, if you want the very best, this is the best I've found. This is what I'm currently using. I'm using this electoral voice. Ari 20 Microphone, however, do not buy this without using these other two. Because this microphone is very sensitive, it gets the volume way too low. So what Thomas recommended is then a pre amp. And the pre amp. Is amazing because the pre amp. Allows me to do a compression di essere expander and noise gate. In other words, those post production audio effects you might want to put in my pre amp now handles that in real time and thank you, Thomas, for showing me this. It's absolutely a huge improvement, my recording quality. The basic idea is that you want to record directly from the beginning, in the best format. What I do now requires no editing or rendering for most of my videos. I literally have my podcast recorded directly and upload it. Can you see how much time that saves? And time is one of the main thing. So the big part of having a great podcast is just make it so. There's not a bunch of time doing things you don't like, like editing audio and editing in the individual episodes and then having to render it. And the pre amp. Is a huge audio improvement. Now, this is great for also learning more about sound, and Thomas has the class exactly how to set this up. So I use this pre amp and then out. So here's the basic set up. You have this microphone, which plugs into the pre AMP. Which processes and gets the audio in the professional quality. And then you plugged the pre amp into the scarlet audio interface and this audio interface then plugs into the Mac. You can tweak this for windows by just checking rather this interface appropriate. So if you're using windows, you can still use these 1st 2 You just would need to get potentially a different audio interface if you go click on Thomas's length, and Thomas has Amazon affiliate links as well, and I'm sure he would be very grateful if you use those affiliate links on his website. So here's the microphone. I recommend the IRA gauged here the Blue Yeti and a simple set up because, as you can see, this costs a lot more. And I was hesitant. If I hadn't been doing coaching calls with Thomas, helping him with his business and asking him questions, I wouldn't have had the courage to buy all this stuff either. So the microphones 500 the pre amp. Is another $200 or so. And then, if you go over here and click on this one than the interface is another $150 nearly so. This is a much more expensive set up, however, if you want the very best quality, this is the best of what I've found, and Thomas George is the one who has helped me get this set up. Now Thomas uses a Canon 70 d. He uses a camera to get even higher quality recording on the video. I don't do this, but apparently it's pretty easy to connect instead of the one I use. Now you'll notice this camera is $899. So if you want the expensive higher end set up, then feel free to go for the camera and go for this audio equipment. I've given you a cheaper set up with the blue Yeti or the I rigged. The Blue Yeti and the Eirik both make very good quality sound without the need to process the audio. However, if you want the very best, I've given you the options on Thomas's website. The logic Tech webcam also does a great job. I'm recording that and it's much cheaper. I hope this has been effective in presenting you options to get started making a video blawg and podcast. I believe that you might as well do video with your podcast because people prefer watching that way. And here's the exact equipment to set it up 4. One video on YouTube and Facebook plus podcast episode daily: What exactly is it I do and that I hope to share and teach with you in this class? Here it is Day 142 of my happier people podcast I filmed yesterday and I will do day 143 as a part of this class here with you. What I did is first I uploaded the video on YouTube and Facebook. I chose to do a pre recorded video yesterday because I already did another live stream, and it takes a little bit longer to set up the life stream. However, today I will go and set the live stream up and show you how to do that. And I will do Day 143 live what I did. I recorded and filmed the video and wire cast, which I'll show you more about shortly. And then I uploaded it on YouTube. I uploaded it on my Facebook page, and I also uploaded it on buzz brow, which then made it available on iTunes. This is what I'm hoping to share and teach with you how to do right here. And this is what I do every single day. Thank you for learning about this with me. And I hope you're excited. As excited as I am to get into exactly how to do this and maybe why to do this and what you can hope to contribute to the world with an amazing podcast and video Blawg. 5. Why do a vlog and a podcast?: why make the extra effort? Instead of just doing a podcast that's available on iTunes that's hosted on bus proud? Why make the extra effort to figure out how a livestream your podcast is a video on YouTube and Facebook? If you want to reach more people and make Amore interactive podcast, it's very much worth the effort I'll show you from yesterday. Look, this one I uploaded less than 24 hours ago on YouTube. I got 244 views, and it also got a lot of interaction. And interaction is very helpful for feedback. If I just upload my podcast on iTunes, it's somewhat difficult to get feedback. I asked yesterday the same question on iTunes, but I don't have any good way to get feedback on YouTube when I ask a question of my podcast, it's very easy for people like or dislike the video and the throw a comment up there in having an amazing podcast. Getting feedback is one of the critical elements Facebook offers. The same thing in Facebook also offers the reach, especially into the news feed. And even if it's your friends and family, you want to be able to reach as many people as possible on Facebook is the easiest way to do that. Facebook offers the chance to reach friends and family, while YouTube offers the potential. If you make a podcast episode that hits on a subject that people might search for want to watch, YouTube offers the chance to build more listeners really easy. Facebook, combined with YouTube, then makes a very powerful way to get your podcast out there without having to try to promote it with all kinds off strategies, techniques and money spending Facebook and YouTube just doing your podcast consistently with following the promotion techniques I share, and you can even combine it with a little bit of advertising. And you will make promoting your podcast relatively easy. Just recording a podcast on iTunes and getting people listen to it is quite competitive, and it's also challenging to then promote it and get anyone to watch it. I'm grateful that most of my podcast listens have been a function of my Facebook and YouTube channel, and the beauty of what I'm showing you is when you combine wire cash, you can literally put the about the same amount of effort most people do into just getting a podcast on iTunes. You can put about that same amount of effort into doing a live vlog on YouTube and Facebook , and you get a podcast out of it, you might suggest. Okay, well, why not just ditch the podcast altogether? Why bother even putting your podcast up when you get 10 20 maybe even 100 times more people watch on Facebook and YouTube. Why even upload your podcast and take the extra effort to host it on bus proud and get it into iTunes? I love listening to podcast on my iPhone because it's so simple. I find it annoying as a listener to have to go onto YouTube or Facebook toe. Watch something while I'm taking my dogs for a walk, which is one of the times I most likely listen to a podcast. Either that or while I'm making my smoothie in the kitchen. I like to have the option as a listener to use the podcast directly in iTunes. Therefore, it's ideal to get every different type of viewer and listener into the experience of your blogger podcast. As I'm doing, it's ideal toe have these different formats because I actually go. If I want to watch or listen to some of what I've created, I actually turned to my podcast to do it. Unless I'm on my computer. If I'm anywhere else, like in the car and I want to listen to one of my own songs or podcast episodes, I use my podcast this way. Having these formats makes me well rounded. While most of our brains are programmed to specialize from my experience, being well rounded is incredibly powerful. This allows people to hop back and forth between different formats, and it allows an ideal experience in different environments. People tell me they listen to my podcast at work well at some workplaces, YouTube and Facebook are banned, but people can easily throw in a Bluetooth device really quick and listen to my podcast discreetly on iTunes. Therefore, my viewers have the option to jump back and forth between whatever format is the most helpful. When you've got one or two or five or 10 people listening near podcast as you'll might be really happy to have getting started, it's essential to be able to get feedback from most viewers and listeners and to give them multiple formats, especially if you just have one person listening. You want to say, Look, you can listen wherever you're at in different formats, you can watch a video and have it be the most engaging and interactive with my face on it, just like you're talking to me. Or if you're on the go, you can just pull your podcast up while you're out and about and listen that way. I'm very grateful that I've learned as a viewer, I like to have different options. And I make the little bit of extra effort, which is made up for by the simplicity of my recording system, to get my podcast out on Facebook, YouTube and out on iTunes, all along with Google music and on my website using bus brown. 6. The power of a simple background and making it about me: Here's a simple way to do a nice looking video Blawg podcast and thoughts about why even do a podcast. What I've got up here is a stock image that's available for free. It allows me to use this as, say, a thumbnail. Then I don't have to go generate one manually is just naturally got my face on it. And then I've used wire cast to get the screen capture background and along with my audio equipment, then all I have to do is download a free stock image, or you can pay for one. If you want to pull it up for free, throw my face on here and start talking. This is a very simple set up, and this is the background I'm using for most of my podcast episodes, and now because it handles the thumbnail, I don't have to do any extra work on it. It looks nice, and it gives each thumbnail ah unique feel while looking pretty good for people who are seeing it. As I'm sharing this with you, I hope it's a good time to think about why even do a podcast. Why take the time to do a podcast or video Blawg for me. I do it because it's good for me. I do it because I love doing it. I do it because I have fun doing it. I do it because I've found it helps me the things I talk about, my podcast Help me. I have had at least 50 if not 100 plus times. That's something I've talked about. My podcast has come up in the middle of my day. For example. I do something about how not to get mad at your wife or something like that. And guess what when I'm about to or trying to get mad at my wife later that day. I remember what I talked about in the podcast and I re center. I literally make the podcast with the hope to be of service to me later in the day. If you look back through some of the episodes, you can just imagine how it came up in my life. I've done all kinds of different episodes. I basically just share whatever's going on in my life, which is why I think one of the best ways to do a podcast is or vlog is just about the inside of my own life. This way, I don't ever have to change it or get bored with the subject or get burnt out. Anything I do can be included in this. When I first started podcasting, I created two different podcasts. I created one called Learn Love, which was just about dating and relationships, and I created another one for how I work online. The problem with that was I did three episodes on each podcast. And guess what? I didn't do any more. Why? Because I started wanting to talk about other things. And if I'm talking about how to find a date online, what if I don't have anything else to say about that? After three podcast episodes, what if a four doing Facebook ads do I include that in how toe work online or not? The nice thing is doing a podcast that's essentially about my life. I always have something to talk about, and I can do that indefinitely without having to change as I'll show you in my workflow. It's important to be able to contribute on an ongoing basis to the same thing. Just making a podcast with a little niche topic is often a complete waste of time. Because if you're like me, you either get burnt out on doing that one topic or you will start something else and try and do that topic and then the cross promotions unlikely to happen. In fact, it's like Voldemort. If you've watched Harry Potter, most people have their souls all concentrated in their one body. Will Voldemort wants to be immortal. So he goes and splits the soul off in all these other objects. Well, he's essentially walking dead because he's got his soul split into all these other objects . With you having a podcast, you split your time and energy into all these little different niches. I'm gonna make this podcast over here, and if you separate everything, it's hard to get the love and ongoing support that happens when you've got all of your energy into one podcast. I dump all of my time and love and support in energy that I have for making a vlog and podcast all into the same thing on a daily basis that helps people have consistency. And if they don't like a particular topic, they're free to skip over it. I trust my audience if I start doing a video about relationships and they're not interested to skip that episode, if I do something about working online and they're not interested to skip that episode, yes, some people will complain. I've got lots of people, said Jerry. Really need to stick to one subject. What I've found is that lots of times the people who complain represent the minority and the majority is happy. And then when I try and switch things up and do something unpleasant, for example, I did a podcast episode about helping with suicide prevention, and there were comments from people saying, I can't believe you're making money on this video with ads. Then I did another video saying I would have disabled all my ads thinking that I done something good. The outrage on the video was unbelievable to me, even though the silent majority had been fine with me having ads on a video about suicide prevention. When I then disabled the ads, the majority came out was disgusted. They said, Look, we like watching as because this gives us away to give back to you without having to pay you anything and help you make money. Don't disable your ad because a couple of people complained and give up $1500 a month and ad revenue on principle that stupid. And then the next day I turned my ads back on. When you've got everything you do in one place, people will just skip over and naturally find whatever they want to. Occasionally, people will be annoyed because of all the topics mishmash together. But sometimes their annoyance is just a sign. They want Maura about that specific subject. Ah, lot of people have got annoyed with me because I do so many different subjects. I did one they really liked before, and then I don't come back to it. This is why I think it's essential to have a format you can get good feedback in. Such is on YouTube or Facebook, where it's easy for people to comment and help guide me into a being of greatest service to them each day. Thank you very much for listening to a simple way that I format my podcast for video with just having this background on it. I'll show you technically how to do that and thank you for listening about why to even make a podcast in some of the basics that I hope they're helpful 7. Accountability, workflow, and producting amazing results: for doing a podcast, especially a video blawg and beginning and also onto iTunes. I highly recommend doing a workflow similar to mine. Why? Because this workflow allows me to have consistency. It allows me to get through challenges, and it helps track what I've done, you see with working online. It's very easy when the computers off and you're sitting on the couch or laying in bed at night to feel like What have I really done? Have I done anything useful? If I made her contributed anything and this one spreadsheet I have called accountability helped me out incredibly, with this, it helps show me the work I've done. It helps me focus on exactly what I can control, and it helps give me a simple daily goal that I stick to and then get amazing results. From when I started this spreadsheet, I took a leap of faith that I would begin teaching online. It was the first thing I did in my business, with the goal to genuinely provide as much value as I possibly could. Without demanding that I make immediate money back. I felt that if I helped and gave to as many people as possible. I would receive back much more than if I kept hustling and trying to make money just for myself that day or that week. What I did is I set a simple goal, I said. I just want to make two videos, just two videos every day. I remember before this seeing an instructor online, he had 20 video course than I thought. If I had 20 video courses, I would have it made. What I realized is that I was inconsistent. I would do 10 or 20 videos one day and spend 12 hours working. Then I'd be burnt out and not do any for a week. I would come back to it. I do five videos. One day something will go wrong. I'd get annoyed. I'd come back two weeks later, and after a year of trying to teach classes online, I had three classes or so, with a total of about 50 videos in them. Along with having made maybe 50 more videos on YouTube, you might think that's a reasonable workflow, right? I made 100 videos in a year. I realized if I wanted to teach full time online, I would need to consistently produce more videos, and I would need to be able to do a lot more videos. The problem was setting a goal like to do 1000 videos in a year seemed horribly overwhelming. If I suggest something like, Why don't you try and make a podcast 300 podcast episodes in one year? If you haven't started yet or have barely begun, you might think, My God, Jerry, I can't do 300 podcaster vlog updates. In a year that's insane. There's no way it can do that. What if you instead make a simple goal, as I've done? What I did is say, I want to videos a day, and I've evolved that into one of those videos, being my podcast and vlog and then another of them being something like, I'm creating music or a teaching video. I still a year and 1/2. Nearly later, I have the same goal I've had off making two videos the day The problem is, I need to be able to track that just setting two videos a day without being accountable to its somewhere makes it easy to forget what I've done before. It makes it easy to feel like I'm not accomplishing anything. Why? Because sending two videos a day seems like it's a small number. You're not really doing anything right now. Never mind that if you multiply that, that's hundreds of videos a year. That's 600 to 1000 videos a year compared to what I'd been doing before this 100 two videos a day sounds almost too easy. If I say film me, too. Videos today or just that, you could even say, Just make one vlog episode every day. That might sound really easy, you might think. Well, of course I could do that. But if I say look, I want you to be able to in time make 1000 episodes of your vlog you Oh my God, that's crazy. I can't do that. I've Since December 4 2014 I've made 3400 plus videos online, and I've done that not by setting out and trying to make 3000. I just try and make at least two videos every day now. Sure, I miss days. I take trips. I had a daughter who was born. I've had I've had I big use change in my business where I got banned from the website I was teaching on had to totally rethink things. I've had gigantic changes come up, but the one thing that remains consistent, I do those two videos a day and I track them inside this spreadsheet. And more than that, I actually put in here what I'm working on, and I put the date and then what I've got. I have this column up here that adds everything together, and then this shows me my work both on an individual level, and it shows me my work in total. Now, while it doesn't look like much to just do a video or a couple videos a day when you see that I've done 3400 videos since December 4th 2014 you might think, what a lunatic er, that's crazier. I could never do that when you do, Ah, a couple of videos every day, or you just try and do your blogger your podcast. Every day you'll start demanding improvement. Why? Because when you binge work on something for one day, when you sit there and do it 10 or 12 videos, you often Condell with things that aren't working very well. You can accept your slow rendered time. You're inefficient video production process. But when you sit down to do it every single day, it annoys. At least they're like me. It annoys the hell on a me to know I'm going to sit down and use some terrible video production process. And that's what happened quickly. If you look, some of the audio visual equipment I bought was right up in here right when I started. I made purchases right in here because just a few days after trying to do videos every single day, I got aggravated as hell with my poor set up. And I was using a Windows computer up here and after doing videos every day on it for about a month, I got so frustrated with the rendering time that after being a Windows user for 15 plus years, I went out and just tried buying a Mac laptop and recording a Webcam video on it. Now I realized this wasn't the cheapest way could have done it. I spent several $1000 buying a Mac book pro or whatever it is, and I filmed a Webcam video on it and rendered it and went, Oh my God, that's fast! It went 2 to 10 times faster. Then it did on my Windows computer. And then guess what? I financed an I Mac right after that, which allowed me to start doing a live streams on Facebook and on YouTube and allowed me to upgrade tow wire cast, which then my video production process just got better and better and better. And then I went, Ah, complete lunatic. I wanted to live stream on five websites at once. Last year, after getting banned from you to me, I decided I'd play video games full time I rented. And I'm still using a Mac pro with 12 course today, the MAWR you keep using your set up. The speed of improvement continues on a daily basis, and we just make a little improvements every single day, and you do little innovations on a daily basis. Should be amazed at how many things you can produce. While I have 76 video courses currently. That's after getting banned a year ago and having 72 having to go make like 30 or 40 more to essentially make up for the ones I lost. I also have eight audio books. I also have 12 or so books on Amazon and Kindle. I also have put out something like 500 plus videos on YouTube and Facebook. What I'm able to do now is just crazy, because I set a very simple goal and keep tracking it on a daily basis. I also tracked these little things I do on the side because this helps me see what else I'm doing. For example, I noticed I've been working a lot with this online currency dash and realizing that I was killing my ability to make videos working a whole lot extra because I was doing some of these written proposals which were taking a lot of extra time. I think having some kind of spreadsheet or some kind of way to track the work I do every day is essential to keep me accountable. This gives me the motivation. This gives me help when I need it. When something happens like my daughter was born, I started telling a story about how I wasn't doing very good anymore making videos after my daughter was born. Let's go look today and see how that story's been. What happens is we tell these stories that are counterproductive, that actually screw us over and stop us from doing our very best work. So let's go look and see after my daughter was born. Let's go look at this. How Maney videos if I made per day since my daughter was born, which includes moving, traveling and getting banned, I've made 2007 videos since my daughter was born. In less than two years, I've made an average of 3.4 videos per day since my daughter's been born, which included nearly a week of not making any videos and included a big disruption of my filming process. As you can imagine, with a new board and helping out, it included several trips. I've still made 3.4 videos a day since then. That's the power of this spreadsheet is consistency over time. I'm guessing you're here because you don't want to have some mediocre podcast that's 1/2 asked, and that no one gets excited about and that you contribute to occasionally and don't do a good job on you're watching this deep in the course because you want to do a really good job, and this is one of the foundational things that helps me to continue improving. You see that my courses aren't perfect. My YouTube channel is not perfect, but it continues to improve, and I'm able to keep doing better quality in less time. And that is just a miracle today. I'm grateful to have this to share with you because I'm sure I got this from someone else. My friends have started doing the tracking on the spreadsheet, have seemed very happy with it, and I'm grateful I continue doing it today. I choose to track my most important activities audio up here in both songs produced and podcast episodes uploaded videos, including videos to YouTube, Facebook and anywhere else just individually for the one video. So if I upload one video, five places, that's just one and messages I respond to the project's IDEO with averages per day overall of videos and messages and then additional work over here. What you see finally, in this spreadsheet, these are all things I control. No one else controls anything else in here. This allows me to focus completely on what I control. I control the amount of video audio messages and projects I work on, you'll notice there's not dollars in here. There's not likes in here. There's not views in here. These are all things I control. This is my safe place, where I'm accountable to myself and to you for the work I dio. And no one outside of me has anything to do with this. Except, sure, I take suggestions as to what I work on. But this is my safe place, and I'm grateful that I have this to show today. I hope it's useful for you in your work. 8. Branding, choosing a name, and consistency: How do I view my branding for my podcast? This includes how to choose a name for your podcast and what to consider putting on their what I like to dio for YouTube and Facebook. I like to stick with just my name, Jerry Banfield, because this allows me to do everything all on one YouTube channel. Do people complain? Absolutely. They say, Jerry, I can't stand. You got all these different types of videos up. I just subscribe for one of these. I'm un subscribing because I don't want all the rest. Sure that happens. The nice thing is, though, I'm able to put everything in one place. And it takes so much effort, so much work that you really don't want to scatter that. After having 1400 videos on my YouTube channel, I'm grateful I have 149,000 subscribers today, and that is in large part because I put all my videos in one place. When I started my business, I tried making different YouTube channels and guess what? I had a bunch of YouTube channels that no one watched. It is much more effective to put everything in one place that stays the same. So Jerry Banfield stays the same. When I ask people to go on YouTube, I have the same place to ask them to go for the rest of my life. And I have the same approach on Facebook, just Jerry Banfield. I've seen so many real estate agents, insurance agents they put on their Facebook pages someone, for example, their name and then with that real estate or insurance company. Well, what happens when you change companies? What happens when you change lines of work? I find it's very effective to just have things all set up under my name on Facebook and YouTube. Then I can put everything all in the same spot on my podcast on iTunes. I chose the title Happier people, because for podcasting, just having it be my name proved to be a little more challenging. Do I call it the Jerry Banfield Show? Do I call it just Jerry Banfield? What do I call my podcast? I looked at other podcasts and I chose to title my podcast Happier people, because then this is essentially my vlog. This is the purpose off my vlog and of my podcast is to create happier people to help people be happier people. Therefore, I chose the shortest title I could think of. That clearly expressed my mission in my podcast, and I deviated from just having the podcast be Jerry Banfield to give the podcast something that is clear and concrete. Because on the podcast, I am limiting what I put on the podcast. I'm not putting all of my tutorial on educational videos on the podcast because that doesn't fit with what you would want to do on a podcast. If it's a video tutorial, you probably don't want to listen to me say Point and click here for several hours. That said, part of being happier people, I can still upload educational on the informational content on my podcast as well as things like music and my vlog. My podcast mainly, is for my vlog. However, it also has my music now, and some of the older episodes include educational and informational content, happier people bringing it under. This then allows me to keep it that way indefinitely as well, because I would hope I would be working on being happier people indefinitely for the rest of my life. Therefore, I chose a little bit less restrict or a less restrictive on YouTube and Facebook a little more restrictive for my podcast to help it be easy to understand the purpose of listening to the podcast and therefore easier for the listener to see why they would want to keep coming back and listening day after day. I've offered my podcast as a little bit more of a stripped down version of my Facebook and YouTube channel and something that I think is simple to remember as well. Anyone, anywhere, speaks English to remember the phrase happier people. Meanwhile, Jerry Banfield might be a little easier, difficult to remember or spell. Thank you for seeing how I've done my branding on my Facebook and YouTube and on my podcast . 9. Free stock photos with Pexels for a background: How do I do my filming? The first step I like to have for my podcast, especially as a vlog format, is a nice background. One of the most consistent critical feedback comments I saw was Jury your thumbnail. Suck your backgrounds. Boring, etcetera. I found a nice way to do it, and I start ATP Exel's, which offers free stock photos with Creative Commons. Ciruli Since reading, use these however you want, you don't have to sign anything. As you can see, that's how I did the one picture here. I had the microphone full background on one of the videos for this, and I just used pixels over here. I hope that's how you say it. I used pixels to get that available. So what I do, I bring up over here free stock photos and I just search and for this I just searched for Mike and you can see I downloaded this picture right here, and you can literally download the exact same picture if you want to. The license information is available over here. If I move left, you can see it. It is the CC zero free for personal and commercial used to no attribution required free download and then you've got the free download here. If you're sceptical, you can see they make money. They have then affiliate links to stock image companies. Therefore, to me, that seems legit then. So this is what I use given they've got shutter stock and they've got links to graphic stock. The problem with pixels. There's lots of categories that aren't very filled out. For example, I search for podcast and look it. It can't find one podcast photo on it. Now it does have coupons over to shutter stock. What I do is just to pick up a photo. There's lots of just beautiful looking photos you can then set thes as a background image and then goto work doing the podcast. Do you see that? Look, I've got a nice, beautiful image of the city behind me here That's in a good resolution, and I can do it there. That's the easy way to get a nice background using a free stock image, I would imagine. Then, at some point I may update or upgrade to graphic stock as I've continued to use up more of the images. If you think well, I want to be original. I don't want anyone else to have my images. Most people have never seen hardly any of the images on this Web site. Unless people are, I'm watching people who are watching my podcast and then you do the exact same thing on yours. They may see the same image and left. That's OK as well. So this is what I do to just get a free background for my podcast. One of the things I've done on a lot of my podcast episodes that I've recently improved on is I usedto have consistently really boring backgrounds. And you'll notice now that my podcast episodes, when you look at them, they've all got my face. So I think it's good for consistency to have something like my face on there, even if some people don't like it. Instead of having like, I used to have all these bland power point backgrounds with titles. I think these pictures are a lot catchier in the news feed, and they seem to be getting more views. So here's a simple way that I hope is useful for you if you want to do the same basic strategy I do for having a background 10. Filming is so easy with Wirecast!: How do I make my videos and essentially have the same ability to live? Stream them nearly as easily as I'm able to film this here with you. I use a wire cast to do this, which allows me to do cool things like switch my head in real time there, as I've mentioned, if you would like to try our by wire cast, would you please use the link on my website at jerry banfield dot com slash resource is because you pay the same price either way. However, if you use my link, wire cast will be kind enough to give me 15% Which on the wire cast Studio seven. It would be about $75 or so in commission. And if you use wire cast pro. This is what I use wire cast to be kind enough to give me on nearly $150 commission out of this, which I will be extremely grateful for. The cool thing about wire cast is it's available on both apple and windows. Whichever platform you use, I use Apple. What I'm going to show you requires wire cast. In order to do it. However, you can replicate this process with other programs on wire cast. It's really easy, especially if you have wire cast pro Thank you for considering buying it directly using my link. And here's what it looks like while I'm actually using it. I will drag the window. I'm literally recording and filming live now UK. I will take my I'll move my face over here and then the right and you'll see how it moves lives. Look, I'll take the resource is linked off. So I've got this page over here that I'm recording because I've set it up down here, you'll see this option. I've set it up to screen capture whatever's on this screen, and therefore I've got the screen captured on the side. It's nice with wire cast, you have can see a little bit over in the corner. I think if I I'll move my head over to the left, you can see the volume moves over here on the right. Therefore, I get confirmation my microphones not muted and that it's working up here. I've got the record button in the top, and the cool thing about wire cast is you can actually record just one source and you can record everything at once by hitting the record button. I'm recording all of these shots that warrants. So this this is cool. This is like TV production quality. Here. I'll shrink this window up since I'm already on it and zoom in to show you these. So what I've got here I have all the different ways my face can look so we can take my face off. Oh, thank God, Jerry, that's so much better and that you can put it left over here. I can put it right over here. I can do it in the middle. I can click on this one to move right. I click this one to move left. I've got this music view which brings it up a little higher. I can even go upper, right? I can go up or left. I can go Even this little tiny left to Let's try just will Dio which one would work best here? Maybe we'll go lower right here since there's nothing in the way on that or full right, I don't know what I love about wire cast is the ability to change this on the fly. If you've used another program, you might feel really limited at your ability to move things around, and then you have to add it everywhere. What I love about wire cast is that I'm actually able to have this green screen live over here. It has a chroma key on it that then the chroma key all have to do is check that and it takes the green screen out behind me. See if I uncheck this and I hit live. You'll see. This is what I'm actually filming behind. Now this what's awesome about wire cast? I hit the chroma key and look, boom! The green screens gone and I've got a pro quality looking studio set up. That's what I love about wire cast to just film this on the fly. Then on the second level. So these go in layers, so this is kind of the top layer, and then I can keep layering on things essentially underneath it. I have a live donation widget. Aiken, take here on this. I can then just add these media banners in here. I can essentially promote whatever I want to. I can just stick these banners up on the top and this is beautiful. When it comes up in a tutorial, I can just put this on one with, and all I have to do then is have the things I consistently use over here, and then when I'm done, I just turn that off. I don't have to have it on the whole video. I've also got different capture cards. Then if you've got a camera, if you've got different screens, for example, I have one that I can record the screen on my windows computer with. And then I've got another. I can screen capture both of these on my Mac, and then I have a launch screen where I can just put this up in in case I need to step away or beforehand. And then I can just blank it out and there go there goes the back of the screen. So I click the screen capture last what we want Now then I've got my audio interface in down here. If I turn this off, I stopped talking. Then I've got the system audio separately. That way, if I want the max system audio, and I could put that in if I want the Windows system audio. I can put that in. I've got the complete recording set up here then, which is amazing that a zsu nas I click record again. On this I'm done. I have a usable videophile. The only catch is there's a little bit of time at the beginning where you hear me clicking and turning them recording on. And there's a little bit of awkward time. Sometimes at the end, if you've used other recording software methods and tried to render and put your audio together in process, that you can see how amazingly easy this process is by comparison. And this allows me to get my vlog done. This allows me to make courses rapidly and then all after do on Buzz Prow. Once I've finished the video buzz brought literally except the video to it directly, I can just straight upload the video to bus proud, and it's strips the audio out. Therefore, all I need to do is film a video with wire cast, and then I have the video available for YouTube and Facebook. I have the video available as a podcast. To get this a live stream to just requires a few extra step and then I can hit this button toe livestream. I can go live with just a slight bit more effort than pre recording the differences with going live. I get a ton more reach appear. Finally, wire cast has the app CPU that helps me know how much my computers using. If you get wire cast, you will need a computer that has some good processing power. I'm just recording right now, and it's using six or 7% off my Mac pro with 12 cores in it in two video cards. The biggest limitation on wire cast is how much processing power requires. Why? Because you're doing video in real time, often mixing up different sources. Therefore, you may find when you get wire cast, you need to upgrade your computer, which is okay. If you're serious about doing a great job with your podcast and vlog, One of the best ways you can spend money is to get better equipment. My equipment today allows me to fill my podcast with pretty good quality with very low effort, and I'm grateful for that. This is the inside of the filming set up. I do, and I hope showing you the inside of wire cast is helpful 11. Avoiding the temptation to wait or not try: avoiding the temptation toe. Wait until you can do in. Perfect is critical, because when you combine everything else that I've shared here, you might think, OK, well, I'm just going to get all that really nice stuff like Jerry has. Or why even bother? Because I don't have any nights equipment. I'm not able to do it as good as him. Why even bother with him? I know that's a normal temptation that comes up, which is why I pause to show you this here. These were the first videos I have on YouTube, and I actually deleted some of the ones I published before this because they were so bad. My first video was literally about different ways to say the F word. I started with what I had, which, what I had were crappy Webcam videos in my bachelor pad, one bedroom, all of a three bedroom apartment, these air the videos I made. How one how to get women just webcam videos. Not even correctly formatted, just absurd things. Videos about troll things. Look, we're just going to scroll past that one there. Greek caps of basketball games. I mean, just Charlie Sheen sex, things that videos about Miley Cyrus. Look at this title. How to get your girl to go down on you, picking women up the bar. Look how poorly formatted this thing is. It's inside it as black bars on both sides. Absolutely horrible. And these are my first videos, and here we are. Today I've made 3000 plus more. You see, I started with where I had where I waas. I didn't start with nice equipment. I didn't start with anyone except my friends and family. Well, I asked my family not to watch these. I started with just my friends watching my videos, and that's good enough. What I hope to share is that wherever you're at today is good enough. If you can just grab your iPhone and use the voice recorded a record a podcast. Go upload it on buzz. Proud. I encourage you. I suggest. Do a something today, even if it's a little tiny something, even if it's a crappy one minute Webcam video that no one watches. Something is so the biggest difference between nothing. And if you want to build a great blogger podcast, it starts with taking that first step and my first steps weren't pretty. My first steps were offensive. My first step were ugly, not well formatted. Back when I was hella fat and offensive my first video that went when I called viral hardly anyone liked it is total trash. It was basically me saying and me acting like I had eaten Casey Anthony's baby. Yes, that was a video I made. You can see why I got 76 dislikes and most all the likes were from my friends and from me. That was the first video that thousands of people watched that I made. It was horrible. And that's why his private now it's not available to be watched unless you've got. Maybe I should make a service of my website read. Watch my old videos for fee. I started with what I had, and it didn't come out great. It didn't come out nice, But you know what? I kept doing it and is you'll notice I'll go forward. Things keep getting better. Look, all of the sudden, my videos don't have black bars all over them. I literally made a video that says, Do not drive, distracted while I was filming. I mean, talk about ridiculous my wife filmed this. You see, I upgraded and got a better camera. I was actually on the news one night and captured that look for some of these shirts. I didn't even bother putting a shirt on. This was a month into filming my videos. Why even bother putting a shirt on? Look how bad these videos were, and hardly anyone has actually watched any of these, and these actually are public. But guess what? I kept trying Ike help filming Mawr and more videos on a fiver. I hired a girl to make videos for me and then was both happy and sad when her video actually was the first video that went viral on my channel. But again, that was not a sufficient strategy. Yes, I literally have a video about showing my dog pooping and me narrating it, and I hope I made that one private. Then I realized that as it was my YouTube channel, I needed to make videos with me on it. I started. This is two years later I started trying to do videos about my ad budget. You can see hardly anyone watched. These are cared about thes at all and that's two years in after I had been working on doing videos and I just keep trying. I had a series of dolphin shower curtain videos in there, too. And then, as I keep trying, I start making some animated videos. These air just terrible old headset videos. I started to get enough positive feedback on these to motivate me to keep doing better. Look at this trashy video Wife helps her husband get his page up with a sexual innuendo behind. What I was trying to make is an ad for me. But then finally, I did some videos people really liked. I did this video, which was a live two years after I made my channel. I did a live online advertising tutorial for the first time. I thought, What can I create that would really help other people? And I made this showing how I was able to get really cheap Facebook as and guess what? Hundreds of thousands of people watched this many of them through ads, many others for the first time, natural discovery from a video I made, and that motivated me to continue making mawr, and from there it didn't just get easy either. This is where I first tried my podcast episodes. These then were just some ugly background picture without my face with simple narration, and it continues then to get better and better and better. What I'm saying is that you don't need to do it. Perfect is starting out. In fact, just starting out, that is the biggest step or just taking the next step. If you maybe you're a to this point where you're making videos that hardly anyone's watching and you're frustrated. You've been doing it for years. Just keep trying. And if you learn from my experience, think about why you could teach. That would really help him be useful to other people and often these air things that you've been looking for yourself. Big problems you've had that you've then found solutions to and then often most of us forget about them After that, At one point, I wanted to know, How do you get people Listen, your podcast. Well, once I got people list of my podcast, then I just forget about it. Well, I got people listening. Now I hope showing you this is useful because a lot of people I would imagine want to make it pretty like that. They just all the sudden spawned with this beautiful podcast and YouTube channel. No, it has been an ugly, messy adventure full of failure, full of stupid Masti offensive videos full of a bunch of things. Not working full of getting a bunch of hope up on Lee to be disappointed again. As no one likes the new video or no one watches it, I hope that I will give you a better way to look at things. Then I looked at them by giving you simple suggestions for how to promote your podcast and get it out there to the most people to make videos that people love. So this is what I've done. And as you'll notice, I have 48 pages of videos in the 1st 2 years. Onley consist of four of those pages. The more videos you do, especially if you do videos on a daily basis. Things tend to get better. Ah, lot faster. And as you'll notice the farther ahead I go, I continue to innovate. All of a sudden, I've got video game streaming. I continue to just innovate and doom or videos, and I continue to produce them faster and faster. In 2014 I made more videos than I head. I think I made twice as many videos in 2000 and 14 as I had made in the previous 2.5 years combined. That's the power of doing videos, if you can. On a daily basis, I hope showing you how all this comes together is helpful to inspire you for your podcast in your vlog. 12. Promoting a podcast and vlog is easy by sharing with friends: What is the easiest way to get started promoting your podcast? If you're like me, you may be obsessed with getting people actually watch or listen to your podcast. I'm grateful that I don't even know how many people have listened to mine. I can see on Buzz, Bro, if I go over the statistics here that I've had nearly 50,000 listens individually according to what it says. And it says I have about 100 listeners. That's people listen to nearly every single episode overtime on my YouTube and Facebook. I don't even know how many people have watched. It's a lot. I've got hundreds of videos. I would guess it's hundreds of thousands. That's not how I started, as I just explained, and I will give you the exact strategy I used when I essentially rebranded my podcast. So I started. I made a whole bunch. I made hundreds of episodes on my podcast, and I then in 2016 rebranded it as happier people and I started doing essentially the vlog counting days. From there, I looked at it that I was effectively starting over after and mostly not using my podcast for months and after making videos that I just made playing video games complete with controller clicks in the background after not caring, are thinking much about my podcast. I started taking it seriously 147 days ago, and here's what I did to promote it. Even with my big Facebook and YouTube channel, here's what I did. I realized that what I really need is feedback. Feedback is one of the most critical components off in my mind, being able to have an iterative process. I don't say success, I say of continuing improvement. You'll get whatever success you think is by continuing improvement. My friends have provided extremely valuable feedback and what I show you works. No matter who you are, I hope you have at least a few friends. If you don't use Facebook or Facebook, these strategies can be used exactly in person. Once I started up loading these episodes to my podcast, at first I actually was just putting them on my podcast and rendering them into videos that just had audio. And then, after listening to feedback, I started putting them out as videos just like this. After about 50 days now for the 1st 50 days. I just did them in audio, and I rendered the videos into having essentially slides on the background, and I listened to feedback. So the most critical part of promoting a podcast is and vlogs feedback. You want to hear what people care about, what people think. You want that back and forth interaction between the people listening. You don't just want it to be a one way transmission system where you're just talking and everyone's listening. You want to listen back to what people are saying. That's how you improve your quality, and especially when you're getting started or trying to essentially take the next step by being consistent. Having that interaction is crucial in making the improvements from my experience. You get to the next level by feedback and interaction with others. So what did I do to promote my podcast? Starting essentially from scratch, I used Facebook. I figured that what I would do is ask my friends directly toe, listen to my podcast in a message. I have 930 friends on Facebook. That's 930 people to ask to listen to my podcast. There's my 1st 100 listeners or so. It's not any more complicated than that, Jerry. Well, what if I'm doing a podcast I don't want my friends to listen to? Honestly, I think you should reconsider it. You can see is nasty is some of the earlier videos I made were about cussing and making fun of people. I was comfortable asking my friends toe, listen to those and wash those. If you're doing something that's so secretive or something private, you don't want anyone to show, you might consider rather, you want to do that on an ongoing basis. Now my way of looking at it is, if I don't want to share it with my friends and family, that's not worth doing. Except I guess I've shared my I've started doing stand up. I've got one episode up on Vimeo. I tried that, and I don't want my family to watch that. However, I have been open to sharing that and having my friends watch it. And to be fair, my family knows about the things that our I've talked about in the stand up comedy. Anyway, I would say, especially for something public like a podcast. You wanted to be something. There's always an exception for everything you wanted to be, something you're willing to share publicly with your friends and family. If you want something more secretive that it can be done easily after you have an existing free audience. What's nice about a podcast and of log is that it's free now. Water happens a lot of times with friends on Facebook. They'll only message you for something they need. Or you'll only message them when you want something money here by my product or go sign up for this. The nice thing about a podcast. It's a great way to deep in a relationship when you make a podcast episode that you're thinking about your friends on Facebook, as I did then, I was comfortable asking my friends even people I'd had not talked with in months or years or ever girls that I had had a crush on in high school or that I knew from college. I then just message them to ask them to listen to my podcast, along with whoever else was in the news feed. So how what did I do? Here's my strategy. I have not looked at my news feed in a while some what I did, I went down and I found the people. I found friends who were actively posting on Facebook in the news feed. And then what I did, I sent them a message asking them to listen to my podcast, saying, Would you listen to my podcast? Because I think you'll enjoy it. I think a great friendship is built on asking favors for others. When I asked my friends for a favor toe, listen to my podcast. I'm amazed how many of them went through and listen to. At least one episode gave feedback, and some of my friends have listened toe 80 orm or episodes off my podcast, and that is the easiest way to get started promoting your podcast. You don't have to run any ads, and it helps have a realistic outlook on the expectations for how many people are going toe . Listen, when you just go ask your friends on Facebook, then you're not sitting there hoping it'll go viral or get to the number one of the top charts. You don't need to do that stuff to me. I do my podcast because it's good for me. I do my podcast because I love doing it, just like teaching courses, just like all the other stuff. I do it because I love doing it. If you're going to do a podcast, I would suggest this a really bad way to do it as a means to an end. There's better ways to go out there and just try and make money. A podcast is end of log. They're not very easy to monetize for quite a while. If you're hoping this to be a quick way to make money, it's not. If you're hoping, though, it will be a good way to really help people. And in helping people, you will make more money than ever if you're like me and just trying to help and do something good. Therefore, the easiest way is to just that. Look in your news feed. Scroll down in your news feed on Facebook and see who's active and then send them a message and say, Would you listen to my podcast? Be vulnerable. Don't try and sell them super hard on it. Don't bother trying to force them to say yes, like I did this for you before. Now you need to do this for me. Just ask if you've seen Fight Club scene with Brad Pitt and we're Norden. He's asking him State his place and Edward Norton Whipple's and waffles and tries to go around it and Brad Pitts like, just ask, Can I stay at your place? Sure. Just ask. Just make a simple ask. Now, if it's something like you see your high school crush and you haven't talked to them in 10 years, then it's nice to put some context with it as well. T ask, Would you listen to my podcast? And it especially people have. You've been liking their photos and statuses for a long time, but you haven't talked to him. It might be nice to say, Hey, I saw your recent post in the news feed. I just made a podcast and thought you might like to listen to it. Would you like, Would you try listening to it? And then you could maybe even make a more specific ask and say, Look, I feel a really friendship is made when one person asked the other for a favor. So I'm going out on a limb and asking you for a favor. If it's someone you haven't talked to in a long time. A simple ask with maybe one or two other sentences to put it in context might help or it might not. I sending messages out to people I haven't talked to in a long time, didn't do much in terms of getting a response. But I don't know if they might have actually listed on the podcast they might not have. Sending messages to my friends who have actively been interacting with them on Facebook has produced a really good result. I've consistently had friends who went and listened to one or more episode. Some friends have listened to a lot of episodes, and then they give me feedback. They give me topic ideas. And that's how my friends pointed out and said, Jerry, I like it better when you do your videos live. I would rather watch a video where your face is actually on it and talking My one friend, he said. It's so much more interactive. I prefer that. So now my new episodes all have me talking on the videos instead of just doing audio on Lee . If I hadn't got ahold of my friends on Facebook, I wouldn't have been able to get that valuable feedback. The problem with doing a podcast just throwing it up on iTunes or something is that it's very hard to get feedback. That's why I love especially doing the live videos. But the live videos aren't that easy often and get started with now. Sure, you can do one. You can just get your phone out and do a live video that way and get some feedback on Facebook. YouTube Instagram. I highly recommend any format. You can get feedback because feedback is the most critical for improvement. And ultimately, the motivation to keep doing your podcast in my experience comes from getting that feedback from listeners. I'm very grateful for that, and I'll share more about that. 13. A vision for an amazing podcast and vlog: How do you keep doing a podcast or vlog day after day? The most critical element to me for this is the interaction with the people who are listening. The feedback I get from others is why I'm still doing this and why I love doing it so much . I've done this now. If you started day one, I've done this now for 142 days in a row, and I will do episode 143 here with you and do it live and show you how I set that up. The key that has kept me doing this is the interaction with comments on YouTube that people have shared the comments on Facebook that people share that keep me loving and coming back that are excited, like, for example, Michael. Here's shares that he found it way too short. He thinks 15 to 20 minutes is much better. So I'm extremely grateful for this kind of feedback. It's this feedback that keeps me continuing to do my podcast day after day. After all, if I'm doing something that's not useful to anyone else than, why am I doing it? If I just want money. Wouldn't I be better to go work a job somewhere where I've got some kind of a guaranteed result? If I'm just doing it to get attention and to be popular, then I wouldn't care necessarily about what other people have to say. I hope toe have it of genuine service, both to hear the critical feedback. For example, Michael listens to Ah, lot of these podcast. Michael's been helped me so much for learning and understanding how what I'm creating is being used, and Michael's become a member of my Facebook group. My mastermind and I've even made now a video with Michael, and this kind of feedback is hugely helpful because over time, having a great podcast and vlog to me seems to be a continuous experiment. I usually have been doing these longer episodes like 20 minutes here, 16 minutes here and what I did as I tried one shorter, and then I asked for feedback. Now, while 29 likes on that one, there are 22 people that disliked in, and a lot of the comments indicated that a shorter course or shorter form of this I'm filming, of course, right now, a shorter podcast is not desirable and this helps me see. OK, this is what I need to do. The feedback also helps me a lot to accept a little bit of imperfection in exchange for a lot more time saved. Making the podcast I've learned in sharing so many of these and now translating this to a video course that it's OK if my words aren't perfectly sync up. It's OK if I don't read from a script and say everything exactly on time, right when the teleprompter says that. No, my God, the teleprompter fell over, and I don't know what to do now and I'm about to blow. I find it's a lot more fun, and I've gotten good feedbacks. I've hardly received any feedback. The people are suggesting, Jerry, you need to add it, your podcasts and take out your random crap and stupid little aside tensions and comments. I've gotten hardly any feedback about that. I've gotten a lot of feedback. That's positive, saying that what I'm sharing his honest, heartfelt it's enjoying the listen to. It's interesting and that's what keeps me making this. That is why I suggest for promotion. Get out there to friends and family because it's really challenging to get strangers to give you that heartfelt feedback. End The mistake I made making a lot of my videos and even my podcast before they tried to promote it, too. Random people, I thought. Well, I'll just online advertise this. I thought quantity instead of quality. It's critical for the quality you see, like in my mastermind. These interactions, these interactions I have are so helpful for me to learn and grow because ultimately, aren't you doing your podcast? Because deep down, you want to be the happiest person possible. You want to be used for one of service. You want to contribute to the world. You want people to care about you and love you. What I find is that it's critical. Have their back and forth for me now have the opportunity to love my listeners, to look at the feedback they share. And that's my opportunity. Love my listeners to read and pay attention to what my listeners and viewers have to say. I'm grateful that I've learned this because, ah, lot of the videos I put out there a lot of the courses I put out there that you might say weren't successful, that no one enjoyed. That didn't make a difference that didn't help. I was just thinking about me, and I would just try and promote when you're selfish, like I've been so much of my life, you tend to be attracted two things that also promote that selfishness. For example, online ads. They give you this instant gratification of all these views and all these theoretical people. What I've learned is that I want to have a community. I want that back and forth those interactions because seeing that I have got views does not motivate me to continue. For example, this video here with 4000 views. I'm not motivated to do more videos like that just because they got a lot of views I have been in the past. I have a League of Legends video that went viral, and I made the mistake of trying to do a lot more videos like that just to get views. And even though lots of people like to them, I finally stopped doing them because there was so much negative feedback. There was so many people saying, Stop doing all these gaming videos. I really like your podcasts do some more teaching videos and a lot of the interactions on the League of Legends Videos were negative people complaining, You're terrible, The game. I don't like this and I took that to heart. What I'm doing it should be reflected based on the feedback now. That's not to say that people shouldn't ever dislike a video. That's not to say I should quit making music. For example, I've done these two music videos. It's not to say I should quit making music because 77 people disliked it. What I'm saying is that it is important to be able to interact with people. And instead of looking at something as this a grand izing self promotion thing, to look at it as building a community and building a community tends to take time. And it's be easiest to start with the friends and family you already have. It's continuously frustrating as it was frustrating for me for years as I tried to just throw things out to the whole Internet instead of simply making videos and podcast episodes that I hope to my friends and family and find useful. Guess why I'm making this class because Michael, among other people, asked me, Make a class about podcasting and there that I'm making a class off for Michael, essentially about podcasting and blogging. And this is how I know what work to Dio because I've got all these ideas in my head. But how do I know which one I should actually put my time and energy into today. I hope focusing on this allows you to miss the biggest consistent mistake I made in doing my vlog and podcast is just thinking about myself, just trying to get the most views possible instead of considering. What would I make today? That would be the most helpful for the people who love listening to it already. What could I make to share with my friends and family that would be helpful for them? When you tie all this together with promoting it, then there's no panic. You don't need to get to the top of iTunes. You don't need to get on top of the YouTube recommended feed. You don't need to be in everyone's news feed on Facebook. You can just peacefully do a good job. Love what you're doing. Share with your friends and family And that's enough if you keep listening and iterating back and forth as your friends and family give you feedback like Michael's given me here, like so many of you likely are to have given me. When you keep iterating that back and forth, you will continue to attract more and more people. And then, if you do promote it with ads, it will tend to you'll have a lot better thing to promote. The hard thing in getting started is usually whatever you create in the beginning is relatively bad compared to what you can do. My very first song here, I'm sure, will be relatively bad compared to my 10th hundreds or maybe thousands song. And yet you've got to start somewhere. And if you listen to the feedback, you'll get told exactly what to do to make it better. What you see here is a product of me interacting tens of thousands of times with people online, especially friends and family and my most enthusiastic followers, which I'm guessing you're one of those the interactions back and forth. So that's a huge part of why I suggest doing the videos live and getting them on Facebook and YouTube and taking the comments. If one person watches and one person comments, that's outstanding. You don't need a lot of people watching. I get a lot of feedback, Jerry. You've got 150 K subscribers and only 11 people watching. It's nice to have fewer people watching because it's easier to have meaningful interactions . Someday there will probably be 10,000 plus people watching my live videos. And guess what? It will be hard to have a meaningful interaction with anyone, then having a nice, small community of people who love your podcast to listen to it. Who tell you Well, I hated what you talked about the other day, but I love the day before that that to me, that is what a wonderful, amazing podcast feels like. And I feel like I have that today, and I'm grateful have the chance to share that with you. 14. Start a live vlog in 2 clicks on Facebook!: Here's the very easiest way to start a vlog and podcast before you even need to bother getting hosting before you even have to do hardly anything. If you've got a Facebook account, look, I suggest to do what is absolutely the easiest. A lot of us think that we're supposed to work hard and suffer and struggle. No, I'm lazy. You might think, well, that it doesn't look like it. I embrace the fact that there is a big part of me that's lazy, that just wants to do stuff that's easy in embracing that I'm motivated to just do what's very easiest from where I'm at now. Today I'm in the position where it's easy to film this video class for me, which is why I'm doing it. However, your position may differ. If it's easy. Just do the I suggest to the very easiest thing you can today on. One of the easiest things might be to just do a live video on Facebook, where Jerry, I'm scared. Roger. I don't know about it. Just try it. Don't you think I've been scared? I still get scared when I goto put up something I'd go to do my life podcast. I get nervous. I get down on my knees and pray beforehand to do a good job for everyone. I say thank you for the opportunity to do this. I get up there, I'm nervous. I click all the buttons and I start talking, and it consistently comes out pretty well. Here's the very simplest way to get started now you two best live video streaming you can do on your phone. Also, if you have the ability to do you to buy, encourage that Facebook is the easiest way to reach your existing friends. Now look how easy this is. You literally click on live video on desktop. You can type in something, just I'll make my face little smaller. You something ultra simple here. High type in high hit next over here. Facebook wants to use camera and microphone allow. Look, now I've got my life gigantic screen up here and then I can you can actually to share a video from an external device. You can even click here and potentially set up something like wire cast on your personal profile, and then Facebook gives you more information about how to do this so you can actually go live from a profile with wire cast as well, which is just the outstanding. So I've got I can set this up here and then look, I can go live, like, literally in the push of a button. I can start going live, and I may see if I do my page in my personal profile at the same time, because it is probably just another liner to of coding and in It's not easy. But look, even if you don't have a webcam or have a microphone, look, let me show you how easy it is. You can open the Facebook app up here and I'll make my screen will make this bigger put in here. Look, you can open up the Facebook app. You can open that up right there you go click on there's a little button. You can see it. Maybe not very well says Live. You click on the live button and a skip intro and look. It has. It's I know it's going to show mess, but you can't see it. A look. All I have to do is described my life video and hit Go life. It's literally let me count the button clicks one. And after I skipped intro video the first time, I can literally once I'm on the home page on Facebook, I can go live in two clicks Now. You might be lazy like me, but damn two clicks. It's that easy to start doing a blogger podcast two clicks, and you can then get out to all of your Facebook, for you can have the best chance to get out to all of your Facebook friends than by going live. You don't even ask to ask or beg them to listen. And the best part about doing live is that you can get feedback. You could start talking about something one of your other friends will say, Well, what about this? And you could start talking about that, and you don't have to put any pressure on yourself if it comes out stupid. You don't have any shirt on like era pull. You know you don't have any shirt on like I didn't have on and a lot of my early videos you were a tie with a dolphin shower curtain behind you cost you sound stupid. It's I encourage you to not used a language that is like just create or try. I would avoid any, like hate speech or anything like that was a good idea o r avoid. You know, anything up to see, and I probably wouldn't show any new to dear anything like that. I you you understand what's reasonable. I trust you toe manage what I've said within the context of what's reasonable. What I'm saying is to accept that you're good enough to just click two buttons and start talking and then respond to people. One of the worst things I've found is watching a stream where it's not responsive. And that's why having a smaller audience 1 to 5 or 10 20 smaller audience is great because you can do the interaction, the bigger streams. The interaction element really stinks when there's 10 20 40,000 people watching event ones . The live streamer. Even I paid $100 my favorite livestream or No A J. 456 I paid $100 to tip and then essentially get him to notice me and I tried to like, advertise it in any way. The experiment didn't work, but for me to actually get Noah Jada recognized me in particular, but not enough to remember me to respond to my email was, Ah, $100 donation. That got me a few minutes of attention in the chat. It's nice to have a smaller audience because then you can really learn and grow. The bigger the audience gets, the more challenging it gets. Toe learn and connect individually with the audience. It's not ideal to have some huge audience. I know, because that's what I'm in the middle of I've had now. I had hundreds of people watching a bunch of my videos live, and the more people watch, it's hard to actually interact to respond with anyone, which takes away a lot of the value of it if you want. If you've been thinking about starting a podcast, look, there's no excuse. Now there's two buttons you can click on here. Two buttons. You're not that lazy. And if you're afraid I have a lot of what you might call anxiety or fear. Come up before I do a podcast. I get down on my knees, I pray, and I do it. If you don't have some butterflies in your stomach, if you don't have a little bit of excitement than you might not care about it enough to do it. There are some actors they still throw up before they go on stage to do whatever they are doing. If you have passion about it, it's good to be excited. I get excited before doing something like this because I have passion about it. It's good to have passion to be excited, and it's good to work through that and learn and grow with people and to know you don't need to be she top streamer youtuber. You don't need to have a bunch of people watching there listening to make something that's really helpful for the people who are there with you. And guess what? It just might be really helpful for you to. I hope I've shown you just the ridiculously easy way to get started live streaming on Facebook. And there's no ads on Facebook while there are but in your lives from you can just do your life stream without a bunch of advertising on it, without worrying about anything. And I suggest also don't complicate stuff to start even with my live streams. I do today, I keep stuff relatively simple, like here. I could have put a link in to try and get clicks to my website. And here's one I Something I did. A video recently went out to 150,000 people in new speed. I didn't even bother to try and like my own website in the beginning of it. Don't worry about promoting and all that crap. Just get out there, be useful to someone and you'll get the feedback to suggest how to do everything else. Thank you. And I hope this is useful for you today. 15. Editing, scripting, planning, and sharing: how to pick out a topic plan out of podcasts, script it or any of these other concerns. Similar? I do total leap of faith, complete speaking from the heart. That means I don't have to plan out farther than often just, ah, few minutes in advance to plan the topic and maybe write some about it, especially doing most of my early episodes. Now, if I run my whole fancy set up and do it live as I show you, then that takes a little bit more planning. But still, I don't sit there and do all this. In my mind. I trust my heart to share whatever is on my mind that day. And look, I don't even try and look perfect. Some days I come out with a rant. I came out with a rent one day against Dash and look, I'm not trying to be some great person. I'm just hoping to be useful and helpful to others. It's so easy to just step up and share whatever's in my heart, and this eliminates all that work of scripting, of trying to make it look perfect. What I give up is trying to look like I've got it all together. I don't I've got it together better than I've ever had it together in my life. And I don't need to go. And this is why encouraged. Get out there to friends and family because you won't feel the need as much to maybe put all your makeup on or to get your hair gel. Now I just tell my air consistently, so maybe you will feel the need to put makeup on her gel your hair, put a shirt on that goes good with it. Were you with your friends and family? It's easier to just be natural. And I think the key is to be natural because the world is filled with things that are edited where the humanity stripped out of them. And I think most people are just dying for something that's honest. That's from an open heart, and especially when it's from someone they know. I think nearly everyone has a great chance to create a podcast. Today. I am enjoying listening to things just like this myself, and I'm grateful that I have the chance to create and contribute to this. I first discovered this through Eckhart Tolle. I listen to one of his retreats, and I realized this wasn't edited. It was an audiobook. It wasn't edited. And I realized he was much funnier when he wasn't edited. That it was much more enjoyable to just listen to someone speaking from the heart instead of what Hopes? I said this there. And maybe we won't like that Simon editor. So don't worry about to begin with. Forget editing. Forget making it look perfect. Just get out there. And even if you forget what you're going to say, like right there, I just want my talking about. I don't even remember what the title this video is. I don't even remember what I had to say. And I just trust that I'm going to say what I need to say. It's a big leap of faith to essentially trust. When you speak from the heart. Now, it's not really big leap of faith. It's just different context. Do you need a script when you're talking to your mom, your dad or your son or your daughter? Your friend, your family? You might Well, maybe I do need the script. Maybe I wouldn't custom out so much. The point is, you share from the heart. Naturally, when you talk to people, so just do that. That's what I do. I just essentially talk the same way on here that I talk out everywhere else. Going Alcoholics Anonymous meetings helped me a lot with this to just share naturally and to realize that some of the things I really wanted to share naturally may be needed to be looked at and healed and talk to the counselor about. And then I'm in a better position to share her about. I used to have our time honestly, sharing without saying f this and f that every other word or sentence. And I'm grateful that I got feedback. Jerry, if every when you say f this and f that every other word, A lot of people have a hard time listening and other people just laughed without hearing your message. I'm grateful today I'm willing to step up. I don't know what I'm going to make podcast day 143 about, I don't know, and I'm minutes away from setting it up. I've shown you all the basics. If you like me to add something else, would you please suggest that I have got all the main things I see down. I'm about to just show how I set all this up and guess what? I don't know what the title is gonna be. That's right. I don't know what I'm going to talk about. In just a few minutes again, I trust it will come out as all the other ones have come out before. As all the conversations, I talk with my mom. I I talked with my friends and family every night on the phone. I don't need a script to talk to them. It just comes out and that's all I need to do here. That's what's happening right now. It just comes out so I don't worry about scripting. I give up trying to look perfect. I be vulnerable. I show up some days and say things that are stupid. I say things that are wrong. I This is make myself look stupid. Sometimes I in solve other people and then I apologize for that. Sometimes I have a rant and I just complain. I try not to do that, but look, some days that's the best Aiken dio and I'm learning and open to feedback to doing better. So this is how I go forward and just share open heartedly, and I trust that I'll get the help I need to keep making new episodes. 16. Preparing my thumbnail quickly with Camtasia and a Pexels photo: Would you like to see my complete production process for my live podcast? I'll show it to you, including the live video, and attempt to omit as little as possible to begin. I need to have some idea of what I'm going to talk about. First I decide. Well, I great back to the lazy thing. I might as well talk about this today because I've been talking about it all day. I might as well promote my course about podcasting and blogging. I might as well get that promoted while I've been doing that today. So I'm going to actually talk more about this. Essentially, this will be kind of a review, and I'll use my podcast episode to then promote my course here. So what I'll need to do first is published my course. And if you want to see the power of my video production process with wire cast, just take a look at this. Here's my finder window I have filmed. I started filming in 8 43 AM today. You'll see it's 11:07 a.m. And if I refresh here, if this has got another video processed, I have one hour and 36 minutes off actual video in the class and I am ready now. I've filmed all these videos in under three hours, 2.5 hours. I've got an hour and 36 plus minutes of actual video. What I'm going to do then is show you how I get this up and then I'm going to actually promote this this morning on my podcast. Well, so I'm excited about the immigration I have among all the different parts of my business today. Now, the first thing I did I need a thumbnail will publish the course and any of thumbnail for the podcast episode. So what I did, I recorded a short video in wire cast off the thumbnail I want. So I'll bring that over. I use Camp Tasia to to do a thumbnail video. So I've got my I used Apex ALS photo with this microphone in this image. Is this the very best thing ever for it? I don't know, but this is what I'm going to run with and was, since I'm going to use this for a course, it might be nice to add a little an notation on here so I could put easily. Put some text on here. I can throw it a little texting on this and give it say the podcasting titles. So I'm going to make a thumbnail first. Now, this is the same for my podcast Production II. In order to do my podcast live, I need to have a thumbnail. So this is the same process I used to make a thumb now, because you don't want to just use some d folder generic thumbnail for every live podcast, especially on YouTube. So start a vlog or podcast. Today, I've got a nice now thumbnail fixed in here, and this is all free. Then I just using my existing set up. And now it's just this easy. I go over here. So it took me, like, 30 seconds. And now I've got a nice natural picture of my face on here with perhaps a cheesy photo. Whatever. It's not perfect. It works good enough and it's quick. So no, I saved frame as to save this. I then go over to my Dropbox over here and I drop it in pictures and then I call start a podcast today. So I've got that saved. Now I don't even need this camp Tasia project anymore. I'll just keep it over here just in case. I'll go throw that over there. Now that I've got that saved, I can then go edit the skill share class and put the thumbnail on it so I can go over. When I published the skill share class, I want to make sure you have the thumbnail on it. I go over here, save draft and then I want to publish the skill share class first so I can promote it. So what? I'll do? No. I'll fill the rest of the skill share info in and I'll publish it. But then when I'm ready to go live on my YouTube channel, what I'll do, I'll use this exact same thumb now. So I hit Changed thumbnail over here, and I you hit start a podcast. Today I upload the thumbnail in their fraud A and what I dio I then fill out the description in here. So I go over and fill out the title of this. I fill out the description and then I've got a canned set of links I used below that. So for this new a live stream. I will start from scratch, which then I've got my candle links down below here. Then I'll edit this and then in order to do it live on Facebook that I can just simply copy this. So this is my process. The very first thing I dio is I come up with an idea, and then I get that idea into the YouTube live set up, and I get the thumbnail done for it. And once I get the thumbnail done, then I'm ready to do the live streaming on Facebook and YouTube and toe have it recorded for my podcast and even recorded for this course. 17. Preparing to go live on Wirecast: After creating my thumbnail, I'm nearly finished getting ready to go live. I also took a break as my daughter took a nap and I spent some time with her. So I go back over here and show you what I did In the meantime, in the meantime, I wrote out my description. I went down here in YouTube. I made a title. I got the thumbnail. I made a title and wrote out a description down here, including a link. When I do the podcast free, I want to mail below promote this course. So I published this course already. Now I will be adding this to it. I've written essentially the description, the sales page I referenced to in the description. You'll see I started off with the key line. Do you want to grow and launch your video Blogging A k. I stated the purpose. Then I'm essentially selling the course where I can get a sign up for skill share in here. I explain why I love skill share premium as well. I don't just leave the link, but I throw that out there. Then I give a link to my resource is I put a description for the podcast down here. And then I go over and talk about wire cast in Brust Row, each with those affiliate links. And then I have another link down here. So I've got that description, and what I'll do is carry that description over into Facebook directly. Now I'm ready. I even went and set up my twit so I'll put this live on Twitch just because I can. Also, I'll put it live on Twitch. And now I'm at the facebook dot com slash live slash create. Now all I need to do to create my life stream. I'm actually going to use my personal profile and my page and my YouTube channel and my twitch all at the same time. Maybe even Twitter. Why? Just because I can. So all I have to do is create my live stream, and then when I click next, Facebook will give me what's called a stream key in order to use that when I'm in wire cast , I goto output. I go to output settings and because I'm recording, it gives me a little warning, and then when I'm on my output settings, all I have to do is switch up the stream key in here. Now you need to make sure and keep your stream key secret, Because if you give your stream key out, someone could watch and then broadcast stream directly to your page or personal profile using your exact stream. Keep harbor stream keys also expire once they've been used. If you don't do your stream within five hours of it, it expires. So for I either already used this or this dream keys five hours old and the entire keys not there any way that you want to be able to keep that secret. What you can do in wire cast in your sources is each place you want to live stream. You just go set it up and you look and get the recommended settings of four each individual service for Facebook, all you need is art TMP Server. And then you copied the exact stream key you get from Facebook. You will start off with this and then you just copy the stream kit gives you and drop it in the stream and then you're all set to stream to Facebook. You can get fancy and then stream to YouTube. I'd say the top destination to start with is definitely Facebook, however, the one that presents the most potential for building your audience. Naturally, I think, over time is YouTube therefore possible. I suggest being able to stream at a minimum tier personal profile and if your computer can handle it, your personal profile and YouTube. If you have a Facebook page, you can do that as well. And then, if you want to get crazy, you can go over to twitch, depending on what your streaming you can do. Twitter Beam is Microsoft streaming service. You can hit ah hip boxes. Well, there's lots of different services. You can stream, too, and I encourage is I've done research. Look at the different places you can stream to. You can also record to disk, and this is the most critical, because that's what I'm doing right now. I'm recording this two disc, and I set up my profile for how I wanted to record. I'll show you my edit in here. This is how I have it. Is this the perfect way to record everything's flexible? I like 1920 by 10 80 with the to 64 encoder three quality for fasting coding, and I do average bit rate, as you can see right there, I put the audio over here like that. Is this the exact perfect way to do it? That's what I use. It works good enough. It makes small file sizes that instant and only upload. I do think auto increment file names is really good, because as I keep streaming, I want to be able to automatically just have new ones. So I go rename. I've filmed all of these today I go rename each of these when they're done that way, I don't get confused as to what it is. So this is how I get the stream set up. The last part to show you is the final process before going live on Facebook. 18. Final countdown to live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch: I'm so excited to share the were in final preparations. Now I actually started. I went over here and I hit Start Facebook page and start personal profile. You can see it's actually streaming to those right now, and it looks just the same. Whenever you're actually live, you'll notice my app. CPU here is in the 30% streaming to these two. And then if I bring activity monitor over here, you'll see, then I've got thes. I've I've still got 50% of my processing power available, which is important because you don't want to match your CPU out or the quality of your stream will go downhill if you're streaming and your Maxine your CPU out. That means you either need to upgrade your computer or downgrade either your settings or your streaming sources. I'm grateful I pay 300 a month for this Mac pro, and it can handle a lot of life streaming at once. You can get your computer financed through apple. They have a good financing program. If you want a more powerful computer, you can also build your own, which may be the cheapest way to do it. What have I done between these videos. After hitting the create, I hit the create button and then you'll see this is the actual stream. It's not I haven't hit Go live on it yet What I did then I took my title from YouTube and my description from down here. And then I've pasted that into each of these. A little kind of post Facebook lets you make. This one is for the page and then this one is for my personal profile. You noticed you only tag a video game on your personal profile. This is why it's nice to right out the description here on YouTube because for search, this is ideal. You want whatever you're talking about to be able to get found. And then once you're able to write that out, you can put that exactly on Facebook. You can put it then, on your description of your episode on iTunes or on your podcast host. I'm already to go. No, this is what I've done. And what I will do is I will show you next the actual recording from the Livestream ideo and then wrap it up here with you. Now, where'd I put Livestream to turn this off? Their it iss 19. Day 143 of Happier People Part 1: would you like to be able to make your own podcast or video blawg, a k a vlog, Just like I'm doing here. I'll give you the basic tools to get started doing that right now. In day 143 of happier people podcast here with me. Jerry Banfield. I find that doing this is really good for me. It's like having a daily journal. It allows me to explore and I'm thinking about, and it keeps me accountable. When I say something, I'm working on the next day that I'm responsible. I've kept that in mind. My brain thinks about that, and I'm responsible for sharing that with you. If you would like to continue learning in depth, would you go take my class? I've got a direct link to an on Facebook and YouTube and twitch. Would you take my class That's called podcast and flog live on Facebook, YouTube and iTunes with wire cast and bus proud. It shows you exactly how I'm doing what I'm doing today, which actually is the first time I've been live on my personal profile on Facebook and my Facebook page. At the same time, I'm really excited to give this a shot, because up until now my personal profile has been pretty much useless in my business in terms of being able to do my life streams. So I'm excited. I figured out how to get both of those live at once. If you'd like to see everything I use in my business, would you go to jerry? Banfield dot com slash resource is I'm able to do this live on my page on my profile on YouTube and on Twitter at the same time, because I'm using wire cast seven pro for Mac. If you would like to try that, would you please use my link here over to try wire cast? Because I get a commission off 15% if you actually buy it and you get the same cost? Either way, it's available for Windows and Mac, and I really appreciate it. You could think of it like a tip what I hope to share in my podcast every day, our tips for a living, a happier life, which sometimes they're just insights into what I'm actually doing. I'm grateful for the comments I've seen so far. Thank you, crypto Cory, for watching Ahmed s are lik con om fan. Thank you for watching Thomas. Thank you very much for watching on my personal profile on Facebook. Thomas has helped me out a bunch because Thomas has showed me exactly how to buy professional level audio equipment. But here's the amazing thing. If you're thinking well, you've got this studio with all this stuff set up, and there's no point in me even trying. It's really, really, really easy to start of log today. Or a podcast you can. It's this easy. It's a facebook dot com slash live slash create. It's this easy you hit, create Livestream, and then Facebook will ask you where you want to put the live stream to, and then you can use another program to do the live stream, or you can actually just go on your phone. You can whip your phone out and with literally when you're on the Facebook main screen. If you click live, you literally just have to click like one more button and maybe type of quick description in and you can go live. I encourage going live on your personal profile the start, because getting feedback is critically important for having a podcaster of log. I'm grateful for the thousands, if not tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of comments I've got on YouTube and Facebook that have helped me to make it consistently better podcast. For example, yesterday I went and asked, Would you like episodes less than five minutes in length? And the overall consensus was no. Don't put episodes of less than five minutes of link. We like to hear the idea get completely explained. We like to be able to listen to this on the way toe work. We like to be able to understand what you're saying fully and lots of times. A quick 2 to 5 minute video is just enough to get you curious, which is then disappointing when you don't follow through with it. I appreciate a Maarouf says he's watching you from three sites on three taps. Thank you for watching on three sites on three tabs at once. That's impressive. I guess I'm technically watching myself on two different websites at once. Right now, 12 2 different versions of Facebook. Why bother starting a podcaster of log? It sounds like it's challenging, but it's really not, especially when you look at this course I have. It's two hours. I show you exactly how I do what I do. You can do what I do pretty easily. The main payoff for me is in my own life. Whatever else I get his secondary, which is nice, because then I don't have to obsess over how many people are going to watch or listen. My podcast is good for me. I love doing it. I benefit from it. Therefore, I don't have to obsess about how many viewers I'm getting, how Maney listens. I'm getting all these other things now. I'm grateful that when you combine everyone stats, it looks really good that on my iTunes podcast were up to nearly 50,000 plays on it, which is amazing. And that's a fraction of what is watched on YouTube and Facebook. What I look at it after feedback from so many of my friends saying, Look, Jerry, we prefer to see your face in your voice. It's so much more interacting than if you just record it on audio and then upload that. And that feedback motivated me to just do video life streams. Why? Because it's a lot easier to just do audio on Lee doing videos a lot more interactive. Another thing is the power of doing these things on a daily basis. When you're accountable like I am, I show up and do my podcast every day. That means if I'm in a piss poor mood, I still have my podcast to Dio and some days I come on and basically rant and rave a little bit on my podcast about one thing or another. And the good thing about that is that you get an honest picture of my life. Then some days I come on and I honestly don't have much good to say. I'm complaining about how the world is Other days I come on, I'm very happy. Other days like today, I've got something a concrete skill that I hope is useful for you to a little dive deeper into exactly what I'm doing. If you think well, that's great. You can do this, but I look, I have a full time job. I have kids. I don't have time to do a blogger podcast. How would your friends and family benefit from being able to learn more about your life and to follow along. What if your friends and family would watch and listen to your podcast instead of watching other TV shows? I think the beauty of of log and podcast is It gives us the chance in a world that feels disconnected lots of times to connect with each other and to help and solve problems. What I find is that I have time for a lot of things. I have a business online. As you can see, there are here. There's lots to do with it. I have a wife. I have a daughter. I have family. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous everyday, which takes about an hour and 1/2 and I get eight or 10 hours of sleep every single night. I take a walk with my dogs for an hour every night. I talked to my friends and family. I listen to books. I spend 30 minutes or an hour a day reading books. I've got a full life, too, and I've made this podcast and vlog one of my top priorities. Why? Because it's good for me and that's why I've done it. If you look back at these episodes, I've done it hundreds of days in a row now. In fact, I was feeling one day like, you know what? Whatever. I'll just skip my podcasting and my wife's like, Why you've got 100 some days in a row? Why don't you just do one today? So I felt like I didn't have time to do one, so I just did one. And with Facebook, it's so easy. You just can get your phone out and hit the button and start live streaming. And that's how you can start of log. You don't need to right away. Get into fancy things and be on YouTube and Facebook and twitch and Twitter and bit box and beam all at once. If you like doing just a Facebook live stream, you can easily start working up to these things, especially with what I share with you. In my class. I have a mastermind group where we all are working on and talking about these kinds of things. If you build a community and keep working at this every day, I think the results really powerful. Yes, crypto, Corey says. You are very busy. I I am very busy, Thomas says. What's my CPU like on wire cast. If you want to get fancy, I have a Mac Pro with wire cast. I'm on 34 different, technically four different life streams that wants to on Facebook, one on YouTube, one on twitch, the CPE. Use that 64% of the application, and I've got about 20% of the Mac Pro Idol it as 12 course, and I've worked up to doing this. I didn't start with this. I started off making really trashy, crappy videos on YouTube things, making fun of other people. My first video on YouTube was how to say the F word, and I shared my videos with my friends. I think the most essential step is to essentially just try and make something you would share with your friends, even if it's just pulling your phone up and looking around and talking. Why? Because Social Media lots of times isn't very social. Live video cuts through that live video makes the opportunity to be social, and it tends to bring out the best. It tends to bring out the best in me because when I do these, I'm live. I don't know how many people are watching off a few, 2030 40 50. I don't look at all the exact numbers because it's not up to me to determine how many people watch. It's up to me to determine what effort I put in. The practice I get from doing these is a very useful skill. If you think of it in business terms, public speaking, it also helps me to be able to look at what's going on inside me. If you're in the spirituality, enlightenment, that's very important. When I get up here to talk live, I have to practice faith. What if I say something atrocious? I know lots of dirty, nasty words. I could say something in a sentence that you might never watch me again, or Facebook would ban me or YouTube and take. I respect the power off The words that are can be in my brain. And yet doing this podcast everyday helps me to let out what's inside and to learn how to honestly share. I guess, in a socially acceptable way to say it. I think it's really helpful. It's like if you go to Toastmasters and work on your public speaking, they encourage you. From what I understand, I've never been to get up there and talk every time. If you want to get good at any skill, blogging and doing a podcast are really great opportunities to get better at public speaking to make a deeper connection with friends. Well, what if you don't care about any of that? What if you're just bored and sitting at home, why not go live on your phone and just start talking about your life? Why not try it? If you're at home and you're lonely and isolated to me, this is a great way to do something about it. Just posting pictures and links often is quite unsatisfying in my experience on Facebook. What I find is that when I'm the most miserable is when I'm the most isolated. A podcast in a vlog is a great way. It's helped me a ton to be open, to be honest, to share inside my life, my mom says. I can't believe the stuff you share on this, and that is what is so helpful for me. When I start when I'm off on the rest of my day, I start picturing. Is this something I'd like to talk about on my podcast, and that's why the podcast is just immensely helpful. It's like a journal. It helps my brain just organized things. It gives me something to kind of be grounded to, and you can see how many days in a row I've done it. And it's a simple goal. Then I just try and do one podcast episode every day. I keep it simple. You don't have to make some grand of thing right away. I if he I think each of us are the happiest. I'm the happiest when I'm involved in my friend's and family's lives. Now I don't mean gossiping or talking, but I'm interested in these live streams present a good way to show what's going on in your life. I've seen some great live streams on Facebook for my friends, showing them out, doing fun things, things that I would never get to see her experience, but that I can quickly watch and say hi in a live video. I think this Facebook live streaming feature is outstanding, and if you have a business or you're hoping the work or do anything online, I think it's fantastic for anything you could hope to accomplish. I think Facebook's also an outstanding placed A Livestream because it's accessible. You've got friends on Facebook. If you go to start from YouTube starting from zero, it's tough to get anyone to watch twitch. Tough to get anyone to watch. But Facebook? You can put it out there to your friends. Well, Jerry, what if I don't want to put everything out there to my friends? What if I for most of my life, I couldn't honestly share with you unless I said the F word? Since about fifth grade, I couldn't honestly share with you unless I said the F word like once or twice a sentence minimum, because that's what was in my heart. If you find that the limitation, you might be able to just do it anyway, depending on your friends or you might be able to learn and interact with your friends, and I'm that's not necessarily a bad thing. Your friends might like that style. My friends thought that was funny when I started my YouTube channel. It's a great journey of self discovery to have a blogging a podcast. Is it intimidating? Hell, yes, it is. I've done this Ah 100 some days in a row, and every day when I go over there to hit that live button or I hit that record button every day, I go over there and it's intimidating. I get butterflies. I get a little anxious. I realized I don't know what you're doing as I don't know who's watching and I don't know what you're doing. I don't know where I'm appearing in your life. You might be in the bathroom about to whatever or anywhere else about to do whatever. And here I am on a livestream talking, and here I'm in the middle of your life, so to speak. It's intimidating. Two will have that kind of power, I guess, or that kind of opportunity, and I take it out of love. I have a heart full of love, enjoy every day, and occasionally I have a heart full of pain, sorrow and misery in. I seek to just honestly share to tell you what my life is like now because I have a really nice life. If you want to look at what a crazy life filled with drama looks like my life, you might think, is kind of boring. Now. All the drama I have in my life I share and there's not much 20. Day 143 of Happier People Part 2: I find it's helpful to listen and learn from people who have that kind of life because there's all kinds of places you can watch and learn about how to have a life full of drama , gossip, chaos, pain, frustration, addiction and my life used to be full of those things. And it it's not necessarily better that it's not today. This is how it is. And I feel called to just share this and to use these tools today, and I feel called to show you how to use them if you would like to. I'm grateful that today these the tools I have specifically are so powerful I've been able . I started at 8 43 AM I took a couple hours off. Hang out with my wife and daughter. It's now 3:47 p.m. What is that? 6 57? Maybe I've spent about five hours to be able to film a video course here That will be about 2.5 hours, plus do a podcast, live and of of log life. That is some that is an amazing ability. And I've evolved that because doing every single day forces you to do better. If you do a little live string every day on Facebook, you will start getting more creative if after five days in a row in your bedroom and doing a live stream morning or friends, or get the F out of your bedroom and go film somewhere more exciting. Now I've got two green screen and I'm in my bedroom every day, but I'm planning a trip soon. I will kit some videos in that art in my bedroom. Yes, some. If the more you do things everyday, innovation will come naturally. You won't have to try and struggle and try and force things. If you're thinking Jerry, what do you talk about? I don't know what to talk about. I don't know what to talk about either. I just talk about whatever's in my heart. Think of it like this when you go to talk to your friends and family, you don't need a script, do you? You just tell him what's on your mind. If you're calling your mom up for your child up for your wife or whoever, you don't need to script that you don't need to plan two weeks in advance what you're going to say, Do you? You just share, and that's what I do with my pockets. This is just the stuff on my mind and I'm thinking about now. Some days like today, this is a little more structured because the beauty of having a podcast is you can. Then when you make things like courses, when you make things that you want people to buy, when you have things you want people help with, then you can ask. The easiest way to promote your podcast or vlog is just to share it with the friends you already have in Facebook's. The easiest place to do that. If you want something that ends up involving people giving you money or taking a bigger leap of faith with you doing of longer podcast every day is a great way to build trust. I've made the mistake a bunch of times of launching some Kickstarter project where you try and get crowdfunding to do something, and then the only time I send some friends on Facebook, a message over the last five years was to ask for money. Ah, podcaster of law gives you a go way to build deeper relationships on when you build deeper relationships, then you've got the help you need. And with the help you need, there's complete peace of mind. I today my mind stills determined. Worry about finances even though I'm in the best financial position I've ever been in my whole life, depending on whether you'd argue 250,000 and debt, plus a similar level of income is better or worse than having zero on each. But anyway, I'll leave that up to you. What helps me today is to know that I don't need to worry. I'm doing, I'm serving. I'm trying to be helpful. No matter what happens with my money or my health, I will have the help I need provided. And my podcast helps me with feeling that by seeing that there's so many great people in the world, most of you I've never met and I don't know if I'll ever get to meet. If you like me to do a local event, please let me know and I will get to work on that. I've been thinking about it, but no one's been asking me to do a local event. And with viewers all over the world, that's challenging. It's also in wrapping this up, you might think. OK, I'm hyped. I wanna do a podcast now. How do I promote him? I don't just want my friends or my mother to be the only one watching my podcast. I want to get out there. I wanna do like you. I want to have all these people from all over the place watching. And then you might think like I did. I started to different podcast trying to advertise them. You don't need to do all that. Why? Because it's not really any better or worse, that each level. I'm grateful today that there's Trinidad Link. Danish Ram Ram Nearing is watching from Trinidad and Tobago. The I believe Thomas is watching from the United Kingdom, and there's probably people watching from 20 different countries and maybe 20 different states or so. Is that better than having just a couple friends watch? No, because no matter what level your ad, there's ups and downs. If you just have your friends watching, then that's a great interactive experience with your friends. I made a bunch of stupid videos, and then I'd talked to my friends all about them. I don't talk to my friends about all of my videos today because I make so many and because there's so many people that watch. And yet people come on and say, Jury, you've got 150,000 subscribers and Onley 10 people watching right now that sucks. And now I've learned instead of agreeing with them to say, I'm grateful for 10 people watching because with a smaller number of people watching, you can really interact. I can interact with each person much easier. I can like every other. I can like the comments that come up on Facebook. I can respond to things even with the number of people washing now, I have a hard time usually keeping up with comments. Imagine, let's say, in the future, maybe there's 10,000 people watching. Every time I'm live, I would hardly be able to interact with anyone. Individually. You might argue that the loneliest thing to do is to B'more popular toe, have a whole bunch of people listening and then who all want stuff from you. It's really nice to just talk and share with your friends and family, and if you need to have a bunch of people watching, then you'll know it. Your friends and family will start sharing it. Oh, as I believe that has been shared with mine. You will know when it's time to adjust things. So it's not any better. Like Tim Ferriss, I listen his podcast. He's got, like, 300 million downloads. That's not any better in the sense of being able to enjoy and experience it than mine. Why Tim Ferriss is barraged with people wanting things from him. And if you go live, you probably won't have a whole bunch of people wanting you to do things for them and give them money. I don't know. Maybe you will. I don't know exactly who you are watching this, but the idea is you don't need a bunch of people watching the validate what you dio. In fact, you might enjoy. We might enjoy just having a small community with friends the very most. If you get people around the world using social media, I think then it could be really great way to connect with live videos. And guess what? You might even be more motivated after doing a live video to actually drive down the street or take a trip and hang out with their friend in person because live video is so close, that really makes the desire to hang out in person that pictures and comments and links just don't quite do. I'm very grateful to be here with you today, which this is an action of gratitude to keep sharing what I'm learning with you to essentially give away the best of what I've learned about podcasting and blogging. You can continue learning I've got If you like hearing my voice, I think I have 100 plus more hours. You could pretty much listen to me talk the rest your life if you wanted to. Seriously, I've got this. I've gotta start of Logar podcast class today on skill share, you can take all 77 of my classes totally for free on skill share. If you want the direct link, you can go to skill share and sign up right there. Or you can go not to that one. You can go to my free courses. Page jerry banfield dot com slash free courses. You get links to all my classes there too when you sign up for a one month free trial on skill share. It's the best value I've personally found in online education. Instead of paying $10 to take one class, I pay $8 a month and I can watch 15,000 or so classes every month. That's why teach on skill share. When you get started with a podcaster of log, you will find ways to make money. Naturally is part of doing it. You might be hesitant, will. I don't even want to starts not to make any money. I don't know. And when you don't have to think about that up front, over the time I've been doing my vlog and podcast, I've ended up coming across. For example, teaching on skill share helped me to give away so much on YouTube and Facebook completely for free. When you sign up on skill share and take my classes, I get $10 if you sign up for a free trial plus five cents a minute that you watch. I'm very grateful for that. Especially after sending that U S. I. R s, which is the Internal Revenue Service. They collect taxes after sending them 13,000 out of my 20,000 in profit for the 1st 3 months this month. Although my next based on QuickBooks is self employed recommendations. I'm very grateful for whatever you are able that contribute so that I can keep doing this and being here with you every day. This video will actually be in the class two. Because if I'm going to do a class on blogging and podcasting, it probably should include actual blogger podcast. Thank you very much for watching this today. I'm grateful you're here. And if you have additional questions, would you please take the class and post them there or share them as a comment on the video ? I take your feedback toe heart. I looked yesterday, and I'm making these episodes continuing, keeping them longer because the feedback indicated you like the episodes that really go into depth. So thank you. I appreciate you watching from Bangladesh from Pakistan from wherever you're at and Thomas . One last question on I am renting a Mac pro with the option to buy after three years. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day today. I love you. I appreciate you being here with me. And I hope to see you again soon. 21. Thank you for watching! What next?: thank you very much for watching this class. I hope it's been really helpful for you as it's been helpful for me to film this and take a look at exactly what I'm doing today. I'm grateful as a part of doing this. I was motivated to try live streaming on my personal profile so I could teach it. The live stream is now over, and it looks like people watched on my personal profile, watched on my Facebook page, and there were lots of comments and interaction on YouTube, and now I'm also up loading that on buzz Proud. So if you see I used my other computer, I uploaded it. And now Day 143 is available on my podcast. I'm, uh, inspired today to keep doing whatever I can to be of service to you, and that's what I ultimately hope to share is to be of service in your life, in giving fully to the people who are looking for your help. Rather, they've realized that yet or not, I'm grateful for the chance to continue updating this class with you. I have enjoyed making this today. This has been all done and filmed in one day. Would you share with me anything else you would like me to contribute to this class? For example, if you have specific questions about certain things on how I do them, would you please go in the community and post a discussion in the community and start asking about that? I look at these discussions and then I used these discussions to determine what I should add to a class, because the truth is, I often don't get a class right the first time I film it. However, with consistent effort, I usually end up doing a good job after listening to your feedback. I hope the podcast episode I did was useful in sharing inside of an actual podcast. If you would like to continue listening to my podcast episodes, would you choose the way to follow me either on iTunes or watching on Facebook or YouTube? Would you pick one or several whatever you like best to keep following me if you want to take it to the next level, so to speak? If you go to my master mind, you can go sign up for my master mind. If you would like to It's a Facebook group where I show up at on what I try and do a daily basis. It's $25 a month to, and then you get access to a closed Facebook group as a reward for helping me to continue doing business online here with you. If you'd like to schedule a call with me, you've got a specific question, and you just really like it to get answered. Lots of times you might be able to get unstuck. Jerry banfield dot com slash call You can schedule a quick call on Clarity FM At your earliest convenience, you can request one, or you can use my calendar to make sure you get the exact time you want to. And currently, this it's 1 99 for an hour because that's a rate. I'm very excited to talk with you and to devote my complete attention to what you have to say and be of service. And that helps me, too. Continue to be here with you today. If you would like to help the other students in this class, would you please share a project? Share what you've learned? Share what you do? Look, this can even be self promotional. If you go share a project and say, Look, this is how I do my podcast. This is how I do my vlog. This is what I've learned. Other students may not even actually watch more than a video or two. They might come down and look at your project and learn from you and start listening to your podcast. Whoa, That was a lot. Thank you very much for experiencing this with me. I'm grateful to be here with you today to continue now in my 77th skill share class. And I hope you have a wonderful day today.