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Timothy Craggette, Good Health, Good Wealth

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6 Videos (56m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Part 1: The DaVinci Decoder Technique

    • Part 3: The Tools For Talent

    • Part 2 The Gutenberg Method

    • Part 4: The Designer Artist Hack

    • Part 5: Steve Jobs Friendly File Tactic


About This Class

If you ever wanted to know how great design is done for podcast covers, this class is for you.

What you will learn:

  1. The DaVinci Decoder Technique - How To Research Winning Designs Without Designer Skills
  2. The Gutenberg Method - How To Locate High-Quality Fonts and Images For Free or Very Low Cost
  3. The Tools For Talent - How To Find The Right Design Program 
  4. The Designer Artist Hack - How To Design Like A Pro
  5. Steve Jobs Friendly File Tactic - How To Output A File iTunes Will Love

I believe once you go through the class, you'll gain a better understanding of the process of amazing cover art for your next show.


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Awesome class!
Yani Jo

Business and Life Hacks Expert

I likes! Really simple instruction.
Awesome tips bro.!
Samuel Wilson

Let's Design With Style





Timothy Craggette

Good Health, Good Wealth

Timothy D. Craggette is a serial entrepreneur that has built and sold businesses over his 10+ year career and is currently the COO of SWOT Coaching. He is an educator of small business entrepreneurship and marketing that has trained budding business owners within the Washington, DC Metro area as well as globally through the internet. As a member of the National Business Educators Association and the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture, he has spoken at the University of Maryland, the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration on the topics of business and health. With over $338,000,000 in sales to his credit since 2012, Timothy is also the best-selling author of Logative and best-selling product producer for Best Seller Boss, List Hustling, and VMail Boss as well as a comic book inker and colorist.