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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. What is Public Speaking?

    • 2. History of Public Speaking

    • 3. Importance of Public Speaking

    • 4. Purpose of Public Speaking

    • 5. Informative speech

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About This Class

This is a complete guide to public speaking. we will learn the basics and history of public speaking and also how to get over stage fright, how to write and deliver speeches.

Meet Your Teacher

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Dhaval Datar

Public speaking trainer, Standup comedia


Hello, I'm Dhaval Datar. 

I am a professional standup comedian and public speaking trainer. 

I have been doing standup for about 3 years now and have performed in front of large crowds regularly. I have my public speaking institute where I regularly take workshops. 

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1. What is Public Speaking?: Hi guys. Minor professional stand up comedian and a public speaking arena. Welcome to my life to public speaking. I hope my tips will help you gain some confidence while delivering on stage. So before we begin, let's just understand what is public speaking. So their textbook definition off public speaking says that public speaking, also called or agree or operation is the process or an act off performing a speech to a live audience which is done for triple houses to inform to entered a and to persuade. Now we'll ask why public speaking skins are important in my life. Why should I would you are so the number one reason why public speaking skills are important. Life is public speaking. Skates increase our self confidence as it makes us more comfortable around other people. It is also seen as one of the greatest leadership holiday dates on which obviously makes a positive impact on your career and personal life. And when people see you talking confidently on stage for other in front, off a group or a number of people, it formed a drive off supporters around you. So that's and I don't see anything bad or negative in this. So that's why public speaking skills are very important life. It's for our own good, and it's for our own self growth and increasing self confidence. So in the next video we will learn a little bit history from where public speaking came from on. So it's you guys in the next videos by and thank you. 2. History of Public Speaking: I guess we'll come back to my guy to public speaking in the last video we saw a little bit , you know, we got an introduction off what public speaking is actually in the race video. We will get to know the history of public speaking. So there is evidence that public speaking training was being given in ancient Egypt. But the first known piece off surgery, which was written over 2000 years ago, came from Incheon, please. Aristotle was one of the first recorded teachers to use our definitive structure and rules on waters in public speaking so in the classical and grace and room, you know, rhetoric was the main component off public speaking, bought off, which were critical skills that were given to the citizens that you know there's to practice in their public and private life. So here is the map off engine Egypt. It is the map of ancient Greece on, uh, here is the map off in Children. So on in the leg. Public speaking was once right, which was reserved only for priest kings on other leaders. But nowadays, in the modern world, we can broadcast our own opinions, you know, in in a public park or by our own podcast? Or are you videos or by you know, Internet like these are all the new methods of communication. So how popping speaking as you know, help in expansion of freedom of speech. So the list forms off democracy. Where is Natalee? Are immersed in ancient Greece, like in the indie ated century, new philosophies grew from ancient Greek and Roman ideas continued to challenge the power off nation states over individuals. John Locke was one of the prominent and Letterman thinkers who wrote under the pen name or dead his new locks. Second, Greystone government argued that because all men were born with natural lights, the only government formed would be with the participation and also in the revolutions. The air off revolutions, British American and French revolutions wouldn't have been possible without influential. And besides the views off public speaking by the respective speaking now in the morning. So the birth off the recorded sound films and TV really expanded the you know forum for public speaking politicians, including dictators like Adolf Hitler, used this. Use this media to influence that ideas, no matter how you know, even are shocking they were like they you know, they use this media go faster that I ideologies Public speaking became a popular means five which people started protesting against the unfair labor laws on against the unfair laws by the government. So I let her new mentors off. Communication Internet has become accessible worldwide that talksport costs spoken word, social media. All these are new methods of communication. Rather now, rather than taking public speaking right, you know, like this for granted people in the past and now are using it for their social and economic change and give themselves justice. This is all you know, Like a little background and history of public speaking. In the next video, we will see our public speaking influences. Your life on Howard helps in your life. So I'll see you guys in the next video till then. Thank you. On your next week 3. Importance of Public Speaking: I will come back to my public speaking in the last couple of videos vigor what to know the introduction of public speaking. And we also got to know the history of public speaking. In this video, we will We will see why public speaking skills play a very important roles in our lives. So you will ask Why speak? You know it is very nicely coated by Willie Norwood begins. Whose is that speaking? And I could speaking is essential toe keep off free society free. It helps to second differences with dogs other than the use off force to order on to promote thoughts. The water and cultivated ideas, hopes, sentiments and enthusiasm he No way and to a degree that cannot be done well, separated from each other. It is very nicely sick. That's why you should speak. You know why public speaking is important. So what is public speaking in your life? Public speaking can be a powerful don't for an effective speaker who wishes to present information not don't do people. Previously, public speaking is also a creative activity that includes physical and mental aspects. Mental aspects include connecting thoughts, ideas, innovative, you know, innovative thoughts in a very unique manner that is easily understood fighting by your audience. It is a decision making process. You know what, taking this class, we will learn how to determine your ideas. Interest analyzed the audience. You know how to go on stage. Make This isn't so What choice Accept Brexit. So, as I said, public speaking is a valuable activity. Now it's very fair to ask what, what while you what successive value public speaking will have in your life. First of all, it's gaining self confidence when you are given an opportunity to speak in front of an audience, learning how to manage it on learning. Believer, the best that you actually want is it's It's one of the most valuable skills that will have ever, and public speaking skills are very important in our career. Life, you know, in success school career I, as I said it forcefully, that public speaking increases your self confidence in whatever you are doing. So as I like mentioning the first point, public speaking skills influence career Erica on community success. In the introduction part we saw there, how public when people perceive you as a confident speaker, it forms a tribe of supporters around you. Public speaking skills we saw. It's one of the most leadership qualities which have a positive impact on your career. So that's what led. You know, your movement in your office or in the school, you know, in the aboard scale will depend on how you speak in front, off group or how you speak in conference is excellent. Public speaking skills are the most essential part off any profession, any direction with the, you know, not just professional, but any interaction that you have people. You might have sales presentation you might have, you know, like, Oh, if you are running for public office, are you running for some college elections? You might need to influence other people you might need to persuade them to follow to your ideas about public speaking skills are very important in your life, on also to engage in good conversation with people because people who can speak on their feet, you know, people who are very spontaneous, other people as very attracted with them. You know, you need to be very, I think, articulated meetings, engaging good conversation, you know, using and just accept. We don't see that we see all that in the coming videos. But public speaking skills has mentioning again and again is akin to leadership. You need tohave before you leave people you need to influence them. You need to persuade them, and people involved in business, politics and community activities open about their ideas. Who want to promote their new thoughts regarding communities are with, except wrecks that are also need to persuade. People also need to influence other people. So that's why public speaking skills are very important, not life or the next video. As I said, the purpose off public speaking in detail and also they re loan that three types of speeches, which is as that which we alone in the correction, which is to inform to pursue. And so we've been learning about that. So let's say within the next video 4. Purpose of Public Speaking: hi guys will come back to my guy to public speaking. Interested you. We will learn why public speaking is done. Public speaking is very different from casually talking to a group of people. Public speaking is done for three men purpose which is to inform, to persuade and to entertain. It is also closely related toe presenting, which is done for more commercial purpose. So let us know what are the three types of speeches as the as our purposes the food. Three types of speeches are informative speeches, persons of peace speeches and entertaining switches. So informative speeches are the ones where you have to give some information to the audience. The thes type of speeches are purely done to educate the audience. On a certain point of view, though, these type of speeches do not. We'll have any sort of persuasion like they're not intended to sway the audience through the speakers. We accept the speakers point. The next time is persistent speeches where, as the name suggests, these type of switches are done to sway the audience toe. Except the speaker's point of view are his order. Thoughts are, you know, like something in which you want the audience to do as you are telling them on the third type of speech is entertaining speech, where you have to inspire the audience in someone the other way are you have to, you know, make them laugh or, you know, just entered in the owner. So these are the three types off speeches in the next video, we'll on the treetop. So speeches. Indeed. It's in three consecutive values. So stadium on, I see you guys in the next. 5. Informative speech: I will come back to my guide to public speaking. In the last video, we saw the main purpose of public speaking and also the three different types of pigeon, which is informative speeds for speech on pretending speech in today's video with love informal speech. Indeed it. So what are informative in front of a new speeches are the speeches we done to educate the audience on a particular topic. There are four types off informative speeches. One is descriptive speech, which is done to create a mental picture in the mind of the audience regarding a topic or a place or a thing. Then there is the demonstrative speech, which is how do speech which we give toe, teach audience how to perform an action, for example, how to use a news off. Most of the speeches will have audio visual representation off the information. Then there is the explaining explain. It re speeds. As the name suggests, this speech is done toe explain a particular topics, such as explaining five charts and bar graphs, and then that it's a definitely speech, which explains the meaning off a theory or a specific topic which, mostly the audience has no idea about the main goal is to educate the audience there. Topics, maybe general like a subject, are more specific, like streets drinking. So when you are creating an informative speech for there are four or five tips that I want to give you is first of this. Analyze your audience analysts what the audience knows about the dog on how important that is to the audience and with the audience. Understand the complex words that I'm using. Analyze on these things while drafting your speech. Then there is a choice off the is the topic that you are going to speak on is appropriate for the audience. Already, it is too specific. It is too special or specific for a specific group of people on What is your motive. Being giving this as you as a speaker you must educate and light and your audience on is the information that you are providing is new or somebody else have already spoken on this topic? Have you made proper research regarding the melting on a little while? Delivering it for my speeds? Use a lot off individual representations because people learn fast with the seatings in motion on informative speeches. I benefit from showing rather than just giving get information. You can use people presentations and why they live in informal speech. I would, but situation well, writing and drafting or even delivering your speech you should our persuasion at all costs because that is not the goal, then supporting information should be aimed at clarifying your doubts on the information which you are giving. Shoot. The audience should perceive that the information you're giving is factually correct, and it doesn't have any controversial statements on a word in formation. Don't bombard the audience with so much information on English, your audience. Lastly, engage your audience as them if it if there any doubts as them. If the information that you are giving them is easily investor and so on, So that's it on. In the next video, we'll learn more about a person's and speeches, So stadium