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Plugins to Make Your WordPress Website Work Smarter

Louis Phillip, Digital Marketing Srategist

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3 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. WordPress Plugins

    • 3. Outro

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About This Class

This class is all about making your wordpress website work smarter for your website visitors and audience by using the 6 pugins I have shared in the class.

The plugins you are going to learn in this class to perform different activities are listed below,

  1. Monitor Uptime
  2. Embed PDF
  3. Auto Translation
  4. Chatbot
  5. Google Map Location
  6. Backup and Restore


1. Introduction: Hello there. Welcome to my WordPress class. So here this class, I'm gonna share you few tools and plug ins that you can use toe meet your worked of upside looking smoothly. So first I'll show you and plugging our tools that you can use to monitor up time. So, basically, Upton is nothing but the the time your website works correctly. So basically, we knew by in so far from an Austin, permitted they would have promised you something like an incident. Point name wasn't up time. So, for example, if you take Blue Horse famous Austin credit, they will promise 99.9% uptime. So in that case, most people who promise that up time won't have that cut off. No abdomen reality so that you can just go and use the tool I'm going to show on. Check the optimum your website and ask your Austin primarily if you not get the up them their promise. All right. So after showing how to monitor up time, I'll show you how toe auto translate your website. Two different languages. There's a study off the language. You are created like English or German, French or something are there any other language for that matter? You can, you know, change or upset to up to 90 languages using the black, and I'm going to show you. So the next a step is I'm gonna show you how to embed pdf friends on your website after showing that I will show you how to share your map location. I mean, gold application on erupted website. For that you're calling your customers can easily conduct you based on the location you share. After that, I show you how to create a chat board and inject that on York website so that you can collect leads so that you can even, you know, do conversation with your website automatically using the tag. But you create on finding. I'll show you how to create a a backup and also to restore your website. In any case, if you're upset, this crash are made, Any accident for that matter, all right. And during that time, So I also show you how to create a sub domain when you know, show you hold back on the tee shirt. You upset? All right. So just go ahead and and on the coast, and I'm damn sure that you will be extremely satisfied with the course content, right? So seem to the class. Bye bye. 2. WordPress Plugins: So as I told you in the introduction video first, I'm going to show you how to monetary your I've time off your website first. So this do upset I'm gonna use I think the move upset and show you how to do all the stuff I have shown you in the tourist video. But what about this stuff? You know, taking all the actions in my main outside, I'm going to create a new sub dominant Onda Instant represented on Show You how? Toe in a moment it up time. How toe, uh, back up additional upside holder translated out into a pdf another stuffs. All right, so I have already created that's abdomen with then name called contact. Don't heightened declines dot com. So I'm going to show you hoping Sandra on. Yeah, So you can see that this is the first time I am entering that wraps it, and I'm going to insult us and start showing you how toe um do they all the stuff I help shown you on the internet? You like more during your optimal for website and stuff like that? All right, so I'm going toe typing the user name. This will be the password. So you can just make a copy off that using the more pat next your email. So I'm going to enter my You might discovered search engines from indexing the web site. So it's up to you deduced since the center mo video. I'm just describing certain things from indexing the site. So after that, I'm just clicking on instead. Just wait for the system toe. No dissidents? Yep. Next, we should goto the log in page. So I'm going to enter the user name that is hiding on the plus. What is what I capture loving? Great. So, as I told you earlier, I am showing you how to install all the plug ins and stools I have shown in the contraction video. So no. When I go on, see the website. Okay, I can see the sample page here, so I think that this is developed atrial created. So to monitor the obtain you out a lot off tools on Internet. But to be specific, I'm going to use up them For what? On off the best websites to do the stuff and again, you know, free trade and free account and do this stuff So if I click on update or what, it will take me to this page, and here we can create an a new contract. So that's going to check the pricing first and after that, became going to it in a country. So when I goto pricing, you can see that pro plan and free plant. So with free plan, you can see that five minutes. Monitoring Intern Insisting minimum time. Barris in the problem. You can see that one minute monitoring into wells. So that's the advantage of using your problem is nothing. But if you use a free plan, the up tempo what will check your upset for every five minutes, whereas if you use a prop plane, it go on monetary website every one minute. All right. With that, you can get more accurate up time data, then the using of repent. But since if you're using a new website and if you're a complete beginner, you can go with this and check universities working with under percent accuracy. You're Austin provided as important as and a tent so you can see that you can have 50 monitors. That's basically 50 websites on your account. You can have also your claims cycle. I mean, we've safely stood in the account on just monitor how it's optimised, all right, The next again, get know where some of our wife Scots, if you're upset, is don't that's in Baylor County will get 20. Estimates are white skulls, and you can have some tomorrow months off block various here in the field, 20 will get on the movement's off locks right on. You can also see Yes, it's and monitoring advance notifications has deep you typecast, initiation and all of the stuff, right? So basically, when you use a free country will get an email when your Web site is down. But use in paid account you will get in. Yes, so much are called R Y school, right? So the problem starts at $4.5. That is $4.50 for monitoring 50 websites. If I going into its account to top it off the monitors, we will get our 6 $49. Bowman. It's too costly, different, but the problem is, no one will need this Madoff miners. So it's up to the tools which plan you're going to start with higher, highly recommend you to sort of the free plant. And once, if you're satisfied with this, always you can just go ahead on happily doing all right. So let me go and create an account first. Didn't want to sign up. Sorry, I didn't want to end up your So they are We're going to Britain. A court. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create and temporary e miles and use that you throughout this class. So I'm gonna use my original email. I d Here. Yeah. Uh, the reason is, you know, we'll get a lot off newsletters, so I personally don't want my email inbox filled with anesthetic emails. So I'm just going to be completely you might go to here, Bassitt Annex, ease my name. So I'm going to name me Death. High time departure will be something like, That's what you mean you guys with and for me about trees, which is afterwards saying up. So let me go to the email. I mean, the temperature email I created click on the refresh. You can see the confidence here, and if a click your this makes the confirmation Oh, in the what's happening here? Yep, the user is altered activity for Don't remember the possible. You can protest it from the loving. That's fine. So if you go to the dashboard here, you can see that Add new monitor. So currently, I don't have any websites here, so I'm going to click on Add new monitor here on the more the type will be it should be us on the next will be made friendly name for the monitor. Um, heightened conduct right the next. He's your your r i p. So in that case, I'm going going toe days copy the euro or maybe others on the website on. I'm just going to close the step. All right. Based on get here. Oh, So I said to move that right and you can see that every five minutes Is the monitoring interval? If I just call, you can see that you consider refinements at the lowest monitoring. It'll in the free plan operate to a problem and be notified five times faster. Right? So, as I told you in the pricing companies and you will have that future one leave for other European, one of them problem right on. You can also drag the robot upto for us. But there is enough using this month lease to check your website every five minutes. All right, so fine. It is the lowest possible more Anything in tow and ethically cornered. Wants sittings can see attended some things if you haven't password for your website but the reason off putting of cities. So get your business a 30 story. Well, I don't want toe stop that customers treated available again it's a pro future. Next his customers the result on pro future as a fittings again. This is also I am through If you don't. Right, So next is the contact email you have shed. So once the website is down while checking the app timber, what will send you and email? So the email. I'd even sad here. Right? So I'm just going to click on a tweet monitor with I don't contact. Sorry. Help to select Delicate. All right. So I slept the whole contact safe use and paid a haunt. You will get an SMS or Unwise called to the phone number you are sharing. But since this is a free account, we will get one day and he might not on call or SMS, right? So I'm just going to click on, create monitor right find so you can create different times off websites as a monitor upto 50 in your free account. And you can also use your client's website. Your are if you want to crack your competition, said you cannot do that. But if you want to get someone and that's a new plane, can check that up time until that you have some issues with your off time, and I can solve that and stuff like that, right so I can use that money time. I mean uptime report for that protest. So that's born. You can see that so monitors have created more than no Onda. You can see that I'm the present up time in the last 24 hours under percent know someone days and stuff like that. The reason it's just I have created the website. After five meets, you will get whether cities happening are don't, since the free account will do one Lee and monitoring for every five minutes. If you're using and it will go and wanted to excite, everyone made all right, so that's basically works so you can get the dragon off Different parameters share about the optimal for your website. And if I click on ways I thinks here you can't let a pro plan on doh martyr to upset with obtainable right so that so you can go in a monitor erupting on your September What current off your website. So basically what? I'm trying to come away with this glasses. You need the maximum uptime for your website for good seo purposes on sale, for example, If someone was completely new to your city visiting Europe set for the first time and you're upset, it's done. So this was definitely creating bad remark up our opening our body or website on the customer's mind and then they're going on over if you seem to be upset Iran, right, so it's very important to have a good up them on your website and using these optimum robot , you can do the job easy, right? So seeing the next section explaining how to use the committee's translate plaguing translated a website to English toe 90 languages, right to see that Hello there. So, in the lost video, I also knew how to use a prime robot to monitor the up time off your website and get African off the Upton. The website you are using. So in this section I'm gonna shoot you. How do you use the comedies plugging to translate your website upto 90 languages spoken on one deep water. So it can be your second in any language like English, French, German for our any language. For that matter, you can translate toe other 90 languages usually is blocking again, displaying as to plants like a free plan. And, uh, pay plants are in the fridge. Management on more website toe only one language Alice stiff youth and bake plan. You can't. And what? You're Plato? 90 other languages. All right, So, so glad you should instantly plug in for us, which is pretty simple. So I'm going to and still plug ins. You can add new goto. Sure. Conway, this plug it can see that this is the plaguing our speaking about on instead, it active it. That's all you basically going into plaguing the next is going to the settings page. So here you should get the A P A k a year and existing source language elements. So I will show you how to use this stuff. After getting the kind of this a picky followed, you should just need go to receive the website off on my displaying that in your to create a new account. And I'm going to use the temporary emails I created it. Times is going to copy these. Go charge the structure. The boss would would be, um, probably the email i d. So I agree to the comely these stomps next. He's the name. So don't me up this this and demo video. I'm just going Eustace on register. Oh, this system is intelligent, so I'm just going to give some random possible to ship. So you the dumps looking on. Greatest star? Yep. An email has been sent to your email address checking the in box. That's great for the human toe to toe the inbox clicking on profess I think to know. I guess we should get demon. So, um, I don't know why you received the human at. Um, yeah, I don't know. That's doing quick and fresh and see whether Yep. You can see an email. Please confirm this e my arrest. So I got the link. Your goto Web address Yeah, I can see that. I have conferred the email Onda. Now I ought to get the baby a key, right? So you can see that free account business account broke on pro place interprets and a lot off stuff. And you get to the features here. So number of languages we can And what with the frequencies, one with the business planning and cannot fight extra languages. And when you go to pro plan pro place or under place, you will get unlimited number off language translations and with then free account, you will get one day to find out what's translated on Monte build. This is 10,000 page views. Basic missing translation nearly missing. Translation. Professional translation available with one Lee business plan. All right, and you can see all the stuffs. So since this some free account and the basic mission transmission has been outplayed, you may get some no address with the translation, but it took You can go on manually, translate the text in some ports, not the every translation that the two last stand so And when you select a free plan, Andi, I'm just make sure you go toe are the futures off for apparently consulate time. Next you will get these are for link American Grateful. Effort these to your friends and get some bonus like the structure and want to get that and just going to click on Next on, I'm going to click on dashboard. So basically, I need to put your own rights and 50 contact board here next. Yeah, there is the a p a ki v I've been looking for So I'm just going copied east toe the clipboard. Click on next. I know how to install it on Were pressed So not necessary the So I'm just going toe base the, um, picking on 17 just right. So now comes the most important part. Like you should do this sort language of Europe. Sight on the target language where you want to come out your website to the language here. So before going toe this part, I'm just going to add some new pages to your website on C how it would work so to pay to create new patients. I'm just going to pages return. I had new so far. I'm just going to create and bitch named us Global Long on. Let's go toe to keep it beyond gets, um Thanks. It's right. So get. And I'm going toe base this ship in the state and click on Publish. All right, find. So I'm screwed to the movies. So when I go here with its site, you can see in page were created on the content as well, right? So as I told you earlier, this free account can create transit only 2400 words. Not more than that. If you want more words to be translated, you can choose the paid account from gun with this. Right? So next is to go to the black in spades. Yeah, it's going with this right on. We should choose the source language off. The website is English, obviously. And extras target language. So you can see here are owned 90 languages listed here, so you can choose whatever language you want. Toe con would So diamond this My mother tank. And I'm gonna choose that. Make sure you chose the language to be translated. It's your mother language are you should know that language so that you can see the corrections on see how the coolest walking. So I'm gonna choose Tamil as the language here in the second language. So that are translations. You can edit the translations on your wound as well. As I told you lived this basic mission. Translation may have some arrest in the translation. If you go from paid a point, you won't see any problem like that. But since it's a free account, we are okay with that. You know it it moderate Leader, this is your workload on going toe tan to develop AIDS, it will translate. I mean, the tool will translate some part off your sitting in a good way. Somewhat. Maybe then at a lot of about some six so you can get going. Onda chain that desperate right? So so more options For do this, you can see related, visited, translated pages ultimately based on your process settings. You can do that. And actually, this futurist I limit on free how it can with this logo. This footage is not alone. Three Plan If you want to use these future, please, I will toe plan. Transit media are opposite 40 minutes images for Patrik languages Again you can translate the you may just as well, but not all languages only toe some languages. The next comes the parties heads off Lang text. So most people don't not here this time like basically, it's definite. Thanks means what that say. You are running an English upside and having translated rep take for this thing. So when use is coming from German and I mean Germany and you're upset as also got some basics translate in Germany safe. The is clicking are searching for something on Google. If you're doing it, I wouldn't, uh, the same page with with another language. Cool. Show up the default English page on the results. If you have an equal int page with another, I mean another language with a trough lang tax enable good will show up to the using The same language is big right to left. Basically a tough lang back on X rays. You can customize language in Salik Boggs languages in the menu. You can pick the bottom in many area go top defenseman on drag and drop t come with strictly custom like very want Next. She's like the display of the flanks, So squared flag or in suckled flag without flat what are you feels good for you so I'm just going toe. Live it that sucker flat. It seems good appearance all right. The next year, you can destroy the text name off the language as full text or short links are with attacks . It's up to you again on next. He's pushing. Pushing type is fixed it in the second portion of the screen custom you can place inside off Johnson Limit. All right, averting elevation of the language selection button on the top or bottom. You feel I feel bottom is fine and that isn't location off. The bottom is right, and that will be good. What? Afraid? So I m getting. But he'll spacing off the board. Short X would be good slugging. I don't want toe. They stop that as well. By default, all the languages have their flags in accordance with EU standards. If you want to change the flak for were not other languages, you can customize using this so you can just select the language and select Deflect this such. It's up to you, but I'm not going to distant that I'm just going to leave that in default, and you can also add the world of the upset. But you don't want toe show these translation. But you can just and that the your lofty page. You don't want to translate on difficult sale singers. Everything is good. So if you're going to refresh the page and I see in translate button here, right, I'm just going to the home page first. So I'm just going to click home Diamond. Yeah, You can see that the English text have spent time in Toronto, the language I am using that that is reflected in the country. This Blufgan. Let's goto this based on to that. So since the Texas More in this page, it will take some time. You know, he does done athletics quickly, and you can see that all the texts in the Beijing has been conducted toe. Some were from enlist. So as I told you earlier, it may have some. You know, Miss Carson's are our allies in the translations, but you can go and edit that you, in the plug in as well, are in the website. Off come with this plugging, you can see the current would. You said it's 4 45 and complain this word number of languages on stuff like that. So you can change the correct translation using my translations or in the blogging as well connected. My translations pick on my translations. And so, like the page want toe it it Any of the best is simple. You can see the dashboard here like the same one, right? So you can see all the words the surgery you can just Tuesday 41 toe. From what if if you find something different in the translation can just go on it. Sure. All right. The full better up to be shown on you can just go ahead and get it. All right. So that's what you can use to come with this plugging on and what are granted your website in tow. Different languages that I told you lead with free account. You can't change. Only one language within pro contra contains up to 90 languages. Right. So that's all the kind of this plug in walks to translate your upset. Two different languages in the world, right? Hi there. So, in the last section, we are seeing how to translate your workers website with a plug in called Conway. This, um, in the section, I'm gonna show you how to use. Begin like pdf and butter toe and bury your friends and your website. So most of it out, uh, option. Like downloading the police files. But, you know, to make jobs easier for your website, visitor or customers, you can just display the pdf file on your website by embedding it and make it easier for the elected president stuff making them to download on the phone and open it and see the stuff in that. So to do that we needed plaguing like pdf in butter so calm, Pregnant too can add new. So I'm just going to enter a pdf. And better for you, Yep. This is the taking else being about. And I'm just going to pick one instant now and it won't activate, right? So just goto settings on. You can just make the things yet, um, like the lid off the pdf you want to embed and height off the so you can end it. Mags are uninterested into the number off pixels on the toolbar location will be on the top . No, I want it tone top and acceptable. Howard football appears one Lee Horn. Howard over talk mint. Um, I just want to visible always the next display creed. You can display the crate by or prospective dot com on pretty well with the link toward web . And if you want to created the creator, you can do that or not congest uh, Labour death the next day as you can. The beauty of I believe Donald Buttons on toolbar, external links, account number and all the stuff right. But the switches are only available on cream emotions, not on the free worsen. So next is mobile. So again, the first off without working most mobile it's. But it will be cumbersome for users with small screen city different pushing the document entitled Within the screen right next to secure. Yep, Frank. So I'm just going Don't don't let a PdF with and show you how to in. But all right, So down, though the full tax pdf fight That's great. So the founder, PFE Scott, don't load up on. We just need to goto page and create, and you presented by the pdf, right? I'm just going to click on add new but will take me to this page. But I need to get a page right, so I'm just going to Wikipedia page the next days. You should anybody. If you want to embed the pdf here, what you can do is just clicking on this pleasant. But you can Pdf mbarara the block on a secure toe open. So I'm just going to upload the pdf file. So this is the one didn't open Andi. If it could contact and click on publish, it will get uploaded on. Yep. Pages published Difficult. Convene page. You can see an pdf loading share at the bottom. Again. I guess I know some problem with the file. Yeah, I guess the problem is with fright, but that's all you can go and then But the video file on our upset, I'm just going to remove the beauty of final. But that's the process. We can you know, Uh, you was, um but the period funds you want toe show to your users without making them? Don't look the file and opening it on mobile phones and stuff. Right? So let him go on daily. Define i o U s. So it's insistent Pile filed from 1/3 party. I cannot use that. So make sure you use they find you how copyrights rent you, which is unnecessary trouble from the It's kind of doing us all right. So again, I'm just removing the block as well. So that's a region used the belief in butter plugging to embed video files on your What's the upside in the law section Ever shown you ho to embed on really a friend on the weapons attack using the plaguing called pfm. But it so no, I'm gonna show you how to embed your Google Maps location on a were perfect site. So let's do that. So before showing you how to install a plug in, um, but Google maps that make Udin pH for contact, But I can go in and buy the page. So I'm just going to click on a new naming the pit as connect Publish it. So let's go toe plaguing shiver. You can add new on the past this same like you just need toe enter the key word for which we need to find the plugging. So I'm just typing Google maps on you can see a lot off plug ins literature, but my favorite plugging on the most use blogging on WordPress for embedding good maps is that war pressed good math. Liverpool maps itself, and it has got some 1009 for one reviews with 4.5 star rating and the next one. But it's quite obvious that this is the best yet, so I'm just going to click on install now, clicking on Activate on. I'm just going to pick on kids in tow and create a map and you can see that on default Map has been shown. Sure, so I'll go much more. Mechanic. Beaky to function. You can read more about that before creating a map. Please follow the steps. Creating became need out basically be a process. So crude concrete A Pitino. But it will take me toe these bigs. Oh, no, it's a paper bag in, I guess. Uh, I guess we have done some mystic so before some two or four months, I was using this plugging and it was free. I don't know when they made these. Let's go on free, Worsen and see what it office goto here. If I click on this, I guess if you wanted to use the epic E, it may have some additional futures, but still we can use the plugging so My first map is the name, so I'm going to do him. But some look, it's not Google in Silicon Valley, so they've it with under height of 400 similar well, map alignment and stuff. So next he's store locator and stuff like that until teams is just like you can see the dude. You're right. So I'm just living it with the, like, Nestle and again in Houston, that accent, since it's in fruition. If you want to use that, we can just go on a plate For him. Paid was not the plugging the next store locator in a bit. Store locator. No Country selected the Fort Radiant Center, So game next. I'm just going toe. If you choose this, the map will be district wanted. The country on. You can do that, too, in distance, interim adult and stuff. So I'm just need to go the default address Google off with right to let me find the others off Google. Go. Sure, so zip on address will be maintain. View California, right? Corporate. These with the country? Possibly. Yeah, on. When it's called on, you can see the marker and stuff. Animation bones are dropped. I'm just even give it. It's a hard one. Smokers. And then you can use that with Prohibition. Not with the free one. Next, these polygons another stuffs. I don't want toe use the best. What? All right, so extra at once. Sittings very can enable bicycle layers. All the stuff is not needed. I don't think so. If I click on sale map, I just need to copy shot court and paste it into page. But I want to display out embody map. I'm just going to copy that. Yes, it has been copied to the clipboard. Next I want to go toe bages, corn, all pages you can contact and I should base the short courtship right and taking on abd it . Let's see, it's working for, you know, not And yep, you can see that Maps a p A. Yeah, So that's the problem. Sure, but you should get deep a p a. But being some bucks, I guess Let me go to the play game. You can see that sittings when it took on creating a picky Now it is taking me to the spades. Use our code key That is told months. I mean told us permanent on for the opulent technical users. Go to Google console Andi. You can see that, right? So that so. Basically, you can use the, um what? Just Google maps toe embed the Google map, and you're upset. But unfortunately, this is a change. Like now we thought using and Beta Kontic and cannot get the AP. So we took me. You're gonna get your map, Emiliano Upset. But I hope are so new. The pauses, How to embody map. The one thing you do is just paid some bucks a month and get the A b a from from develop site and just paste it here. And could concept like we have done it in the law, Step off. You know, in Sterling Conway, this black and I know about the subject. All right, so it's pretty simple, not a story about that. So next I'll show you. I mean, the next section, I will show you how toe Oh, use collect, checked to set up Chad bought on your work with the site. See that in dissection. I'm gonna show you how to use a tool like collect shirt on and set up a chat board on your We're perfect site, so let's get started. So as I told you earlier, you can use a tool like collect tracked, which is free and also got some paid churches. Let's go and break it down now. So I'm just going to the website off. Collect that next he's praising and against you that it has four plants like Creek Light Standard place on in the free flan. You will get the boards that is unlimited boards and responses. Beaumont is 50 on the Spartans and inspects his available appointment. Booking is also eye level in the free account on, you can see that logical jam who can declaration need to put integrations notice isn't emailed out in camping, tracking and but then frequently will get the culture branding s what right? Various in and paid account. You will get some extra trudges, but again, if you have incumbent beginning and setting up a new website for the first time, I highly recommend you toe use the free They were due out some and affiliate program Let let's go and see diagram. Everyone place 50 wasn't everything we post and customers up that good. So So if you have for your friend. You will get that It wasn't off the feet, but that's not a job. I'm here to playing for a new account for two container. I should enter the email for us. Right? So the address again. Copy these. I told you earlier years the humans have getting like, I don't really like this. Stops like in my ordinating box that I am using in Tampa the he might. But again, it's up to you to choose your human. It's my opinion. Next is the password. I'm just entered the same human identical on sign up with a mile on. I should enter dummy, he password. That's what they like. I know why Just not taking this email. 80. So let me enter the colonel humility and jacket whether it works the night, it's really frustrating Why it is not using yep against you that now it's looking so jin create different tools here, like envy Jet landing page are until the judge, but on your website, the first let go and create an Vijit fast. So I'm just going to click on Start creating next. He's if a gun next No, everything is good. Good, that's fine. so sure is the portion off the chat body. Want tohave in the bottom right? Or in the middle, right over in the bottom left. So whichever you feel is good, you can use that the next This welcome message is chat now are high. We're doing the next to the other thought. You can upload your own custom avatar or you can choose the you know, default starts here. So again it's up to you. I'm just does selectees. This is good. Next it's steam. You can just declare teams or blue is one of my favorite colors. And I've chosen that the next youth, you cannot switch off the banding in the free account Impaler once you can do that. So I'm just going to skip that the next descript. You can just go ahead. Onda had some next year, right? So hello. It's the 1st 1 You come out, get different. You know, often she also hello die. So when a new user is looking, we feel like you should be doing like what are you looking for? Will be your message and even user types in this message will be, I think right you can use also emojis bold text in order would order. You can also use image and you can aim but a new YouTube video as well and stuff like that . And you can also get your text questions. Multiple choice. You can input your like for number appointment, multiple, select loutish number, reinvigorating and stuff like that. So thank you if my next ends up. So if I want to get the full number off my user, what I'm gonna do is could you quit playing with your mobile phone number? So that began. Help you for the kind. Explain all details clearly. Right. So you can also have the back button or skip button Adam messages and user entered the valid for number. I mean, Millie, phone number, please. Paper valley phone number. Right. That will be the message he will get. And if you want to add some multiple choice here, you can do that for so just one more. That and I did my deputize. You say I am running and Eka, Mr What I can do is what product are you looking for? So there's nothing that I'm using. I'm running in organic. Uh, but I think on the question should be organic. It's soap. Our Garnick good base actually be something like 10 organic facial cream, something like What are you feel? It's good. So when I'm user chooses the multiple system, you will get this right. So again you can use all this stuff like Messi. Just, um next question for number multiple right on, which are you? Feels good. Actually, it's integration. You can integrate with these truths like they appear melting Google calendar, Google sheets and stuff like that. But the problem is, with a free account, we can do all this stuff you can up get to a free I'm unpaid account into the twins listed here. Next sittings. But the next general settings is that you will take the ball type. You can just ember that access enabled, bought and even you can see the I. What name Gia So dummy would be deport me anxious Brigitte behavior before launcher custom bottom one Lee. So I'm just going to leave a bit so there's a new open when after the two or three seconds next video targeting so on. The spirits are hiding the space. You can use that, so we should see this with that So far, we see that. Hi, I'm not going to. So all that Alexis notification you will get not efficient. Toe the humanity you have registered on next. Please reply to the response time. Translation cracking. So you will get the tracking i d. From Google analytics and placed with pixel on. You can get rid off the chad, but on on there life. All right. I'm just going to go into builder. The script chosen next is published, right? So I know what breast. So inver oppressive. You will get toe these plugging like collector chat in representing, copy, pasting script and save changes. All right, so let me go toe plugging here and just follow the stuff mentioned in collecting website. So getting on add new collect dot set I didn't want Instill now 44 the distance. Just gonna active it, clicking on settings. And now we should get the code. And basically Andi should present on all police, right? So you can just feel it on what basis you want to show our pages. So you don't want to show the page is having its up to you to to that so far. No, I'm just going to click on, say, sittings on everything. Stunned. Let's go and check that it's worked. Fine or not, probably we should get the collect here, but I don't know what it's not showing. Maybe so. Let's go toe the sitting sensi boy. It is not okay. Gentle. Everything is fine. Would that be a fear after suits? Seconds. So we're targeting no target? No. Everything is fine, I guess for vacation. It's fine. Response is fine. Translation is also fine. So and I have a published it also I don't know why it's not working. Um, you can see that here. It's pop 3. Outro: Hello there. Video. We come to the end of this class. I hope I've shown you some useful plug ins to make your workers website look smarter. So see you soon with the new class. About four press in the near future and then bye bye.