Plein Air Painting With Acrylics & Charcoal

Robert Joyner, Making Art Fun

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5 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What's In The Bag

    • 3. Composition Sketch

    • 4. Part 1

    • 5. Part 2


About This Class

What This Class Is About

The focus with this class is plein air painting. I'm basically showing a variety of tips & techniques for painting outdoors on location. The lessons will inspire you to get out & paint your towns and landscapes. Studio work is necessary but there is nothing like being outdoors in front of your subjects. This is also a great opportunity for applying fundamentals & paint loose techniques I've shared in previous classes & lessons.

Who Is This Class For?

Anyone that wants to try something new. Painting outdoors is a wonderful experience that every artist should try and eventually make part of your routine.

How It Will Benefit You

Painting in front of your subjects is a challenge that will make you aware of your environment and introduce you to a world of fantastic subjects. What you will discover and learn is limitless.

Here is a link to the Plein Air Setup I use: