Playing with Shape—4 Create a Cute Little Maitreya with Circular Shape | Rita Zhang | Skillshare

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Playing with Shape—4 Create a Cute Little Maitreya with Circular Shape

teacher avatar Rita Zhang

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create a Cute Little Maitreya with circular shape

    • 3. Tips

    • 4. Homework

    • 5. Resources

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About This Class

Hi, it’s time to play with circular shape.

Have you ever tried of creating a thing or a person with circular shape only?

This time, I’ll show you my process of creating a cute little Maitreya with circular shape.

Try it with me, you’ll find shaping is so simple and interesting!

-Target: know how to use circular shape to create things

-Target group: novice; anyone who want’s to learn the basics of shape

-Resources: books to recommend

-Homework: create an image or object in circular shape

It’s super easy like assembling, try it and have fun! And feel free to share your ideas and works in our project gallery, I'd love to see what you come up with!

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Rita Zhang


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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm retired. Nice to see you again. This time we'll play with circular shape, including round over and licks as your I will show you my process of creating this cute little my tria with circular shape. Hope it will give you some inspiration. And please try to create something with the simple shaped by yourself. Also, please think of other questions asking the previous classes. What do you feel about this shape? What's the future of it and what kinds of things can be best presented by it? Okay, that's guess study. 2. Create a Cute Little Maitreya with circular shape: you guys in this section I'll show you my process are creating acutely to my career with a circular shape. First I do trust sketch. I did this. Why? I was doing something. An idea came up in the grab a piece of paper and scrape Boyd dung. So it's very important to keep some paper around you. Okay. And then I will trust design in procreate or 80 or ai, but for better understanding, to make you see clear, I will just design in a software cost sketch this time. And then we find as it is, a very small case. The whole process is just as simple s days. So please focus in shape and don't think about colors or some other things. Just focusing shape. Okay, lets movie got This is my draft. As you can see here, it's almost made up off in leaps. You can see that his head, it's wrong on the face. It's also round the arms, relax and the ears also the hands okay. And the main shape. If you see it, you can see that it's like a triangle. So I put a triangle here to make all things happened in this area to form the shape. OK, he was sitting there. Okay. And to make a low cute, I choose to hats in proportion, missus. One hat. It's the head. The main body. It's another head. If you don't know the proportion off human body, please go to the previous class. Okay, so they say it's the triangle I markup Mark outs the center. So that's I you know, the proportion. I can see the proportion. Well, okay. Okay, let's move on to the head. I'll make eye lips for him for his head. Okay, so they seize the 1st 1 This is this tree, OK? And then the second shape next second, ellipse Another one off course. You can make one lives for the whole face and the jaw. Okay. And this is that The hat shape. Okay. And then the ears, you can see that's the ears. It's like a B. So it has to a lips together. First year here. Ridiculous. See? Clear on this part. He sees lips, okay. And another ellipse This here. So they say, is his ears this shape OK, and I call pay this trip to make the right sneer. You see, the head is finished and the meme body first he's his arms. I'll make a leaps here. Okay, That copied it. And to make it wearing a clothes, it has to has a cup. So I make another. He lives here and another one. So now he's wearing the clothes with the cuff. Okay. And the next. Also, I used the lips here. I copied it. Okay. And here in the main body. Okay, so here's the main body in the head. Now let's move on to the hence. The left hand is holding the front off his chest. So I choose this A lives, you see the shape it's I'll stand its lips. Okay. And the right hand is holding beats. I think so. I choose this shape Phillips in this direction. OK? And to make eight more interesting, it has to have a farm toe. Hold the beets. Okay, then let's make the beats make around. Copy. Okay. Now he is holding a beat, and as the my tria is always smiling, so we have to make a smiling face for him before we go out. Let's see the proportion proportion. The 1st 1 is this. If a center. Okay, this is the hat One head and the body is another head. So it's two hats in proportion. Clear. No question. I will move out the triangle. Okay, then the eyes with smiling eyes make smiling eyes first and copied it. Okay. And then the cute eyebrows, This one, I copied it. Okay. And then the mouth, a smiling mouth This money sold. This is the This is in the shape. OK? Also the town cocaine. You can see that I just the shape off the mouth a little bit to make it look cute. Okay. And then, to make it more interesting, I add a small canine teeth for him. This is the key 90. If you can see that, it's actually it's also an ellipse here, and I cut off in that state. Spend in the end, I want to make a cushion for hate. So choose also see that it's a Libs. Here, Dad put some about things here to get to make it look more interesting. And that's it. 3. Tips: Okay, Here are some tips for you. The 1st 1 A's simply five. Things seem to basic shapes, almost everything, including objects and most implants. Human beings. They can all be simplified and break down into these three basic shapes. Rectangle, including square, triangle and circular shape. We've spent some time talking about them, and I also showed you my way off creating things with them. So now it's your time. Please do observe and practice with the things are wrong. Do and try to express them in basic shapes. Next time we'll talk about lies and Cruz, but the ability off seeing things in shapes is the basic. 4. Homework: Here comes the homework as Europe, Please create an image object with circular shape this time and remember to share in our project gallery. And there's another thing I like to share with you is that I would do another serious off course. Is some Chinese learning for cursing or a Chinese? So if you are interesting it or have some ideas off devices, please feel free to contact me and even a message and death state. See you next time. 5. Resources: next, I like to introduce you one of my favorite books. You can join 30 days by Mark History. It's so same poll. Easy but very, very useful. It tells you the basic principle self drawing and also helps you practice with basic shapes . So before we move on, I really want you to read it and practice build it.