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Playing with Shape—3 Create a Bride with Triangle

teacher avatar Rita Zhang

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create a Bride with Triangle

    • 3. Play with other combinations

    • 4. Tips

    • 5. Homework

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About This Class

Hi, this time let’s play with triangle.

Have you ever thought of creating a person with triangle only?

Is it too sharp, is it hard?

Try it with me, you’ll find shaping is so simple and interesting!

-Target: know how to use triangle to create a beauty-a bride

-Target group: novice; anyone who want’s to learn the basics of shape

-Homework: create a groom in triangle

It’s super easy like assembling, try it and have fun! And feel free to share your ideas and works in our project gallery, I'd love to see what you come up with!


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Rita Zhang


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1. Introduction: Hi everyone, Basis Reaper and the welcome to my class. In the previous lessons, we talked about how to create things with rectangle. And from this time all I will show you how to create things with Triangle. And in this class is to create the human being a bride with trying and goes only so let's get started. 2. Create a Bride with Triangle: Hey, guys, we're come to my class. So in this class, I'll show you high creative person with triangle You really? I do some scruples on paper while doing practice all watching TV. And there's also called top nails, as they are very, very small. And with a four paper, you can draw as many scruples as you like freely. And then just design Yuri. I do trough these I in software or with color paper to see the effects. And then there we find part as it's a very, very small project. The whole process is just a simple s days, but you two are less for hours. So let's move on to see how I created them. You see, this is my scrapple. It's very simple. It's like Children's work, right? And I believe that even for people who doesn't know the proportion off a human body control these. So try it yourself. Okay, let's look at her. I would call her a bride, cause that's the feeding. I draw her. Okay, So what's the big is the shape for this, right? You see the big triangle here? It's her dress. Right? So I use a big triangle to express her dress and to make her dress even more beautiful. I used another, smaller triangle. Look at the right. A smaller one here. Okay. And a smaller one. And even smaller triangle. Okay. I used different triangles to express the shades and the shading and folds off her dress, and then I need a face for her. Okay? It's also our triangle and don't walk. Don't worry about the shop, please. I've refined. Okay, So that small fall to the dressing part. The operas, the opera Jess ing cape. Look at the right. The first trying go OK. And I used the same triangle battle Tate it to a different side direction. This is the 2nd 1 and the third triangle. They're all the same triangle, but I rotate them and you know that direction changed. Okay, so they cyst are per side off her dress. And then I copied to the three triangles. Make the right one. Okay, then I moved to the hair. The hair. You see, I make a triangle here and copied. Okay. And that the i for strangled here and copy. Right? Okay, good. The hat. The hat is also also found by triangles. So the first hat is Thesis one useless one. And I change it to a smaller size and make a second shape second triangle and 1/3 1 copy about the 3rd 1 Then it looks like a beautiful hat for Right. Okay, then I need the flower full, my brave. So I need the first flour package here. Okay. And then a second triangle. It's a flower package, right? And then I need some flowers. Okay? Also, I created first triangle here to express the flower, and I copied in indicate a smaller size and 3rd 1 And this is the first of flowers, and I cope Eighth, um, and call paid them and good. Now she has flowers, tape, and also I I want her to I want to the flour package to have a boat. So I make a tranquil here, see for us. Triangle here. And then the second triangle. Third triangle, Fourth triangle. Now that's a bow. It's beautiful, right? Yes, I believe so. And the final ones is her arms. Okay, so I used this one. You see the try and go there? Yes, the arm. Okay. It looks their shop now doesn't matter. We were put it backwards. So it wants the look so shocked. That's shop. Okay, this is 1st 1 and copied. And that's the second. Okay. And that's put to the whole upwards. So that's the first right I made. And I would also make, uh, frame for her. So it's once look so shop. Okay, so I made frame. So that's it? That's my first bride. Isn't she beautiful? It's like a decoration. Right? Okay, let's move on. I'll show you more place. 3. Play with other combinations: about this time, I will play with the shapes and try some other combinations to see what we can get. Okay, you can see that I have Are the call paid to the men shape here. And I want her to hold her dress this time, so Ah, the meme body stays the same. But I've already changed their clothing. Pretty topics. You see, I change that the direction will take more to new directions. And also one color. Okay, So close. Looks a little bit different from the 1st 1 Okay. And then I will add one and this one as their underwear or something like that. Okay. And then I moved the butterfly, make it bigger. And the movie to into the into this part's ok. And the the arms direction, the arms, it's different. Hey, these one, they also a triangle, see? And the hence. Okay, Another smaller triangle. Okay. And I call paid the left ones. Make a hand here, missy. It's not there posing. Is it so amazing? All right, that's more phone to try. This the there's one. Okay, Another one. Also, the system in shape. Okay. And to the frame this time game for a different color. Okay? And this time I want her to hold Offend. Looks interesting. So there's ones here. I make a thank year. Just change these triangle here. Okay? This champ triangle also appears here. It's the flower package, right? In this time I change that a little bit. Change the shape a little bit to offend into the key points is her arms. So first arm is here. It's also a triangle and a second arm to see right hand. First triangle and not a one. Another triangle. He looks as if she is holding a family. Ok? And to make you see clear, I also add to the border at the border. Plays shapes I removed, Removed the borders later Can't my hand and he's here and hand is here. Okay, we'll see. Can't. Nice smooth, Walter. And this time you can see it clearly that she is holding off their right Opposing is different, but it looks amazing, right? Okay, that's it. 4. Tips: high time for tips. The 1st 1 is Scrabble freely and do thumbnails as often and as much as you can. The 2nd 1 is tried different combinations after your work so that you can get different expressions off movements or actions like these. 5. Homework: sell, they seize the homework. Okay. I showed you how to create a bright in triangle. So this time it's your turn to draw grooming triangle. Okay. And remember to share your works in a project gallery. I really look forward to that. Okay. See you next time.