Playing with Shape—1 Create a Cow in Rectangle with Color Paper

Rita Zhang

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Things to Prepare

    • 3. Draft Design & Craft with me

    • 4. Tips on how to do

    • 5. Homework


Project Description

-What you'll learn here:

As we all known, shapes are the foundations of drawing, graphic, design...

In this class, we'll begin with is rectangle. Watch the videos in which I'll show you how to design and craft an animal-a cow, by using rectangle only. In our future classes, we’ll play with other shapes, so step by step, you'll start observing things in shapes and create things you never tried before. 

Most importantly, it's really simple and funny to play with shapes~

-Things to prepare: color paper, scissor, ruler, pencil

-Spec of the sample cow: square 20cm*2, 12.2cm*2, 7.6cm*4, 4.8cm*2, 1.8cm*4; rectangle 44.4*26.4cm

-Homework: this week we focus on Rectangle, so each day you have a tiny homework to do: design/craft one type of thing listed below with rectangle (order can be changed): 

D1: Object

D2: Animal

D3: Human

D4: Plant

D5: A word

D6: A thing that represents your culture

D7: transform rectangle to try to express a three-dimensional box

-Tips on how to do the homework:

1. Observe all the shapes of the things around you and recall the things impressed you, which ones can be represented in rectangle? 

2. Write down all your ideas and keep them.

3.Think hard on how to express things in shape. Try to craft or draw them down. 

By focused practicing, you'll have an artist eye and build an inspiration library of your own which is precious for future use. 

Least but not last, feel free to share your ideas and works in the project gallery, I'd love to see what you come up with!


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