Playing with Shape—1 Create a Cow in Rectangle with Color Paper | Rita Zhang | Skillshare

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Playing with Shape—1 Create a Cow in Rectangle with Color Paper

teacher avatar Rita Zhang

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Things to Prepare

    • 3. Draft Design & Craft with me

    • 4. Tips on how to do

    • 5. Homework

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About This Class

Hi, I’m doing a Start from 0 series of basic training project,including topics of Shape, Color, Texture, Composition, Perspective, Software, Animation and…And this is the first chapter of my first topic-Playing with Shape, from which we’ll start from rectangle.

If you want to craft something easy and interesting, or you have no idea about graphic, drawing or design, this class is for you. 

-Target: learn to create a cow with color paper by using rectangles only

-Target group: anyone who want’s to play with shapes; novice

-Things to prepare: color paper, scissor, ruler

-Homework: each day you’ll be assigned a tiny task to do for one week, details refer to class project 

What you’ll learn: start observing things in shapes and try to create them in rectangle this week. In future classes, we’ll play with other shapes( :

Feel free to share your ideas and works in the project gallery, I'd love to see what you come up with!

It’s super easy, try it and have fun!


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Rita Zhang


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, Bases Rita. Where? Come to my class. Do you want to craft something easy and interesting? You have no idea where to start learning graphic or trying these classes for you. First, I'm going to share you how to play with shapes. We'll start from rock tango design and craft a cow you just saw and in future classes will play with other shapes and go further step by step. It's super easy and interesting hope you like it and see you in the class. 2. Things to Prepare: Hello. Welcome back. So let's get started. Here are some things I need you to prepare the first place. Colorful paper. Please prepare less than 10 color asking they step. We won't focus in color butting shape. And the jeweler A Caesar, a pencil. The color paper into the sizes I gave you on the right. You can see that. These are all squares and the rectangle. As in this class, when I say rectangle, I'm gonna boast. One more tip for you is to make a sample for each size so that it will make your cutting more easier. See you next time. 3. Draft Design & Craft with me: Hi. I guess you'll cuts the paper and get these ingredients ready. So this time I'll show you high. Created the cow like using days craft with me. See how I placed them together. - There's shape and position is perfect in geometry. Also made a beauty spot for him. That's putting here here, Which for here, Feet now it looks like as if it's working towards us. Okay, try some other combinations. Let's call it how in the front. Remember to craft with me. This time I'll make a body for him. Should be moved here. - All right now the cow is looking at us and I want to make a tale for tail Small. This positions, it's it's a cult. No King, Have something. Have fun, something time. This time I wanted to be surprised this year, So cartel paper days are It's Joel. He was so surprised it's the court to think Ball sketch is that each can marry your work very simply. And this time I wanted to be no splitting. It's cool it to enlarge its size. It's his season and that's it. You finished their craft. Scene six town 4. Tips on how to do: Hello. This time I'll show you some tips are halted to the homework. The first is observation is always observation. Observe all the shapes of the things are wrong. Dio and think which ones can be represented in rectangle or your future? The other shapes really see things. This is where your artistic eyes open. It's very important. Remind yourself. Second, write down all your ideas or sketch the images that's possible. Your mind you make. That's one good idea out of 10 out of 100. But if you don't have the habit of recording things, they were miss out. Third is think hard, think very hard. Ah, how to express them in shapes. 5. Homework: Here's the homework. This is the seventh Days practice each day have been required to create one type of thing. They sit below with work. Tangos on Lee. Why you are doing your homework? I need you to ask yourself some questions like what kind of things can be best presented the rectangle and which cannot Why? And we'll do feel up our rectangle. You can share your thoughts in the project gallery. Does it work? The next time I'll share you some tapes halted to the homework. See you.