Playing Politics: The Psychology of the Human Workplace | Karlyn Borysenko | Skillshare

Playing Politics: The Psychology of the Human Workplace

Karlyn Borysenko, I teach people how human beings function at work.

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8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Course overview. Watch this first!

    • 2. Why playing politics is important

    • 3. Principle 1: People are not logical and rational

    • 4. Principle 2: Relationships are your goal

    • 5. Principle 3: People have different natural tendencies

    • 6. Principle 4: Look for the win-wins

    • 7. Principal 5: Pick your battles

    • 8. A few final thoughts

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About This Class

Office politics. Those simple words have been known to strike fear into the hearts of men, invoking eye rolls, groans, and declarations that you will never "play politics" at work.

But what if you could use office politics for good? This class will teach you the psychology behind the interpersonal aspects of the human workplace and teach you to harness the power of relationships and influence to get more done, be more innovative, and rally your team to do amazing work.

The Carnegie Foundation famously declared that 85% of job success comes from the soft skills. That's all office politics is. Stop fearing it and start using it and you'll get more done at work than you ever dreamed!