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Playground Castle (Product Design 101)

Michael Neatu, I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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3 Videos (58m)
    • PD101 Playground Castle

    • Lesson Crit

    • Castle Coloring


About This Class

Listen, product designers are known from one thing and one thing alone…

They are able to whip out quick sketches of their ideas on the fly – in front of clients, spontaneously for concept presentations and if need be on napkins or whatever else they can get their hands on when creativity strikes.How can you be like that when you don’t know how to draw?

And even if you do know how to draw… are you sure your drawings express that edgy creative power typical for product design? Hmmm

What  you will learn:

  • Draw simple product design objects, get used to the feel and graphics of product design.

How you will change:

  • Express your ideas clearly and confidently, draw any product design you come across.
  • Make any product drawing look good, get a solid foundation of the graphics for product design.
  • Master the thinking behind basic product design and use drawing as a key skill to grow and develop all your own ideas.


We will now flex our product design creative muscles by drawing multiple examples of contemporary product design - this lesson will be the foundation for developing the mindset and graphics for product design.


On a B2 or A2 sheet draw and design 30 sketches of contemporary product design objects. These objects should feature basic and simple objects such as a mouse, memory stick, vape and so on.

Key Points:

- Focus on first understanding the design and specific curvature of each element. (All designs, however complex, can be broken down and understand as simple volumes.)

- Make your drawing look good just with line drawing - to get this you should use a lot of construction lines for the volume, contour lines for the clarity of the volume and thick lines for the specific cast shadows.

- Use hatching to emphasize materiality such as shiny plastic on the volume curvatures. Use an eraser to get the glossy shine effects for glass or the other reflective materials.

Note:I want to get you the best results you ever imagined in product design times 10. No, really… every minute of this video course is going to be packed with insight after insight.You will get better and better on the basic things first and then at the complex and counterintuitive ones after.

This class isn’t for everybody – if you think you are a ‘special snowflake unique talent’, philippe stark’s grand daughter or grandson… then good on you – I wish you all the best. 

If you’re not like that and genuinely want to rock product design graphics then join this class and I will see you on the inside.

Michael N





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I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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