Play the spoons today! From Country to Techno (Really!) everything you need to know in one place | Simon Glenister | Skillshare

Play the spoons today! From Country to Techno (Really!) everything you need to know in one place

Simon Glenister, Professional Musician

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22 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Grip

    • 3. Other hand

    • 4. Dividing time

    • 5. Grab

    • 6. Play a long country

    • 7. Rudiments

    • 8. Techno

    • 9. Good habbits

    • 10. Keeping it steady

    • 11. Accents

    • 12. Different types of accents

    • 13. Folk

    • 14. Hands only - tonal variety

    • 15. Shifting accents around

    • 16. Rake - Flourish

    • 17. Rake excercise

    • 18. Tri per lets

    • 19. 1:16th note triplets

    • 20. Hip Hop spoons? :)

    • 21. Mouth

    • 22. Msg to spooners


About This Class


People have played the spoons for as long as we have had them. Even before that people were banging bones together to make music. On the face of it it seems a simple and amusing instrument and in a good way it is. It never fails to make people smile and played well can produce some fascinating intricate rhythms.

This course will take you through simple basics like understanding how to hold the spoons and guide you through your first rhythms. We will do it in fun ways using some traditional spoon folk and country music of course but how about Spoons to Hip Hop? Techno? all these are catered for in this course, they are all fun and they all sound fantastic! You've not lived till you've seen Techno Spoons. what is important is you will have the skills to adapt this instrument to your kind of music - whatever it is.

The course will also underpin your basics skills with some hard learned drumming foundations, adapted for spoons, meaning you get the most out of the course and become a better player quicker. You'll be using skills taught by professional drummers to build more complex and intriguing rhythms. That means that you can really make people sit up and take notice of your playing and you can have a lifetime of fun showing with your skills.

If that's not enough we'll also show you all the tricks and flourishes that will make people want to talk to you after you've played to find out how you do it - the ultimate party trick.

Great for people wanting to learn their first instrument, remember rhythm is half of every musicians skill set (develop your rhythm skills and you can sound good on any instrument). Good for frustrated drummers who never got around to buying a kit, or accomplished drummers who want a new string to their bow.

Great as a gift and fantastic as a party trick to make yourself and others smile.

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