Play The Beatles On Guitar The Right Way!

Marty McGowan,

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6 Videos (18m)


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About This Class


Welcome to class!  Whether you have played guitar for decades, or you are learning now but have a good grasp of basic major and minor chords, this class is for you! 

Join me as we dive in to The Beatles late 1964 classic "Eight Days A Week"!  We will learn to perfectly reproduce the rhythm guitar part as played by John Lennon on the recording which took place October 6, 1964. The tune was in consideration as the title for their second feature film in early 1965 which wound up being "HELP!" It also showcases John and Paul's remarkable sense of vocal harmony, particularly during the chorus.

Students will follow along as we break down the song into easily learned segments; the intro, verse, middle 8 and ending will be mastered one by one ultimately resulting in a live recording where students get to show off their skills!





Marty McGowan

Teaching and sharing knowledge with others is my passion.

I will teach students how to reproduce Beatles masterpieces with stunning accuracy so they can both enjoy and bring joy to others by playing this timeless music.

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