Plaster Relief: Make Your Own Botanical Wall Art | Galina Moroz | Skillshare

Plaster Relief: Make Your Own Botanical Wall Art

Galina Moroz

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5 Lessons (16m) View My Notes
    • 1. What a (plaster) relief! Intro

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Clay Prototype

    • 4. Plaster Preparation

    • 5. Framing Up & Closing Remarks


About This Class

If you are curious about making a piece of aesthetically pleasing wall art join this class of a rustic plaster impression.

You will be able to craft a year-around summer mix and leave it white matte or paint with watercolours.In this class we will cover:

• tools you’ll need

• clay prototype and objects to press

• tips and tricks not to get dirty with clay and fine white powder

Calcium sulfate hemihydrate can become art.

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1. What a (plaster) relief! Intro: Hi, friends. My name is Galina, and welcome to my plastic. My goal is to teach you how to make flowers from your garden or Twix from the nearest park eternal. This classes for complete beginners who is not afraid off getting dirty with clay and plus two Ah, cluster is a building material that looks like lava or cocaine, but much cheaper here is a simple took it like a rolling pin, plastic cop and table close and so on. With eight and a step by step guide, you will be able to make a bar relief at Drew piece of wall art. As for me, I'm a do it yourself type of person. I love to humanize unwanted objects and I love gardening, So take your gloves and let's get it studied. 2. Tools: Hi, everyone. I've already put on my gloves and made it to work. So who? You, too? And firstly, I'm going released under necessary tools. It includes a plastic tablecloth. If you don't have one, you can just use a plastic bag. You should cover with this plastic. Pick your table in order not to make the table dirty because you learn out the clay on their table. Make sure that the surface you're working on is smooth and heart. The next thing is most earth clay. This is not the first time I used this clay, and I will share a chip with you. How to keep it. You should just caught the clay into slices after you finished working with it. Soak them in water in them, which so then you place the whole thing in inside the plastic bag, and it can be used endlessly. Don't forget to soak with water because it can dry up very quickly. Well, the next goes after itself. Plus is a fine white founder. It looks like these you must using, and it's written here that disgusting boulders move servers. High precision. Nordine is a removed from the mall. That's what we need an extremely break resistant again. That's quite important. Makes this Plus what? For this mixture, You will need a ballistic cop. Mind cop is quite big, you know, for one liter and 1/2 but I think it will work as well. Well, I also use the plastic spoon to mix water with plaster. You could throw it to make or you could really use it. Uh, then you might need tweezers while pulling out flowers from the clay. The thing is that I've got to rose on. It's blossoms are quiet, huge. But if you've got, um flowers like la vender orthe, I do know very tiny flowers. Ah, it's maybe a little bit difficult to pull out small and tiny things from the clay. So tweezers will work well on this situation. Hotels and wire. If you'd like to place a piece of out on the wall, you can press Why hawking to plaster just like here? Notice this class to barley is round. But this time I want to show you a different way making by really? Oh, here I go to plastic. What? Afraid it's going to be empty. I think that's each so state. Huge 3. Clay Prototype: The first step is to sculpt your objects in Clayton rollout play to at least one of the hopes into me. So as I told you, this is not the first time I used a claim for each person can be reused for future costumes as long as it remains most. Do not roll the layer to think of isil, object through make clothes. Try to roll with seemingly from sighs, and we should roll out to signs of a crane. I think it works. It's now time to create a composition of prepared flowers. Here gives a tip. Keep in mind for the nearer reflection rule. When the objects are reversed in direction, it means that everything that is laid out in the right we'll be on the left all this time is a bit alone. I'm going to cottage, think this length into and a little bit under tipping. More next step is to work with a rolling pin. We hold the stems of flowers, win with one hand and the rolling peen with the other, and you should start from the center on, drawling the flowers into the clay so that they are sunk into the clear Every time I'm rolling into flowers into the clay, I make a bit right and because A I don't want to spoil the whole process and all parts of plants should be well rolled into the clay. So this is the future. Will you move the bar, press it evenly so that the rolling pin moves clockwise and counterclockwise on? That's quite important because you should control the rolling pin pressure. And it's not an easy task, but quiet doing. We should pull flowers out by this temps one by one, using tweezers with smooth upward motions and trying not to damage the surfers off the clay so that the whole image is not ruling. So some summer this tune think it's OK. Thank you, Rose. You were very beautiful and very noble, and you did your great job well. 4. Plaster Preparation: for its some cold water into the copper. And I've got around 200 milliliters of cold portion in here on now. I'm going to makes bluster. Varies according to instructions here again and contrary. Keep with you. I usually stop putting plaster into the water when it stops sinking. Hi. I made a temperature. I'm going to press it, man, I meet these beautiful Parton to make afraid. No, no, it's important not to break the frame. Because, of course, a much when I use it again and again pressed to firmly as a way for me to us. Quite difficult. Take it away. Looks nice. The next important thing is that you don't want your liquid place to plaster with water. Ah, to leak out of the frame. And I made ah, a frame from the cleft that was left, uh, on the side off the surfers. Just make sure that you don't leave any holds. Make something like a bet after you mixed it. You should pour a thin layer into the frame on top of the clay and okay, that's current. Unlike much, I hope that over mixture not like out of the grain add more plaster until level with and your brain wash the copy you used quite quickly. It's better not to wait until you finish and all the work. It's high time we press who contar plaster. Mm so that you can hand it on the world. I usually do it after it said for five or 10 minutes, I think, and I use mystique from so, she said. If it's a present, are you can write something on the other side. You can also put the initial letters of your name and sir your surname. 5. Framing Up & Closing Remarks: you know, the clay dries up quickly, too. I usually wait for around 30 minutes. Let me to over I mean and move past. I'm sure it's going to very beautiful. Just look at it. I think it's a piece of art. You can see the remnants of clay in real use abreast of side of Washington Bunch to wash them away and let plus to dry overnight. It's amazing, it's amazing, and it's a lovely roast. That was my favorite moment when I was turning over the frame and removing clay cost. Just have a little compute. It's now. It looks a bit antique, I would say they do love when the edge off the frame is not even know. The bluster is still wet, so you can move in this three part. If you want, we should watch away. They remained collates. It will become mom white. I take a Washington sponge on just do like this. You can try both sides. This'll one is softer. Seven days should pause for a complete drying on. He will fill it because your relief will become lighter. You can pay your walk off, aren't with 12 colors or if you want, you can leave it, Mutt. I think that making reliefs is quite budge to re because you're simply borrow tools from your kitchen, and at the same time, it's really, really is to make them and their lovely indeed.