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7 Videos (16m)
    • Welcome to Google Calendar

    • Calendar General Settings

    • Scheduling and managing events

    • Sharing Calendars

    • Adding Calendars

    • Sync with your smartphone

    • Final thoughts


About This Class


Learn how to use Google Calendar to Create your meetings, invite attendants and add reminders. Google Calendar is a powerful tool that can help you to optimize your time management, either at work or home. 

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Basic and easy to understand. Ideal from someone just starting out with Google Calendars.
Ruby Boyce

Graphic Design/Illustration

Good Information and thanks for sharing Angelica Robb.
Nuthan Murarysetty

Always Learning and sharing my knowledge to others

Angelica goes over the key points necessary to start integrating Google Calendar into your life. Since this calendar can go across all your platforms that have Google, this calendar is perfect for busy folks wanting to remember birthdays, get reminders on upcoming events and sharing calendars if needed.
Kimberly Purcell

Just Want To Learn Stuff





Angelica Robb

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Angelica is the cofounder of Kaizen For Life Professional & Life Skills Training Company and Founder of WEPA Dance offering high intensity fitness workouts set to fun Latin rhythms.

As an accomplished engineer and IT professional Angelica has international experience working for global telecommunications companies throughout the US and Latin America. Her expertise includes: networking, cloud computing, social media, web and digital marketing. In addition to her technical skills, Ange...

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