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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome to Google Calendar

    • 2. Calendar General Settings

    • 3. Scheduling and managing events

    • 4. Sharing Calendars

    • 5. Adding Calendars

    • 6. Sync with your smartphone

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class


Learn how to use Google Calendar to Create your meetings, invite attendants and add reminders. Google Calendar is a powerful tool that can help you to optimize your time management, either at work or home. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Angelica Robb

cofounder of KAIZEN FOR LIFE and FounderWEPA Dance


Angelica is the cofounder of Kaizen For Life Professional & Life Skills Training Company and Founder of WEPA Dance offering high intensity fitness workouts set to fun Latin rhythms.

As an accomplished engineer and IT professional Angelica has international experience working for global telecommunications companies throughout the US and Latin America. Her expertise includes: networking, cloud computing, social media, web and digital marketing. In addition to her technical skills, Angelica has over seven years of experience teaching engineering and IT classes at the University level.

Angelica's passion for dance lead her to found WEPA Dance, a fun, inspiring dance based fitness program set to traditional Colombian rhythms.

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1. Welcome to Google Calendar: Welcome to Google Calendar. My name is Angelica. I am I t engineer and a locator it guys in for life. This class is assigned to tissue. How Google calendar will help you to plant your life, improve your time management skills and keep track of your events. You can use it as your personal agenda to schedule your appointments. Planned your activities. Organize your time s kettle in, sent invitations to your meetings or events. Make the best of your time. Planning your life with Google Calendar. 2. Calendar General Settings: In this lecture, I will show you how to access and configure the general settings for Google Calendar. Once you are logged into a Google or demon account, remember that the same account for or cool applications. Click the Apse icon and then the calendar. Like now you can see your calendar. You can easily change the view by clicking your preference option. It can be by day, week, month or a customize view or agenda. Now let's configure the general settings. Go to the top right corner and clicked the gear icon. Then click settings. In this window. You can configure the next seconds. Language country, time zone Date in time for mitt the ways you want to see your notifications or reminders in this option. If you leave the books unchecked, you will see pop up notifications. If you check the box, your grocer will show you the notifications without interrupting your work. The option to us automatically to your calendar, your events from Gmail, the default duration for the events you create. But you can have the declaration for issue Vin whenever you want The starting day for the week. It can be Sunday, Monday or Saturday you can also said, if you want to the past or recording future events to show in your calendar, the weekends are only the working days to set the default and Cousteau on view off your calendar and the location to show the weather based on your location. To show events that you have declined, do what invitations to your calendar automatically at automatically via calls to events to create. You can also add on alternate calendar like a traditional Chinese calendar, and you also have the option to enable key Porcher calls. If you enable this option, you will see all the circuits you can use by typing a question mark once to have said all your preference, said the changes and come back to your calendar. 3. Scheduling and managing events: In this lecture, you learn how to creating configured your events in your Google calendar. First, let's create an event click that they do want to. What the event or click any part of your calendar. Be careful to select the appropriate time sewn for your event to avoid people. Get confused about the time off the event. By default, colander were set the time zone. Do you have in your genital sentence? Select If you want to create an event or a reminder in this case, let's create uneven and let's click every event. Type the name of your event. Select if it is on all day event, or select the specific starting in end in time. If the event is recommend, you can configure the frequency or days. Do you want the event repeats and setting on end in time? If need it, then enter the location and description off the event. You can also attach any document you need in order is your attendees review it before or during the meeting. You cannot some categories or classifications to your events by adding colors. For example, let's say I will put blue color to work meetings and red color to family events. Then you can select what kind of notification or reminder you want for your event. It can be on email what notification like a pop out. Or it can be a Roeser notification. You can also add more notifications if you need it. For example, to remind you a couple of days before the event, you can set the event time as BC and said the disability off the event at the right, you will find the option to a guest to your event by entering their email address. You can set some permissions for the guests to edit the event, invite others or see the guest list. Once you have configured your event, click save. If you have guests for your event, you will be asked if you want to send invitations but email to the event. If you click, send all your guests will receive an email with amputation toward your event. When you are invited Toe UN event. You will receive an email with the description off the event and with the attendance options off guests, maybe Oh no, by the fourth discipline will be other to your calendar automatically. Remember, you can change these Fisher in the General Colin there, sittings learned in the previous lecture. Every time you need to edit an event, the only thing you need to do is click in the event and changed the setting. Unique. If you already send invitations toe these event, you will be asked. If you want to send the update to your guest, you can also use Google Calendar to us. Simple reminders about any specific matter. It doesn't matter that it is no related with any event to do it. Just click in the specific date or any part in your calendar. Then click the top reminder, said the title off Sarge It off. The reminder. The specific time. If uprise otherwise select all day and click create, you can also send some repetition for the reminder. 4. Sharing Calendars: Sometimes it is youthful to share your calendar with others, in order, they can see your agenda and find the best time for a meeting in the same way you would be able to check first when your guests will have some free time before sending them on invitation to an event. If you want to share your calendar, do you need to go to the calendar settings Clicking in the gear, Click in the color, click in the calendar top and click chaired this calendar in front of the calendar you want to chair. Then you need to enter the email address off the people you want to church a calendar with and said the permissions you want to provide toe those contacts over your calendar. If you want to share your calendar with more than one person, just click at person and entered the older burst on email address. If you want to stop chair in your calendar with someone in the least, do you have to click in that? Remove Ike, then click safe In this way, the contacts you enter it will receive an email notification. It would be able to see your calendar in the same way you would receive une male informing you when someone has chaired the calendar with you, you can see the calendars that has been chair with you. But going toe the calendar settings, selecting the calendar top and look it on the other calendar section, you will find the calendars that has been shared with you and the kind off permissions you have. For example, in this case, Marion Haas chaired here calendar with me, but I only can see the events. I have no permission to eat any of the events off this contract. Once someone has cheered a calendar with you, you will be able to see this person events in your own calendar. They will be shown in a deem way and a different color at some point. Do me one stop how, in access to the culling that someone Ailes has chair with you. If that is the case, you need to click unsubscribe in the front off the calendar. You want to stop seeing 5. Adding Calendars: you can add additional calendars to maintain some privacy or to help you to remember the special events as your contacts for days or holidays in an specific country. Two other calendar. Go to the calendar settings. Here you can, at some off the pre configure calendars or create calendars by your own. The most common pre configured calendars are the bird days off your Google. Contact holidays off your country by clicking the check box in front of the car in that you want to what the events in this calendar will be shown in yours. In the Link Bro's interesting calendars, you will find many other calendars you could at. You can also create different calendars for different kinds, off events or for adding some previous eater your agenda. You can do this by clicking. Create new calendar. Here. You need to set the name description location in time zone for your new calendar. You can also chariot with specific people. For example, if you need to share your work coming that with your co workers, you can create a new calendar in at their only work related events. In this way, your coworkers won't be able to see your family or personal events 6. Sync with your smartphone: one of the amazing things off Google calendar that you can synchronize with your mobile phone or other devices. So let's take a look. How did works first go to your app restored? It can be different depending of the kind of phone you have. But did it really? This is the process you have to do. So goes your APP store. Look for the Google calendar app in stock, then opened the up. Then you will have ah tour about different realities of the Google coming there. Then you will be asked to for meat calendar, have access to your contact. Well, you have to be sure that you have at it your Google account to yourself so you can go to the settings off your cell phone. Look the account and be sure you have your Google account. Configure Indra phone. Know what you can access your calendar from your phone. You can also have the different views by week Air month, or you can customize debut you want you concealed your events and you get at it and you can see the plaice sign. And then you can I reminder that event on the goal and you can configure all the features you have injured. Normal calendar Are you can said the time for the appointment to the reminder to can at people or in by people your to your events. Now it's important to realize that as it the same calendar, even if you are working, injured, laptop or in your phone, whatever change in one of the devices will be changed in the older one. I mean, if you add or remove on appointment, eat your cell phone. When you go to your calendar in a computer, you will see those changes made. So be careful because whatever it it do you do in any device will be reflected in any order devised. You usedto open your county there. 7. Final thoughts: Congratulations. You have finished the Google calendar class. Now I invite you to review the class project section where you will find our tried yourself challenge to put into practice what you have learnt. Remember, the more you used a calendar, they very understanding you have about it and the more you will find it useful for your work or personal life. Thanks for joining kaizen for life with this class. I hope you have enjoyed learning in using Google Calendar.