Planning a Life You Love: Creating, Organizing, & Utilizing an Agenda

Kailani Lynn, Constantly creating a life I love.

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6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Choosing Your Planner System

    • 3. Putting Your Priorities on Paper

    • 4. Designing Your Unique System

    • 5. How Creativity Increases Productivity

    • 6. Paper Planning in a Modern World

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Project Description

Let's share our new planner system! 

There are lots of opportunities to create, experiment, and design when taking this class, and sharing what you have learned with me and your fellow students is a great way to get feedback and grow more confident. As you watch each lesson, check back here where you will find several mini projects to upload and show off! I can't wait to see them...

  1. Show off your new planner! Share a picture of your new notebook, so we can get some #plannerinspo
  2. This is what makes me whole... Take a snapshot of your pie chart and share it with the class! It is great to see how other people evaluate their lives, and is the perfect opportunity to get to know one another. 
  3. Vertical or Horizontal? We all have a preference! Share a picture of your planner layouts, whether they are vertical, horizontal, time planning or habit keeping! 
  4. Let's Get Creative How did you decorate your planner? Are you a minimalist, or do you love the frills? Show us your unique style by posting a photo! 

Student Projects

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Brendan Molloy
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