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Planning: An Excel Sheets and Bullet Journaling Approach

teacher avatar Silvia Njoki, Self trained artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Defining Terms

    • 4. Creating a Project

    • 5. Creating Systems for Your Goals

    • 6. Creating Project Timelines

    • 7. Bullet Journaling Finally comes in

    • 8. Assessing your Progress

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Learn how to plan your project/month/year in this project using Google Sheets and Bullet Journaling. In this class, we will explore how to create a project for your year or quarter and how to oversee its execution. You will only need access to Google Sheets, a notebook and a pen for this project. 

Students without any prior experience can take on this class for an introduction into planning. Furthermore, those with experience will benefit from the tips and tricks included within the course. 

Topics I will cover include:

  • Creating project: we will list different projects based on personal goals and visions for our life. 
  • Distinguishing goals and systems: differentiating goals from systems will guide you on how to create working elements to push you toward meeting your goal.
  • Identifying milestones/ Key performance indicators: we shall incorporate quantifiable metrics to assess progress within our goals. 
  • Creating timelines: learn how to create reasonable timelines for your project so that all projects within your life move concurrently.
  • Journaling: how to journal for goals and creating checklists which match the excel sheet template
  • Assessing progress: Comparing your current place vs. where you started to know whether you are moving towards your objective. 

I'll be using Google Excel Sheets and a Bullet Journal for this project. However, you can adopt one of the options for the project, since all you need to do is break down the project into milestones and create timelines for the same. 

As a result, you will learn how to adopt these systems within any space (work and personal). It will enable you to reach your goals as I have done for the past four years!

Meet Your Teacher

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Silvia Njoki

Self trained artist


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1. Introduction : Morning everyone and welcome to my Skillshare class. My name is Sylvia integer key and I'll be your instructor throughout this course. In this course are going to be learning about how to plan your year using Google Excel sheets and introducing a little bit of bullet January for accountability and development. So one of the things that I love about planning or planning when month or week, is that it gives me a lot of purpose and a sense of direction regarding what they need to do and what projects I need to work on. I'm also aware of what I do not want to do our coin. Knowing not what to work on is very important because it enables you to understand which AS to focus your energies on and what not to the level in the amount of wacko him in this class. I'm going to be taking you through all that and guiding you how to ensure that you meet your monthly goals and targets for various things that you may have in my Italy be in business, whatever it is, this is the place for you. I'm excited and I want you to join on this class. 2. Class Project : So for this part, I'll take you through your class project. So I'm doing that I want you to do for your class project is to share with me your project, but you aren't walk on maybe over this quarter or over this year. And what I'll do with you is that you have to look at the template included below for you to fill in the information. So some of things that should feeling is the name of the project, some of the milestones at Sure with their project, and what timelines for the project to be achieved on. Aside from that, I would want you to integrate a little bit of what you write down on Excel sheets into your bullet journal. If you use that system or you can look book whatever your teams use to promote accountability. It may even be the same Google excel sheets and reduce that over a period of four weeks to assess whether your development and attainment for those projects is actually going on in the way that you want to get there. So kindly do that and look at the link below in the Google Excel sheet for example, if you have any questions, make sure you leave a common meal and I'll be sure to look at it. 3. Defining Terms: Now we're on to understanding different terms which we'll use throughout this course. So the first one will be project. And a project is something that you went to our coin, and it may be in any field. And for me I found one, begin the ads where I went to work on my ad, moving forward Ease objectives, and they are the underlying drivers of a project. So for you to identify an objective, It's important for you to know why do you want to work on this project? What does this project resulting? Forward period of time? Do you want to walk on it? And understanding this drives you to push past the point where you don't have any more motivation to work on a project. And it's important for you to understand why it drives you, because you will find that it's highly likely that you'll continue whacking on niche, if you will, very driven towards attaining the goals that you want to attain within a particular time. So key performance indicators, drivers that they do towards a project and they are new Match EQ or quantifiable outcome based assessments. So for this may include, for my project I wanted to paint would be two paintings Dan per week. The measure of success now for this would be in fun by how I attend the key performance indicators. Say for instance, I want to walk on two paintings by week. If I've done only one of a change, 50% of the progress by if have done to change to a 100 percent of my goal in doing that informs whether the project is moving forward or whether you need more time to work on the project. And maybe I'll good indicator for you to know whether this project is something that you're actually passionate about or you're not really driven towards going into other such in perspective or Asia. The next thing I'd want for you to understand is measures of success. Measures of success are quantifiable as well, and they come in at the end of the project or during different type. And as I mentioned, two paintings phallic. So the measure of success for the month will be h paintings for a full week, month. And doing that, combining all these elements creates a sense of progress within the project and guide you more towards meeting all the goals that you have set out to achieve. 4. Creating a Project : So welcome to the first part of our lesson today. And what we are going to be focusing on is how to cheat a full-cost era. So a focus area is more of a project that you weren't to our code or something that you are excited about. And that ranges from different fields. So for instance, in my personal life, my focus area would be routines that I implement to promote my hills and no viral wellness. So in this part, I'll be sharing with you a little bit of chips and cheeks of how to go about creating a focus area. And some of the examples that I have, which still the example is included on the links below. So why are things that you should do while creating a focus area is jotting down ideas on the projects that you want to occur. Second is naughty. Why you want to walk on that project and selecting the final project that you want to output. So in this scenario, I'm going to be taking you through the three examples included in the sample below. And that is now from a mini-project. I'll start with the project called confidence. And for lab projects, my main focus area is to build my health and intentionally leaving. So that intention on leaving in improving my health is the objectives that I went to attain auto project. So some of the key performance indicators or the activities that are taking grew during that project, which may vary based on your own interests. We include the number of ranks I do per month, the number of workouts I do for a week, the number of meals that I caught on my China for food tracking and then number of increase or the increase in amount of veggies, I couldn't assume which for me that is to just ensure that a increased more of a healthy living within my lifestyle. And the measure of success the Italians to assess their project is, I should have done two runs every week, which range between 22 that two minutes. I should have that full lockouts FV week, which may include the two rats in some scenarios and may not include a T2 runs in others for 22 that two minutes. And finally, I should have all means recorded at the end of the week. And the success, once the target is attained, it may be my overall well-being in the form of i to assess myself using my weight gain or weight loss. I could assess it using high generals, generally feel inside and how I just seal improved. Another sample project that I worked on is the artist's project. And for this, I wanted to increase my confidence in my artistic skills. So in this project area, I focus the number of paintings that I do at dinner a period of time, and number of paintings I may do on procreate. So since these are two different platform sees their traditional media perform in digital form of ICT. It's important for me to provide a balance between the two so that I maintain good progress in increasing my skills in both the address and for that, I had a target for four paintings done by month and says event procreate videos than per month or seven proteins drawings completed within a month period. So slip doing that, I'll be able to venture into a new form of IT, STI lifestyle or a DSD. And we are showing myself or my clients. And also I'll be able to increase the number of strings that I can provide you suture. So those are two of the example projects that have worked on. And finally, I want to share with you my my most recent project, which has been the consistent project. So for their consistent project, the main focus area for me, the main objectives that they had for it is to reduce the number of decisions I made and sustained my IT Street within that area. I wanted to edit my cover letters for WACC opportunities in future and also increase the number of posts that I do on Instagram. So this really ties onto the previous project which was on the ACT because most of the walk that I posted on Instagram in leads to add. So having a link between the two projects and shows these I'll beat of consistency in my life because when I walk on a new painting, I have more content to share so I can share it more in promotes consistency. And once I have a routine builds in the form of I walk out on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. There's no room for me to need to make decisions on certain aspects of my land because those things are already in place. So that is one of the things that I'd wanted to learn about. Establishing a focus area or a project that you want to avoid. Not really have to be something that's very similar to what I'm working on. It could be as simple as wanting to wake up Eileen oh, sleeping e point type. And what being that you have to focus on is what meshes are you introducing within your life or what milestones are you putting in place to make sure that nothing hinders YOU from attaining vegetable? Yes. So that would be a milestones that you went to our coding during this period. We seen that within the link. 5. Creating Systems for Your Goals: So now we're going to address project implementation. So project implementation is a process that comes in very handy when you overseeing the success of Watch projects that show and to Alcorn in your pattern or life isn't very intricate as compared to being in the field where a lot of factors come in because in this era, it's on you and what you can implement within your life to oversee the success of what you want to work on. So in this portion, I'm going to share with you a comparison between goals and systems. So goes such targets that one wants to walk on to attain vassals systems are things are to put in place to ensure that we meet setting targets are to going to attain in life. Quick example I'll share with you when you want to work out in the morning. Go maybe I want to work out tomorrow morning between eight AM and nine times t m, for instance. However, a system would be putting your shoes right next to you that and putting glass of water and you wacko together so that when you get out of bed, the immediate thing that you do is to actually put a new shoes and good to per gram. Similarly, if you want to increase your healthy living. Now in my case example, what I have done in my life is increased the register that I have in the refrigerator or in the pantry, or just within my reach. As compared to having chocolate, like snacks that I may gravitates towards a lot more off during the day. So having met has shifted my focus more outside of the goal, which may be to increase my healthy living and more towards ensuring that I leave towards improving my healthy living lifestyle. Because everything around my environment walks towards implementing the goals that I wanted to settle and walking towards attaining them. So it's very important for you to create systems within your life. Rick ad, because I chew and to attain. So this systems will vary so much more based on want to walk on and will be very specific to you and your environment and your lifestyle. And I will see is that systems work best when you have people keeping you accountable to adds them. So one case example which came from learning from a book is that an individual wanted to wacko TWA. And what they did was they made sure that they give the lockouts chain at $50 in kids, they didn't go for Iran and the pastor who kept him accountable, loves his wife. The wife would recommend, mentioned whether his husband went this husband went out to for their ran or not. And if he did not, he had to pay the $50 as a result of a six months beard, the person increase the overall well-being and lifestyle and lost a lot of weight as a result of creating the systems to push them towards attaining the goals. So the good thing about systems is even when you don't feel like working on whatever project that you went to our code that, that to push you towards attaining whatever you intend to promote progress in or team. So you may have whatever goal you set forth to just guide your direction. But it's more important to put in place systems that will promote you to get to ads at KU. 6. Creating Project Timelines : Okay, so now we're on to creating timelines. So timelines are something that is important for assessing your progress towards attaining whatever targets if set in place, or whatever goals or systems that are working for you. So timelines may range based on what extent are what time you want to outline a project in how how much impact the project has been new. I believe that when you've created good systems, it's it's okay for you to eliminate tenants for certain projects if, for instance, held and well, believing project and something that'll continue on for over a year period. So just starting it off for me with information on, I want to assess how I walk with nato and the next three months. That provides a good period for me to know what system is working, what is not cracking and overlap clear, they can also know how to improve in future. And once I understand key areas of implemented, I've introduced them really wealth into my life. I need not have the project going on for much longer because it's something that is already within my routine. Another thing that you should note is when timelines are in case you should not. Projects are running at the same time. So in some scenarios, say for instance, a siem project, which is my held invalid leaving project. That project will always be running on. But some of the new projects that may come in maybe in relation to me and drawing. So than project Marinoan say for instance, I'm working with a company that is in Book Club publishing and I'm creating prints for them. That project trans, only for one month period, may need to take note of how that project into oxyacid, other things that give my life on what I can drop in, what I can take on the mall. In more, most cases, actually, understanding what you should let go off is more important than that. The more things because letting go of certain things creates more time for you and more intentionality for you to work towards project attainment and goal progress and creating systems that work well towards you moving forward. Finally, when you fill in the data on the check fees provided below, the data can be customized for you using the data portion of Excel sheets. So sour things now in my scenario which I will share with you, is returned within their projects example is that I had presence running between the first week to the to the next month's second week. That ranges from the first week of February right. Through to made much So the time and so that access over life period and the checklist that I have for that really inform the day walk on this project during this week that made I may do is actually true, mocking yellow, which I have done within the project itself, within the district I worked on this project within the second week, I have no intention of working on this project. In the third week, I'll walk on it again. And having having that board and having that overview of how you want to work on the project creates a more informative approach for you. And you go down to your bullet journal because, you know, okay, in with clients to a mocking mainly on my food and diet because this is a weaker making purchases for everything that I need to consume. So this is the time I need to plan everything out of how I need to eat. But kids week three, I need not to focus on that because the systems are really increase. So I don't need to mask that out at the time that I need to focus on a project. 7. Bullet Journaling Finally comes in: In this portion, I'll just go over how to plan the project towards the goals that I had in line. So what are the things that I'll put down within my plan? And as you can see here is the top included sticker is what? It is that I wanted to our code. And so using a pen and paper on B is a more minimalistic approach. And as you can see here, I'm being a little bit of art because I had this one to add a bit of ads into it. And then I'll go back and review what my key foci was, the main projects while the Wellness Project and active stick project. And finally, the consistent project. So over this time, I just like to list down my y's of taking on this project, which means more on the objective theory. So for the wellness, the main focus area is for me to increase my confidence in my own skin and my own health habits. And that just drives me to understand why I wanted to do it on the atlas. I went to just draw more and be more liquid system project. I went to practice consistency. We seen my eyes. So how is this didn't come in along is because I have a very specific column for when Ellen to walk on this project. Then coming more when at least down the monthly or weekly target. So as we go back into the previous month, as you can see, let's say in week 1 is when I wanted to walk or and Let's listed down as wellness trap on week 1. In for that, I'll just sweep down when run on a Monday and one run running once. And that's it does to chalk. So doing that just makes me be more accountable and remember what to do during which week I remember. I tend to do this on Sunday, so my plan for the week is very clear regarding my goal and I'm able to be very aware of when different things coming along. Another thing that I would like for you to try out doing is having a daily chuck cap, which just goes on at the start of every month. For you to just these down. You'll keep project for the period in for here. Additionally, it's done until the 15th because that's the most important needs for me. And in the fast because I mentioned for you dragging. So it's what I ran on the first day of February and on the 60 or February. So the test will happen over twice a week, and that's a mixture of success. So placing random deeds increases my leg mood. Tim, I may tend to do it effectively on some situations in that is entirely fine. So long as it is done and so long as it is within my plan, I'm more inclined to do it. Another thing is I want to draw more in identity, do that, or tend to do that over the weekend. And so for this for this month, I'll do that on Fridays fixed. Uh, so today on seventh row, draw a painting, are all drew something on Procreate. So being very specific with my goals also is our integral process of this project in, because as you remember, a mocking one, physical paintings as well as digital ad. So being specific on what I wanted to walk coins also pushes me to be more in line with drinks that another thing is having things which are very easy to reach. So in some situations, having the thing that's easy to reach me be the tablet or iPad or whatever you're using for your digital art. And that may push you to draw more during the weekdays when you have little time for planning. So you may incorporate that within your planning process. Another thing is, I'll do this for the continuous period. And as I mentioned before, rather they took you through I have monthly view at the end of the month. So within this portion, the main focus of the manual review is how engaging, why my projects did I really enjoyed doing them and what have violent through whacking on each and every project. Is that something that I also want to stop walking on? And why what are the triggers that pushed me towards that direction. So just listing such type of things out and having more information on those key areas is an integral portion of just planning. Within this last month, I'll just shout with you. So one of the things that I found difficult, let's say within my Udi training would be picking up on tight. So that would be can be improved the increasing introducing that system which is keep on time. So that would be sleeping by 10:00 PM daily during weekdays because I have chaining for five days a week on my AUD project. I was very disengaged on the project. And for that, what I'm going to do now is reduce the number of paintings that I need to walk on and the next one. So moving it from 17 teens to three paintings in the next one. So something I'm also noticing now is that Aidid a little bit of working out, but it didn't do, which wasn't very structured and that's something that I want to improve on. So for that, I'll just release the doubt as an area of improvement and write down why IoT proven neat. So that could come in through for me to be checking online, checking online courses or just chaining reduce checking online training videos. So four different areas that I wanted to walk out on in busy, more of a schedule for that. So having this monthly review over the past month has enabled me to understand what progress I'm making team the G8 as the term blastula on intrude for my Skillshare projects, I feel that I'm working on very well, just something that I took up on this side. And because I'm making good progress with the eyes is a short-term projects because once is edited, a lot of the bulk of the wealth of editing and I shift to more into marketing, which brings a lot of aspects of art and drawing and social media reach, which is very different. So doing that has also enabled me to just know how to be more informed in the months to come. And because I have a little bit of sticker see I know when to add a little bit of just some beauty aspect into it. It's all just beauty into slag giving me a little bit more drive. I just stick it on my overall monthly calendar and I can do that. And also just I want to do some little bit of flowers as well. And I can do that through some self-perform it. So this just for me to fix our random approach of what else I wanted to add to my weekly or monthly calendar. It doesn't necessarily have to be very optimistic in truth, it's just sometimes, it's actually something that just helps me express myself. So that's it and knowledge come to the end of the class on this Photoshop. Let's see you on the next portion of the project. 8. Assessing your Progress: So now we're on to measuring progress. Measuring progress is a process for one, which may vary depending on how long your project last. I believe I tend to make her proud stress for my personal goods or via three weeks to a month period and rather less. I don't really focus on a one week to two week period because that's the point where you're really excited about the project and you don't really notice when you change, push yourself. Do you ever need to see if you're trying to run two times a week over a period of two months. You're very excited over the past two weeks. So that's not the best time to assess your project. So why aren't things that you should do to assess your project is to know when things are not working for you. It's important for you to adapt things to make sure that the improved in one environment you live in. As much as the Middle East recommended through media books or different platforms, such in themes may not be dealers who did for your lifestyle or no big deal are suited for your body or just what you want to happen. And it's very important for you to just have that level of awareness and come to the realization that this doesn't work and I can improve it or I can change it, maybe I don't even like it. So during that over a period of a month is something that I've noticed for me. Give me a lot of feedback on. Is it that is a problem leaning more on the project itself? Or is it within my lifestyle of say for instance, with whacking out, is the problem being I don't like working out through using heat routines or is it that a preferred to out in the evening rather than the morning? Is that I generally just don't want to block out by myself. So the difference in areas with our different ways of addressing them. So in that scenario where I don't like walking a lot by myself, I lean more on getting a personal Jinnah who act as a motivator and bring a sense of accountability for the project. On the other hand, is if I don't like walking on each routines, I can shift that and try doing yoga for the next month or doing a different form of regime which may be more in sync. We feel that they love. In that way, I'll be able to continue progressing towards my project or my target. But I can shoot how I work on the goal or whatever the good is. It may be to walk out, but first to see how you work are doing it. So emptying of attrition do is also assess growth of our three month period. So while a one month period provides you information on what's not working and what is whacking a three month period gives you a boost of joy. Squares t, for instance, I've been working on running for every two days per week of our three month period. I can see noticeable results at the end of three months, and I'm more inclined to continue that progress in that project into the future because of what I have seen and what I have documented over that period of time. Having it on Excel sheets is also a very good way for you to know. Okay, so this week I walked on Monday and Thursday. This week, they are often different week. And over this period of time, this is how when I have felt and I have worked for this period of time, so I appreciate my recovering it. So that's very important because it will give you a push towards moving into a new project and trusting yourself to oversee you success, even in neurons. And other thing is you should have an goal elimination or a project elimination checklist at, after I review period, It's very important to assess progress, but also just know at this point in time, this is no longer a priority for me in my life. In that doing that also pushes you to understand what is it that's driving you to move towards a different direction and how can I push myself to ads that direction that I went to our code. So I'm sure that you assess your projects in the coming future and make sure you do this, try doing it within one month period and a three month period and move on a one year, you'll be able to see so much more productive dress with a plan that you'll have set out and what you'd have attained over the period. 9. Final Thoughts: Okay, so now welcome to the final part of this class then congratulations for coming on this far. During this class, you've learned a lot about planning for your ear, for your month, for your quarter, whatever it may be. And hope that things that you've learned here you able to implement them in future. Also remember, during the tick attire, look at the course material provided below four have for you to have more information and how to plan your year or blend different portions that you went to look for into an unseen that I would want to share with you is I felt that to share your project linked in the present gallery, since this is a very different or unique project, we're living more on J, the actual project in tablets are doing to come up with do that in the project gallery below and also conversed with a few of the students included and showed me any questions or comments you would have on concerns that you may have on how to integrate this systems within your life. I'm really excited that you've come up to this point in the class in every xi to work. And I hope you succeed within your plans in future.