Plan the Holidays with Trello and Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season | Rosamaria Carrillo | Skillshare

Plan the Holidays with Trello and Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Rosamaria Carrillo, Educator, activist, entrepreneur, & YouTuber

Plan the Holidays with Trello and Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Rosamaria Carrillo, Educator, activist, entrepreneur, & YouTuber

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6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Welcome to Plan the Holidays with Trello

    • 2. Setup Your Holiday Board

    • 3. Walkthrough: Thanksgiving Planning

    • 4. Walkthrough: Christmas Planning

    • 5. Trello Calendar and PowerUps

    • 6. Project: Share Screenshot of Your Board

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About This Class


Plan the Holidays with Trello and Have a Stree Free Holiday Season.

The holiday season has arrived, and the stress of planning a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner and magical Christmas day will start creeping up if it hasn't already.

But, I am here to share with you the fun and functional project management tool, Trello, that will help you rock the holiday season.

Trello is a free web-based project management tool that lets you manage projects and organize anything into boards. If you love Instagram, you will love Trello. If you hate Instagram, you can turn it into something else.

This tool is perfect for the creative person and minimalistic believer. Once you have completed the course, you will use it to organize and manage all your projects in a way that reflects your personality.

Sign up for Trello so that you can join me in real-time.  


  • Welcome to Plan the Holidays with Trello
  • Setup Your Holiday Board
  • Walkthrough: Thanksgiving Planning
  • Walkthrough: Christmas Planning
  • Trello Calendar and PowerUps
  • Project: Share Screenshot of Your Board

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Rosamaria Carrillo

Educator, activist, entrepreneur, & YouTuber


Hi, friend! Welcome to my channel.

My name is Rosamaria. I graduated from the University of California - Berkeley with a Masters in Social Welfare with a focus on management and planning. I am here to share my passion for leadership development, marketing, productivity, and self-help strategies to both motivate and inspire you.

My channel focuses on the creation of courses that let me actively share everything I learn, read, and listen to every single day. I create courses that will help you advance in your career and achieve your personal goals. I've always been an avid consumer of content around career advice and professional growth, as well as anything related to business and nonprofit leadership and management.

Interested? Subscribe to my channel to receive no... See full profile

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1. Welcome to Plan the Holidays with Trello: Hello, everyone. My name is Rosa Maria, and welcome to plan the holidays with trail Oh, I am super excited to show you how to use Trela so that you could have a stress free holiday season. I have been using the trail of software platform tool for a whole year and the use of both for work and for my personal projects at home and just to contain different types of information. Trend low is very collaborative tool that allows you to sort information into boards, and it gives you a lot of functionalities. That you can go is broad Orosz narrow and specific as you want. So it's a very flexible tool, and it's a very creative software. So for those of you who are very creative people, you could use it in different ways. And if you like simplicity, you could also very use of very, very simple ways. And so I'm really excited to be able to show you had a use trail. Oh, by using the holiday season. My holiday season is always this stressful, and I don't enjoy it as much because I think the holiday season is supposed to be a very natural season where things just magically happened. And so that has been my motto for the past years. And so I'm so excited to be able to use trail Oh, this holiday season, and I am going to show you how you can use it to. And you are gonna be so excited about the platform and your stress free holiday season because everything is going to be in one place and you will not need Teoh. Um, think twice about something that you had already planned. And you could actually set up multiple accounts for your family. And so everybody could access the boards where you are going to plan everything for this holiday season. So I'm super excited to be sharing this tool with you, and I hope to see you in the next video. 2. Setup Your Holiday Board: Hello, everyone. So in this video, we're gonna go ahead and set up our holiday planning board. So this is how my, um Trela account Looks like I have plenty of boards. So we're going to create a board by going here. We're gonna name a hall lit a plan E 2017 maybe November. December. You name it What you like. This is how it pops up. This is the default. One of the wonderful things that you can do now this year that they did is that you could do more than this. The's plaint colors. You can actually sell out photos. And so I guess it's partnered up with, um on Splash was, which is an incredible website where photographers put up their amazing pictures and they allow people to use them without attribution even though they appreciate the attribution, um you can take them and use them on your side. Russia will use, I believe, let's look at Miss Miss images. There's a lot of beautiful images. I like this one. See how it looks. I like it. So this is what you call a board on its you know, you can name it whatever you'd like you couldn't You can come back and change it. It's set on private, but if you had a team, you'd be sure what the team are. You couldn't make a public. I'm a few story. It will appear where? At the top of the boards when you sign in. Um, let's create a the our lists. So for me, I'm gonna use events as my lists. So I'll explain this first list will be in box, and I'll explain what that lists is all about. Thea other event will be thinks give being. My next event will be black Apple hack Friday. I don't participate on Black Friday that much anymore because the hours are no way too early. But I am traveling this holiday season, so I want to get a few deals. So it's these air, some of the events that are happening from me. Um, I'm gonna have Thanksgiving. I'm made. Do some black Friday shopping. Um, Christmas. Stay. I have a birthday for our son. Um, a new year. So those are some of the list that you can set up. You can set up as many lists as you like. It will just keep on going and going and going. Unfortunately, you can't move the little lists below. They have to. They remain side, decide. But you can definitely move them up or down however you like. Um, So now that you've set up your lists, um, you could add cars. You will out of cards to all of these lists. But before we move on Teoh talking about cards and projects, I'll let you know what this is about. So once you set up an account with trail oh, you can download the troll up on your phone and, um, whole it up so you can access your trial account. Um, but what's wonderful when you downloaded is that on at least the iPhone? From what I can tell is that when I save things from when I'm watching videos or, um, uh, you know, Facebook posts or Twitter things and I want to save them, he gives me the functionality to save to, you know, notes and different things. But when you have the trail, oh, app will allow you to select and try to save it to, um, boards. And so then you can go and look for your board. Um and I say I like to save them toe on incoming inbox board, which basically means process later. So later when I logging onto the online version, I can decide. You know what I would like to where I would like to move in, say, for example, there's a video off like the latest Christmas gifts that you can give a husband or co workers, and I wanna watch later or I need to make a note about it. I can just, um, save it for my phone to here and then move it around or do whatever process that basically , and so that these air the boards that I've got for now, I'm sure it will increase later on. So go ahead and create your board for this lesson. Um, I also like toe haven't other board, so I can put things that, um, don't necessarily fall in there. So maybe if I do save a video, I can put it in the other. So it's holding place. So that's what it looks like for now. Um, go ahead and set up your birth your board. Select your image, create the different boards that you want. If you don't like this set up and you rather do it by months and turn each a list into month or turn it into week periods? Um, are you could even turn it into days. This is a very flexible tool, so you can set up boards in an infinite number of ways. I've got tons boards on my account, and they all are set up in different ways to manage the kind of work that I'm doing or the kind of planning I'm doing. Um, but this is what looks to be working for me right now, so we're gonna leave it at them. 3. Walkthrough: Thanksgiving Planning : Hello, everybody. Welcome back. I hope that you were able to set up your lists. Um, already, we're gonna move on toe, adding cards you can choose to to break down different tasks. I recommend that you break down big tests, but you could also do a really big task and then just use checklists to break it down. Um, I'm going to use cards, and I'm gonna break it down into different tasks. Medium sized tests because I know that even those tasks have more tasks embedded in them. So, um, I would like to buy some Thanksgiving decorations. Um, this season, uh, I want it thing about my outfits outfits this season. I always wait last minute to plan for my outfits, and I end up buying clothes I don't need or just not feeling 100% about my outfit. Maybe you have other things that you plan to do. Maybe you're going to do some things, give bean travel. It could be local travel. Or, you know, actually, far away trouble like maybe another state or city or even country. Maybe you want Teoh. Think about giving. So say, for example, you have some Thanksgiving decorations Or maybe you want to buy, um, decoration. There are now older or, you know, they need to be replaced. Well, you can add a checklist. That's what I did. I added a checklist. Um, and you can decide what you want to buy. Maybe you want to buy candles. I can't spell maybe a center piece, and you could have a list of the things that you want to buy. I'm gonna have a Christmas one this wall because, um, there's, uh, decorations that at those need to be replaced for me. Um, it But I don't want to buy him for the Christmas season. Um, I want to buy the month discount, so I want to buy a christmas tree and, um, Christmas Decker operations. There you go. The reason I put outfits here, it's because I never give any thought to outfits, but, um, what would be awesome, iss that you can set up different checklists for each member of your family and, um do you can plan ahead? Who went what each child or adult is gonna wear for their things giving off its I am the worst at planning. And in the last minute, I either wear something that I don't like, or I go out and shop for things that I don't need and spend money. So if you plan ahead and you, you know, did this and spend about 30 to 45 minutes actually doing a good brain dump of everything you want to remember, this would help you out so well. So, for example, if you had a budget, you could budget Maybe you have $100 budget. Four moms outfit. I mean, budgeting is so essential during the holidays. I always overspend when I do not budget. Um, but, you know, you can set up these budgets for each person, and, um, this would be helpful for staying in budget, right? Um, and deciding what what's worth buying and what's worth using things that you could do would be to like, you know, maybe you wanna wear your faith bridge. Um, red dress. Right. Maybe you wanna wear that favorite, um, red dress, But maybe you need to buy, um, new high heel shoes. And I You could have that. Maybe you needed by some makeup. Maybe Dad needs to buy a new belt, buy a new brown belt right. Maybe Dad needs to, um, by buy new shoes because his are old. Maybe son, maybe he to needs new shoes. You can make all of these lists, but it's also pretty awesome Is that if you have images of yourself or your family worrying health, it's that you like that you want aware for Thanksgiving you can actually attach images. So if you, for example, save your photos to Dropbox, you can connect to your dropbox and attach images of, um, your most recent, um, you're those outfits that you love, or you can take pictures of those off It's And then, um, save them to Dropbox and Lincoln to hear my computer come into it to the computer. Um, say that was an image. I'm uploading it now, and it's showing up right here. Fun. The holidays with trail. Oh, and so you can add as many attachments from all of these different places you can ask will add a link, um, to it as well. So, uh, this is a really cool thing to do for, um, off its and how to plan for them. You can decide what you want aware. Um, maybe if you really like a hairstyle that you've done. Or maybe you take. You know, you do a hair style before and you take a picture. All of these things that you can think of you can add all of that information. You could also add some of the information down here in the common section below, So there's a lot of different things. Um, this is probably the thing that's gonna help me more. The most taste. Stay on track. Um, and then when you close out because that has an image shows this image planned the holidays . And so if you want a toe, have just a a list of just a different styling ideas, you can do that too. Now, that's moved to Thanksgiving dinner. Because this one there's so much, so much functionality that you can use. Maybe you want to do a run of show right for Thanksgiving. What do you want the day to look like? Uh, maybe things that you, um, want to remember. I feel like the holidays. You always say, Oh, remember to do this differently again, Maybe rests peace. You guys, I can't spell, so maybe I want to keep track of the recipes that I want to do. Thanksgiving dinner, crow groceries. Right. So this is pretty awesome. Because maybe, say, for example, I need I want to put the turkey turkey and all right, I can put that in there if I want to remember. Maybe I want to remember to add my new car like mayor grenade to Turkey. I couldn't do that. Right. So maybe I, um, May Maybe last season I made a turkey, but it needed a little bit more, and I wanted to do it. Maybe I want to call Aunt Mary one. Remember to do that. Now, say, I have all of these recipes. I can, um, spend some time looking at turkey recipes or chile or whatever. Here we have chili from the New York Times. I can come over here and I can put the recipes that I want to cook right there as it checklist. It shows up pretty awesome, right? And so the day of I can have all of my recipes right at hand. Once I'm done, I can click it off. If I didn't want to use the checklist, I could also put it in the comments. Rates be, Oh, com ments. There we go. And then if I save it, it appears there, um, you can see all of your behaviors and things that you've done, but I usually hide that. So there's a checklist so you can add comments and you can also add comments here, maybe has your cooking lot. Um, you can say, Oh, remember to do this next year, and you can ride all of these comments for next year. And remember, you'll have a place where you have, Um um, here you can put all of this all the gross is that you need. If you wanted to have a, like a car just for grocery shopping during the holidays, you could also do that same thing. Like if you work in a travel, this area right here is for you to add detailed description. So So you're going to travel to Anne Marie's. You can add the address. You can add a phone number if you need to stay at a hotel because they don't have enough space. Maybe the nearest hotel couldn't save all of those details there. Um, maybe you need a, um what? To pack list? Maybe you also wanted to remember Theo gifts for family. So if you're visiting, if the ant and they have kids and you want to bring them gifts, maybe you need to know that, right? Um, if you want a volunteer, you could do places. Or what kind of volunteering you want to do? Maybe you want to go to a hospital, Maybe you want to go to Ah ah, homeless shelter. Maybe you want to do some gift packs. Whatever it is she could, you know, make a long list of things that you want to dio um and, um que keep track of them here. So that is us creating cards. Um, with Thanksgiving in mine, now we'll move on and learn a little bit more functionality. Um, but with Christmas 4. Walkthrough: Christmas Planning: Now we're going to go move on and learn a little bit more functionality with Christmas. This is always an expensive month. So maybe I want to set up a budget. No, Chris must ive because my family celebrates Christmas Eve. I think I want to change this to post Christmas sales. There are decoration on different things that I want to buy post Christmas because they will be on sale through the Christmas tree. Things they have, but also close. So we want to do that because gift giving is such a big thing. Maybe I wanna Chris Christmas presence. Um what? And not only do I want to do Christmas presents, I can do a less for each person. I can do one from Mom. I can do one for Dad. Maybe I wanna have one. Just for friends. I can have one for co workers. There we go. So if I was to do this, there's a lot of things again. I can add a budget. Maybe for Mom only hits 50 bucks presence. But aside from that, what you could do for a list like this is at different kinds of detail. Maybe Mom is a large. Um, shirts, eight. Uh, you know, maybe she wears, uh, seven shoes. Maybe she wears excel on jackets. Whatever. I can have all of this identifiable information for when I'm shopping. I know what to buy my mom say my mom wants likes, um, music. Um, then I can think about CDs. Or maybe she likes music and novels. Whatever. Like you can add different things to help you with your purchasing. And then you can say, Maybe I want to buy her some shoes, some shoes, and because that you already have, like, you know, her shoe size and everything you can choose to get or some shoes. If you want something specific, maybe the husband likes video games. Um, Bo, it's also pretty cool is that you would be able to Maybe you want to buy? Um, the husband is into the Jets, he said. Jets fan. I couldn't try. Get in like that. I can put it down here with presence, or I can add it into a gift section. When I click on it. It has all of this information. It has the link to the place, you know, it has the image, and so when you're doing all the shopping, you can have, um, your own card for, like, presence. If I didn't want to do that, all I really would have to do is just copy and paste. Um, and I could put it for here. War. I could put it just down here. Great. Safe. And so I could do that for all of them, so I can spend some time doing some of this research ahead of time. So when I'm ready to buy either some, maybe I want to buy some of these things on Black Friday. Or maybe on cyber Monday. I would have a lot of information that I could use to purchase things. All right. The awesome other awesome thing is that you could move thes list. So once you've bought for somebody and you've completed your task, maybe you just move your lists around for their Rico. There you go. All of these things are movable. Not some. Practically it when it comes to the bud. Like the cards themselves, you can basically added members. You could add labels to things. So maybe you did. You wanted to know that this was no member tasks for whatever reason, if you wanted to go that the's word December, then you can add a label for both of us. Great. And then you can double click. Um, and then the names would show up, and then they would hide back. Show up. That's pretty awesome on you. Just come to label section and you on click What you don't want. That's it for the cart. So now we'll move onto the next video. 5. Trello Calendar and PowerUps: however, one. So in this video, we're going to review some of the additional Adams that you can get with, um Trela. One of my favorite add ons that you can access, um, with tremolo is through the power ups. Um, the free version of Trela lets you select one power up my favorite one. And you is a calendar, um, option, which allows me to see a calendar view of all of these cards. So, for example, Christmas Eve, I can put a due date of the 24th and then, you know, Christmas stay. It would be on the 25th. Um, so then I'm able to put all of these cards, um, put dates on all of the's cards and it would, um, I would be able to see a calendar version. And so if I have all of these cards set up, then I can add different events and tasks and things like that. So now that I have these states that I can click the calendar view and then there you go calendar, there's Thanksgiving dinner. There's post Christmas stuff. And so that's also pretty awesome. Then I can come back over here and then see how it's like. Oh, you know what? I want to buy my decorations way before, so maybe I wonder if I'm on the 11 3 and then I want tohave on my elf. It's settled by the 18 um, so I'm not Russian, so that's how you can see you can access a calendar view. Um, you also have the week view, which is pretty cool, because then you get to see what the weeks look like. The month view. Um, another awesome thing is that saying you wanted to move a card, you who moved the card, and it just changes the date when you move them in the calendar. So now that it will be November 17 you will see that it didn't move over here. It doesn't move from the actual up a list. It just moves the date. You could move all of these things around, and it's just basically moving the date. The other awesome thing is that you could at a card from the calendar view. So maybe you want to maybe Peter this right? Maybe you're having Yes, Maybe that's an image, the card, and they're coming for Thanksgiving. So you put it in the Thanksgiving list. You can select where you want. See this one turned yellow because today is the third and tomorrow will be the fourth. So it's just saying it's coming up. Your desk is coming up, so pay attention. If tomorrow's 1/4 and it's 12 PM, will say like it's do Anil term Reds A. Lots Pretty awesome. Um, that say right here I can add the time. So say, let me save it. See how it turned red? So that's pretty cool. Sit, but say there's things that I needed to know, like when he was arriving. Arrival. If I have to pick him up, maybe gate flaky. All of these things, um, are pretty cool. And then I could add of, like, tasks. Maybe I need a prep. A room for him. Maybe, um, I need to pick him up so the possibilities are limitless. With Trela, you can do so much, You can have so much functionality. It's pretty awesome anyway, so I think that's about it. I think I might have showed you everything, some of them additional. If you want to access more power ups, you have to get a premium account, which, unless you to get three power ups. My favorite, My other favorite. Um, power is the these like Dropbox. You can enable it. So you can intention documents. I use Google drive. So if I enable that, basically, you see there's a Google driver here and then I can link. So you know how I attached an image. I could go to my drive and touch on image or a document. So if for some, for whatever reason I needed to create a document, maybe I was going to send out a letter, Or maybe I was going to send out something and I wanted to attach a document to something I could I could go to this Google drive power up in attach a file. Um, so those are the kind of thing. So you get three. If you if you do a premium upgrade if you are going to use it Once that you are a member, you can refer one of your friends to trail Oh, and then don't give, um, one month premium. So if you refer it to two close friends, that could do you the favor than you can access the premium version for like two months. That's everyone. I think we're done with our planning. I hope that this was helpful. And I hope that you enjoy the process of creating your own boards and that you start planning for the whole holidays because they are here and they are hectic on the more that you can get your things out of your mind that easier. 6. Project: Share Screenshot of Your Board: Hello, everyone. So the project for this course is very simple. All I ask is that you set up a board for your family for yourself and then to take a screenshot and share a piece of it on the project section below. I'm super excited to see what one piece of your board could look like and how you decided to set it up, especially if it was different from what I talked about and showed in the walk through. So please share a screenshot of one of your boards and let me know what you think about the tool. I'm super excited, and I hope that this is fun, enjoyable, and that it does reduce your holidays stress talk soon.