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Plan Your Life: Manifesting using Vision Board, Mission Statement, Principle Statements & More

teacher avatar Vaibhav Nahata, Champion in Making

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Personal Anecdote- Ask More to Get More

    • 3. Mission Statement

    • 4. Meditation & List of Dreams

    • 5. Doodled Dream Sheet

    • 6. Making Physical Vision Board

    • 7. Your Price List

    • 8. Principle Statements

    • 9. Magnet Letter

    • 10. Roadmap Of Life

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

Did you know that you could actually plan your success? Using the right tools rather than just fidgeting through life you can sit in the driving seat and lead your way to the top. As unfortunate as  it might sound, it is a real and visible reality. Our education system talks least about it even though it is so much more effective. 

So many successful people, all the way from Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Lily Singh,  Whitney Cummings, Jim Careey to Bruce Lee used Vision Board or other tools of Manifestation. 

In this course  we will precisely learn specific frameworks and  tools to help you design your dreams in more clarity.

By the end of your course you will create your own-

  • Mission Statement
  • Doodle Vision Board
  • Vision Board
  • Price List
  • Principle Statement
  • Magnet Letter

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vaibhav Nahata

Champion in Making


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1. Introduction: What do LND genders or province V. Steve Harvey, Jim Carrey, rhythmic Cummings, and also Bruce Lee and thousands of other millionaires and billionaires have in common when there might be many thing, but one leading thing among them, if they can visualize very well, most of them actually have a vision board. To, in this course we're going to learn about roots of visualization, vision board, and a lot of other things. Hello, I'm Bob Omaha Data, the CEO successors, I take that active international transformational speaker are wonderful and handsome guy and also an export, the instilling chocolate at the Knight from the freezer. So I turned my life around by using a vision board, starting my TV show at the national television started my company. In fact, this room that we're sitting in right now, the studio had a lot of things are visualized and brought it into my life in this course, e1, e2, how you can use the power of visualization to leverage in your life. Why do people want in this, in this course, we're not just going to create our vision board, but also some amazing other lazy six, you're going to start with writing a mission statement is last mission statement is to accelerate the worst transition to more sustainable energy. That's mission statement is spreading ideas for Lincoln's mission statement is to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. I question, what is your personal mission statement? Well, I don't know. If you retire, no worries. Will also create a value contract, setting up some non-negotiables before we start our journey will be super helpful for us to navigate RV when things get tough and which will obviously get tough Monday of wonderful people. I have a question for you, which plays in the planet or do you think is the ridges you seeing us, the China, someone's saying the UK, well these are great answers, but they just please, in the planet earth into graveyard that is closest to your home. Because most of those amazing $1 billion ideas actually die in that behavior. No metals you can create this vision goal or not. The biggest challenging is getting things done, making things happen. Using this action sheet, you're going to learn about how you can put those virgin board things into action for the movie. Also going to create of par letter. What is a partner docs, if it's a letter to a successful future self to recreate answered through porpoise whenever v are a little distracted in our journey so that we can remember, oh yeah, that's where I'm going and also illustrate my vision would personally so rather than just talking, talking, talking, you can actually see that it gulags and visualize it at the same time to make it happen. Let's do it guys. 2. Personal Anecdote- Ask More to Get More: Now before we get started into learning how to use vision board, how to create mission statement and all of that. Let me show you something really quick, a quick incident that happened with me. That seems the way I look at visualization in a wholesome and I'm shocked, you're going to have, and it is going to make a lot of sense for you as well. Now this was me traveling to Kathmandu, the capital of my country, Nepal. And, you know, it was really cold. My flight had been delayed for three hours and I was craving to reach to Kathmandu because I had a competition coming up and I was hungry, hungry for the competition, and hung from the stoma Because the flight was delayed for three hours, guys, just then the good news cups. The good news is that because the flight is delayed, they're solving refreshments while the passenger no items towards the countered, just like Usain Bolt and x2's then idealize, that refreshments. Nothing but small packets of peanuts that can be bought for $0.10 maybe. But you know, I was hungry and when I'm hungry, anybody who walks in, I can eat anything when I'm hungry. So I run my veer to the counter over there and the refreshments are being served. And when I find that I'm probably the sixth person in the queue where the ago guess what, every single step IT IS getting me closer towards that dream, that goal, the goal of peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, PMOS does that's always going on in my head. It was literally that ridiculous. Behind me, I see a beautiful young lady with blond. Here's an expensive per, so just behind me. But the weight looking at her, I'm a good boy. I say, you know, they say you don't have to tell all those stuff in the course, but yeah, what happened next changed the trajectory of my life and so many other things. So I was there and my turn is aware, take my packet of penal tie, go add and then I see that beautiful it. I was not looking at it, I was just seeing at her. So I saw her take her packet of peanuts and SC CTO foods packet or peanuts. She sees to the women in the counter were there, ma'am, I'm really hungry. I'm starving. Could you get me one more packet of peanut and the attendant Blake, show, ma'am, and why not to have three? You don't want to have three. And she gives him literally three packets. So pianos. And guess what? There's a whole bunch of over a 100 people who are flying to Katmandu, all these people. And among them there's this one lady with three packets of peanuts and everybody is, has one packet and aggregate, outrageous just because she was blonde, here's inexpensive handbag. She gets three packets and anger to one and everyone else gets one IS discrimination. Too much of matriarchy in our society right now. And this is too much of feminism. I am repeatedly Anglian just then when I am thinking all of these, the announcement is made. Flight number 7074, get the airlines go into Katmandu has arrived. Please stand and the QC and they're getting the Q. Did I get into flight? I sit in my seat and I'm angry. I'm angry. I'm supposed to be three packets of peanuts to WHO and one to me why? As I sweeten the flight idealized that they're serving complimentary peanuts in the flights as well. And there's this seam female attendant who's serving them. And as much as I tried to resist it, I can note because it's, it's more like a love of the Romeo and Juliet and want to have it. And then the lady comes to me as he goes on showing the peanuts coming to me that so here's your packet of peanuts for the freshmen. Thank you for flying with us. I gathered all my courage all inside and I asked to hope, why did that leading edge three packets of peanuts in the downstairs. And I had hoped to one. Everyone has got 21 and she got three and guess what? She said t-shirt to me. So she got extra packet of peanut because she asked for it. You get only extra baggage of peanuts when you ask for it. We give one generally. And and I'm like, okay, just because she asked, did he gets an extra packet as rich, as simple as that. So i'm asking for three packets of peanuts to shore. So there you go. Have a safe late, sorry for the delay caused in the flight. And I'm like, What the heck, you know, I got three packets on peanuts simply because I asked for it. And that was an enlightenment for me. Everyone would love to have the three packets of peanut, but got one simply because they were not willing to ask for the extra packets or peanut. And just because I did, I got the extra packets of pina. Now this is what I learned from the incident. Though most of us want more from life, we are not ready to ask more from life. Not that day I learned that even though most of us would want to have more from life, we don't dare to ask more out of life. You know, only fecal asked to deal more like the packet, hoping that we could get more from life. Now, ever since I've tried to ask more from length, the vendor seat when I'm traveling in the flight, the extra packet of peanuts, but not just that. I started to ask more from life on all the others enters my TV show, my business, more glands. And as I kept asking for more, I kept getting more. I'm sure you know about the law of attraction. If you are, the more you ask, the more you get, you know why I asked to ask extra from life? Well, it's simple. You can't ask for an extra life. You know, the chances of being a human is one in 84 lags out of 84 like organisms, human is only one among them. And when we are blessed to be a human, it's a big gift. The chances of eta May 0.00001% be right. In fact, you cannot ask extra minute out of lay ninety-five percent of people according to alert and research, but asking for extra time when they were dying, right? But what's the good news is when you cannot have extra life, you can ask extra out of lave. Abdul Kalam was actually born in a village where electricity, even electricity not exist. He studied in the street light. Parents receive money for kerosene lantern and mother had to said, you know, she had to sell jewelry to send them to college, but he dared to ask more from life. So what did Edison's or did Einstein and all those people at the top, the AST moved from like I wanted to become the biggest scientist. I want to do this, I want to do that. And that's what made all the difference. And you don't want venue and discourse listening to me right now, you have already taken the first steps. We've already asked for MOOC. You're actually creating format. That's why you clicked on this course. The first step of eating a pizza is not eating a pizza is actually craving for pizza. So you can bide further. You have taken the first step by just clicking into this course and watching this video till here, congratulations, you are ready to ask more. Because you are ready to ask more. Maybe I can be a given over here. You have to ask more. And when you are ready to ask more, ready to seek more. I'm so excited that in the further video as I'll tell you, precise process to actually visualize and all those steps. Ps was this course till the end. You might want to watch it slow or fast because degree to get a lot of things over here, you might want to leave, watch whatever that is, but watch it isn't as much as possible. I'll graph mining, mission statement, all of those stuff with you. Please be ready, get set, go baby. 3. Mission Statement: What makes the most successful brand stand out of the crowd of hundreds and thousands are those who work in the same genre. Well, there might be many things, but one leading these and among them is that these brands company stand for something, they believe in something and they stand for it. And so the people who would resonate the same belief and ideas connect with the brand so well that they become loyal customers of it. And that's how the business keeps growing. If you remember, it was in 2018 when Nike supported column Catholic and this will the advertisement. The court has huge outrage with people, but the stigmatic. So do all those other companies, the bigger ones like the apple, everyone else does with what they believe in and what they stand for. My question to you is that all those brands starting with something, what do you stand for, what your mission. But what's also interesting that it is not just about the brands, but about the people, the people who lead the way to the top actually have a mission that they're driven by purpose, that the existing two. And even then, even when the going gets tough, Domitian is what keeps them going down Michigan to tease a specific impact they want to create on this planet earth. And I have a question for you. When you die to the lead to your dying today, what do you want to be remembered for? What do you want that people see about you when you leave the overt? What impact did you me? Well, that's what the mission statement is. You know, grantee might have said the mission of my life is to fi, India with equality. And a pretty, you know, the mission statement for momma Dolly might have been the greatest boxing clear ever and leave a life of principles and values, right? Such intense silica might have said, the mission of my life is to inspire the world with my bat and cricket. My question to you is, what do you stand for? What is your mission statement? And even though you might not know that right now, no worries. You have with you. And together, we're going to draft your mission statement. Are you ready? Nod your head, I'm seeing you. Udi. Wonderful. Let's get excited and let's get this started. Mighty offense. So when we make a mission statement that heatings initially that we must remember feeding, that you must know, okay, number one, mission statement must have what we do, how we do it for, and what exactly we do for them. Once again, it must have, what do we do when we do it for and what exactly we do for them? So let us get started. Okay, I wanted to choose 1-2-3 verbs out of these many. Okay, please, please note these are some samples you have. You might have any other work that you might resonant beta and you can choose that as well. I'm just giving some example. So in the ideal section, I want you to choose 123 of them. Ok? You might choose inspire, motivate, help encourage and Bob, appreciate advice, lead, support, nurture, involve, engage, organize, utilize, assist, teat, change, generate, discover. Okay, now what I want to do is stick any one to three of these that resemble best with you, connect best with you. And then we go to the next step. I'm giving you some time, warrior, I'm sure you have downloaded your sheet with you and you have it with you right now. So, you know, you can do it while you're talking. You can download it from the project sections. Grape. Now I believe you have tagged one to three of these. Amazing. Now I want to do find out who are the beneficiaries of the work you do. Would you help or one contributed by the work you do? Is that people in general? That's too broad, but it's okay if you choose that is this specific group of people like women, girls, youth, business owners, teenagers, poor, hungry, disabled, elderly, often the depressed people. Who is it or is it animals and birds? Is a tree and water bodies, right? I want to take them. Okay. I want you to find out peak some time, find out what the people who are most impacted by a wall. Take your time. Amazing. I guess you might have done it with you right now. It might take a little while, just do it eight, okay, amazing. Now that you have ticked out your audience, the question is, how do you help them? What is the PSI's work you do for them? Is that you helping them be better citizens, is at you helping the increase revenue, all as simple as is it you helping them believe in themselves? Is it you helping them eat better, whatever that is, right? We have our own audience, we have our own impact that we want to make, and all of that. Now we have all the ingredients ready. Let us make the cake. We had all those three. I do our target audience and what we do it for that amazing, Oh, let's make the cake when we have all the ingredients trendy right now, I want you to keep it in the format that you are seeing right now. The mission of my life is to work. Next comes audience buy into and then goes, how, what does it mean? Let me show you some examples. Okay, the mission of my life is to help people, help people to help you the verb, people in the audience, and then live a beautiful life by believing in themselves. That's the exact word that they do. The mission of my life is to teach teachers a verb, people is the audience. Appreciate by being thankful is the precise work that we do. The mission of my life is to empire the poor by building homes. The mission of my life is to see what is the verb. Water is, you know, the general audience. And by creating awareness is how we do it. A mission of my life is to spread compassion. Fled. Compassion is the keyword towards animals, is the audience. By making people know more about them, the mission of my life is to engage mothers engaged as the verb, mothers is the audience. To learn something new, to increase their self-esteem is the action step. Furthermore, the mission of my life is to help teenagers come out of depression by making them feel loved. The mission of my life is to assist girl child to create the identity by opening up opportunities. The mission of my life is to change the mindset of business people by creating a value system? Or would you want to know my mission statement? The mission statement for me, my dear friends, is the mission of my life is to inspire teens and youths to become champion in school and in life. As simple as that, the question to you is, what is your mission statement though? I'm sure you came up with your mission statement or you've come up with bits and parts of your mission statement, right? So go to the discussion. You might want to take some more time after we're done right now, go to the discussion section to write down what you came up with and what was your mission statement? Because my dear friends listen to this. We want interaction. We join in as individuals. But when we complete this goals, we want to be a family of people who are driven by the idea of creating, by visualizing. Right now when you are done with writing it down on a very much increase, you to take a pen and paper and craft it a little bit, write it in a sheet of people, and then design it in the best way possible. Ok, and then let me show you some samples. This, this, this, this, this. And put it in your room, in a place that is very visible. Man, congratulations, outdoors, 8 billion people on this planet. There are some who have their mission statement and you are one among them. Congratulations. I'm proud of you. Amazing when we're done with the mission statement right now, in the next video, I'll meet you up with a very essential part is the list of dreams. What does that mean? I'm not going to tell you right now. I'll see you in the next video. Bye guys. 4. Meditation & List of Dreams: My dear friends having a mission statement as powerful. But let me ask a quick question. If the wall failures and fear did not exist, what would you be doing with your life? What's your biggest dream that you have? Not if the word successful to person, what would it look like? Red. And I'm going to take you through a process right now. Very question to close your eyes. We're going to go to a deep meditation experience. Are don't worry, even ask you to close your eyes. I'm not going to come as it caused us greening. You're going to have some deep realization about understanding visualization. Are you ready? Please close your eyes. Please keep your eyes glow because I'd be watching you. Okay, let's go close your eyes. First step is to relax. Visualization takes a practice to master, and only works when you are come start by closing your eyes, placing attention on your bread. Or bread, M, a bread out. Step. Now, imagine as children's creative dreamers as the crew, although we, we're defends by stories we inherited and expectation of others. The dreaming is the design state of creating the future. When visualizing rate now, we use our imagination for something other than voting. Stag by asking yourself, what do you want to change about your life? Or do you want to achieve? And who is the person you want to become? Take a moment. Observed these thoughts and images, and let them pass through your mind. Observe them. Now, imagine your life exactly as you pointed. Don't entertain it out right now. On the positive side, the positive outcomes when imagining the constructor ones are subconscious, doesn't like, describes whether you are visualizing real or imagined. It considers it to be seen, to pursue what you ask to it. What do you think about yourself? Would you want to achieve? What do you think brought you here? Allow yourself to imagine all that will make you happy in the future as a participant. Now, see that the futures now fill in the details of your imagined life in your visualization. Imagine that sounds, the colors, the smells. Imagine what you're doing, who's around you, what you are varying. If it's about becoming a businessman, seem that office with a suit and people around you, whatever you look, your business to be, become avail of the feedings we're experiencing. Because when we strongly visualize our dreams, we feel it in our body. Would feelings bring constructive MMP, Steve, focus on a vision and thoughts of doubt or fear. Enter, observed them, and gently let them go. Believe that your life is already there. Because the most important part of this process that conceived by visualizing can believe and achievement and fitting that has been achieved was somebody imagined. And that's what you're imagining right now. The flight wasn't managing chocolate to imagine, but someday, that visualization turning to younger people, see those dreams. Wisely, your travel dreams. Now, what's the travel dream that you have is, what's your career dreams that you have? What is a family dreams that you have to take your time into each of these, visualize with as much clarity as possible. See it and congratulations. Put yourself in the process right now to achieving those dreams, doing that hard work or whatever that is. And now at test moment, imagine you're walking into a stage where people, thousands of people in auditorium and watching and they're clapping for you because you have got that success. What does it look like? What do you have? All that you'll achieve that wanted to remember this moment? Yes. Humid. Congratulations, serendipitous moment for a few moments. Then ten CLI, peak, one long bread. Let it go off. When your eyes. Now I want you to open your eyes. Pka pendant people and tried all the greens, you're held dreams your wealth dreams your spiritual means, your travel dreams. All those dreams might be Lamborghini, It might be anything else, small or big. It must just be believable to you. When the world sees unbelievable, doesn't matter. You must be able to see it. And I want you to understand that there is this intrinsic goal that you have, intrinsic goal that you have and you want to pursue it, right? That if you take a piece of pen and people and note down all those dreams, now when you have freedom, these dreams, keep it with Russell and join me in the next video. Where V graph of vision board out of this node. All of those things that you can think of one at a time right now, at this very moment case. 5. Doodled Dream Sheet: Amazing. Now you have your list of greens out of billions of people. Fewer have mission statements and even fewer have the list of goals and Congratulations, you have written it. You know what? There's this research done back then in the Harvard University when they were trying to find out what do these successful people do as college students, as young people, or anyone else as they're young. And this is what they found out. 84% of people literally had no idea of where David going, right? They had no specific greens and no matter what they did not know impiety, the other 3, 18% minor offense had specific goals that they wanted to achieve, but it was not in a written format, was just something that they thought. Okay. And the third category, that very few 3%, 4 percent of the students were the ones who had the specific goal that they wanted to have and it was written. So what happened next is after the ten years when they did the research. Once again, this is what they found out. The 13% were actually making more money and when more successfully in specific towns that they were having then the specific 13% of people who had some goals not written, where making two times move money when the 84%? Yes. And it was not just about money, but tangible life goals and family goals and all of that. They were doing better in all of those in our average manner compared to the other people. And also the 3% where they threaten. We're doing ten times MOOC than the people in the 13% category planter dreams. And you are putting awesome in those 3% of the people because you've already written those dreams, guys. Now that you have your dreams written, we're going to turn it into visualizable format. Now before that, let me ask you a few questions, like I always do. The question is, think about the chocolate. No, think about a chocolate. Right now. Think about puppies. Think about mangos. Think about your mother. Think about your room. Now when I was asking you to do all of these, what did you actually see? Reducing words that are o AM or PUB, Bye puppy. You actually saw a puppy. You actually solved and we actually saw a mango, right? It's because most of our mind actually works in terms of pictures. So although we have this list of believe you need to create it into visualizable format. And that's what we're going to do right now. And we're going to create all of the set of reads it go dude, label format. What is a good leaver format? Something like this. I want to do doodle your dream, all the goals you have, put it out there. I want you to peak as she took people and doodle in the most random wave format about how those dreams and note down your put out each of these things that you mentioned in the sheet in the list in that doodle version of it, you might not clearly no law, even if your amazing doodler or as bad as mean drawing doesn't matter because it's something for you and only you are willing to understand it. You might be very bad at doodling like me doesn't matter at all, don't worry. I'm so bad at doing that. If I were trying to make Oliphant and end up making a bicycle, I'm so bad at it. I can still do deliver because it's simple, right? You just have to make it so you want to classify it as health, wealth, life, and career, or anything else? I wanted to put it into different sections or keep it as open as possible. I personally prefer the fetal distilled version of it because it gives me independence, but you can make it segmented if you want to be focused on each of the goals or you have written the goals in that format. And I want you to continue doing this until you have all those dream that you can think of in that single sheet of people, let me give you a few samples. So we had this point of time. So you can look into it and let me explain to you before we go ahead and you design your set of greens so that you have a set of flight. Okay, let me show you a few of them so you can understand it better. Sounds cool. Okay guys, let's do it together. Okay, my idea, amazing Champions, friends. Let me show you my personal doodle vision board. I'll take you through the different parts of it and try to explain it. Now I know how ridiculously bad it looks, and unfortunately there's not much I can do about it because that's how my handwriting works. Maybe take a few classes from wonderful learning paths on. But let me show it to you what, you know. It's an example. If you're not good at drawing, it's okay if you're good at drawing, even amazing, am not banquet. Let me show you different segments of credit. Let me start from the right. Top rate. This is called the School of Life. And I want to start a chain of schools where school is more about education that is supposed to be fun, and students really enjoy coming to school. They learn about entrepreneurship by being a six good drams shops inside the school and they learn that way. That's my dream. Below that I have put some of the places I want to go. I said Please tell drawing that I've done. It's tokyo. I don't know if you're thinking How the hell this looks like a, you know, if you're thinking how this looks like Tokyo have no answer to it. I just tried drawing those wonderful temples they have over there and ended up making this, I know this looks more like a K equals something else. The other one is skydiving, that looks like a fly, but believe me, that's a skydiving and that's me doing. The third one might be a friends that I've put up in the email that you see just right over there, is is underwater diving housed under water. Those line represent the underwater stuff. Now below that you see meat-eating migration going on that is in-between journal. Journals means waterfalls. And in our language we call it sure does. Below that, I'll put my YouTube. It's like one hundred two hundred, three hundred, one hundred, two thousand, three hundred seventy two subscribers. 117 K Instagram followers in Facebook having 110 thousand followers and likes, and in LinkedIn 90 thousand and you put it, I put it in this way because my personal goal, because I go into the field of training and sub personal branding is very, very important. Now this comes that TV show that I want to run a national television. Now many of you know, run a television show and the national television. But I want to get to a more, more reputed, more watch television. And that's one of the thing in my vision board. The next thing is that's something I'm going to do this yourself. I'll go to a random place, whereas he gets selling stuffs like anything to eat or toys, et cetera. And I end up buying, I went to buy everything they have. Mailing cost me a $100 or $50 or $20 depending on what they have. But I want to see that listen the pace and I want to do it for seven people this year, even MOOC as I go further. Now, this one might be offense is exercise. If you're wondering what that is, I'm trying to work on the lean. That's what it stands for, the exercise part of things. And let me also show it to you. The other part that is kill share my, my course on skill share and other platforms as well that I want to put it on. And that's one thing in my vision board. This is me giving a wonderful speech to more than 2 thousand people in the auditorium. These lines are actually audiences, and that's one of the goal that I hold. Furthermore, my dear friends. If you see me over here, this is me doing a meditation beyond emotions is what is written. Bless. The other thing is, you know, having apple deck stock. That's one of the thing that is in my doodle vision board. You'll also see that I have my office. How does that look like an office? I have no freaking idea, but that's how I draw. It's okay, right. The other thing is I want to speak to people from 52 countries live, have been doing it virtually, but I want to do it live is red. This one might be offense as rural schools I want to speak into to inspire little kids to do amazing things, to make them realize that they can be anything they dream of being. Furthermore, my dear friends, let me show you some other segments of this that if you see the box below that, that's 1 third the videos that I want to make, this is for my single unit cells. It's about the other segments, you know, small stuffs like that that I really value. Then it comes to noun to understand vision board is not a goal. It's more like a blurred vision of what you want to have, but specific to what you want to have. Something that you understand by because you are in this part of the course. The other thing is the School of Life that I share to you, creating a TIN of that. The other thing that goes in your media friends is my meditation. We're making up 16 at six o'clock in the morning and doing the meditation stuff. There's a please, I want to go to 415 these retreat of meditation and stuff. And so please enlighten largest. And that's also one of the thing in my vision board. Well, thank you so much. I'm sure when you are able to imagine it right now, you swipe right on your doing some dueling in a sheet of paper. In the sheet of paper right now. But it might take a little time, but I want you to continue doing this. And once you have completed your doodling, shared the doodle version of your wonderful vision board into the project section. Let all the people see it because they joined in an individual but God as God, I tried a wonderful family and community shading the project section. I'm so excited to see you in the next video where we create our physical vision for guys. 6. Making Physical Vision Board: All right, congratulations on creating your doodle version of vision board. If not shared yet in the project section. Let's do it. Wait, let's build a community around this next step. What I want you to do, mighty offense is let us create a physical vision board. But before we get started, we need some equipment. I need you to get yourself either a few magazines or printed which you can print whatever you want to print. Also, I want you to get either a chat people or patterns of board where you can, you know, pin up things like mine. One, The other thing you need to do is I prefer to use printers because I can get exactly whatever you want, but you can use magazines. Many people use it because you can find relevant pictures in one or the other. Then you find, you know, you have to search through it. I like putting it on my own. Also, when you have the doodle version of it, it's going to be really easy. It's going to take modulus thing because you have some worthy idea of what you want to create. And when you put it in the chat paper or in a soft board, it's going to be more visual for you right now if you're using a magazine, what I want you to do is that get as many magazines as possible. And whatever you put out in your in your doodle version of visit would try to find our pictures 11 to it and, you know, put it all together for yourself. Okay. What I personally like to do is I like to find pictures of my own exact ones to google designed in Canvas and then get it printed. If you don't know Canvas, don't Verde. Let me show you a 2D yield you of how exactly you do it. A quick tutorial on how this wonderful software called camera works that play very damped simple. If you don't have any frequent item or Photoshop or other graphic designing application that has a place to work according to me and help me a lot. I put out all my designs and stop the stomata flexibility and so much you can do a simple clicks that are very reliable for me. I've been recommending this too. Many people have known for a while and doing the same to us. Well, it can be useful for something beyond this course into a business and whatever you do basically, because we need design. So this is the picture I use. I can do some editing and stuff. I can add these things, texts, etcetera. This is the sample of what the design looks like. You can go into elements and you can add every kind of, I mean, I can add these elements like lines, pictures, there are flames, grabs, whatever. So much of SAP away here rate. And also you can click on upload and upload image stuff that you want to upload. All those stuff, you can add music according to your need right there, my different summer license, some R3. Again, you can click on text and add text according to what you want to add. And also, there's so much of flexibility around everything. I won't go into a very in-depth tutorial of how it works. You can watch about how you can learn more about Canvas and the platform you watching this might be tons of courses about it. Let me show you a volunteer designs have meat for my vision board. So this is basically the subscriber base I want to build. This is the people I want because as I said it before, my business is so much about personal branding. So this is the numbers are put up for myself, basic editing. And then these are the places I went to visit in the world. So let's say there's a piece you want to visit in the world that you want to add into your physical visit boot. If we are considering that I just got this image over here, we are considering that it is not licensable, that supreme it. You click on copy. You click on pH, right them idea friends, and you have the picture right in front of you. You can resize it that you want. You can play it big and small Sumatra flexibility around it. For now. Bye-bye. Skydiving. Also met all the stuff you do video. I, you know, I prefer doing it on an A4 size maybe of thanks because that's how my printer works. It prints an IPO size most often. Now this is the fun part. I'll show you how these are some of the quotes that really inspired me that I made for myself. These are pictured meditation stuck. Some Mm-hm. Boomer mapped my, you know, second is worth losing my friend. And this is something I got. These are some quotations and him being the Pali and Sanskrit and English. And I collected dissolved for me. This is me and my number one person. I looked up to Mr. Dipesh Chakrabarty. I pulled this up together. I did using removable BD. I talked about it to you in just to, you know, I talked about it before insulin and also my dear friends. This is the goat mountain. I'll talk about. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about how this works, we included right down in the in the course. I'll be more than happy to help you out with any questions you have. I mean, continue from here. So let us get back to the course. Also. One thing that I didn't mention earlier, but I want you to do is I want to create a goatee meets what does the word image via the greatest of all time image. So whatever personally did is who are one of the few people who you look as your role models, right? It might be Bill Gates is a basis, you know, Steve Ballmer, Steve Jobs, whatever that is, I want you to define a few people like that. Usually there's a need for it. And then we're going to use those pictures of them to create art. You know, what mountain are good, please be willing to put ourselves in the picture. Find new friends. So my friends, let me show you how to make your good mountain right there. These are the people I really admire. So all I did is go to Google, search of the images, download them, then go to remove dot BG, put them out there, get the, you know, the versions of them that is overlapping, that is transparent. Get it for yourself and then my dear friends. You can use them into your heat right there. And this is animals. Kaltenegger says, this is one of my idols with Albert Einstein, Mr. Law, because I want to have value to an ambitious rubbish as rover. So you look like my friend rate. And all semester break Bindra, You know, all men, many of these people you might not know me, me, and I hope this helps you right there. And yeah, that's how it is my dear friends. I hope this is helpful to you. Just add those images, you align them in format. Now I put a thumbs-up everywhere because if you see most of my images are prototypes are because I've, I've, I pulled that doesn't transposed from myself. I love doing that all the time. And I, you know, I feel happy about doing it that might be different for you and anyone else elsewhere. But that's how it is for me. I hope they help you out, my dear friend. And that's how you make your both mounted. You find the pictures of your idol. You download temp, you're good to remove dot B-trees, get the Remove Background, remove you upload them in culture again, and then align it in the way you want it to be a line whereby we're going to remove the bank notes. Really simple. Let me show you let me show you how to remove the background. It's one of the easiest thing to do. Who? This needs to go into RVM O V E dot B, G. And this simple website comes up right there. Let us click on upload image. This will come up with a picture like this. Now, I keep using this very often little random picture. Let say this is the picture I want to select. That's why beautiful mother left him. Was that push ahead. And you'll see that in just a moment. It removes the background and comes up for this. All I need to do then is click on download. Download HD is what you know, what is the credit comes up and it's cost and things. But you can download most often it's so good to download in the first version of itself. Now, some images might have some issues, but what you can also do is let me try to show you another picture to do work with that happened with me recently. Is you go to one of the pictures? Let me fix it. Okay. Just give me 1 second. Yup. So yes was the pictures that's let's say I want to remove the background. Now some things what basically happens is when you go on try to remove the background of an image. In the between is well off. You can see in this participant, It has removed the bandwidths white and sometimes it's hard for the software to understand. You click on Edit, you click on eateries and least o, and then you click on L2 and you just, you know, Likud DES, which is true around you can increase the brush size and do it on one goal. As simple as that. And boom, you have the picture ready now, you can click on Download and you have a perfect, perfect picture. So yeah, removing background is as easy as that you can remove back on all the people you want into this. The people you really idolized For me, it is the most wonderful people for me, aggregation Laval and various people that I've showed you before. And I'll show you further in my vision board. If you want to read it. If you don't have a printer, which law says no problem. You can just picture it out in a doodle version again and keep it with you or says no problem at all ways, I prefer to use Canvas because, you know, it gives a freedom to change a lot of stuff unlike others, office and I'm not so tech savvy to use Photoshop on my own. So Canvas simple, let's do it. Let's do it together. We will show you the computerized printed version. You might want to design it on your own is, let's do it baby. All right, now that you have all the pictures ready and now that you know and the time is to compartmentalize or put it all together once you are printed it in a form that you can, you know, you want it. Let me show you how I put it together for myself. Alright. My defense, I got all of my stuff printed and debt at what I have in my vision board is are the pictures of the places I wanted to travel to. A place called Grenada. As, you know, a wonderful field, somebody in more effective. I'm not long. And while I'm so excited as I was with him, as me having the Apple PC that I want to have soon, my office space that I admire to have you code the hill. Something that added recently that when I'm trying to speak into new markets right now, that has something like a motivation I got from a code and something I ran a program called Super Champ pair have yang pin inspire them to become champions, referred to three month program. And I want to take it to seven countries with more than 2 thousand students to heal my financial goals, my myself being in two different creaming and platforms and all of those stuff might be apprentices, me dreaming. And if you can see this is skill share right there. This course was a part of my vision board. If you can keep making your vision board. And this is the course right here. So I just wanted to let you know that, oh yeah, it worked. You can hear vision and then turn it into a reality. But yeah, and, you know, this is the blue one letter that I talked to you about. And and that's my laptop chargers. Never mind. That's a tie that I have my so that's how it ends my friends. This is idealization of work ethic for me. There's a picture of me having a seminar that thousands of people in the crowd and all those little tough. I mean, every time I'm down, I can just look and say that only at that how big my dream is to how can I freaking afford to waste even bits and pieces of my time? And this can be powerful practice and you do it for yourself. Please make sure to hear picture of your vision board. If you complete it anytime soon. I know you will complete it because you are committed to them, right. Thank you so much nuance to pay your time to put it all together for us and go for it, ok, take some times. But just because you have a vision word, you might even not achieve it. You know why? Because even when do you know what the prizes you have not defined the price you have to pay for that rate soon in the next video of this course, via Google to find out and define a price list to actually find out, what do we need to get it over there. As I promised you, this is a completely actionable course in which you're going to take typical actions will pick it up. In the next couple of videos, we're going to talk about the most essential elements to actually turn these dreams into reality after we have our vision words. So let us go and get started and see you in the next video. 7. Your Price List: Let's really do example for the prize you want to have, you need to pay the price. So what we're gonna do now is vehicle to find out what price we are willing to pay for the prize you want to have, you know, what I like to call it the Ws, s blitz through the vision world. W stands of work and S stands for sacrifice. Because you don't just get success, you need to do some things to get there. You just get it back for the effort you put in, right? So in this video, I've wanted to list out what is sacrificed for you subjective to achieve those dreams. Now some people may not be able to, might not be comfortable to give out defied the party night in order to have that. And that's okay. It's, it's the personal goal. People might like to. For all school students are called students. 40 minutes scheme time is very important for me, are watching specific TV show is really important to me. I wanted to list down on a sheet of paper, what are you willing to negotiate or what are you willing to give away in order to have your dreams? Now it is very subjective. It is a very controversial thing, what you want to sacrifice, but remember, for the goal you want to have and the sacrifice you want to make, there must be a resemblance of that. Write a concrete resemblance between the good. You can't have goal of getting, eating, and you're peeling sacrifices like the C thing, you need to have that balance. So open your game plan book again and laid down all those things that you are ready to sacrifice. And it might be very different favorite, but once you are done writing it, Michaud, who shared it in that discussion section because this is something really controversial guys. It's, it's a very different for everybody. And, you know, we'd love to discuss our perspectives on this thing. So go for it, write it down and shared a picture or text of it in the discussion section, I'll see you in the next video, friends, where we talk about what I find very, very important and very interesting in RV to creating a vision of life. Let's go and shade in the discussion section. 8. Principle Statements: Mw fence, I hope you realize at this point of time that for the people who get at the top, there's so many things that this stand for. And if you remember in the very start part of the mission statement, we talked about principles. So in this video, in this part of the course, we are going to design some principles of our life which are not negotiable under any circumstances. It might do on social media. It may be very different. I'll guide you through this process. But via willing to be very specific about the things that we cannot negotiate at all. Okay? And this is very different for everybody because, and this is no formatter told like we did in the other part of this section because this is something that's very personal to you. For me, one of my principal is maybe I don't want to get into alcohol no matter what happens, right? That's my principle. But it may be different for you because you come from a different cultural background. You have very different to me, it's really different for everybody. And just because I have a principal, doesn't mean everyone has to do with it's been different for everybody. We're going to design a set of principles that are not negotiable. You put a naive one-way toward, but I'm not gonna do it because that's where less time for me to make decisions like that. Google literally deletes millions of reviews every single month because they are just, you know, negative comments of people into specific apps. And even though people are disheartened by the grating going up again after it down, they do it because that's what this stands for, right? So let me show you a few of principles that I worked. It might be very different for your game. For me, let me share some of my principles. One of my principal is if I've dream up something, I do whatever it takes to get myself over there. The other dream I have is I surround myself only with quality people. Also, I believe in power of networking and don't miss out on opportunities that I get. That. That's a principle for me. Rate also, I do not consume all go hollers MOOC no matter what. Right. Said this conformations for yourself, which are not negotiable under any circumstances. And because it's a personal thing. If you want No, if you don't want no problem. But if it is okay to share like I did right now, go to the discussion section and share your ideas on the same days. I'm so having fun because this is a complete process-oriented course, you're learning stuff. I'm sharing it. I'm so excited to see in the next video, maybe get into very essential part of the magnet letter or the power letter. And this will blow your mind. I guarantee you. Okay, I'll see you in the next video. 9. Magnet Letter: What I'm going to show you next is literally going to blow your mind. In 1969, Bruce Lee did something that completely changed the trajectory of his life. And it was something really simple hero to let whom to not do a friend, not to a parent node, to a teacher or a professor, but he wrote a letter to himself and that completely turned around his life. Let me read that letter to you at this point of time. So it says my definite chief goal we're considering it goal, it might be something else as the handwriting is a little different. It says I, Bruce Lee will be the first higher speed ultimate quintile superstar in the United State and return, I will give the most exciting performances and render the best of quality in the capacity of an actor. Starting 1970, I will achieve wolf theme and from ten til then, move forward till the end of 1980. And I will have I will have in my possession $10 million. I will live the way I breeze and achieve a harmony and happiness. Bruce Lee, 1969, this was the letter. He too had some confusions with a few words. So I'm apologizing these few words put up and down over here. And it was just about Bruce Lee. But Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich fits, you might have read. He also mentioned about the power of writing a commitment statement, because when you have written that, you stand for it. You know, it's something similar to the the mission statement, but it's very different. Similar but different whatever. So agreeing to say right now my friends is to me to write a commitment letter to us and to the future successful youth so that you can look into it whenever you are down and remind yourself that you're Guido at someplace that you have a mission that you are getting. And this is something that is really powerful and reinforcing. So what I'm telling you right now is that I know writing a letter, there might be many things that's coming to your mind and you might want to freestyle right it as well. But here's a format that I suggest that you can use, that I used into writing my letters, that you can use to. So let me share you the format. You know, it is so important before I go ahead and tell you it's so important because it creates a standard that you must hold to, that this is the vision I have cytokine been, Instagram scrolling to ship. You know, you have to be clear about it. So what you're gonna do is they're going to find out the format of the latter we're gonna write. Let's go for it. Here's how you going to light your letter. And you do start with with your name, followed by the major goals that you have. It might be, I want to start at T naught schools, right? And then B, then over day, write down what you're willing to sacrifice. I've above Matt, I wanted to start a chain of schools and for the same mission and willing to sacrifice my play, attain my family time, 30 minutes only, and all the other stuff like Instagram feeding, because this is the mission I hold myself back, then please shall deadline over there. I'll achieve this goal by 2025. Okay. And then put out a little bit of, you know, something like a milestone setting thing in the letter. Like by 2021, I'm going to run my company and worked with over 50 schools about my XYZ project, right, about my public speaking program. And then get closer and closer 25-year-old, 20-25 percent for 2350 for you, it might be, you know, 2064, whatever that is, but, you know, roll it back down. Now, let me read out to you my personal letter that I wrote. You might be watching this later before, but this is a letter that I wrote to myself and I'm reading it out to you. Welcome idea, amazing friends. Okay, welcome once again, mighty amazing fence. Now let me show you my personal letter. You can call it with any other name that from. That sounds amazing to you. This has helped me as defocused ever since I've needed because this is my personal commitment that have given written. And whenever I feel down wherever I have doubt, self-doubt or anything like that. Who's reading a letter, makes reconnect myself. Www picture of myself. Let me read it out for you. I've apartheid hereby pledged to start my own take on schools, the School of Life by Cray 23. This is, you know, setting, you know, as I said before, it's like reverse mechanism. I set up my Google green, green three by five. I'll have my gene by gene of schools. We'll change the way people look at education in return, not this is what I want to have, no, let's talk about the price. In return. I promised to portray and live a life by how the champions lip, I shall, I shall compromise and let go of anything that leaves me to going the other way. This is another commitment right there. I know that it's going to be a challenging journey, but I commit to getting them into a 21. In pretty green one, I shall fam, ingredient one, I shall find great theme in Nepal and not America as, as a speaker and start research in school system, I promised to give me a 100% of whatever I put my hands on. I shall, I shall, I shall, I shall have over 1000 students on online teaching platforms, on courses and other plat. I shall have 11000 students on my different courses. Online platforms like this one. I shall run programs with over a 100 schools by 2021. I shall leave a lasting impact beyond. I shall pay the price of the price, make my parents proud and leave lasting impact beyond a person to make education more life oriented. So this sheet is something that is that I keep inside of me that helps me stay focused, see me in the right direction, and do what I am expected of myself to do and be focused. I hope this helps to you as well. And you grab this letters and reading goes through that in the project section. You can have a bad handwriting like me or loosely. But what's important is that you need to write it down. I suggest writing it down in pen and paper because it's more connecting than a printed version of it. It's different for everybody, but that's how I feel it. Amazing. Now once you have written that, let appreciate in the, in the, in the project section, guys, because these things have something really personal and it is very motivating often when you write that letter, just imagine that in the project section, you'll see people sharing buildings that they have, putting it all together. Believe me, this is going to be very powerful for you watching this, very powerful for everyone watching your letter, shading the project sexually, but it's not too personal and I'm so excited to see you in the next video where viewable to dribble up exactly what roadmap in RB getting to the top. See you in the next video, guys. 10. Roadmap Of Life: Wow, what an amazing journey. It has been with you everywhere, you know, starting out from the mission statement to your new television, both your physical vision board to your principal statement to place lift to fettered letter to self If you're neither long way. And this is so amazing. Step next to something very, very important to define our VA to the top exact actionable step and what we're going to achieve. So what I'm going to do it, but you have your sheet with you, but you have a diagram. I'll get into my computer and show you in lung and design it in Canvas. You can also write in a pennant people and you need to design an exact way to it. Let me show you how we're going to do it. So amazing, my dear friends, welcome back. Welcome to the roadmap of life segment of this course. We're almost in the final part of this course. And this is so damn powerful to set a specific vision that you want to accomplish. And again, we're going to use reverse mechanism for this. First of all, I wanted to write down little accomplishments that you had till now, till breath. For me, birth, joining school, completing school before. This was just a normal story of any either booting KD right there. But things happen from restarting happening in 2017201820182019. And this is something I made like one to two years back at 2021. And we are having this course right now. And so I'm not added a lot of stuff and there's so much to add for you, there's so much to add for me. So what you need to do then is a tween Grundy five, 20-30 or whenever you're watching taken ten years, 20 years ahead goal. In the last part over here. Write down whatever diaries for yourself and then try to write off what you have done till date, and then try to make a reverse engineering process through the whole time. Now I want you to understand the spent a little time consuming, but this is a really fun. So I write down about my birth and all those stuff for me. A final goal, let's say you know, it too. The School of Life team. So it's Aquino school that I want to start, but before that, you know, it could be anything else, you know, work with 200 schools. So I want to start a school. I want to make it Dam on the pool. I need to research. And this could be a step before that as well. So you need to set up your whole cache this way. If I do it in the course with you right now, it will take a lot of time. I hope you got the basic idea of what you're supposed to do with this. And if you need further help, feel free to reach out. Before we get started, let me remind you, is going to be a little time time-consuming process for you. It might be very hard to looking for you, but make sure that you go for it. It's very essential, guys, I'm so glad that you are making, you have made or you will be making very soon. Your wonderful action sheet over there. This glue that you are so dedicated towards the vision that you have. And I'm so glad about my idea, champions vaulting this no matter what your age is, I am proud of you. Let me say that it almost honesty. I'll see you in the next video where we sum up all that we've talked about in this course and also add some new additional insights before we go ahead and see you in the next few days. 11. Conclusion: Alright guys, I've hoped you have made your pathway as well right now. And I'm amazed by it. You know what we're gonna do next? Now, you don't put yourself into process. Please share everything that you're doing in the project section, you might have something finding and understanding the process. But what I'd like to see you is that do it now. The best version of you is yet to come. All these genes can be actualized because you can put the plan in right now if you delayed four liter, it's not going to happen. Right now is the best time. You remember last time we set out to do something and then never did it. It has happened with me as well, right? So what we're gonna do is we're going to write down and put it out all the talk about actually, but at this point of time itself, and I want you to be like once upon a time, I attend a course in the platform about vision setting and that has changed my life. That might be a part of his success story, given a credit, if you get their rate, I'm so excited to get you once again meet you in the future courses. Please visit my skill share please over here, have mode amazing courses coming up or already, because I don't know when you're watching this on gratitude and all those other stuff on public speaking as well to what those is then give me reviews, suggests how it went and also, let me quickly remind you what we talked about. We talked about the mission statement. Nine, E stands for this. Teslas stands for back. All those companies stand for something. What do you stand for? Your doodle vision board that you have with you right now. You also created your vision board, the physical one. I'm so excited to see in the project section also your price list, what you're willing to sacrifice, your principal statements, what you're willing to not negotiate on your musical topics, also, your magnet letter or covered later. I've got it with different names in different labs in this course. It's a letter to your future successful self. We also made a roadmap to the top. That's amazing, right? Everything done. Now only actions left. It's like I have my pen, I have my pencil, erasers, I have sharpness, have color pencils. Everything else with me right now. Now when you have to study to pass an exam, derivative, whatever you've done, a lot of action time starts now it doesn't endure and short-sided. Thank you family for joining this course and see you in the further episodes as well. Is if India the question questions or any other thing you need to ask, go to Vab Havana,, VIV envy and, quite long name. And she said to me about any questions you have. I'm available in Facebook, Instagram, and linkedin as well. Abstract cited to hear back from you guys, Buh-bye.