Plan Your Fun: Create a Calendar of Fun! | Jill Greenbaum | Skillshare

Plan Your Fun: Create a Calendar of Fun!

Jill Greenbaum, Got fun?

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5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Plan Your Fun Intro

    • 2. Got Fun!

    • 3. Taking a Peek at Your Week

    • 4. Let's Make Your Plan Your Fun Calendar

    • 5. The Ending & The Beginning


About This Class

Got fun? Get some every week!

Discover focus, structure, and support by creating a planning tool for more fun, connection and meaning every week!

Are you just too busy to even think of having fun? Stop! This class is for you! In short order, we will learn to:

  • check into your “FQ”—Fun Quotient for last week
  • make time to think broadly and deeply about having fun (if you want—the choice is yours!)
  • plan and create a calendar that will hold all your fun for the week—you will anticipate your fun through the week AND be reminded of the good times you had

Of course, we’ll share progress toward creating our calendars in the project gallery

So, do you need any special skills to create your fun? No!





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Jill Greenbaum

Got fun?

Jill is a coach, trainer, speaker, and author, with over 25 years in the fields of personal growth, learning and development. Her vision is of a world in which peple realize, enjoy and leverage their gifts. Jill supports adults and teens to embrace new strategies, techniques, and tools to design more fun, connection, and meaning in their lives.

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