Plan Your Digital Product: A Step-By-Step System | Kari Sayers | Skillshare

Plan Your Digital Product: A Step-By-Step System

Kari Sayers, Digital Products + Online Business

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9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview of Digital Product Steps

    • 3. Know Your Market - Step One

    • 4. Identify One Problem - Step Two

    • 5. Product Outline - Step Three

    • 6. Draft a Sales Page - Step Four

    • 7. Increase Perceived Value - Step Five

    • 8. Repurposed Content - Step Six

    • 9. Recap and Class Project


About This Class


When you stop to consider all the decisions that have to be made and all the elements that go into a good product, you can easily get overwhelmed.

Not only do you have to know what your product is about, but you also have to determine:

  • Format
  • Pricing
  • Audience needs/wants
  • Marketing
  • Bonuses

And that’s all before you even get to the creation process.

You can make it easier on yourself by following the step-by-step system provided in this class.

PLAN YOUR DIGITAL PRODUCT will help you to break down the product planning process into more manageable steps. This will make it much easier for you down the road when you get to the product creation process.

For more details on navigating the technical components of creating a digital product, visit