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Plan Your Christmas Knitting

Hannah Gilly, Knit With Hannah

Plan Your Christmas Knitting

Hannah Gilly, Knit With Hannah

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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Project Introduction

    • 3. What's Happening?

    • 4. Stash Knits

    • 5. Love knits

    • 6. Stash Yarn

    • 7. Plot And Plan

    • 8. BONUS Knitting Inspiration

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About This Class

If you would love to knit up gifts from your friends and family, but are worried you might end up running out of time and motivation, this class is for you!

Perhaps usually

  • Everything happens at the last minute, and there's never enough time? 
  • You thought you'd plan better this year, but it's November already and now you're thinking 'why bother'?
  • Too many people want too many things, so your knitting bag is always full of IOUs until Easter?

This year, with the help of this class, you'll be more discerning and knit only what you have time for. That way you'll not disappoint anyone! 

You'll also find you can focus on enjoying the family Christmas party and the school concert, without sneakily taking your knitting with you to continue while you're there. 

Every hat, pair of mitts and cowl that you gift will be carefully knitted, great quality, loved by your family and worn for years to come. 

Sounds like a good plan!

This class will help you achieve those dreams.
With 5 tasks, to follow over a few days or a Saturday afternoon, you know you can sort this and get some knits finished in time and perfect for each recipient.

  • You'll work out how long you have left, so you're not gift-knitting up till the last minute.
  • Believe it or not you may have some gifts knitted up already (I'll help you find them!)
  • This will be managed on a small yarn budget too, we'll match up yarn with patterns perfectly. :D
  • And how about the patterns you choose... there will be no regrets - you'll love every minute of gift-knitting this year and will want to repeat year after year.

This class is for anyone who already knits (or crochets) and loves to knit for others. There are no knitting lessons in this class, this is all about the planning and execution of that plan!

And know, you don't have to be an expert knitter to be knitting for others. Look at you, you're creating items with yarn and needles! You're awesome!

Who am I?
Hi, I'm Hannah!
I've been knitting for myself for 40 years. And in that time I've spent time knitting gifts regularly too.
I've found that the planning is the best thing to remove the weight from my shoulders. I've learned to rest back in the knowledge that I'm not over-extending my knitting experience or the time I have left for gift-knitting.
One year I even started knitting Christmas Gifts in February, and have used all the tools I'll show you in this class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hannah Gilly

Knit With Hannah


Hannah has been avidly knitting since she was five-years-old. While teaching herself various techniques and styles of knitting she realised how sometimes the written patterns didn't quite suit her needs, so Hannah began writing her own fashion accessories patterns in 2008. She sold the items and gave them as gifts and now sells the patterns.


Always being the one who her friends turn to in times of knitting crises and having taught a few people from scratch, Hannah has begun tutoring professionally and is passionate about securing the art of knitting in everyday life for generations to come.
Teaching online began in March 2017 with a  YouTube Channel and ecourses, here on Skilshare and on the Knit With Hannah website. You can see more of her courses, and get... See full profile

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1. Welcome: Hi and welcome to Planet your Christmas. This class, we are going to go through six lessons on you're gonna find out what time you have left. You're gonna nightfall. What you go into next and really see what you can fit in before Christmas. I'm hanging from neck with Hannah may recognize me from my YouTube channel. I have wicked years over there. So do up and over and have a look when she got through this class on. You also might recognize it from my niche with Hannah websites. I have persons. I have video courses over there too. So this class is all about planning your mitts for Christmas on. I'm going to go through five lessons with you. Also a pdf work work So you could down like this or a finish in on your phone animal I've had or even your desktop and go through one. Listen, that time, if you're the kind of big water you want to watch the whole thing country go through the whole workbook and do that. That's why with may Brilliant work House What sanity Time you have left before Christmas. Your noting pour water. Exactly. You are Miss it on and we're gonna do this over the first way lessons. And then we have a bonus lesson or about was inspiring you. About what? Different? Really? She could niche for gifts. I want you from finishing. Couldn't it for yourself? Because, yes, this is geared towards knitting gifts. Bucks Think about all the different things you did for yourself as well. I'll go into that more deeply into the bonus lesson. And so I do hope you have great fun. Thank you so much for joining me and have a look below. You will find the project. The project is all about feeling this in on getting at least one gift. I love to see your photos in the project section. Why is it, uh, how many missing? 2. Project Introduction: hi and welcome to the project video. So I'm gonna let you know here what it is exactly that we're going to do for our project in this class. I quite simply it is to go through each lesson on to fill in the pdf. Let us know how you getting on and show us anything you filled in in the photos in the comments below Love to see what you're up to. And if you fill this in and you think, Oh, I'm sharing too many secrets and maybe show us the car Stone of your first nets Love to see that you won't be giving away any surprises that you might be missing for Christmas. But he go just take each one in. What? You've watched the video and filter in. Like I said before, if you fancy binge watching, wash the whole lot together, watch one of the videos and then tell Oh, this Fill it in on. You'll find your Christmas sitting. Great. Deal easier. That's your project for this class. I'll see you in the next video 3. What's Happening?: Hi. Welcome to the fast video in this Christmas knitting workshop. So the first thing we're going to do is look at your calendar. We're not going to start knitting yet. You could be knitting other things alongside if you want to, however, we need to work out how much time you have left, cause you may not realize it, but you're quite busy human. It's few weeks is coming up for Christmas, their Children's concerts. There's Nativity plays, this carol services at Christmas that maybe parties you need to go to pass those even a craft fair that you want to attend and theon stores Got a little matter going on, and you need to attend that as well. It could be quite overwhelming if you're no speaking at it, thinking, I know what I'm doing. I don't have to worry about it. So get the November and December Canada out and just put all those things in. You may be surprised to realize that when you're usually knitting, like in an evening or when you're watching 4. Stash Knits: okay, We are looking at Stash in its I want you to go and get all of those things that you lifted this year. How did you put them away? And you said, Oh, yeah, I must remember. I've got that for my nephew. Andi. I'll give it to at some point, I can't remember when. Maybe I'll do it for his birthday or you can have it for Christmas. Well, make sure you get those things out and, you know, just kind of like, hand them over, you wrap them up as Christmas gift. So it's lovely to be generous, but you can also be generous with a gift and give it at the time when everyone else gives gifts as well. You could be overgenerous and two things instead of one if you're that kind of person. But if you call these things already finished, make sure they're there. Now, The second tip I will give you about stash NIST nets is what have you needed for yourself this year that you haven't actually used? Do you have a pile of dish cross sitting in the cupboard? You got stolen money because you use them every time you want to, um, trial a new young, and you just haven't used them. You got far too many just to use as one person living in a house and doing a little bit of washing up occasionally. Well, they don't just have to be dish crafts. They could be faced calls with fellows. Um, you can give a pack of three with a new bar of soap as a gift. It could be that easy. Maybe you've knitted since girls for yourself. Fishery thought. Do I really need that many? I'll put them in the back of the wardrobe. I'll wear them. Of course I will. We'll be honest with yourself and say, Well, I really wear them. Get out What you put in the back of the wardrobe and say, Actually, I can give to this. It won't matter that I haven't got it for myself because I've got so many things myself already. You know, so many of you may be knitting socks over and over and over again and just handing them out because you need to so many make sure they gifted of Christmas presence, so just those little things will help you. And actually what I want you to do also write out one of the people you want to create presence for whether that means you're gonna go and buy a box of Lego or DVD or put something on the list for them as a knitted item. And then what? She finds all your stash knits you can put all of that in place to you can say. Okay, well, I don't have to buy Lego. That saved me some money. I've actually little hat, and they will love that instead. You want them to be loved just as much as the love you put in them when you were knitting them. So let's sort out today. Go and find all of your stash knits on go and create a list of what you have already. Andi, What it is that left? Where do you have the gaps in that list? And we can use that list as we go forward. Five. Now, happiness ing 5. Love knits: Okay, well, look, Successful patterns on love mitts. So we are starting to look at what you can it on. The first thing to think about is which patterns were successful for you in the past. Do you have patterns that you hated knitting? But you really, really like it, so you might need it for somebody else. Well, don't do that. Just say it was a mistake. I shouldn't. Initially in first place, it was okay to trial it, but perfectly honest, I would never do it again in my life. Will just admit that a throw decide you don't need any more. So look at the patterns that you've knitted it in the past. And I would say, if you're knitting things for Christmas in such a short time frame, then don't net anything that you've not missing before. Try not to use new patterns or a new designer if you've not omitted from their patents before because it's a big ask trying something new. Learning a new technique even is just too much. The second tip I want to give you today. Isn't it what you love to net? If you see my YouTube videos, you will know, and I loved to knit Hats on I love to Mitt Fingerless mittens. That's just my jam when it comes to knitting, so think about what you love to knit. Is that socks? Can you Nischelle prepare of socks in a couple of evenings? Is that tea cozies or washcloths? Just really put aside anything that you say my kind of like it, and I'll do it because they want it. Do what you want to do now you've got a short timeframe. You've also, as we've discovered, we've got things on the calendar already to set yourself up to win by knitting what you love, you really enjoy it, and you'll really have pleasure on love will be in every stitch as you go forward before Christmas by finna happiness ing 6. Stash Yarn: Okay, welcome to we are looking at Stash young. So you thought about one of your patterns. You've thought about all of the things that you love to net. You've also set aside things that you've already knitted. You now have your list of people who need presence. So with those patterns in mind going look at your stash. Young. I dearly, If you're not someone who is a fast knitter, you probably want to exclude four ply and maybe even DK knits, knitting. Yawn because it will take longer to implement. Unless you're gonna nit very small items like a Marco's your Christmas decoration, then it really is a better idea to go for aren chunky or super chunky on because you'll have a faster net a faster follow through on a quicker point to finish. So let's look at the stash on, but with a focus you've decided on your passengers today. Andi, use that focus that you have to look for Leon to see which, with John will work with which pattern. It's a simple is that that's all we're doing today, so you can just write it all out. I'm letting this pattern with that your this pattern with this young and you could also, if you're patterns a digital, you could just put a label on your yang and set aside in separate bags for depending on which you are. You want to knit. If you have a book of patterns or single patterns, you can put the yawn with the pattern. Make sure you know who it's for. It's all set up. You can do that. Your dining room on your spare bedroom bed, something like that. There you go. You will have a much better idea of where you're going as we move forward. Okay, my fellow Happy unity. 7. Plot And Plan: Hi. Welcome. We're going to plot and plan. So you've organized what is in your calendar. You found your stash knits, and you've allocated. If you have to use those things to your friends or family, your gift list is getting filled up like saying we've done is we've looked at your patterns . You like to knit For whom your yawn stash, Andi, you filled in These informs of little things that you want in. It kind of worked out who it's for, what you're knitting, the pattern you're using and then you on your using while the next step is to decide when you're going to knit it on in the little notes section for each of these lips, you're going to fill in the amount of time you're likely to need to net each item and then the point over the next six weeks when, when you're going to admit it. If you need a weekend to knit a pair of mitts, then give yourself four days instead. Because little things happen over Christmas, you may think, Oh, crikey, I haven't realized I forgot to write my Christmas cards. I need to do that as well. You're gonna need a whole afternoon to do that. So just these little things that will pop up and you won't expect them. Like I said before, everyday life will appear, just as it always does as well. So give yourself a little bit of extra time to knit each item and then look at your calendar and plot those things in. And one tip I will give you is to say, leave the last week free from the 18th to the 25th. Don't plot any knitting. That will mean if you decide, Hear that you want in it. Eight items. But you only have time for five with that last week. Free, you can say, right, I'm gonna pick out five. Make sure I can knit those because I have got enough time. If you need more time for those five because life happens, then you've got the extra week to just finish off. But if you fit in those five are you forgot a week or 10 days before Christmas, you can start a new plan. You could go through these steps again, and it will be much faster this time because you've already done it. Filling more of these forms and say, I know what I've knitted in the past what I'm going to use again on my own. It's specific things for specific people, and I will planet in it over the next weekend or the next week. You may be able to fit one or two more items in before Christmas by using this method. So let's make it easy on ourselves. Don't put too much pressure on new on yourself because this is about letting. And we loved knitting. We loved knitting for other people. But if it's a frenzy and it's a rush, then we don't like it anymore. So like I said, we're trying to avoid all of the guilt that says under its view for Christmas and your store knitting it next summer, retired world that. Okay, this is gonna be great. Phone buy, happiness 8. BONUS Knitting Inspiration: Hi and welcome to these last on bonus lesson to this plan, your Christmas in its class. What's really going to do is look at all the different things you could. Magical gift. So there's a real mountain of ideas out there on. Yes, you really want to take the each gives to each person, But I'm gonna give you ideas that will be quick. And it's that you will find a lot easier already found in lots of tips and tricks to make this an easier, more fun experience being in the first place that we also want to look at what, exactly you could be knitting. So the best thing is accessories for the home, generally speaking on the shooting of blankets or cushions. Travel. Something like these are gonna be small lighters, so you could knit them in any way. One session admitting in you could have a gift ready on. That means you could be knitting a couple of these, bundled them together in a few in a set. So let's look at those things first. You could be knitting coasters for your mugs of tape. Just finish a set of four or six on you've got a gift ready with the mark. Oh, maybe a box of tea bags. You could a little bookmark if you're already gifting book. How about you do that? You included Bookmark, and it's that extra bit special. I Love Me is maybe that you would have to buy one book. Who said to What about also gifting Some disrupts for kitchen with a really fancy washing up their great ICO friendly washing up liquid. Because obviously nature disclose, especially there in Compton or Banner Young are especially eager, friendly or traditionals. Incriminating up texture. Close use for face wives removing makeup wipes. Which means you could give a really gorgeous like with it all sorts of things around the home that could be small, really useful. People will have no use them every day. So now let's talk about things that people come where we think about hats on skulls and shores. I love missing people, figure Smits, because one hair I could necks in a few days. Yes, it does take a bit of education, especially if it's a large problem with a long car for something like that. But think about the young you're using. If you're using Chungking on instead of full plight, and it's going to take a lot shorter. Try Internet. It so many few recession will take you to get to prepare fingerless mitts. People will also use boots Cuffs. You may have seen those they really do keep you that extra bit warm. When I used to wear boots as a child, we had boots, socks, but they were basically really chunky socks and went away up inside the boot on held over the top. So that was something that we used to wear but cops without thinking it just sits at the shop of the sock like a bit of a leg. Hold hands over the top just for a bit of extra decoration and to pass an extra thing. We don't really like wearing leg warmers at the moment, so maybe wait a few years until they become trending again. But I could always being a thing that you would like to next to somebody, particularly us for two if you're living in a place where there were really a winter around Christmas, but that's what happened where I live in the UK It's getting cold already, and it can be really, really cold over Christmas as well as into January, February, March and even April. Some years as well. So we need things to where they're just taking extra bit cozy, so again has skulls, mitts, chills, cows anything that you think he would love to. This on people would luxurious safe what other gifts that is unusual, and I've always had extremely well received. It's something that you would exclusively only use a Christmas on as his Christmas decorations. I have knitted up ball balls, all sorts of tree decorations in the past on they really have been very well received because they use for this year on. Then next year they come out. All have indicated that from the All Strip, because on the tree, year after year after year, it's remembered that had an incident on. They will use it year after year after year because that memory is attached to her. I don't really is something that could be used immediately. I'll wrap it and it goes on the tree, and I've been looking at it a loving it for the next week. Also really think that that is not something you even will only exclusively in it for yourself. Or maybe to sell or get to a charity on sale as well. But you couldn't get it as a gift. If you have a few pounds that you used before for yourself, finish it. You up as every ideal Christmas gifts. Okay, that really is lots of ideas. Now, I hope you've had some fun just thinking about what it is that you could get. Who would want these specific items on? Maybe these are things that you can ask, Teoh. I just you already force so that your budget will go a little bit further when it comes to Christmas. Right? So you so much for joining me for this feel. Shared cross I look for to seeing your projects in the comments below Bye for now. Happy missing.