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4 Videos (28m)
    • Welcome to pixel art 101.

    • How to set up Photoshop for pixel art.

    • How to draw your first sprite.

    • How to animate & export your first sprite.


About This Class

Welcome to Pixel Art: Basics!

 In this class you'll learn all the fundamental things you need to know about pixel art. 

 How to set up photoshop, what tools to use... Up to sketching, outlining, coloring and even animating them!

 This class is for beginners to intermediary. 

Sprite Animation

79 of 80 students recommendSee All

Thank you so much! Very well done in explaining fundamentals with good examples.
Pacco Ortiz

2D Animation!

Great introduction to pixel art! Gives you all you need to start experimenting with your own pixel art creations.
Samantha Griggs

Sarcasm is my weapon of choice

I follow instructions and it works beautifully! Very Cool!





Fabian Rastorfer

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Hey there! I'm the lead designer at Fabraz LLC. A company that does, well, pretty much everything. Web design, app development, game development, graphic design, print design, motion animation... You name it!

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