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4 Videos (28m)
    • Welcome to pixel art 101.

    • How to set up Photoshop for pixel art.

    • How to draw your first sprite.

    • How to animate & export your first sprite.


About This Class

Welcome to Pixel Art: Basics!

 In this class you'll learn all the fundamental things you need to know about pixel art. 

 How to set up photoshop, what tools to use... Up to sketching, outlining, coloring and even animating them!

 This class is for beginners to intermediary. 

Sprite Animation

72 of 73 students recommendSee All

Very clear and descriptive. Very helpful for beginners
Erica Cotten

Visual/UI Designer at Sequence NY

Very useful technical insight!
Migueh Diaz

Digital Artist, 2D animator, Illustrator

This was a great class. I've watched tons of pixel art videos on YouTube and this class was definitely of better quality. The videos weren't too long and they had tons of info, and there were definitely some tips and tricks that I have never seen that really make your pixel art pop.





Fabian Rastorfer

Head of Fabraz LLC.

Hey there! I'm the lead designer at Fabraz LLC. A company that does, well, pretty much everything. Web design, app development, game development, graphic design, print design, motion animation... You name it!