Pitching 101: Get Your Writing Published | Anna Codrea-Rado | Skillshare

Pitching 101: Get Your Writing Published

Anna Codrea-Rado, Writer, editor, teacher

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8 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Finding Your Story

    • Fine Tuning Your Idea

    • Finding A Publication

    • Drafting Your Pitch

    • Sending Your Pitch

    • Dealing With Rejection

    • Celebrating Success


About This Class

Want to get your writing published online? Have a great story idea but are unsure how to get it in front of the right editor?

In this 20-minute video class, you'll learn how to pitch story ideas to editors to get your writing published online. 

The class is taught by Anna Codrea-Rado, a journalist with ten years of experience both editing and writing for international media outlets. 

This class is ideal for early-career level writers, bloggers, content makers, and anyone looking to perfect their pitching skills. 

In this class, you will learn:

  • What is a good story
  • Where to find story ideas
  • How to write a pitch
  • Where to send your pitch

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Clearly communicated tips for pitching which will help me refine my messages in emails to editors
Tamara Arden

Inquisitive | Hyperaware | Voyeur | Word person





Anna Codrea-Rado

Writer, editor, teacher

Hi, I'm Anna and I'm a writer and editor.

In the ten years I've worked as a journalist, I've written and edited for VICE, the Guardian, Quartz, the Atlantic and others. I cover music, youth culture, mental health and social justice. My writing portfolio is here.

I currently work at VICE as the news editor of THUMP, the electronic music and culture channel. I previously worked at the Guardian, both in the US and my hometown of London, for three years. I'm a graduate of Durham Un...

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