Pitch Deck Design: Raising Startup Capital | Jake Fisher | Skillshare

Pitch Deck Design: Raising Startup Capital

Jake Fisher, Pitch Deck Master

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16 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction Of The Class

    • 2. Introduction To Pitch Decks

    • 3. Rules of Slide Design

    • 4. Title Slide

    • 5. Vision Slide

    • 6. Market Opportunity Slide

    • 7. Problem Slide

    • 8. Solution Slide

    • 9. Underlying Magic Slide

    • 10. Business Model Slide

    • 11. Marketing Plan Slide

    • 12. Management Team Slide

    • 13. Competitive Analysis Slide

    • 14. Financial Projections Slide

    • 15. Investment Slide

    • 16. Closing Slide

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About This Class

Creating a pitch deck that will wow investors can seem overwhelming. By taking this course, entrepreneurs will see exactly what it takes to create the Perfect Pitch Deck.

The lessons/information in this course come from my experience seeing some of the best and worst pitch decks out there. By sharing what I have learned you will gain some insight on the do’s and don’ts of content and slide design, allowing you to successfully communicate with your audience.

After completing this course you will have the techniques and knowledge needed to create an outstanding pitch deck that investors will want to see. Regardless if your pitching to Venture Capitalists, Angels Investors, or Friends and Family, you will be prepared with a professional presentation.

Bonus material included in this course includes my pitch deck template.

During this course we will discuss:

·      How to create an impactful slide

·      The ultimate elevator pitch

·      How to compare yourself to your competitors

·      Communication techniques to use when presenting your pitch

·      How to get your audience to fully understand your business

·      The content that should be in your pitch deck

·      How to avoid common pitching mistakes





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Jake Fisher

Pitch Deck Master

Jake Fisher, Founding Partner at Venture Formations

Jake Fisher helps businesses succeed from the start. At 15 years old Jake started his first tech company, an online hosting platform for podcasters; a year later he sold it to a publicly traded company. Jake's entrepreneurial hustle started at age 9 mowing neighbor's lawns and has been involved in everything from tech, lifestyle apparel, energy beverages, and most recently entrepreneur consulting.

After founding multiple start...

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