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Piped Buttercream Flower Cupcakes

teacher avatar Nadine Thomas

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction video

    • 2. 02 Making the Cupcakes

    • 3. 03 Making The Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

    • 4. 04 Roses

    • 5. 05 Carnations

    • 6. 06 Hydrangeas

    • 7. 07 Chrysanthemums

    • 8. 08 Sunflowers

    • 9. 09 Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Why not give someone a bouquet of edible flowers?  In this class we will be making some orange chocolate cupcakes that are decorated using a cream cheese buttercream.

In this class you will learn:

  1. How to make orange chocolate cupcakes.
  2. How to make cream cheese buttercream frosting
  3. How to pipe a rose on a cupcake.
  4. How to pipe a carnation on a cupcake.
  5. How to pipe a hydrangea on a cupcake.
  6. How to pipe a chrysanthemum on a cupcake.
  7. How to pipe a sunflower on a cupcake.


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Hello, I'm Nadine.

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1. 01 Introduction video: welcome to this class on flower cupcakes. In this class, I will teach you how to make orange chocolate cupcakes. Next, I will teach you how to make a cream cheese butter cream for decorating your cupcakes. When the buttercream, we will pipe five different flowers onto the cupcakes. First, I will show you how to do a rose flower. Second, I will show you how to do the carnation. Our third flower will be a hydrangea are fourth flower will be the chrysanthemum flower and we will finish up with our fifth flour, which is the sunflower. I am a South top baker and kick decorator. Many years ago, I decided I wanted to make cakes for special occasions. To do this, I felt like I needed to improve my decorating skills. So I took classes, read books, watch videos and did lots and lots of practice. When my skills were to the level that I felt I could sell my goods, I opened up my own home bakery. I had this business for several years until my husband got a job offer in another city. We thought it was a good move for us, so I closed down the bakery and we moved across the country to New York City. Now in New York City, I do not want to open up my bakery again, but I still love baking and decorating. So I felt like skill share was a good way for me to share my skills with you. This class is for the baker that wants to learn how to make some cupcakes and decorate them . You will learn how to make cupcakes from scratch and decorating frosting. You will also learn how to pipe five different flowers onto cupcakes. By the end of this class, you will have five different flower cupcakes to share with your friends or make into a flower bouquet. I am excited to teach you the skills in this class. Let's get going to lesson number one making the cupcakes. 2. 02 Making the Cupcakes: hi and welcome to our first class on our flower garden Cupcakes today in this class are cake flavor for the cupcakes is going to be an orange chocolate. I have already measured out all the ingredients so that we're ready to begin making the batter. When I assessed that the orange that is taking that outer layer off the orange I made sure not to go down into the white because it's bitter. So I just test it off the top layer. Let's get started making our batter. The first thing I did is I boiled Surana and I measured some hot cocoa and put it in here because I wanted to bring this back down to room temperature. So this is my water and my hot cocoa. Now, in this medium bowl, I'm going to want to pit my for eggs. You start with them for eggs. In that I want to put about 1/4 of this in. And when it all combined, I'm at about 1.5 cups, so I'm gonna put a little bit less than 1/2 cup in. I'm just gonna eyeball it. It doesn't have to be exact. I'm gonna then add the vanilla and my orange vest, and I'm gonna mix this together. My first step is to get those egg yolks broken. So the mix and then I just keep risking it until it's all mixed together. All right, this is what's together now have added to set everything up so that were ready with our stand mixer to make archaic. I have my mixer set up here and I have all my dry ingredients set up by the Mitter in the order I will be putting them in. First thing I'm going to dio is I'm gonna had my dry ingredients. So there's my baking soda and salt and my flower and my sugar. Now I want to be this on the very low. Mainly, just turn it in. Just try and get the sugar and the flour and the baking soda and salt mixed together. That's all I'm doing now. I'm gonna mix him my better, which I abroad to room temperature and the rest of that chocolate mixture. Now I just wanted on low speed again. Now that I have the dry ingredients pretty much mixed into it, I'm gonna turn medium speed now and scraped down my bowl and I'm gonna also scraped down the beater. So I want to get everything down in there. And now I'm going to add my orange juice. And this I just wanted mix until that orange juice is mixed in with the orange juice mixed in. I'm now ready to add my eggs, chocolate, vanilla and for incessant. I'm going to just whisk it one more time to make sure that the eggs and the chocolate in everything you're together. And then I want to add this in three batches, mixing for 20 seconds in between each batch. So I want to add about 1/3 of it. I'm just gonna eyeball it. That looks good. Mix up for 20 seconds. Now I want to add about half of what's left. And if you wanted this time, you can also do a little striping down. Do that 20 seconds and we're going to add the last bit. Uh, scrape that down and 20 more seconds. And there you have your orange chocolate cake batter and now we're going to turn this into cupcakes. I always like to take just a little bit. Does that matter? Test it out. Mm. And make sure everything's in there. We're ready now to put the batter into the cupcake tins. I have prepared my pants by putting cupcake liners in each place now to try to get my cup cakes so I'll be the same size I like to use. Seems scoop on. I just put it in that and then in my hot Qingshan. And I just keep doing that until I have them all. You may still not have a totally all the same size, but they're going to be a lot closer if you use a way to measure the cupcakes as you putting them in. And I have one pan ready to go in the other. Now I'm going to get the second pin because my oven will hold £2 of cup case. Now, this battle usually makes somewhere between 24 36 cupcakes, depending on the size you make the cupcakes. Right now I have 24 couple that. I want to add some more to go look skimpy. I'm now gonna kick these £2 in the oven at 350 degrees. I'm gonna bake him between 15 and 20 minutes. So I'm gonna start by checking them out 15 minutes and see if that's enough or if they need the other five. Our timer is just about ready to go off. We want to check our cupcakes to see if they're done. So I'm gonna start by looking and seeing which one looks really talk. Well, I'm gonna pick my cake test in there and pull it out, and you can see it's joy. And I don't wanna trust just one. I want to trust several parts. So I've tried three of them that are in different parts of the pan. They are ready. So I'm gonna pull them out of the oven. And I gotta put my last campaign and kick it also for 15 minutes with my cupcakes Dumb. I'm ready to have them cool on the cooling rack. I'm gonna take my cupcakes. I'm just gonna quickly dumped them out on. Then I want it. Make sure they're spaced out and turned right side up to cool. And I'm going to do that with both pence. I'm gonna cook all of the cut kicks on. Let them all cool. I want him to be completely cool so that when my frost him, the frosting will not melt. So we'll be back in an hour to when they're all cooked and full. 3. 03 Making The Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting: our cupcakes have totally cooled. We're ready now to make the cream cheese butter cream frosting and decorate our cakes. Let's get started. We're gonna start by putting our butter and are shortening on our cream cheese in the bowl . I like this frosting that has the shortening because it makes it more stable and it doesn't melt and go soft as fast Now way. Want to just cream these together? We're ready now to add the powdered sugar and the salt. We used Unsalted better, so we want to add some salt back into. We want to be in control of how much salt we add to it, so there's 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. We're going to add our sugar because the rest, because for £2 of powdered sugar, I just buy a £2 bag and dump it in that way. I do not have to measure it to make sure this does not fly all over. I want to put this covering on it, and I'm just gonna barely turn the the mixer onto the lower speech. While that's mixing, I'm going to add my one teaspoon of vanilla. The reason we're doing this on the low speed is because we want to incorporate that powdered shit into the fat so that it doesn't fly all over Once, received pounded sugars incorporated. We can van turn the speed up and mixed it. Well, we want to scrape this down now, while we do want to thick frosting for piping, we don't want it. Quite this one at just a little bit of milk. So I'm gonna scrape everything down and I am gonna add just a tiny bit of milk. I don't measure it. I just poor a little bit in you Notice that was not very much, that I'm gonna mix it in theory. And let's see if that is the right consistency. It is still this it but we want it thick for cake decorating. I think we're doing good. I think that's good. This once great ball, the I seen off of my beater. We're ready now to divide the frosting up into cups and color it so that we can pipe it to make our flowers 4. 04 Roses: We're going to start by sticking some frosting in this bowl and we're gonna make this one pink. I'm using gel colors and I'm just going to drop a couple of drops of pink and stirred around, and if I decide it's not dark enough, I can always add more, but I don't want it to be too dark to begin with. And I want all of the wide to be gone. You're gonna just a little bit more pink to get a little bit more richness in the pink. Hey, I'm gonna show you two different flowers with this color. The 1st 1 is going to be our basic Rose flower for the Rose. I'm going to use the 104 pedal tip and I'm gonna stick it in my dad and I'm gonna cut so that I could bring that down and I want the Rowe's tip sticking out of the bag. Now I'm gonna turn the bag down and I can stick this in a cup, but because I'm not putting a whole lot in here, I'm just gonna rest it right there, and I'm gonna pit some pink in there. Uh, and I want to push it down as far as I can. I keep pushing this down, twist my bag and push it down for my rose. I want to start by Putin Some piled up in the center like that. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna go. I'm gonna make an arch. That thick part is at the bottom of the cupcake I'm gonna just go arch around and down And then half 1/3 the way Sue arch and down art And down arch and down arch and down arch and down And now I'm just gonna do my next trip Stuck kind of halfway between Go arch make this a little bit longer and arch and I like it to kind of start tilting out because then I don't have to do as many Rose And I just keep going around going are on down and tell I have the top of the cupcake Done Makes you go up and down So we get that petal look down, making it longer for you, Troll. It's tilted this way. She could see him going up, then down. Lips up, bend down. Uh, been down now, pretty much getting close to the edge. So I want this one toe, actually were to take this to the edge up, bend them up, bend down, get bigger up. Been down, up then down, up and down. But been down. I'm kind of taking this last year also, that it goes out and then you have a rose. Let me show you one more time. When I did, I have the fat part down, and I'm kind of going straight up and just twirling that around to make my center. And I just go up and down as I go around that center, uh, and down, uh, and down, up and down, Uh, and down. And you'll notice I'm making sure I kind of start in the middle of the first pedal and go to the middle of the other one. So as I'm going around, each run is getting a little bit bigger up, but down, up, down, up and down. And you just keep going to you. The top that cupcake full on this last one. We do want it to kind of also come out. So I'm gonna make about six or seven of these because I want a variety of each one 5. 05 Carnations: this lesson. I'm going to show you how to make the carnation. Now the carnation, it uses the same tip as the rows. So I'm going to use the same bag that I prepared for the Rose and I'm gonna start in the center again. But this time I'm gonna do quickly, and then I'm gonna goes quickly again and squiggly again and squiggly again. And it's very similar to the rose going more up and down to make its quickly because the carnation is very roughly so I'm just turn up and down pedals, but I am going around. If you're frosting starts to get too warm, you can always stick it in the fridge. I can see this one starting to get really warm, and it's starting to blend together. So before I make my next carnation, I'm going to stick my bag in the fridge to set back up, and I don't have to put it in there a long time. I can stick it in my maybe five minutes, so I'm gonna stick this in for five minutes. I've taken this out of the fridge. We're now ready to do another carnation. I'm just gonna start in the center and zik Zak like that. See how it's exact that I'm gonna do some more six act. And with this being colder, you can see how it's really sticking up. And I'm just doing six acts around the kick because if you've ever seen a carnation, it's just a bunch of ruffles. That's kind of the beauty of the carnation, and you'll see this is a lot more defined that 1st 1 because my frosting is a lot colder. Remember, I am keeping the fat part of the bottom and the skinny part at the top because I want the top to be nice and thin, and I'm taking this all the way out to the edge, even curving it a little bit because I really don't want to see the chocolate if I can help it. So there's my carnation 6. 06 Hydrangeas: we're gonna dio the hydra engine. So I want to put some frosting in there and I'm gonna make my hydrangea blue Just gonna put a little bit of blue in there, and then I'm gonna stir that around. The hydrangea is a two tone flower, so we're going to get our bag ready a little bit different for this. And I'm going to first cut the tip off on I am pretty man a to d star tip. And I'm just gonna drop that in the bag. Now I want to open my bag very life. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my blue, helps a city, and I'm going to stick it in there. Great. But at the sites, let me get some more blue in there and great been up the sites. So you're going to see there's a hollowness in there where the blues not and we're going to stick some white in there. I'm just going to stick a dab worldwide in that, but I havent colored and then I'm gonna push that down. And now the hard Janja is actually one of the easy of flowers to may. So I'm gonna squeeze this in my bowl until I start seeing the white come out. Oh, now I'm seeing the light So now what I'm gonna dio So I'm gonna take my cupcake. And on the end, I'm going to go squeeze And then I stopped and then squeeze and I want some flouncing to it . This one is also looking like it's getting very soft, but she can see how it's getting small flouts into it. So once I get that outside, Lee, you're done. You go on the inside and fail in the inside, and it really doesn't take that much to get my hydrant, sir. Now, if you see any spot that's not colored in, go ahead and colored Insel there is my hydrangea. I'm gonna put this also in the fridge to set up. We brought this back out of the French. Here we go. I'm going to squeeze that and release me. See if I can do this at an angle. Squeeze and release, squeeze and release, squeeze and release. You need to actually touch your tip to the cupcake so that the fasting has something to hold on to squeeze and release. And I'm just going to keep feeling the top of my cupcake 7. 07 Chrysanthemums: We're now gonna make the chrysanthemum and just need a little bit of frosting And I'm gonna make micro Santa mum's purple So I just wanna stir that purple in there Onda with a chrysanthemum We're going to use the 81 tip So just like the others I need to cut stick my tip in turn my dad down and stick my frosting in with my frosting in there Just push that down, twist it and squeeze it till it's coming out So, with chrysanthemum, I'm gonna start about 1/3 the way in and I'm gonna bring it out. I'm gonna do that all the way around on Nike Pipe until I get it the length I want. And then I stopped and pull away and I have so that the curve is like this and it's going on the cupcake like that. I said, I'm just bringing it about. And I just wanted to barely go over the edge. Okay, so I have one layer done. Now I'm gonna come in just a little bit and I'm gonna do the next one and I want it to be kind of in between, Huh? So I want to be kind of in between, and I'm taking this one all the way around also. Okay, Now, my next layer, I wanted to start standing up, so I'm gonna squeeze and actually have it up, squeeze and have it come up. This is a little warm, so it's kind of falling, but you can see that I am getting it to come up. I don't want it totally flat. The more I go in, the more I want it to stand up. And I just gonna do the centers with center, actually want to do straight up, straight up, straight up. And there's our chrysanthemum. Okay, let's show you again. That 1/3 bring out 1/3 out. We want to bring it right to the edge, rips. And if you can get it to curve up like that, that's great. Just do your best. The actually works pretty fast. So I've got the first light grow again, ready to move on to the second. You gotta make sure your tip us faced in the right way and I want to try to go in between and also try to get it. Stop squeezing and then try to arch it up doing better with this one. Most of them. Stop squeezing. Pull it up! Squeeze. Stop! Pull up! Squeeze! Stop! Pullum. You'll see how that's working. Better this time is I'm remembering to stop and then pull up. Squeeze. Stop pulling. Squeeze. Stop! Pull up! Squeeze! Stop! Cooler Squeeze. Stop pulling. Squeeze stuff. Pull up. Okay. Now I'm gonna continue around. Can I Do you want it to come up possible? We're getting close to the center, so we really wanted to be almost more up. Okay, so I'm gonna do a few more chrysanthemums, and then we'll move on to our last flower, which is the sunflower. 8. 08 Sunflowers: our last flower is going to be the sunflower for the sunflower. It's two colors. We're going to start with the yellow, so we want toe mix the sin to make it nice and yellow. And with the yellow we're going to use Tip 3 52 It is actually one of the league tips. Cut the back just like on the others. Stick our tip in there, turn our back down and we're going to put some frosting in our bet with the frosting in the bag. We wanna squeeze it down. And when we have it pretty much down, we twist the bag until it's coming out with the sunflower tip. You want to squeeze like that? So our tip IHS like this with this point at the bottom and I'm just going to squeeze and release, squeeze and release, squeeze and release. And I keep doing that all the way. I need to get that fat pedal all the way around and I want this pedal to go all the way to the edge. Absent fatness in the middle. Don't want it to be skinny. I wanted to kind of fat in the middle and then go skin against Squeeze more than release Squeeze Come down More release squeeze! Come down! More release squeeze! Come down! More release squeeze! Come down! More release. Cui's more clueless, please. Nice squeeze, Release, squeeze, release, Squeeze, release and squeeze Release K. Now the sunflower has the two rows of pedals. So we want to kind of go in between each and put our second room squeeze, release, squeeze, release. And we wanted to go over the 1st 1 and we're just gonna go around. But that second row on squeeze release, squeeze, release. So just keep ticking it around. What? That isn't with the yellow. We're gonna come back and fail in that brown later. Right now I'm gonna work on the yellow while I have the yellow in the bag, and then I'll do the brown. So again, at the edge Squeeze, release, squeeze, release, squeeze, release. And I just do this. So I get all the way around. We want that point cause the sunflower has the point and we want the fatness. Okay, I'm almost to the end. One more right there, and we're gonna do our second room. I'm gonna go ahead and do this for a few more flowers and then I'll come back and show you how to do the center for the center of our sunflowers. We want brown, so I just need to mix up a little bit of brown. Now, if you have chocolate frosting around you, could you chocolate frosting? But I didn't want to make a second batch just for the center of these flowers. So I'm mixing some brown and for the central, I'm going to use a number for round tip. Cut that off just like I did with the others. Stick my tip in there and pent my frosting in, and this is really sat down. We're going to start by putting dots all the way around making a circle. This kind of shows the border where all the seeds are, and I action pulling it up to get that little sticky. And then I'm just gonna fill in the circle. And if you get some sticking up, that's great. But you want to quit piping before you pull up, so it's not sticking up too much, and we just keep going till we get that center totally done. And there's our sunflower. I'm gonna go ahead and finish up my cupcakes 9. 09 Final Thoughts: Thank you for taking this class way. Had fun making flowers on our cupcakes. You learned how to make orange chocolate cupcakes and cream cheese. Better cream decorating frosting with the better cream. We made five different types of flowers for our cupcakes. The rose, the carnation, the hydrangea for sample. Um, and the sunflower. I hope your cupcakes turned out the way that you wanted them to turn out. If not, please keep practicing, and you will get better. Your project for this class is to make our cupcakes to use at least one of the techniques to make flowers on your cupcakes. Once you've done this, please post your pictures onto our gallery page. So we can all admire your great work from my kitchen to your kitchen. Happy baking.