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Pinterest Marketing. The Power of Pinning for Business Growth

Elena Fay, Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

Pinterest Marketing. The Power of Pinning for Business Growth

Elena Fay, Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

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13 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Hello Hello

    • 2. Welcome to the Class

    • 3. Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest

    • 4. Converting to a Business Account

    • 5. Claiming Your Website and Applying for Rich Pins

    • 6. Crafting Your Pinterest Profile

    • 7. Cleaning Your Pinterest Account

    • 8. Customizing Profile Cover

    • 9. Creating a New Board

    • 10. Creating a New Pin

    • 11. Creating Graphics in Canva

    • 12. Pinterest Strategies

    • 13. Final Thoughts and Class Project

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About This Class


If you are a blogger, creative entrepreneur or online business owner, Pinterest can be a game changer for your business. It is a great tool for getting online exposure, free traffic to your website and sales. 

It can be a HUGE traffic generator, you just need to have a few strategies under your belt to use it effectively. Trust me, I’ve done it myself and I’m here to show you some tips and tricks that will help you to grow your business as well.

Do you want to turn Pinterest into a list building and traffic generating machine for your business?

In this class you will learn:

  • how to get started and set up your account for success
  • how to use Pinterest to figure out exactly what your customers want
  • how to optimize your Pinterest Profile to get clicks to your site or shop
  • how to create content that will bring people to your site
  • the power of group boards and pin scheduling 

By the end of this class, you’ll have the knowledge and action steps to take your Pinterest game to the next level! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Fay

Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator


Hi everyone, welcome to my creative playground:)

I'm a self-taught fashion illustrator, dreamer and explorer.

I started my blog in March, 2012 to share my passion for art and fashion. Over the years this space evolved and became a creative outlet to share things I love, my inspiration and everything creative.

Creating art for individual clients and big brands is a dream come true because every day I can play with my favorite paints and call it a job!

Creating is my biggest passion and I'm so excited that I can share and inspire you to create as well! I hope you enjoy my classes and have fun making some colorful mess!

You can find me on

Instagram / Blog / Pinterest

And subscribe to my blog for freebies and fun updates.

See full profile

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1. Hello Hello: Hi, My name is Tina Fey. I'm a freelance parties fashion illustrator are blogger and online shop owner. Being a small business owner can be really overwhelming because we have to wear a lot of cats. Besides creating great content and product, we need to attract the right audience, get traffic to a block bookshop grow email was be on top of trends and it's a lot of work. This class will be all about interest, because when I started using it for my business, it was a real game changer. Before discovering their interest system, I was on every social media platform I could. I was creating and sharing content, non stop, doing a lot of work with very small results. And because of that, there were so many times when I was simply frustrated and burned out. One day I decided to concentrate on the on two platforms and one of them is pictures, and it was the best decision for my online business. If you're new to Pinterest or you've been using it for a long time but never saw results, I will help you to understand how to make the power off Pinterest work for your business. If you spend a lot of time on social media trying to compete with other creative businesses with very small results, you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You are in the right place in this quest. I will break it all down for you. Step by step so you can apply for simple strategist and start seeing really results such as more traffic to your block or online shop. More email subscribers on, of course, sales. So are you ready to work smarter and not harder joining this class and let's English burial power off interest. 2. Welcome to the Class: Hi. Welcome aboard. I'm very excited to have you here and help you to grow your business using Pinterest. My goal in this quest is to provide his exact strategies that you can apply in order to increase track to your block website. Online shop? Yet no. On loan exposure and sales before we get started, let me tell you how Pinterest helped me. In my business, being a small business owner, I know. How frustrating can it be to create content nonstop posted to all social media platforms and see very small results? I've been there and it's not the good feeling right? You might think that ventures is only great for recipes. Kids, body ideas, go home renovation ideas. You might also think that you cannot drive traffic to your business using Pinterest. And let me tell you, I used to think the same until one day when I finally decided to take pictures seriously and use it for my business and not for pinning recipes and D i. Y projects that I never even opened and recreated. I started experimenting using difference charges and just in one month, my block traffic and sales doubled. I cannot guarantee your thousands and thousands of followers and $1,000,000 in sales just in a few weeks. Well, that would be sweet, right? But what I can guarantee is, if you do the work on, apply all the strategist. You will see that pictures can be a game changer for you and your business, and it can be field track a generator to you have upset. 3. Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest: Even if you are new to marketing on Pinterest, I'm going to assume that he know at least a little bit about this platform and most likely you've been using it for yourself. Maybe you like being fresh inspiration during backyard. Ideas are healthy recipes, so Pinterest is a visual search engine and not a social media platform. We use pictures to get inspiration, find creative ideas or motivation. We don't leave comments all likes as we do it on instagram or Facebook, and you can also use pictures to promote your product. Bring traffic to your blogging website and online shop, absolutely for free. And the best part. You don't have to worry about number off your followers or likes. Here's the difference between Pinterest and social media sites. When you post something on instagram twitter or Facebook, your post has a really short lifetime. What it means is when you post something on Instagram, for example, it will appear on top of the feet of your followers, and then a few minutes or hours later it gets buried by hundreds off other posts created after yours. Unless you get featured by very big accounts, you will get more exposure and your post will have a chance to live for a few more days. But unfortunately, it doesn't happen very often. And since Pinterest is a search engine, Europeans can leave on a platform for a very long time, and they can be retained weeks, months and even years after you posted. It sounds amazing, right? You're probably asking yourself, Why don't you be interest if I'm already on, all social media platforms will help my business, and the answer is yes. It will help your business, but first you need to learn how to use it, right. With over 200 million users who activist sharing looking for new content, ideas, inspiration and people who are looking for brands to purchase from this platform is not to be ignored. Pinterest is like a magic toe that you can use for free marketing. Getting noticed on platform doesn't cost you money. No matter what product or service you offer, there is a big chance that your audience is already looking for it on Pinterest. Pinterest is known for fashion, food and travel posts, but it's also platform that can take your business to the next level. People usually go to pinch is just to get some ideas, but then they stumble upon product or service they need and love, and they purchase it right away. So pinchers gives you a chance to reach your ideal customers and grow your brand performance. So why would you pass on this amazing opportunity? Start getting creative with your Pinterest marketing strategy and you will see amazing results. 4. Converting to a Business Account: in this video, I will show you step by step, how to sign up to a business account or convert your personal account. Creating a business account is absolutely free, and it has a lot of benefits, such as access to Pinterest analytics, where you can see what your followers like to pin and access to promoted pins and adds the most frequently asked questions are, should I start fresh and create a brand new business account, or should I convert my existing account? And it depends on what content you already have on your page if you have a personal account . But all Europeans are random and have nothing to do with your business, the best solution would be to start fresh and create a new business account if you use a personal account that already has followers and beans that lead to your shop of upset. But some boards and teens are random. In this case, they want to give the followers, so all you need to do is just clean up your page on, and later I will show you how to organize your page by creating secret boards. If you plan to use Pinterest for your business, you will definitely need a business account, and the first step is signing up type in your l business that Pinterest that come and it will take you to Pinterest Page that looks like this. Don't get frustrated if it looks a little bit different because being just updates its page very often. Even the crassest likely different layout or images. You will see the option here. Join us and business. And by Quicken in it, you can create a new business account or convert your personal account. If you're new to Pinterest and never created an account before, just click on journals. That business you've been the will pop up. Just follow the directions and fill it up, and he will have a new business account. Enter your email address, password, business name, business type and your website. If you already have one, keep in mind that you can always go back to your place settings and make any changes you want. So don't stress out at the beginning if you don't have a website or your brand name. Yet when you could hear for business type, you will see a lot of options. Just go through the list. Choose the one that makes more sense to your business. Hit the red button and let's move forward. Your brand new Pinterest page looks like this. Now I will go back to the count I always use, and you can see it looks a little bit different. But don't worry. Soon your account will look bright and colorful as well. For this video, I created a personal account so you can see how I switched it to business account, and it took me only a few minutes. When you click on switch to business account, another window will pop up very similar to the previous one. And here you will need to add your email address business name, website, if you have it and peak business type after creating a new account being just Pulaski Award are you interested in? And they can select five categories off your interests, for example, fashion, art, beauty, music or business. And based on that, you can see related topics on your feet 5. Claiming Your Website and Applying for Rich Pins: So now you have a business account and it's time to claim your website on Pinterest. And here's why it's so important to claim your website. It will give you an access to Pinterest analytics, and you can see helpings from your side of performing. Your profile picture will be added to all pins from your side, even if they were pinned by other people. You can also unable reach pins, and I will show you how to do it a little bit later. There are many ways to claim you're upset, and if you are not a technical person, the process may sound very prostrating. But stay with me. I will show you step by step, how to do it easy without any overwhelmed. The first step is uploading and activating Yeo's s help again. This plug in is important, and you should already have a come. You're upset. Just make sure it's activated, and if you don't have a Tony of upset, here's how to get it is an example. I'm using WordPress site, and if you're on a different platform, let's check pinchers HelpAge for more instructions, and I will also include a link to the help page in printable files. Go to your WordPress dashboard had over to plug ins and new church for Yost S E O. And click on the bottom. Install Mine has been already installed, and yours will say install now and after installation, Activate the plug in and you're good to go after the activation. The plug in that will appear somewhere on the dashboard. Next step, Find Yost S E. Ope again on your dashboard. Click on social than Facebook and make sure it's enabled. Next, click on Pinterest Window and here we're going to claim you're upset with Pinterest. And in order to do that in a new window, open your Pinterest page in the top right corner, click on settings, then clean. So my side has been already confirmed and years will say claim now. So in this window, typing you're upset you're ill and then click Claim. Another window will pop up where you can copy the code, but don't click next yet, So grab the code and let's go back to your website based on this coat to Joost. Plug in on your WordPress site and click save changes, then go back to pinches and click submit, you will get the conformation that the review process is underway. It can take a few hours or a day, and when it's done, you will receive an email confirmation. If there is no technical problem, you will receive the confirmation that your side has been claimed. And if something went wrong, just go to pinchers. HelpAge. Send them a message and they can do it for you. Once your website is verified, you can unable rich beans. So what exactly are each beams and why is it so important to have them? Based on pinchers? Description Using reach peons will help you to show with the most important details right on the team. If you use brother pains in other words, images that you pain from your Intershop or other online shop people will see the price and please where they can purchase the product. If you use a recipe peons. The image will include information about ingredients, cooking time and serving article principal show the title description and author, and they're also EpiPens that allow people to download application without even living Pinterest. And now I will show you how to make Europeans a reach. Go to have upset and capital linked to one of your block posts. Don't use the home page derail. It's better to use one of the recent look posts. Now we need to add the thing to reach peons. Validator. The page looks like this. I included a link or, if you go, reach peons. Validator. The first article that pops up is by Pinterest. Quick on the link, Scroll down and paste the link to your block post right here and then click. Validate now that since you did it, it may take a few hours or they well Pinterest approve your application, and when it's approved, Europeans will have a website and your icon in a PIN description. In games, you have any troubles while applying for rich peons. Please visit Pinterest HelpAge and send them a message. The yearly respond within 24 hours and they will help you. And here you have it. So if you're still with me, I want to give you a high five because it was one of the most technical and difficult steps . And now it's time to make your profile look nice, clean and appealing to new customers 6. Crafting Your Pinterest Profile: in this video, we're going to craft your perfect Pinterest profile. Your profile is the foundation you build on, and if you don't have a good foundation, your growth will not be steady. When somebody stumbles upon European, they love it and want to check more stuff on your page or simply learn more about you. You have only three seconds to convince them that you are a trust for this source and that they can expect more great content from you in the top right corner. Click on settings and now will be able to edit your profile. Let's start with your profile picture. Your picture is very important because it's the face of your brand on Pinterest. It's the first thing that people see when they visit your page. So start by uploading Bright and Chris before of yourself. I would Kyler command to avoid applauding logos unless you represent a very big brand that people can easily recognize. Next is your business name. When you write your name and title, make sure it's very clear to understand who you are, what you do and how we can help others. If you want to build a relationship with your followers, you need to have at least your first name as well as your title. Your description is searchable, so Bieber strategic about what keywords to include in your title. For example, Here, you can see that on my page. I have my name and what I do Elena, free fashion illustrator and watercolor artist. So when people stumble upon my page, they can at least guess what I do and what kind of content they can find on my page. Next, let's optimize about your section. Being trust allows you to write up to 160 characters for your bio. Used the key words wisely and right attachment that is short and sweet. Try to describe yourself, your blog's or business as clear as possible. Just be yourself and speak to your audience Very naturally. It may be challenging to fit everything you want to say in a short description, but keep in mind that you already have your title, the one that we updated earlier. And if you already mentioned that he an artist, travel blogger or jeweler maker, you don't have to use the same information or same keywords in your description. Your body you should be short and sweet. I like the most important things about you or your business, and a few sentences are enough because people come to pinchers for visual content and not for reading. Also include a call to action it can be doing to your shop, your blogged, free downloads or online class. Basically, it's a wing that will the reckless and viewers to the targeted place on your website. This way, you can convert your Pinterest followers into email. Subscribers don't miss out on the opportunity to encourage your Pinterest visitors to check your website or shop, and the last one you allocation. Even if you're on an online business and open to working worldwide, it is still important to any location because he can attract local customers and find social connections in your city by adding your vacation. You can also open doors for great corporations with local businesses. So there you have it. Those are my child sleeps for creating the perfect pictures by, and I hope this improvements will help you to attract followers and bring more traffic to your block and website. 7. Cleaning Your Pinterest Account: So now you profile is great and it's time to organize your page. We need to create boards that will describe who you are, what he business is about and how you can help others, for example, how you can solve the problems or inspire them. If you converted to Business year old personal account, where you been A lot of random stuff with recipes, J Y projects and cute pocket pictures. It's time to organize your page and clean up your boards. But before we start cleaning up your profile, let's talk about the focus off your business. Brainstorm some ideas. Think about how can you create 20 or 30 boards that are related to your business and helpful for your audience? What else can you bean besides photos off your products and your services? So instead of putting on the your product, think outside the box. Create a story around your business. How can you product help or inspire others? What impact did it have on your clients so you can put together three or four boards that will show who you are and what your business is about, and then you can create boards around your business this way, your profile will get noticed. It will become memorable and profitable. Get specific with your boards. For example, if you're an artist, instead of creating just one board about art, you can create separate boards for poor shirts, watercolor art, sketchbook, practice during tutorials. And so on. This way you get the whole collection off specific boards, and when somebody stumbles upon your page, they can easily find the topic they're really interested in. And here's another example. If you're a jewelry maker, your main board will be all about your shop, and then you can create words around you. Business, for example, jury for him or her bridal jewelry. Jewelry making tutorials. Word about GM stones Crystals. A word about the healing properties of crystals. Just brainstorm some ideas and create a story around your shop or business. Find the best keyboards for your boards because this words are searchable. So think of the words that someone will type in looking for something that is related to the topic. Later, I will show you step by step, how to create a new board and find the perfect name for the board. And now let's talk about the cleaning up your profile. Cleaning up your profile doesn't include the living Peens aboards, because if someone follows your board and then you deliver this board, you lose the follower Instead. You can make this board secret and people who follow you they will not see this particular board, but they can still see other content on your Pinterest page. Start with boards that no longer fit youngish. We'll have pictures off cute puppies. But if this board doesn't help your business and doesn't bring your income, it's better to make this board secret. To make a board secret. First Jews of the Board click on Edit and unable this option that says secret and then click save. When you create a secret board, you can see this little icon below the title. It means that this board is already secret, and only you can see the content here. And if one day you decide to change it from secret to public, you can easily do it by clicking on edit button. Change the option from secret and then click Save If you pinch is the count for personal use, he can arrange boards in any order that you like and makes most sense to you. And if you're a blogger shop business owner and want to get more followers and traffic to your site, good boards with beans that have links to your shop over upset at the top, so they're very easy to find. Also moved boards with popular topics related to your audience at the top, and you can do that by clicking on board and dragging around. So take your time, cleaning your page and organizing the boards and, after making some boards secret, moving the most important boards to the top and less important to the bottom. Now take a quick glance at your boards and they titles. And if you have titles like Beauty, Yami or anything abstract, think off the titles that someone is actually looking for. Here's how I do keywords research for board titles, look at the surge bar inside interest, Type E and some words that are relevant to your business. And the key words that pop up are usually the most popular wants and great as board titles . Inside the board, you can organize and move around Europeans by clicking and dragging, and here's another way to organize your board. If you click on the bottom organized, select the beans and here you have some options. You can move this opinions to different board. You can copy them and move to another board, or you can do it them. And if you decided to leave everything as it is just quick on this select and then done also keep in mind that being just makes changes very often. So by the time you watch this video, your bridge may look a little bit different with different options to organize the page. But don't get discouraged because they only try to improve the platform and make all the good changes for users. 8. Customizing Profile Cover: When you go to Pinterest profile, you can see this very nice and clean collage Jospin's. And if I point here in the lower right corner, you can see the name fashion illustration and this is actually the name off one away boards right here. So this banner has been created with beans from this particular board, and it's very easy to customize, and I will show you how in the top right corner, click on the bottom, aided and you've been there will pop up, and you can customize your banner by choosing latest beans recent activity. Or you can choose any of your boards, and the beans from this board will be added to the banner and then click down. 9. Creating a New Board: In this video, I will show you how to create a new board. When you opened your profile, click on boards and here on the left you can see an empty window click on Great Board and a new window will pop up. Start with the name and think of the keywords that other people will search for next. You can make this board public or secret. Click on Creed. And when you create a secret board, you can see this little icon below the title, and only you can see the content beamed to this board. And as I mentioned in a previous video, he can always go back and change it from secrets to public by clicking on edit button and changing the option here. Now we're going to add more information to this board by clicking on edit button. You're bored already has a name if you'd like, you can change it or live it like this. And now it's time to add the description on Pinterest. It's very important to write effective descriptions and use rich keyboards that your potential customers or block visitors. My search for effective description is a great way to get your board discovered on Pinterest, so don't keep the step. And don't leave this space blank. Fill it up with nice key words and phrases that described the content in this board. Keywords should be a foundation off your Pinterest marketing strategy. People search on pinchers for pretty much everything. Starting from found. There were projects with kids to building a house, and by using the right key words, we can attract the right audience. Get most saves, clicks and traffic to your website. And here's how you can find keyboards. Since being trust is a search engine, you can use it to find the great topics for your block post ideas for your boards and also keyboards. For example, If you have a vetting block, just type wearing in a storage bar and you will see a lot of phrases and words. Those words that are at the top of the most searched wants on Pinterest used them as a key words for your board description. European description. For now, pinchers doesn't have any rules about more description, and you can use as many keyboards as you want. But I would recommend to write a few sentences so it doesn't look to spare me next, you can choose a category for your board. Don't keep the step because you're bored can pop up as a suggested board based on the category, and a lot of people can see your page. You can also invite cooperators to this board by typing the name or email after eating collaborators. This people will receive an invitation to the group word, and after accepting they will be able to be in their content to this particular board. And later I will talk more about group or its, and they benefits. Once you have a new board set up, you have a name. Nice description, but you want to change something, just click on the button, edit and change anything you want. So at the beginning, don't stress out to march about writing the perfect description or choosing the ideal name , because you can always go back and polish it 10. Creating a New Pin: Now you have a new world, and it's time to add new content. I will quickly walk you through the process off creating an European. And if you've been on Pinterest for a while and you know how to do it, you can just keep the step. There are many ways to add beans to your boards, and here's one of them. First opened one of your boards. Here you'll see a plus son, and if you click on it, used the N option. Create a pin or he can go to the top right corner, and here's another plus sign so quick on it, then click on. Create a pin and you win the will pop up, and you can upload the Penis directly from your computer or safe from your website. If you want to save a photo from your website, type your side your L right here. Or you can add dealing to the block post where you edit this photo. Then a new window will pop pop where you can choose our pictures, then choose the board and click save, and another way to end up in is open you pinchers Profile. Click on beans here you'll see an empty window with plus sign. Click on Create Be in Another window will pop up with the same directions as we did before . You cannot clothe from your computer or from the upset. Then choose the board and click. See if you want to add the bean from your computer, click on this little camera. I come and you have an access to all your files. I'm going to choose one of the photos that I created earlier. Click Choose, and here's a new option where you can add title and down below. I will add sure description and linked to my block post on this photo I have in the image in the background, the title and done below the name off my blawg. So if somebody stumbles upon this being and for some reason the league is broken, they will know where to find it. I created this image in Canada, and later I will show you how to use Kendra and how to create nice graphics, absolutely for free. Now you can go back and upload as many photos as you want at night. His description. And don't forget to add going to your site. When people find European, and if they like it and save it to the boards, they followers will see it as well, and they can also repeat it. It creates a snowball effect, and this being can bring the traffic to your website weeks, months and even years after you pinned it. So what is a perfect bean? First of all, create told images. Here's an optimal size, and this makes it the means to stand out on the feed of with being small horizontal images . Because they will get lost on Pinterest. Be sure to use clear, bright photos because dark and blurry photos just don't work on Pinterest. And the most important thing is writing a good description, so it will give you a listers. Nice reason to click on European and check your website. When the right in your description look at your product or block post what makes your product unique. How can you describe in a few sentences that will interest and attract people? Make sure it's short and right to the point, so people want to read more about it. Now that you know the basics of a great pin, I will show you how to create one they use in Canada 11. Creating Graphics in Canva: Pinterest is unusual platform, and in order to be successful here and bring traffic to your blogged, you need to have great photos and graphics that will capture your visitors interest. There are many tools that will help you to create beautiful graphics for free, and one of my favorite is Canada, and you don't need to be professional. Graphic designer to create beautiful graphics again. What is a free online program that helps you to create nice photos, and you can use them for promoting your products and services? If you want great images but don't know how to use father shop or other complicated software can, we will transform your life because it's very easy to use and to create gorgeous images you can use drag and drop method. First step is go ahead and create an account on Canada. It's very easy. You can use your email or sign up of a Facebook. Once you are down, sizing up your homepage will look something like this. Depending on where you want to share your graphics, you can choose designs with specific dimensions. You can find a lot of templates to get you started, for example, here you can see a template for Instagram post Pinterest graphic. And if you click on this painters graphic, you can see the size I mentioned earlier. Also, we have postcard business card, poster and so on on the speech, you can create your designs, and what I love about Reeva is you can easily use custom dimensions or great templates, and in less than five minutes you'll have great images. If you want to create a pinchers posed, click on create a design than choose pictures graphics on the left side, you'll see the menu with different options. Here have search layouts, elements, text, background and uploads, and next to the menu, you can see templates. Some templates are free, and you can see it says free at the bottom. And for some templates you have to pay. I personally think there's a great collection off freeze templates just grow down, and I'm sure you can find something that you really love. You can start from scratch, upload your photos and use them as a background and then at different elements and text. Or you can choose one of those templates and then change the image in the background and text If you could come elements, you will see a lot of options to choose from. So don't be afraid to experiment glee around until you really love the image you have. Can we also provides free stock photos in the elements section, Or you can search for them in the search bar at the top. Once you're done, uploading are Jack and drop this image into the frame. If you want to change the text, click on the title and a toolbar will appear at the top of the page. It will allow you to customize your text. You can change the size and color, and if your background is dark, stick with light text and vice versa. Next, you need to add an eye catching and easy to re title. And don't forget to add your block name or sartorial. I usually put it at the bottom off the image, play around with colors and try to create all Europeans in one style so people can recognize your images when they see them on the Pinterest feed, I order command to create different pains in different style, share them on Pinterest and see what works better for you, which beings, bring more traffic and then create more peons in this particular style. Once you're done, click on the download in the top right corner so that J. Paige and downloaded to your desktop and that's it. You have a beautiful Pinterest image ready for pinning. Once you know how can the works, It will take you only a few minutes for creating your next image. The trick here is to keep it simple and don't over complicate it by placing too many elements. 12. Pinterest Strategies: Now you know the basic technical stuff, and it's time to dive deep into the most important section. And it's been just strategy. If you run an online business, you just can't avoid marketing on Pinterest. Interest is not like social media, where you have to worry about your followers and likes, because if you use the right strategy is, you can still reach thousands and thousands of people, even with a few hundreds of followers. When I first learned the real power off interest, I was hooked because I really love how different that is from social media and that my content lives forever in order to be successful on pinchers. There are a few challenges that he need to implement so you can grow your champions traffic and sales. I will show you the main strategist that worked for me and I would recommend to implement them all, use analytics, see what works best for you, and then do more off what works for your business while sitting up you Pinterest account. Applying for each pins and claiming your website seems to technical and overwhelming. But once you're all set up, all you need is to find just a few things that work for you and get the ball rolling. I always air command to brainstorm first, think about what is your business all about? What kind of boards will tell your brand story? Which colors identify your brand? What topic can tell more about you and your business? And what keepers do you use when you talk about your business? So write down all the ideas you pinchers goes and all key words that come to your mind. Next, create at least 10 15 boards around your business and then start feeling them up with great content. The minimum off beans in the report is around 20 to 25 Peens. One of the general rules on Pinterest is you have to balance your content with other people content. So our usual opinion 30% of my pins and 70% off other people Peens being content that your followers and page visitors will love because people should be excited when they stumble upon your page and see a lot of topics related to your business. One of the most important tactics that will bring your results on pinchers is spinning consistently, beating at least 20 to 35 times. Every day we'll start building some momentum for you. The more active you are, the better. I know 30 Peens every day. Sounds like a full time job, and that's why you need to Joint ailment Stalement is a great after mation program where you can bet your beans schedule for days and even weeks. You can also scheduled to multiple boards and low Pia Peens. Another thing that will help you to grow up interest is joining group words. Group boards is where people come together to share the beans with the links to the own blog's. Every group board has the rules you have to follow, but there are some that allow you to be wherever you like as many times per day you want. When you contribute to group where it's on Pinterest, Europeans have the potential to get seen and repeat by thousands of people. Here are some benefits of using Pinterest group words, big traffic to your site. Increased number off followers increase in your email subscribers and chance to get Europeans in front of thousands of people. So how do you identify a regular board from a group board if you look at this board in the bottom left corner. There is a circle of three faces, and it means this is a group board. So why do you need to join a group word? Let's say that you have 50 followers on pinches, and then you join a group board with other bloggers who have thousands of followers. And every time you post something to grow board the board followers board contributors and they followers can see European sounds amazing, right? So it doesn't even matter if you're pinchers following its small, because you can still reach a lot of people who can become your customers. So how do you find group worth to join on Pinterest? And one of the ways is open pin groupie that come. Some information is outdated, but he can still find some great group words here. Here, you can search by category. If you could hear, you can choose beans, collaborators, followers or a rich Europeans. I wonder command to go with followers and then type the keywords and look at the boards that been group, he suggests you. And here's how to join a group word when you open a group worth you can see a description at the top and the board creator usual emotions. What needs to be done. Both creators usually ask to send them. An email was sent. A message on Pinterest in your email to the board creator include your name linked to a Pinterest page so the board creator can see what kind of business do you have and what to usually peen and then include the name or dealing to the board you want to join. Most board creators respond within three or four days, but don't get discouraged if you're just starting out. You don't have any followers and creators on respond to you because they also need to benefit from both contributors. Just keep going are fine grade words and send emails to the creators. I would also recommend to join Tailwind Tribes. They're very similar to group words on Pinterest, but much easier to join. When he finally joined a group, word tried to be every day. But don't spam being your images to correct boards? Because if you being under relevant content, you can get kicked out of the group word, and when you share Europeans, you don't do just for the sake off uploading your photos somewhere, right? You want to make sure that your peen can see as many people as possible. So make sure that European titles, descriptions, board names, board description and profile description all have keyboards that you're trying to be found . So in the class downloads, he confined pinchers Checklist that who help you to check your progress. So there you have it. Those are my child sleeps to grow a Pinterest page, and I hope this improvements will help you the track more followers bring more traffic to your block and website and get more sales. 13. Final Thoughts and Class Project: I'm so excited that he waited that far with me. What I learned about online marketing as social media platforms and search engines never stop changing. This class gives you a great fundamental knowledge about interest. But don't get discouraged by that year that every day they're starting, you just keep learning, experimenting and staying on top of trends, and I would love to see a pinch rows progress. So here's a project for you. Let's take a screenshot off your Pinterest page before and after making all the changes. Upload your photos to the class project. And if you'd like a few book, just live the link to your page, and I would love to check it out.