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Pinterest Marketing: Start Using Pinterest in your business

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Why Pinterest and how it can help your business grow

    • 2. Opening a Pinterest Business Account

    • 3. Linking Pinterest with your Website and getting a Verified account

    • 4. Linking Pinterest with other Social Media platforms

    • 5. Optimizing your Pinterest Profile

    • 6. Creating Boards

    • 7. Using Secret Boards

    • 8. The Powerful Pinterest notification

    • 9. Adding Pinterest chrome extension

    • 10. Adding Pinterest to your Website

    • 11. Pinterest Ads Getting started

    • 12. Pinterest Ads Panel overview

    • 13. Creating a Pinterest Ad

    • 14. Creating Pinterest Ads Fast

    • 15. Pinterest Analytics

    • 16. Final Project

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About This Class

Welcome to the "Pinterest Marketing: Step by Step to Use Pinterest in your business"

In this class, you will learn how to dominate Pinterest, using all the power of Pinterest to increase sales and grow your brand and company all over the world.

This class is for beginners and intermediate users, we'll discuss how to optimize your account, how to create Pinterest Ads and much more!

Let's start the class right now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile!

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Why Pinterest and how it can help your business grow: Hey, guys, welcome to Pinterest here on this model and excited because we will talk about interest and how you can use these social media platform that more most entrepreneurs are not using to reach your audience, to reach people that are interested in your company, your products and services. I'll show you all about that here on this model, A little bit more about painters. Let me tell you here, we're here on the business dot Be interest dot com website. I can I will share this with you in the resources ira. So if you go there, you can download a pdf with the links. He will have printers and they're saying that people are using painters and Trepp innards Business are using Pinterest every day to drive awareness to let people know about your products and your brands. Also, to increase traffic, drive people from Pinterest to your website to your landing page to your product or line store to the lever action. Convince people onda help people to take action and by you products and services and the last off The last thing they share with us here is that entrepreneurs are using painters also to boost in store or online sales. So if you have online sales or even offline Selves, you can use Pinterest for that. You're probably asking yourself why Pinterest, Why do we need to go to Pinterest if I already on you Tube Facebook, Easter Graham, Paris Common. All these other social media's basically because the bedding off your niche you have people off your audience here on be interest to they have let me show you. Here they have 175 million people that are using Pinterest every month on that means between these 175 million people. There are people for sure that are interested in your products and services. So this is another way toe invest time putting continent in some social media platform, in this case, Pinterest. In order to reach your outings to rich people that are looking for your business and products, interest works on my opinion. Guys, as not only as a social media platform, is also assert. Changing people go to be interest to search for a Bs for images for new products, new services people use also as assert changes. So that's why in this model will be concentrated especially on how you can improve your be interest profile. You use her name, your description on your post your beans because in order to improve that in order to be s your friendly so you can rank higher. When somebody comes here to painters and they search for a keyword that is on your knees, you will be first or you will be, at the least on the first page. That's my goal here on this course and we will give you all the steps to reach that. So I'll show you how to in the next morning. The next videos here were open and a business account To make sure we access all the great tools that interest give four business. If you have a personal account, you have, you have almost no. You have no access to the top market into that they have here for businesses. So by creating your business account, you will have access to all that for free. And we're doing that starting in the next video, K. C. There 2. Opening a Pinterest Business Account: opening your Pinterest business account. I'll show you in this video how to open a business account so you have access to all the top marketing tools that they have for business here on Pinterest dot com. So in orderto open your beans account or if you already have a Pinterest account, your personal can. We can convert that account toe business for free. And if you don't have any accounts on Pinterest, that's fine, too. You can follow the same steps on showing on this video. First step we goto business dot Pinterest dot com. I will share this link. Also in the resources are. If you want to download the pdf with the links, you will find that there here we are on the Pinterest are also on the business dot Pinterest dot com. If you are seeing a different screen, that's normal. Being trust changed the interface for the images on the bottoms for these specific screen very frequently. So if you are watching these cars in the future, you may find a different page here, but the idea is the same. So here weekly going beast, join us Business on the red bottom here below, off course, you can scroll down the page and see all the advantages. You have some business owner here on Pinterest. Okay, We are ready now to create a new business account or to convert your Bertel account toe a business account here on Pinterest on this case to make it easier for you guys, I will just sweet my account toe a business account. But if you want to create a new one, all you need to do here is click on, log out and create on this case, Ira logging with my personal credentials. That's why I see this bottom. So I will click and sweet toe a business account. And by doing that, I am converting from personal to business here. They asked me Convert toe a business account. This is my email. Excellent business name. Let let's at my name here. What's the business type? Of course. Here. You, at the name of your business. The business type. Let's say photographer, Public media brand return it online marketplace, local business institution or other. I will say professional on this case. Easter require, in order to have a business account is required for you to have a website and later here on the model, we will very, very fight your website to make sure we have all the advantages, the albarino, their ranking advantages that we have when by that, by having a very fight account came. So let's enter my website here. See here Diego Davila dot com. Click on Convert. Okay, here we are on my profile right now. You can Sometimes, after creating your business account, be interest, ask you for interest. So you need to select at least five categories that interest you. That there are related with your business on this case. Remember that this is a business account. So you need to select options and you need to select categories that are related to with your business or your products and services. So here we are. Oh, my my account. You see here my website is already here were very five that in the next videos on in the next video we'll continue creating your being Chris Beans is business profile. See you there 3. Linking Pinterest with your Website and getting a Verified account: why We need to verify your website. We'd be interest. Basically, the benefits are that interest will index your account faster than regular users Every time you you mean something Every time you save something, it will go faster on the search results. Also, you'll attract more followers organically. People will go to Pinterest search for for specific keywords that you are targeting on the chances for you to have to be higher on the results are better If you have a very fiber website. Here is an article that will help you. How to verify your website is an easy process. Basically we have two options here. We can change the Met, the mayor attack off year website or you can a blow on HTML file to your server. On my opinion, if you don't have a knowledge of programming knowledge and you do, you don't you don't know how to change code on HTML code. The best option for you will be toe up alot on html file. So painters will give you a file that you can download to your computer and upload that file to your FTP server. He are some instructions if you are not sure how to do that. You can easily contact your hosting provider. If you are with Haas Gate or Blue Hose or any other hosting, they usually have a chat Help that you can just chat with them and saying Hey, I need help uploading these html file to my server in order to be very, very fight by Pinterest. Okay, so the league for these article easing the resources area off this elector, you can download the pdf there and save it to your computer to have the links for future reference. But let me show you how you do the process. Actually, I mean, it's all here on the step by step in the article, but I'll show you in the practice right now. Here we are on Pinterest. If we go to your the top right hand side, we see your picture here in this case, my picture, and we go to settings in settings weekly gun profile, the second option. And here we have website. You see that my website is already confirmed. It's already very five. You see the check Maher here, So that means it's good. Diego avila dot com. In your case, if your websites. Not very five. You can. You will have the auction here to generate, uh, html code or to download the HTML file. And you need to upload to your server following these steps in order to be successful. Okay, If you have any questions about that, let me know I can help you too. But I recommend you if you are not comfortable uploading files to your FTP server to contact your hosting provider and they will help you to accomplish that. Okay, let's verify my website right now. You see, here we are on my profile. We went here on the top, right hand side settings and in here we go to profile and we see here or my information and website. Dear beloved dot com. We need we have the option to confirm this website. So all we need to do here is unclear confirmed website. And here we have the confirmation with the code that they made the HTML code a winning to place on the head section off your index dot html files. If you know how to do that, you can do it. If you don't, I recommitted to call somebody. That is a programmer, your programmer or somebody that can help you with these. Another way to do it. I will show you this one step by step east to download this file on a blow this file to your website. And this is easier because he all you need to do is just connect to your server using any FTP software and a blow these files. So I'll do that right now. I'll show you how to do it. So click on these dollar the file. Here we have the file. Let me put that on the desktop. Excellent. And I will use in this case suffer call file. Zillah is a free software that I will use to connect to my domain. Here I am inside the ago Davila dot com on All I need to do now is go to my desktop. Let's see here, let me refresh these directory. Here we are. This is the Pinterest html code and I can copy these to my server. Excellent. Let's see. Here is the file. Wonderful. So now is ready. I'll close finish here. Excellent. They are confirming the website. These can take ups toe on our say Okay. Here on you after that, You will see here on the confirm website. The check more saying that your website east confirmed and all is good. Okay, Safe settings right now In the next video, we'll continue improving your profile, making sure that this is super optimized in norther Toby. Higher on the rankings and in order to reach your audience that is ready to her about your products and services, See there. 4. Linking Pinterest with other Social Media platforms: Lincoln, your Pinterest's business account or to other social media platforms. In this case, we're linking, then toe Facebook, Twitter and Google. Plus, let me show you how to do it. And this is good because you will have information. Beatrice will get some specific information from these other social media flat. First, people that you follow people that follow you and give suggestions based on that. So if somebody is following with following you on Facebook, for example, there are big chances that painters will put Europe interest content in front off this user because they already follow you in other social media platforms. Nobody knows by the fact how the algorithm works, but this is how was working for me and for my clients. So in order to link your Pinterest account with social media, you come here to your profile, go to settings and here we scroll down until we see the social networks option here. The manual on the all you need to do is just turned this on on link to your social media profiles. When you turn on, it will ask you toe out arise. The app on this case is Twitter. I will say yes. I want to link Twitter with my Pinterest account and now it's link on. You see, I didn't really that for Facebook. You can go ahead if you want and link all these other social media platforms. The only thing that I want to tell you before you proceed is that you can link Onley toe personal profiles on Facebook. For example, if you have a Facebook page for your business, which is great, you can not. Interest does not allow us to link your Pinterest business profile with your Facebook business page. You can link on Lee with your Facebook personal page. So if you are comfortable with doing that, if you're comfortable putting yourself you as a business owner or us up responsible for the company in front of all your customers, you can go ahead and do that right now. Okay, I hope this is hopeful, and after that, we're ready to continue improving your interest profile. See, there 5. Optimizing your Pinterest Profile: optimizing your Pinterest profile. Here we are to make sure that you have the absolute best optimized profile. Best description. Best use. Turning on old information is ready in order to rank higher on Pinterest unto REIT people all over the world, people that are interested on your products, your service and your company. So here we are on the profile section. In order to access that, you click on the top right hand side on. Go to settings okay and you'll see the screen or some screen. It's cringe similar to these. Remember that Pinterest change the interface very often. So if you are watching these cars in the future, it may be will be a little bit different. But the idea is the same. So here we are on the profit. First, we have the basis account basics. You have your email off course you can change. Modify these. You can modify your password, your in few personal information. The business tie. Remember when we switch your account from personal to business or when we created a new business account, we choose the business type. Students always ask me, How do I change my business type? Later this is how you do it. You come here to your profile Business profile, business type, and you can change toe any other one that you prefer. Here we have the contact name. This is the contact name for your company is not the name that is showing When we go to your profile, let me go to my profile here. So here we have the company name of these cases, My name, You see all capitals. So this name here, the contact name is not the name that is showing on the account. This is basically the continent the contact name for the company. So if you're companies like, let's say, Internet Revolution l I'll see. For example, the contact can be Diego Avila and the profiling, which is the one that shows here. It can be your company name on this case Internet revolution. Elsie, for example. Below that we have the search privacy. You can choose to hide this profile for Google and other search engines. I strongly recommend you to leave this off because we don't want to hide these from the search engine. In the other hand, we want the search engine toe. Find these to find the key words we're using here in order toe rank higher on Google on even on Pinterest. Personalization is you can turn on off use sites. You've easy to improve recommendations that you see or after you see here. This is not related to us right now because we don't care if Pinterest is showing us as a company improve. It adds, write What we want Is that being to show my contact or your content to your out is okay. Great. Now we go to the profile section. And here is where you can change an update. Your business name. You can add any names that you want. Of course. Remember that this is your business page and you need to add the name of your company if the company's you. In this case, they're representative of these companies me, the Al Avila, and adding mining here because this profile is a company profile for you, for my students and my clients. Okay. After that. So you can add your business name here. After that, you can change your profile picture. Let's change these for another photo issues thes one here in the picture. I recommend you to add your company logo if possible. That's great. It's great using the company logo here or your personal father if you are the company in this case, I and the company. That's why I'm using my personal profile. Remember to use something that your customer will see on will relate with your company. They are used to see ah, far off your product. If the most famous think on your company is not the long of your company but the problem that you have, you can add here than the far off your brother. So the bay, the basic goal here, guys, is to call the attention off your audience. So when they see that their instantly recognized that this is coming for a year, that this is your company and this is what they already know. Next we have the use earning on you. See here Pinterest dot com slash and you have the use enemy here. This is important because they use her name needs Toby, if possible, the same user and you are using other social media's. Okay, we talk about these before heat on the course. How important the user name is my case, My use earning that The usually not using all the social media is really Diego Davila. That's my user name. And he put all in lower case eso people. Let's see if he's available right now. Yes, looks like is available If he's not available, Pinterest will let me know he on this box. After that we have about you here. I recommended toe Add the mission at a statement. This is a description off your profit is important. Toe, have these very, very clear a very clear statement here showing to your followers why they need to follow you here on Pinterest. Why they need to like your pictures, why they need toe bean and save all the boards that you have all the pain that you haven't everything that you are sharing. So in this case I will adhere Amazing courses for amazing people. This is just an example off course I need to add more information here on us always I recommend you to add your website here. Remember that we love adding or website toe everything that we have online because the most places you have your website, the more chances you have to drive traffic to this Web site. Okay, Off course. We already have the website. He what are we are in the website here is up to you. I prefer my strategy that I recommend to you guys. My students, my friends are my clients is toe at the website everywhere that you can in the description before we move forward us, you know, And we already talked about this in other chapters in other models. Here on the course is super important two years, your keywords. So if you are creating online courses, for example off course use here Online courses cure because when people go to Pinterest at the top here and they searched for online courses If the key worries on your profile, you have higher chances to show first or to show in the first page. Okay, first on the least or first on the first page. So that's why it's important to use your keywords here. Keywords related with your business. If you have a cleaning pool service on you, you can use the here, for example, the best cleaning full service in town. Your pool is clean. Your police I use keywords that your customers will use to search here on the box. So you need to put yourself in your customer shoes and think if they want to learn more about my be city, if they are looking for my business, for my service for my products, what are the key words that they will search on Google, for example, on BC's. These are your keywords that you need to use on your description. I hope you get the idea. If you need toe, learn more about that Police jump to the S your model here on the course and you'll learn everything about a CEO and button about keywords. Okay, after that, we have the location entered. Your see? Here are your state. Let's say Florida, my case website where I talk about these on prior videos here on this model on notifications. I won't spend time talking about these. You can just This is self explanatory. You can just go through these a NTU's the ones that you like. After that, you scroll down to the bottom and click on safe settings on. That's all you need to know. Now we have a brand new profile. You see here the new name that I was all uppercase. I change it and you can change these us You on, you have How many followers following people? The website is here and we have the location showing first here on after the location. We have your description. The about page, remember Amazing courses for amazing people. Only again, we have the website here. That's why I love Okay, I hope your Politis astride the looks simple, but this will make a huge difference on your performance here on Pinterest. People needs to come to your profile. They need to They need to see an amazing for off your lager off your company off your product or off you. If you are the company in this case also they will need to see your website. Your description here, The location where your company's on at your web sagging. So they need to come here and say yes. I want to follow this company. Why? I like this process. I likes this pictures. Okay. On after that in the next video, we'll talk about how you congrats. Oh, your boards on your Penis on your audience Here on Pinterest. See you in the next video 6. Creating Boards: Let's talk about boards on Pinterest and how you can use them to create an amazing profile that caused the attention off your followers off your audience. Let me show for some examples first, so you understand. What's the idea behind the boards? Here we are in the Starbucks Pinterest account, for example, You see how many followers following the website is here? The location on Remember the description they about text that we created on the last video is here also telling people about this company and about why they need to follow them. OK, so here we have. If we scroll down a little bit, we have two options. We have the boards on the beans and you will see the difference in the next video. Right now we're talking about the board, the board, our collection off beans that are here on your profile. You can create boards that I related with specific topic that will interest your audience. For example, here on the Starbucks one, we have one board which is the art off espresso. If I click here, I see that inside this board are off espresso. We have 28 beans on this number of followers Geo 245,000 followers OK on There is a description here, and you see all the pictures videos on beans that I related to espresso. So people that law for Starbucks and they want to learn more about the art off espresso. They will follow this board If I go back here, you see coffee recipes T recipes, coffee at home house to flavor coffee hot Kaka got coffee photography so all these specific boards are related with the Starbucks Brun. They created these in order to call their followers to show cases to show products to show ideas to their followers. Let's go to the next one. Barack Obama, for example. Here we have the boards, right? Barack Obama 2012 in his own words. Off quotes off Barack Obama. Just the facts. Some facts off Barack Obama's presidency, and you see that all this is related with the brand Barack Obama. We go to the next one. We have whole food market, for example. Again, we have here the website, the scripts on everything looks great here on the boards. You see the week of boards here that are interested toe the whole Foods Market audience. For example, summer recipes travel Parlier that recipes that dinner recipes, healthy recipes, vegetarian recipes. So all that related with the whole foods market breath. Okay, the next one. The last option. The last example I show you here is Tony Robbins. Tony Ramis boards. We have relationship. There are off achievement, business mastery, inspiration, favorite quote and all that things that are interested to Tony Robbins followers on your profile here. What you need to do is make a least off ideas ideas that you can use on. Can you? Congrats. Oh that and create a board. So in my case, let's say, for example, I have a digital marketing board. So I want being here, content from my website and other Web size about digital marketing. I can create a new board and you I recommend to do that right now. If you go here to your profile, you see a plus sign here, create board. So you click on that on Dhere. We add the name off the BART on this case. We can say, for example, Facebook marketing. Let's say and we can turn this. Use this as a secret board or not would have a video. Especially about these are the secret born how you can use it to improve your productivity Here on Pinterest For now we will leave it off. So we have the board name and click and create. Excellent. So now let's close these. We see that we have a new board call Facebook marketing. Okay, this board Facebook marketing already have eight followers and you can start adding new Peens right now you see that is empty. If I go to my profile here, you see that we have the board. It's called Bart Way Have the board, but it's empty. Okay, we click added here we can Atmore information. I recommitted to go at it and at information about the board description. For example, here I'm sharing the best Facebook marketing beans category. You can choose any categories here secret again. We will talk about this later on. You can invite collaborators So if you have a friend if you have a partner that is that can help you toe bean pictures here to this specific board. You can invite them in here You are using their name if they are already here on Pinterest or their email. When you're ready, click on safe. Now we see here the Facebook marketing. So if we go here on the search and we start for Facebook marketing, for example, we can start adding some beans to my board. So here we have a great image saying about a week off activity on Facebook all the week and everything that you need to do in order to be successful on your marketing. I can save this one, for example, toe my Bart's. So I select these and I have all my bars here, the digital marketing, the Tony Robbins, which is secret on the Facebook marketing, the weather we just created so I can safe here. Or I can create a new board if I want. Okay, so let's save these Exxon. Let's save this 12 to the Facebook marketing safe. Let's find another. Let's save this one on just doing these as a demonstration. Of course, you need to save only the things that are related with this specific boards. So now if we go to my profile here, we see on the boards that we have now the Facebook marketing. Let's me let me refresh this. So in zero pins right now, let's see. Four Peens. Excellent. So if I click here, you see that we have four beans on a followers on these specific one on. We have all the ones that we just being in the last minute here. Okay, so that's the idea. Guys is recommended. Good practices. Here, let me share with you is recommended to create as many boards as you one. But you need to remember that it needs to be related with your company and with your audience is not your personal profile were not on the your personal profile here. And we have amazing pictures two PM here on Pinterest and sometimes people an trip in order to have a business plan, a business profile, they end up being too many stuff that too much stuff that is not related with their company and with their audience. And that's not good. When they come here to your profile and they see something that is not related. It's not very interesting for them, so they end up living your interests profile and we don't want that. So create at least four new board here right now after this video grainy new board for new boards on Go to the search box here at the top and search for key words that I related with this boat with these boards on end up adding at least five for maybe 10 Peens toe each board here t populate and to create a stock rating momento for these specific box. Okay, before we end the video, let me share why boards are important. He wearing a Starbucks again. We can follow the whole account by clicking on Follow, or we can go and follow a specific birth. Let's say I don't want to follow Starbucks asked the whole brand, but I just want to follow these board, which have 160 chip ins, which is about coffee photography so I could can follow here. So right now, I am not following the whole Starbucks company and following Onley this board about coffee for Tora fee because that's what I want to hear about. Okay, so you have these options. That's why it's important to create border. Are interested. To your out is if I go here, for example, Nice search for the let's say, Facebook marketing. You have here The options or Peens? Europeans buyable, pins, people or boards. Some people are looking for specific boards. Let's say coffee photography, coffee photography. So I start for these on if I goto boards here, I see that there is one. There are a lot of ball off boards about coffee photography. Okay, so I can come here and say, Hey, I love these one. Follow this board. Follow this board. That's why it is important for you to use specific keywords also on your boards. He was that your customers will start here on the top off. Beatrice, I hope this is helpful. Is stark reading your boss your board right now. At least 54 or five boards on your account on at some things to each one. See you in the next video. 7. Using Secret Boards: secret boards. Why they are important, how you can use in to increase your productivity here on Pinterest Here we're on my purse on my business profile, Deacon Avila on Pinterest, and if we click on plus, here we go to Bard's, but the on your profile on click on Create Board here we have the option to create a secret board so lets you can name it, toe any name secret board on, enable the secret bore option here and click on Create. What's the advantage off that the Secret Board is a private board that you have on your account so only you can see what's inside the secret board? Nobody else. Even if you have followers on your followers, go to your profile, they won't be able to see your secret profile. So if I go toe boards here and I scroll down, you will see all my secret boards here on these screen. I mean, you are your scene now because you are lugging asked me on the account. But if you visit my profile, you won't be able to see who. How do we use the secret boards in order to increase your productivity? Sometimes when you are on the Web sites, for example, in Diego avila dot com or any other website on Do you want to create a bean? You want to beam something, you can use the chrome extension. I'll show you in the next video how to install these. But basically you can. You can pin any off these specific images or you can go straight to their website. And you put that the the cursor, your mouth in the top of the image and you see at the top safe. So if we want toe bean any off the images on the Internet from your website, any website you can click on safe here. But sometimes you don't have you are not ready to put these in specific boards, Okay, because you just created you don't know where to place these and you are not thinking about that right now. But you like these so you can include all these pictures in the secret board so later. The good thing here is that you are you are adding things to your secret board so later you can come to your Pinterest account. Let take a look on your secret board on the side. Where to place the specific beans. So you have here. This is basically a board. Where you through? What do you put on your Penis? All the images that you find online that you don't know where to put right now. On by doing that, you increase your productivity because you don't need to start thinking about strategy about marketing at that time. You can do that later by coming here and just created a new board on moving this being to the newborn. Okay, so that's how I used on my my clients on my friends, my student Use the secret boards. I recommend to create one secret boat right now. And in the next video, install the Google Karam Extension on your browser in orderto keen for us on images and videos for any website to your Pinterest account. See you in the next video 8. The Powerful Pinterest notification: being first notifications are powerful Here You see a notification that my friend, which is also my follower on Pinterest, receive a minute after we created you and me together we created a new board in the last video off these cars call Facebook marketing, Remember? So after that, my for my followers and also these friends happens to receive on their phone a notification saying Hey, Diego Davila created a new board called Facebook Marketing. Check it out. That's powerful because that means that the more followers you have on the more activity you have on your account activities also important guys, more followers will take action. Received these notification about your new products in your services or about ideas that you are creating for them on Pinterest. I just want to share this with you. This is a really case scenario happened literally while we were together here on the course I have. I hope you are excited with these. Think about all the followers you can have on all these followers being notified on their phone every time you create a new board or every time you perform a mayor action here on Pinterest. That's the power on. I hope to see you in the next video where we're continuing with the course 9. Adding Pinterest chrome extension: is telling the Pinterest safe bottom on your Google Chrome browser If you have Google Crump . Great. You can follow these if you don't. Please install Google Chrome right now powers the video and come back after you have the software in style is very easy. You go to Google and search for Google Chrome and complete distillation. Here we have the extinction that directly link to this page east on the resources Ari, off this video so you can download the pdf and you have the link there on in this page you can install for free. This is a free extension for your Google. Come do well. Crump browser. You can see here on the images. The extension is here on the top right hand side. All you need to do is when you are visit websites. You click there and you will be able to see all the options to create beans and say that to your Pinterest account or to your Pinterest boards. You can save it to your secret board or to any other board that you have already on your profile. I'll show you how to that right now in this video. So go to these specific U R L that you will find on the resources area and at the top here you will have a blue bottle now my screen, because I already install it. But you will have the option toe add to chrome. So you click that. Say yes on the prom and you will have this. I can hear on the top right hand side. You can see here on my browser. So how do we use this if we go, for example, to the Ebola villa dot com on? We want to be in one of these images. All we need to do. He's put the mouse on the top of the image, and we see here at the top of the much the safe option so you can click on that and safe, or you can click on the extension. Here at the top on Pinterest will show you all the options that you have to peen here. So let's say I want to be in this one, the youth of one safe. It will ask me where to place in which container I want in which board I want to place this pain. So for now, because I know have anything special. I will play the's on the secret board safe. That's it. Success. And now I'm ready to move forward. So when you're browsing the Internet, you are finding great stuff for your audience. You can always, always, always create pins on Save these beings toe your account. For example, here in The New York Times website, let's click on the Pinterest Extension here on the sanction is showing us all the options we have now to be in to my account. So I click on safe. I choose the board and click on safe later. I can say I can share that with my audience on Pinterest. Last option lacks Demonstration for you is the pack sauce dot com website. So if I click on Pinterest extension here, I see all the options I have for the specific one. So let's save this one on my secret board and that's it is safe so later I can go there and organize all these put move these tow any other boxes any other boards that I have that I already published, that there are not secret boards, so my audience can see that they can get Spire on. Start following me on social media. Okay. I hope you style these on. After that, we are ready to continue with the cars. 10. Adding Pinterest to your Website: in this video, I will show you step by step, how to add your Pinterest account your Pinterest profile on your board to your website. So if you have a war press website or any other website, I'll show you step by step. How to do it. So here we are on or Beatrice Business Profile the eyes Pinterest dot com slash rio Diego Davila on Now in the profile When you when you go to your profile here at the top, you have three. I comes. The author icon is the menu. I can click on that and you will see the option to make widgets. So click on May Region and here we will generate will create a CO than HTML code and scream toe after your website in order to show to your audience European trust your latest being pressed post or also your profile. And here we have the tool guys, and I am sure you will love these because it will help you to grow your out is on Pinterest . We have the tools to share to generate HTML code and scrape to share on your website links your post your bolts, Europeans and everything related to Pinterest for your audience. They will love these. This will increase your number of followers for sure. So let me show you how this work. Basically, we have five options here. We can create bottoms. We can create follow buttons. We can create a peen board, we can create a board or we can create a profile on your website. I'll show you how to each one of thes and watch the difference. So let's click first on the bottom. When you click on you, select the option at the top. Here you see that the options change at the bottom. So basically we can change and we can customize everything we want to show on your website here when we keep the option. So in safe bottom, for example, the 1st 1 the eat saying any image, one image or image hover. So the image properties these they want emit. You see that is the safe bottom with number of followers at the top on the images, just all the bottom image. You can also add here a custom e much if you want. If you don't want to use these one, you can use your own image you can say, Hey, I want this to be round like this or I want Toby These Toby large ladies, You can also choose the language off your followers on when you are ready with these all customize. You can copy these data and I'll show you how to that in a minute here on based on your website. So you will at this bottom to specific post the next one is the follow button. So first we need to enter the painters, Earl, that you want people to follow. So in your come your case, you can answer Pinterest dot com slash your user name on my case. I'll do that too. So it's speeches dot com slash Diego Davila. This is the euro. I want be interest to drive my outings when they click on follow full name here will enter Diego Davila or we can enter for example follow. This is basically the test The text that will show on the bottom here you see, that is changing when I'm adding character is changing here on the previous session. OK, so Pinterest Diego Avila Excellent. That's all I need now. Are you ready to copy these to my website and start sharing thes follow bottom with my followers. What's the different between safe bottom? Follow bottom follow they will be When they click here, they will be read directed to your Pinterest profile, where they can follow you when they can click on the follow bottom. On the save One is to save specific things from your website specific images and videos to their pre interest account so you can decide which one to use as you prefer. The next option is speen. So here we are, sharing a specific one specific being from your account or with you. See, you can share beans from any account. So let me go to my be interest here and select one. Let's like this being here so I will copy these on. Go to the developers again to the widget. They will be widget builder on here. I'll change the girl to the other one, explained the preview area. I really change it. That's great. You can change and you can use the small median or lad large bean. So this is the media, large or small. Let's use this small. Now you see the description here at the bottom. You can high description by clicking this box here, so it's only shows the images if you prefer on when you are happy with the preview, you can just copy these data. This script this 80 ml co to your website. I'll show you how to do that in one second here. The next one is bored. Same idea. Here you can copy that. The you are the girl for your specific Bart. So if I go to my account here and I click on boards, you see that I currently have two boards. Deeds are marketing and Facebook marketing. Let's grab the digital marketing one. Andi here at the top I see the board so copies Girl, go to the widget builder on paste The URL here this is the new euro. You see here all the images for the boards off course Off course we see only two images because I have only champions here on this board again. Here size you can just square cyber. I'll really like the cyber because you can add these on the side. Bart, off your website Let me show you an example here If I goto play dot de avila dot com, which is my test website here. The website that I use for demonstration we have on the right here, the side bar. So we can add this image. These at this actor post here, let me find here. We can at BCE post on your website on the on the sidebar here. Okay, I'll show you how to that in one second here the last option is profile. You can pays the Ural off your profile here and use you have the preview here at the bottom square. Sidebar header and create your own creating own. Basically, you can enter your own measurements here in order to have the perfect bean for your website . So let's do these. Let me at one my profile at this one on one of my post. Okay, so let's do this. I will use the square. I like this one. This is the right euro. Excellent. Scroll down on now and you will do the same. Doesn't matter if you are selecting the save button. Follow being bored or profile. You will do the same process from now to copy these to your website if you have ah war purse website I'll show you how to do that right now. If you don't have a war Press website, what do you need to do is to co co copy and paste this code into your page. And also you need to go on pace this other code below before the close in body type. If you don't know how toe that on your websites not were press. I recommend you to contact a programmer because you don't want toe make a mistake and change the code of your website on having problems later preventing your audience to follow you on to visit your website. You don't want that. So if you don't know how to do these and you don't have a war purse website, contact somebody that can help you. If you have a workers website, we'll do it right now. So copy this code. Let's go to my website here. Here we are on played a Diego avila dot com. Let's say we want to add this image this post this widget on these posts below this video. Okay, so I will open this post. I will create an A. I will click on edit posts off course. You can. If you are here on WordPress, you can go to dashboard post. You will see all your post and you can choose the one that you whether you want to insert the bottom or the share profile on Pinterest on here we are on this post the test video, the test video convert player on work. Chris, As you probably know, we have on the rights. I hear two taps, visual and text. The visual tap is were you can visually right, Tex, at images on all that the texts tap is the one where you have coat. When you have a TML code that you can pace, you can embed videos and all that good stuff. Okay, so we will go to the text stop. The 2nd 1 here on war pressed on will pace this code that we copy here on the widget builder. When you're happy with these, copy this first coat. Copy. Go here to the page based and also immediately you will copy the 2nd 1 This other call here copy UNP east. Excellent. Now we will click on preview changes and see if we can see the interests widget on this video. Yes, we have it here. You see, the we just showing below the video. Okay, Now let's say we want to add the safe bottom here or the follow bottom better. So we go to follow. Enter your You are here. Diego. Avila, That looks good. Let's copy these code first to your post. Okay. Based the code on pays the other code. The 2nd 1 where we are here. Copy. UNP aced the second coat. Okay, excellent. Now let's get going. Preview changes and see if we can see the bottom. Excellent. Here we have the image. They actually the video and we have the follow button. If I click here, you will see that the system is ready at him. That my users toe my Pinterest profile where they can click and follow. They can see all my pains on my boards. So that's amazing. This is how you add these to your website. If you want to add to the sidebar clients and serious always ask me. Okay. How do I add the widget to my side? But to do that you come to a parents, you go to widgets. Let's leave this page. I don't widgets. You see the sidebar here with all the elements that are currently there so you can grab a text element, which is a text or HTML code. You can add that there, and you can click here and drag and drop on the place that you want. If you want to be at the very top basted there or you can choose worst were East Bear for you. Let's put it at the top here. You can add a title so you can say, Follow me on Pinterest. The title is not mandatory, so if you don't want, you don't need to add it on here. Let's create a new widget and this is the last one guys toe share with my out. So let's do a profile and weakens on the size here. We can change to sidebar. So this is the preview. Looks great. Now we copy the coat. Go to your Let me close this. Go to your sidebar here on a parents and widgets and pays the code here. Let's see, Based one. Enter on. Copy the second coat. A copy on pays the code here. When you are happy with these, you can click on, say, but one thing before that and this is important. I'm glad this happened. You see that again? We have here the two taps visual and text I any other non visual right now? And I pays thes. So what happened? If I save here and I go toe my specific page So let's go here. Play doh d'avola villa dot com Safe Probably. War press will show This is what happened. Probably showing the code here because it's on visual. So basically work for things that this is not a code. They think that it is a tax, so they are showing exactly how it is. So what we need to hear is go to text on here. Yes. We need to based copy and paste this coatless. Do that again. Copy and paste on the second coat. Copy and paste. Okay, Safe. And now cross your fingers. Hopefully we'll see these on your work. Chris, Let's go here, Refresh. Let's see. Wonderful. Here we have Follow me on Pinterest. Of course, if you want to make it this wider, you can customize that on the widget builder. You see that they have information about my post. They have all the beans here they can click on this and visit my profit And also follow me on Pinterest If I click here you see again that the region is opening My painters account on inviting my audience to follow me. This is amazing. I hope you like this And I hope you implement this on your website. See you in the next video. 11. Pinterest Ads Getting started: Let's talk about interest at and how can you advertise? How can you use all the power of Pinterest to reach your target audience with at with promoted pins on? Also, there are some rules that we need to be aware. Before we start advertising appeared orb interest, for example, you need to know that promoted pins are only available in U. S, Canada and UK. So if your audience is old side this country or review as an advertiser, we leave outside these countries. Unfortunately, right now Pinterest one have you in the least they are expanding the country's for Pinterest ads, but currently they only support US Canada on UK. Also, you can only promote beans that are physically own. Your profile soap means that you finding other people's profile. You cannot. You cannot promote right now, but you can promote any pains that are on your profile on the good news here east that there is no meaning Cosper advertisement. That's great, because compared with Facebook, YouTube, Google AdWords and other advertise insistence, we always have minimal $5 minimum per day $10 minimum per day, $3 minimum. On this case, there is no minimal I'll show you in the next video. How to set all this up so you are ready to start showing your beans, toe all your outlets and start driving traffic to your website. Actually, because we're talking about driving traffic to your website, let's talk about why are we using advertising on Pinterest? What's the goal? We have mainly three goals. You can have one of these calls. The 1st 1 Easy view one to let people know about your brand about your company, about your products so you can increase brand awareness. With these advertisements, you can do that easily. Grating pains creating boards on promoting beans on Pinterest. Also, another goal is to create engagement if you have a new product. If you want to create engagement, you get what you want toe to engage your community, your followers on a new product, a new project, a new idea. You can do that also your own painters with interest at on the last option, which is your urine? No, guys, this is my absolute favorite because this is super powerful East To drive traffic to your website or landing pages, you can use these amazing images Amazing beans to drive people from your being. Chris, account for you Pinterest images beans to your website or your landing page where you will capture their name under email where you will share with them all. The Mason. They're amazing ideas, amazing services that you are providing that you are preparing for all your audience. I hope you are excited with these. In the next video, we'll start taking action on creating your first be interest at sea there. 12. Pinterest Ads Panel overview: here is the Pinterest at manager the panel Were you? We were You can manage on DSI all your at all the campaigns that you have active for right now. And I want to show you how to use it because you will find very interesting information here that will help you to make decisions, to see how many people are interim interacting and engaging with your specific beans. How many people are clicking on your Penis? How many people are going to your website? You can see and analyze all the resource that you have, So if you want to add that Pinterest dot com and you logging, you'll see these specific panel or you can log into your account and you can see at the top here at overview on first, we have cleared the total impressions. How many impressions you have on your account on the last 30 days On this case, you can, of course, changed the data to see order timeframes. You have the total engagement total conversion on how much you spend in the last 30 days on this case. Below that, you have the four goals. Remember awareness campaign engagement, traffic on promo APS. Okay, so on this case, you will see how many impressions for each goal you have. How many? How much you spend. The average course cost per engagement that you are having here on all these data will help you to see what at are performing better than the other ones. How much are you spending? How much is your average CPM? Because with that you will know if you are if you're having a good return on investment or not. So guys, here we have all we need in order to understand what's going on on or account. Also, you see here tips from Pinterest best practices to create great means. Great practice to create a great account on Pinterest. Last thing I want to show you if you go here at the top and you click on awareness, engagement, traffic or promote means is the same that happy being here and click on any off this one's because here you can see all the statistics for each one off them. Let's go to engagement, for example. You see that we have one running here. Let me turned it off because they were This was just an example So you can pow's these if you won by turning on or off. Okay. You have all the data here on all the dates. How much you spend CPN Bay clicks. You have all the data that you want here in order to find out what's working for you. Also, if you want to add here, you have the book editor. You can add it all you're at on book. If you want to change something, change the destination. You are ill or something like that. You can create conversion tracking and you have the business settings at the end. In the next video, we'll continue with the cars. 13. Creating a Pinterest Ad: okay. Now is time to take action and start creating Europea interest at. And to do that you will go toe at dot Pinterest dot com. So goto at the Pinterest that come The link is also here in the resources area off this lecture. This is the first screen we're getting on at starts. Pinterest dot com Working to pay interest at said your location. Okay, let's sell like the country. Hear us Legal next. Excellent is loading old information on now. That said, it's very easy to set up. Do you account for? Pinterest adds. We only need to select your location on do some extra settings that I'll show you right now . You see here welcome to Pinterest at great traffic and engagement campaigns to reach your audience. Let's click on next. We have more information about it. That's great. Thank you very, very, very much excellent On Dhere, we are remember that we have some goals for each campaign. We have build brand awareness the awareness goal. We have the boss boost engagement with your paints, the engagement gold we have get traffic to your website, which is that the web traffic to a website Go on the last goal that they just added to the Pinterest platform is increase style for your app. So if you are a programmer or you're you're a company that you are on, you want to promote your app, your iPhone app or you andrey app or your windows from that you can use these in order to promote that. Okay, On this case, I will select boost engagement with Europeans. Excellent campaign name, Let's say here boast campaign. You can enter any name that you won lifetime span cat. This is your lifetime budget for this campaign. I will say $10. The good thing here is that for now, interest does not have any limits or a minimum amount that you need toe enter here for the daily budget or the lifetime budget on Facebook, Google AdWords and order social media advertising platforms. You have always a minimum amount that you need to spend every day not in the interest for now. Maybe in the future, I'm sure they will start adding that. But for now we can add any numbers here. I will add $10 for now, click on at more details. Okay, We're a step number two from six at the group at night and you can add a group admin here if you want. The second option is to start an end date. The first option here under Stalin and it is run this app continuously. Orpik start on end days. I recommend you. If you are starting here on Pinterest and you are starting on advertising on social media platforms, I recommend toe select this talent end dates because I had problems with some clients and the students on the past because people come here and say yes, run my, my at continuously and in the prior step especially that happened on Facebook a lot they forget toe Add your Tora lifetime Badgett. So basically you have an unlimited budget running your at continuously. What happened here. If that If that's the case, is that the ad will start running continuously in an unlimited budget. On some point, you will receive a bill from Pinterest saying, Hey, you all medias amount of money and you don't want that right? So that's why if we're starting, let's select some days here. Let's say that we want to days off cuts and we here we can select that the daily budget on this case, I will say $5. Or you can say lifetime budget off X dollar and assistant will distribute will automatically assigned the money on these days that you are advertising the second day. The next option is audiences. Let's create a new audience here. We have the options to target group of people based on visitor that went to your website at least off customers that you'll up low on engagement audience that already engaged with beans. Two different your confirmed the main. So he basically, in this case you pin pictures and videos for on your website from your confirmed domain, which is your website in this case on, these people are engaged with this beans. Will, the system will show they adds to these people. Or you can select this one, which is on at like audience that behave similarly to want that you already have. So in this case will use the engagement out. Insist that engage with your beans from a confirmed domain click on next year. Excellent enter and the main andan audience name on this case. I'll enter Diego Davila dot com audience. You can enter any name that you want Here. Description. Enter your description. These Jesus Some ful description. And here you see the confirmed May my domain, Tiago Davila, that Connie's already confirmed. I have the check more here. That's wonderful. If you don't have a domain here, I recommitted Check the other video on these cars which is showing you how to link your Pinterest account. When you with your website in the past X days, I can say here, let's say 30 days. So people are interact with my domain in the last 30 days. Include past traffic. Yes, I can add filters here. If you want. You can get to get more optimized audience on this case. I want to use it just to make it simple because it's the first Pinterest at we're creating . Click on, create. Excellent. Here we have an audience right now and meet. We need to define the interest off your audience. At this time. You have two options. You concert here for the interest or you can browse all the categories if you want. Okay, let's say we are targeting people on the technology field computers. I want to target business owners that are in the technology Ira. Let's say let's see here, Robert Startups. These have a lot of Qatar's. I recommend you to come here on browse all the categories, take your time here, finding the right category for your business. No, there they don't have all the categories here. So made that can happen that you won't find exactly what you are looking for. And that's a normal because interest is still adding new categories every single time, every day, every month they're out in adding new categories education. OK, so I have selected 10 example interest here keywords. And this is the most important things guy. If you don't want to have the interest, that's fine. You can clear all the interest. But if you want, you can. I mean, if you find the right one for you, you can, of course, check mark on, move to an extent. But this is not mandatory. The one that I want you to pay attention and use with all to be very careful and what how we're using this is the key words, because here what we're saying to the system Easter, we want to target people that search for specific keywords. For example, let's say that I want to target everybody that that search on Pinterest about Facebook marketing. Okay, Facebook marketing. So that means that every time somebody goes to Pinterest here on they served on the top for Facebook marketing, for example my abs will show here on Let me show you something very interesting Here you see, this adhere by by squarespace is actually a promoted Isn't a Pinterest at they are pain to show me these right now, Squarespace, If I click on this, they will pay a small amount of money because they are showing to me and I am clicking on it. You see, here you identify promoted ads because at the end, below the description you see promoted by and you see the name off the company Let's see we find another one here. Just that one looks like Post Planner. Yeah, just that one for Oh, here is another one promoted by Full Sail University, for example. Okay, so that's it. Let's go back to the at here. The cure. So you can choose all the key words that you want on here. Who? You see that we already added Facebook marketing they're suggesting other tax for us, like Facebook marketing strategy, Facebook market in 2017 and all that. I will leave only Facebook marketing for now. So in here I recommend it to select that the keywords that you think your customer you're outings will use on being trust toe find you're proud of your service. Your company. Excellent. Next we have the location. You can select all US location or specific location in the country or Canada or U K. You can select the language is that your audience speaks the devices. If you want to show only on Web only on iPad only two people that have an iPhone for explorer and android tablet. So you can choose that if you want this case. This is good if you have, especially if you have an app that you are promoting here on Pinterest, I will use all devices for now gender. You can say to find the gender for your audience and here then we have the maximum CPIs the cost per engagement. This is how much you are beating for each Klay for each engagement on your specific beans on you See here that recommendations a bit off 90% or higher will be the most competitive at this action. So But it is up to you. You can still say Okay, I want just to pay five cents. Okay. You see, it's a minimum off 10 cent for these one. Okay, 10 cents. You can say, OK, I I want I want to pay maximum 10 cents. So if there is nobody that is offering more than 10 cents and you are, you're at you will be showing to these for these specific keywords, okay? And you see, it's the system is recommending to as saying, Hey, your bid is too low or you can go like $1 it will say strong beat. So that's up to you to the site. How much you want invest is you need to test it. I mean, there is not a recipe I cannot tell you. Do these do that on the bit because that depends off a serious off combination of factors dependent the location, language, devices and gender, depending of your keyword, depending off the interests of your audience and where your audience leave. You know, all these factors influence the the formal of the Calgary for these beats when you find the one that you likely can peek a pin so you will select one thing that we're promoting right now. Excellent. Here we have all the beans are. We can promote these airplanes that I got from other people, but they are on my account right now. So let's say that we want to promote this 17 secret Facebook tactics to make you stand out . So click on death. Excellent. Here we have an optional promote being name so you can add, like something a call to action. So click here to access their report or something like that on here. You have the destination Europe for testing. I will at just my website here. Let's see here. Diego Davila dot com. Excellent. So we have the promoted being name. We have the destination. You are also. That means when people click on that, they will be going to the Villa Villa that come on here on the right. We have the engaging campaign information. We have the lifetime budget and dollars. The AB group name. How much are we spending on a day and how many days are we running and this is the maximum bid. I will click now on promoting. Excellent. Because he is the first time we are doing acts on this account. And this will happen exactly the same for you. You need to feel information about your business address. City Town Sitko and four number. I will do that for me right now. Excellent. Now we have the terms off service. Police read all these. If you're Greek, we can I agree. The terms on Let's see now we are a step five of five. That's great. Is ready. Now is the billing information and this is the last step. Basically. Here we are, adding your name your company named all information and we're on adding the payment details . You need to do these only once when you add the payment details. That's it. Next time, you don't need to do it again. Next time, I'll show you how to create a second at which is way faster than this process. Okay, All said we should meet it. The app. And you see, now that we're here on the bush campaign data, we see we have one active campaign called audience deal with avila dot com. A budget of $5 per day daily beat off 50 cents. I spent zero so far because because we just created and you have all the data here? We didn't numbers. Okay, this is how works. This is how we create an ad in the next video. I'll show you a quicker and faster way to create at Let's Do That right now. 14. Creating Pinterest Ads Fast: Okay, let me show you how to create the interest at very, very fast. Now that we're really created the business account, we already set up the billing information on Enter the Payment method here on the Pinterest at here we are on my account. If you want to see this, a screen on your account, you can goto ads and click on Overview or go toe at dot Pinterest dot com. And this is what you see. Here are the top. We have the class sign on and we can go here to create at the second option. And again here we have the same process we can choose. Build brand awareness, boost engagement, get traffic or increase up install. Let's build brand awareness campaign Sample campaign, $10 lifetime budget Next. Okay, group name. Let's say clients deep Clients. Digital marketing. Ron Eat. Let's choose specific dates to run these up. Let's run for a week. Daily magic $5. Excellent. Here we have the audience. I already happen out is from the or a villa that can you can create a new one. If you want, you can set the interest off your are on the most important thing, guys. Remember, choose the best keyword. Think what? Your customer will start here on Pinterest in order to find you this case I want then to start for digital marketing every time. My at show. So every time they type digital marketing, my at will show to them. Okay, one is selected. Excellent. All location is good. All languages, devices, all devices, gender, all genders. That's excellent. I will say that I want to pay $1. This is super load. They're saying for the digital marketing. You see the man, remember in the last video they recommend me a beat off 94 cents. Now they're recommended me a bit off $5 at least because this is a more competitive keywords. So that pence off your keyword you it will be more expensive or cheaper. Next we select the being excellent. Let's see, let's use, for example, these one here. We haven't optional in here like Facebook audiences on the girl. I will drive them to the ago on a villa that can hear you can drive them toe anywhere you can drive in, tow a landing page to your YouTube channel to your Facebook page There is no limits here off the things you can do off course. You need to read the terms and conditions off interest before doing these to make sure that you are playing within the rules. The next step is to create promoting click on promoting and that's it. Very simple, right faster than the other time. Now we have one at running for for the sample campaign to create awareness promoting one specific being. I hope this is helpful in the next video, we're continuing with the cars. 15. Pinterest Analytics: the last point I want to share with you in this model is the analytics. How you can see how many people are connecting following you interacting, engaging with Europeans and with your boards here on Pinterest that's easy to do when you have a business account and you have one. If you are following all the strategies on this model here we have at the top analytics. So if you can goto overview profile people, you're rich or website. Let's go toe overview and have a number of you off all the count. Remember that this is a new account. That's why why we don't have too much data you see here. But the idea is that you need to visit here in order to analyze at least once a month. Once a month I recommend you to come here, check the data, see how people are interacted with your account. How many people are going to website homonym pressures are you have how many new followers on you can compare that with all months? Okay, also in analytics. Let's see profile. Here we see the impressions for these day to this day on your profile. They are burnt average daily impressions. You have more and more data here on this case. You see the demographics, how many viewers you have monthly the countries where they're connecting from this case. For my test account, we see the most people are connecting from Brazil. For example, the gender 31 were female, 14 men and one unspecified. So this data will help you in the future when you are ready to create more at on Pinterest . Because now, after a few months on your account, when you're creating engagement, you are pinning things. Every day you're create new boards. You'll see these numbers increasing and you'll see more accurate information about your out is that you can use on your ass later when you're creating an audience for your be your interest at Okay, so I hope you explore the statistics they analytics and all these great data and see you in the next video 16. Final Project: OK, guys, now is the time to do one assignment to take action and put into practice. All the things that we learned so far in this model about Pinterest on now in the assignment won't create at least two boards. I invite you to go right now to your being trust account and create two boards and why this is important. Basically, Every time somebody you're out, it's your clients. Your future clients visit your Pinterest account or somebody that don't know you. They will face the first thing. The first elements they see are your boards. So that's why it is important for you to have great boards that are in in sync with your costumers and meat. So you need to think about your target. Out is what they are looking for. What are you promoting on your painter's exactly and create you boards about it, OK, in the next section here on assignments, you will have the chance to share these with me and with the community, so share the link your Pinterest account. Next here, owned assignments are, and by doing that, we will take a look on your account on your board. The two boards and you created on give you positive figment. Okay, I hope to see your assignment here on the next area. And after that, we'll continue learning a lot about Pinterest. Okay, let's do that right now.